tagMind ControlControlling Bobbi Ch. 01: Bobbi

Controlling Bobbi Ch. 01: Bobbi


My name is Bobbi. Men seem to find my 5' frame topped with long red hair quite attractive and I get my fair share of looks and propositions from men, none of which I am interested in pursuing. I was a bit wild during my high school and college years, but my husband Joe is quite conservative and at 28, I am satisfied to share a quiet conservative life with him. Joe and I live in a large apartment complex while we save for a down payment on our first house. We pretty much keep to ourselves and don't socialize with our neighbors much.

About a year ago, Joe read a story on erotic hypnosis. For some reason it really intrigued him and he became obsessed with trying it out. He researched the subject extensively and attended several of those hypnosis shows to watch and take notes. He started to suggest that I volunteer and one night I found myself on stage. Much to my surprise, I enjoyed the experience, and when Joe suggested we go backstage to meet privately with the performer I agreed. To make a long story short, I ended up agreeing to be hypnotized again only this time the performer installed a trigger phrase that would allow Joe to put me under any time he wanted.

I don't know what it is about this fetish that gets Joe so excited, but we started to have more sex than we had since our honeymoon. Mostly, Joe did simple things. I would suddenly find myself extremely horny and begin kissing him intensely. He would make my nipples or clit super sensitive and then initiate sex with me. He would send me into wild fits of orgasm during sex with him. He even made his sperm taste like Baileys.

For my part I enjoyed this slightly wilder side of our sex life and came to many loud climaxes while Joe manipulated me by hypnotic suggestion. Hardly a week went by when we didn't have some form hypnotically enhanced sex.

All this changed 6 months ago, when Joe got an offer to take a contract overseas. They offered a huge salary and bonus arrangement for Joe to spend a year abroad. The only catch was that I could not go with him. We discussed it and decided that it was too good an offer to pass up. This contract would set us up with a huge down payment and we would finally be able to move to that house in the suburbs. We agreed that a year apart was a big price to pay, but that it would all be worth it in the end.

There wasn't much time to make the arrangements and much too soon I found myself sitting alone in the apartment wondering what I would do with myself alone for year. As it turns out I wouldn't have to wonder for long.

I was sitting alone watching TV on a Friday night about a week after Joe left, when I heard a knock on the door. When I went to answer, our neighbor's son was standing at the door. Let me just say, that if you Google "pencil neck geek" several images of Ryan will pop up on your screen. At 18 years old, he is tall but still very skinny, with thick glasses and pimples. Not at all the kind of man women dream about. Just looking at him tells you that he has never had a date, let alone been intimate with a women. I pity his chances with the women at whatever college he goes to next year. Anyway, after some hand wringing and stammering, he said his Mom had heard that Joe was gone oversees and had suggested that he stop by and offer the family's assistance if there was anything I needed help with while he was gone. I thanked him and told him that I was fine at the moment but that I appreciated the offer and would keep it in mind if anything came up. After a few moments hesitation he said his good bye and then was gone. I remember feeling something bump into me as I closed the door. I looked around and didn't see anything so I returned to the couch and the TV.

Although it was normally one of my favorite shows, I suddenly became bored with it and decided what I really needed was to relax in a nice hot bubble bath. Soon I was drawing the water and pouring the scented bubbles and oil into the tub. As soon as it was ready, I stripped off my clothes and slipped into the tub. The silky water felt great and I almost immediately began to feel sexy. I began rubbing my hands over my body stroking my pussy and squeezing my tits. I don't usually masturbate but for some reason that's all I could think of. My arousal quickly peaked and I came, hard. As I cried out my orgasm, I thought I felt something squirt into the tub, but quickly dismissed it as just a splash from my orgasmic spasms. I lounged in the tub for a few minutes before deciding that I'd had enough and got out to dry off. It seemed to take me forever to pat and rub myself dry, and even longer to blow dry my hair while standing naked in front of the mirror. Several times it felt like something brushed by my nipples or ass, but I assumed it was just the dryer cord since when I looked there was nothing there. As I was applying lotion to my legs, I suddenly felt something hit my chest. When I looked down I saw that some lotion had somehow landed on my breasts. So I carefully rubbed it in making sure to get it all around my nipples. Although it was still rather early, I started to feel really tired and decided to turn in for the night.

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