tagMind ControlControlling Bobbi Ch. 05

Controlling Bobbi Ch. 05


You will really want to read the previous 3 chapters before you do this one.

I appreciate all constructive criticism and comments, and it is often helpful to hear suggestions for direction. We seem to have found ourselves at the crossroads. Do they continue their adventure together as lovers, or does Ryan becomes a more controlling and manipulative Dom? Sorry it can't be both. Or can it??????


As wonderful as her mouth had been, Bobbie's pussy was amazing. I couldn't believe that I was finally losing my virginity, and to the woman of my dreams, no less. God her pussy was tight. She went wild on my cock jumping up and down grunting and crying. I couldn't last long. As I started to come, I gave her the command. Twice at first, then a third time in quick succession. Her pussy squeezed me and pulsed, and she went completely wild, then collapsed on top of me. At first I was concerned that I had actually fucked her to death, but then I felt her breathing as she lay there. I thought I better get her into bed, so I struggled to carry her down the hall. When I lay her down on the bed it hit me. This fabulously beautiful and sexy woman was completely in my control. In fact, I had just fucked her into unconsciousness. As these thoughts passed through my mind, I felt myself harden again. A hard prick has no conscience, and I moved between her legs and inserted myself into her again.

I watched her face as I stroked into her and as her eyes opened I notched up her arousal.

"Amplio" I uttered with each stroke. "Amplio...., Amplio...., Amplio...."

As I expected, Bobbi immediately began to respond. When she pulled her legs up allowing me free and deep access to her amazing cunt, I couldn't hold back, and I came in her for the second time that night.

Bobbie was begging me for release. I wanted to do her again, doggie style, but I needed some time to recover, so I decided to play. I asked her to get on her knees and then I pulled her vibrator out of the drawer. As I was stroking and teasing her pussy, I remembered something she had told me in trance. Hmmm. I moved the vibrator onto her little rosebud and pressed. When she objected, I was ready.

"Imperio. You will relax your asshole and let the vibrator enter you without discomfort"

Almost immediately, the vibrator slipped deep into her ass.

"Imperio. You will be aroused by the feelings of this toy in your ass."

I couldn't help but get hard, as she lay her head down and accepted the toy thrusting into her backside. I was ready again, so I moved between her legs and without removing the vibrator, pressed my cock fully into her pussy. I couldn't believe the sensations I was feeling. Bobbie's pussy was tighter that the first time and the feeling of the vibrator in her body right next to me was incredible. I had an idea.

"Imperio. Every time I stroke into you, you will have a tiny orgasm."

Now, every stroke of my prick caused her to clamp down with her pussy and come just a little bit. This was amazing. If I hadn't already come twice, I would have come again almost instantly. Instead I was able to ride Bobbi as she bucked, squirmed, and begged for full release. Eventually I couldn't hold back any longer, and when I unloaded into her again I made her come. Each time she passed her peak, I stroked in and out and gave the command again. Four times in all until she passed out from the intensity of her orgasms. I covered her up and left for the night. I was done until morning anyway.

Bobbi was still in bed when I went in the next morning. I was in a bit of a hurry so I just pulled out my cock and walked into her bedroom.

"Impero. You really want to suck my cock." I commanded, and as I walked up to the bed that's exactly what she did.

As I pressed deeply into her mouth, I had a wicked thought.

"Impero. You will relax your throat and let my cock press all the way in without feeling the need to gag."

The sensation was incredible. I was unbelievably turned on by by the whole scene. Simply walking into her bedroom and without fanfare pushing my cock down her throat. When I was completely buried in her throat, I couldn't hold back. I grabbed her head, made three quick small thrusts, and pumped my load directly down her throat. The sensations of her swallows milked me dry. Bobbi pushed me off, gasping for air. When she started to recover, I put her under.

"Somnus. Bobbi, can you get away from work at lunchtime?"


"As you go through your morning at work, I want you to think about your anal experience last night. As you do, you will think that you want more. I want you to leave work at lunch and go to the sex shop on 8th and buy an anal plug. Pick one about the same width as your vibrator. Also buy a tube of sexual lubricant. Do you understand?"


"When you get back to work, you will go directly into the restroom, lubricate the plug and insert it into your anus. You will feel no discomfort at doing this, only a pleasurable fullness which adds to your awareness of the arousal building behind the wall all afternoon. Do you understand?"


"When I say the word awake, you will awake and your conscious mind will remember nothing about this trance or of my commands Awake"

I had to go so I said my goodbyes and told Bobbi I would see her tonight.


