tagLoving WivesControlled then Cuckold Ch. 05

Controlled then Cuckold Ch. 05


My wife has always been extremely possessive of me and this has left me feeling very secure in her love for me.

One night I was sitting with her at a wedding when an older woman came up to us. She was a friend of my wife's mother. She took my hand into her's and said to my wife, "I'm sorry Marie, but I just have to dance with your husband." Off we went to the dance floor.

It was a slow dance, she was a very out going, sexy woman and I could feel her body pressing up against mine. I think she was teasing me and I could feel my cock starting to respond. The whole time we danced she talked about how she knew Marie from the time she was born.

After the dance, Marie and I danced and she made me tell her every word of the previous conversation I had with her mother's friend.

That following morning my wife started fondling my peter. As she was lightly dry stroking me she said, "Last night I watched you dancing with Anna. You were dancing very close. Did this little peter of yours get hard?" When she has me in this position I am always honest with her and I answered, "Maybe. Well, just a little."

She began to get angry and said, "A little! So she felt you get an erection! That is just what she wanted. That is so humiliating, so embarrassing for me. To have your husband get a hard on while he's dancing with another woman and she's my mother's friend. She must be twenty five years older than you."

I replied, "She never knew it got hard."

"Oh, you think so. Women know. Trust me. We know when a guy's dick gets hard," she snapped back at me. Letting go of my hard-on, she said, "Here, why don't you finish this yourself! You can think of her while you jerk off."

After that night, whenever we were going out to a party or gathering, before we showered and got dressed, my wife would set aside a half hour for us to lay down and rest. During this rest period, she would masturbate me to climax. She wanted to be sure that whenever I went out, my balls were completely drained. She now kept a supply of vaseoline and hand towels in the night stand.

It was now about three years since that Friday night when my wife's boss had first stretched out her pussy. He was still fucking her but had not yet impregnated her. She was completely all his. She would no longer allow me to have sexual intercourse at all and yet, I loved her with such an intensity, so completely. I would do whatever she wanted. I just wanted to please her. I wanted her to be happy. My whole world revolved around her. I kept trying to get her to share her intimacies with me. If she would only do that, then things would be perfect between us.

At night she would step out of the shower and I would be standing there with a towel. She would come into my arms and I would wrap the towel around her and dry her upper torso. Then she would hold the towel around her shoulders while I took another towel and knelt before her. I would dry her feet, one then the other. She would spread her legs slightly while I dried them and then to her tummy and bush. Then I would take the towel and gently pat and dry the opening of her pussy. That wonderful place that was once mine. Patting it with a towel was now the closest I could ever be to it.

She would then turn around and lean forward a little allowing me to dry the back of her legs and her lower back. With her ass in my face I would move to her voluptuous buttocks, so firm and round. Still on my knees, I would dry one buttock, spreading it open to dry the inside and then doing the other in the same way.

Still on my knees, I drop the towel and caress her hips with my hands. Pressing the side of my face against the crack of her buttocks, I once again pledge my love to her, saying, "Marie, I love you more than any man could ever love you. I adore you. There is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you. I'll do whatever you want, anything. I just want to make you happy. Just tell me what you want. I just want to serve you. I love you that much."

Feeling her tender buttocks with my hands, I press them apart revealing her anus so close to my mouth. She leans forward a little further as I kiss and lick her opening. She presses back against my probing tongue.

Then suddenly, she twists and turns away from my grasp saying, "Hey boy! Don't get too frisky. That's enough." She was the one who was getting frisky and she wanted it to end. She was afraid to let me arouse her and it was all my fault. I did it to her. She no longer would allow me to be that close to her.

In the past I would make love to her and she would become passionate. Then I would try and get her to talk of her indiscretions. This would put her on her guard. She was afraid that in the heat of passion, she might say something that she would later regret. It was safer not to let herself get hot with me. She now had Warren or Todd or maybe both of them to sexually arouse and satisfy her.

After I dried her, she would put on her robe and sit in her chair to watch TV. Sometimes she would sit in a way as to expose her pussy to me. She would watch me looking at it and when our eyes would meet, I could read her mind. It said, "you can look all you want but you cannot touch."