Early the next morning, I woke to the sound of Ryan coming into the apartment. Every muscle in my body was sore from my multiple orgasms the night before and for the first time in days, I didn't feel the least bit aroused. When Ryan entered the bedroom he was already sporting a full fledged erection. When he walked up to the bed, I simply could not resist taking his cock into my mouth. Ryan held my head and slowly pressed his cock deeply into my mouth. When he reached the back of my throat, instead of gagging as I normally would, I relaxed, swallowed, and let him press on until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I had never done that before, and as I was wondering what was happening to me, I felt Ryan pump a huge load directly into my throat. When he finally pulled out, I was gasping for breath. The next thing I recall is Ryan leaving and my getting ready for work. The wall was up and I knew I would make it through the day. By the time I got to work, I could still feel a slight tingling of arousal, and for some reason, thoughts of what Ryan had done with the vibrator the previous night haunted me all morning. By lunch time, I knew I needed to act on those thoughts. I slipped out and took a short walk over to 8th street where I knew there was a sex shop. The balding fat proprietor looked me up and down appreciatively as I entered the dark shop and started to look around.

"Can I help you out with anything honey" he drawled

"I'm looking for an anal plug" I whispered, hardly believing my own ears. "And some lube" I added softly.

"Well come on right over here honey, and have a look at these. How big do you want?" He said as his face took on a new look of interest and he continued to check me out.

I picked one about the right size and took the tube of lube he offered, then headed for the cash.

"That's a little big for beginners" he leered, "Need any help getting that in?"

"No thanks" I squirmed and handed him the cash.

As he was giving me my change, he held on to my hand.

"You have fun with that, hear? And don't be shy about coming back in if you need anything else. I'm always happy to help out a customer like you."

I shivered as I left the store and headed straight back to work. If you had asked me Yesterday if I would ever consider buying a butt plug, let alone using one I would have thought you were crazy, but here I was headed back to work with full intentions of inserting my new purchase immediately. What was happening to me?

As soon as I got back I went straight to the restroom and opened the packages. I lubed the plug and worked it up into my rear passage all the time remembering the old man's leer. When I got it in place, it felt really good and I was ready to face the afternoon. I had to be very careful to hide the packaging and remaining lube so nobody in the office found out about my new little fetish. All afternoon, every time I shifted my position, or moved around the office, I could feel that plug working around in my butt. Why was I doing this, and what had happened this morning when I took Ryan down my throat? Ryan. Ryan must be doing this to me.

By quitting time, The sensations from my new toy were really starting to arouse me and I could tell the pool was going to overflow any second. I rushed home and literally flew into the apartment looking for Ryan. I really needed to come. I also had to get him to stop doing all this other stuff. I'm a married woman. He's a teenager. I can't let him control me like this. Luckily he was there.

"Ryan. What have you done to me?" I scolded. "That thing with my throat this morning and now I have a plug in my bottom. This is not right, you stop this right now!"


When Bobbi came home and scolded me I knew my spell had worked.

"I'm not stopping anything" I replied "and you don't want me to. If I stop I stop everything. That means that you will go berserk with no possible way to release your sexual frustration. Amplio"

I saw her face flush as the command took effect.

"Now I want you to stand over here, and tell me all about your day as you slowly take off your clothes"

"Ryan. This has got to stop. I'm married. You're a teenage boy. It's not right. Don't you want a girl your own age?" Bobbi was almost whining now as she pleaded with me.

"No. You are the one I want, and you will do as I ask. One way or the other. Now get over here and strip for me. Amplio"

With a sniffle Bobbi slowly moved in front of me and started undoing her blouse with shaking fingers. Her face was flushed and I could see her breathing was rapid. It was clear that she was very turned on.

"Tell me all about your trip to the store and about your afternoon with your new toy"

As she continued to strip for me, she related her story about the store proprietor. I couldn't resist pulling my cock out and stroking it as I watched and listened. This was really getting hot. As soon as I pulled my dick out, Bobbi locked her eyes onto it. The only time her eyes left it was when I told her to turn around and show me her plug. I almost blew my load right then. The sight of Bobbi's magnificent ass with the little tabs of the plug nestled between her cheeks, just drove me wild.

"Come over here and blow me" I commanded. "And don't forget to take me down your throat"

Her arousal was in control now, and she did exactly that. It was the second time she had deep throated me, but it felt every bit as incredible as the first. I was hoping to hold off for a while, but the third time she took me to the root, she looked up into my face and squeezed with her throat muscles. I blew my load instantly.