She enjoyed having me always in a state of arousal. It boosted her ego to see me get an erection whenever she exposed a part of her body to me. It gave her a feeling of power and dominance knowing that she could command me not to touch her. That she would only let me touch her when she felt like it. It delighted her to keep me in a constant state of arousal. To see me always with an erection.

Sometimes I would become frustrated, agitated or angry and she would say in a very soft, seductive tone, "Come and lie down with me." I knew what those words meant. I would get an erection every time I heard her say them. I would lay down with her and then in her sensual voice she would whisper in my ear, "Give me some vaseoline." I would reach in the night stand, get her jar and open it for her. She would put some on her fingers. It wasn't as sensual to me as her warm saliva hand but for her, it did the job quickly and quite efficiently. She would take my cock into her oiled hand and with a few masterful strokes, I would fill her hand with my warm seamen. Once again, I was her calm, docile, loving and obedient cuckold.

Sometimes I would say to her, "You know, whenever I think of another man fucking you, I get an erection." She would answer, "That's because you are a homosexual or a pervert. I don't know which and nobody is fucking me. You don't have proof. It's all in your mind. You're imagining it. You need help."

I did seek help. I found a woman psychologist. I needed a woman's point of view. I felt she could help me find a way to get my wife to open up to me. After many consultations, she came up with some conclusions and recommendations.

Her advice to me was, "If you feel that your spouse is having an affair, then she most likely is having an affair. You don't need proof."

She continued, saying, "As for getting her to admit her indiscretions, you are doing all that you can. Continue expressing all of your love and affections to her. Over time, she may come around. I doubt if she ever will but who knows?"

In closing, the psychologist said, "In conclusion, I would recommend that you very seriously consider getting a divorce."

Getting a divorce? I can't. I have no place to go. I know my marriage is sick but I love her so much. How could I get a divorce and face all of that loneliness. The construction industry had dried up. I have no job, no money. I'm trying to get a job in an unrelated industry but I don't have a high school diploma. My wife is completely disgusted with the loser she married.

I took a test for a GED and passed. Now with a diploma I enrolled in a college class at night. Math was always my best subject. Six months later, because of my math skills, I got a job in the Research and Development Lab. of a large corporation. The company would pay for my college.

Marie was now happy but something happened to my feelings for her. I realized that she would never admit anything to me. She was having her affairs and her life was filled with sexual excitement and gratification. She was not sharing her excitement and experiences with me and this made her the the biggest bore that I ever knew. I found that she was not only very boring but she was very selfish. I buried myself in my work and school.

Marie was a great housekeeper. She kept the house clean and uncluttered. She washed my clothes, did the food shopping, paid the bills and filed them. If I meet another girl then I will consider divorce but for now, I have a good housekeeper. Everyone knows that a good domestic is very hard to find. Every once in a while I will have to pat her on the ass to keep her going.

She continued working at her job but I was no longer interested in her. One day she asked me for my opinion on a bachelor party her boss was planning. He was planning the party for his best friend, Marty. She said that Warren wanted it to be a perfect party and he told her to buy food and drinks for about ten or twelve guys. She asked me what she should buy.

I thought to myself that her boss is going to get her to be the entertainment for his party. She's smart but she is naive. Sure enough, two weeks later she came to me with a question. She said that the bank was having a board of directors meeting and the secretary, Mrs. Conley always takes the minutes. This time Mrs. Conley could not do it and she asked Marie if she would do it.

Marie was asking me if she could do it. She always told me what she will or will not do. She sounded very apprehensive, like if I said no then she would be off the hook. Warren must be putting a lot of pressure on her. She did say, "That he wants this party to be perfect."

I know I should have said, "No" but I said, "Yes. Do it. It will be a good experience for you." She asked me, "Are you sure? I mean, I will be out very late and I will have the car. You won't be able to go anywhere. Are you sure?" I told her, "Yes, go." I thought to myself, "She knows that she is going to be gang banged and there is nothing she can do about it."

That Tuesday night she came home just before midnight. She did not look any for the ware and she showed me a fifty dollar bill that she had earned for the night. I thought it odd that a bank would pay her in cash. They have payroll and taxes. They keep records. No, the bank did not pay her in cash. Her boss gave her the fifty dollar bill. That works out to ten guys at five dollars a man.

A couple of weeks later, she missed her period.

End Chapter 5

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