"There." She said. "You got what you wanted. Now you can get me off"

I had other ideas and I needed some time to recover.

"Somnus. Bobbi can you hear me?"


"Bobbi, I want you to go back in your mind to Yesterday. I want you to remember how excited you were when you needed me to fuck you. Now. I want you to tell me if there was ever a time in your life when you were more excited than that. If there was a time when you needed to be fucked more than you did Yesterday."

"Yes. I was in college and I was making out with Josh, and we had been making out for hours and I was so hot and all I wanted was for him to fuck me. Nothing else mattered except I wanted to feel his cock press into my pussy."

"Good. Now I want you to hang on to that feeling, that overpowering need. Whenever you hear me say the words "Requiro vagina" you will instantly feel that same overpowering need again. You will need to have a cock in your pussy, and you will do anything to get it. Do you understand?"


"Whenever you hear me say the words "Requiro oris" you will feel that overpowering need, but instead of your vagina, you will need a cock in your mouth. Lastly, when you hear me say the words "Requiro rectum" nothing else will matter except that same consuming desire only this time it is to have a cock in your ass. Is that clear?"


"Whenever you hear me say "Reverto" you will return to your normal state. These commands will work either in person or on the phone. Clear?"


I was really getting a boner from all these suggestions, but I wanted to do one more thing before playtime.

"Tomorrow on your lunch hour, you are going to go back to the shop on 8th street. You are going to buy a G spot vibrator. When you walk through the door, your nipples will respond by getting very erect. When the proprietor approaches you to help, you will not shy away or try to hide the state of your nipples. You will let him look as much as he likes. If he asks, questions you will answer truthfully. You will tell him what you are looking for and that you are buying this so that your teenage boyfriend can teach you to squirt. You will let him help you select a vibrator and you will purchase whichever one he recommends. When you are leaving the store, your nipples will return to normal. Do you understand?"


"Bobbi. When I say "Awake" You will awaken, but your conscious mind will not remember anything about this trance. Awake"


I still couldn't believe that I was being such a slut for this teenage boy. I had never taken a cock down my throat like I did for him, and I seemed to be able to do it effortlessly. I was beginning to realize that Ryan had a very strong hold on me. I was still very horny and was wondering just what he might do next as I stood up.

"OK Bobbi, let's move back to the bedroom and see if we can't get you off."

"Ryan. It's not right." I whined. "I'm married and you're so young. Can't you just get me off here and leave me for tonight?"

Ryan's response was to stand and take me in his arms. I felt a huge wave of arousal wash over me as he pasted his lips to mine and started to massage my breasts and pull my nipples.

"You really don't want me to go and leave you like this do you?" he whispered. "You'll go crazy tonight if I don't make you come, and I want to make you come in the bedroom"

With that, he put his arm around my waist and started guiding me towards the bedroom. As we started to walk, his hand dropped to my ass and I felt him push my butt plug with his fingers. This stimulation caused another flush of excitement and I groaned with desire. When we reached the bedroom, we lay on the bed and started making out. I was going crazy with lust as he worked his way down, sucking my nipples, Playing with my breasts and fingering my pussy. First with one, then two and finally three fingers working in and out of my drooling slit. He continued to kiss me as his hand moved down and started to work my butt plug. He twisted it back and forth, then pulsed his fingers on the end causing it to work in and out of my rectum. As he was doing this, a new level of arousal came over me. I wanted, no, I needed his cock in my ass. My college experiences had left me with no interest in anal before now, but now, it was all I ever wanted.

"Ryan. What have you done to me?" I pleaded. "Oh please Ryan. I want you to fuck me in my ass."

"OK. If that's what you want, then go get your lube. And be quick about it." he ordered.

The desire was totally overpowering. I jumped out of bed and ran to get my purse. This was crazy! Anal had never been my thing, but now I would do anything for it. I ran back to the bedroom and right back into Ryan's arms. Ryan then instructed me to get on the bed on my knees, with my head and shoulders down on the covers. This left me with my ass in the air and completely available for Ryan's pleasure. He moved behind me and started to pull out the plug. When the widest part was stretching my entrance, he stopped pulling and started twisting again. This drove me wild and I begged him to stop teasing me. Ignoring my pleas, he continued to twist and work the widest part of the plug in and out of my ass. When he finally pulled the plug completely out of me, I felt empty. The cold lube squirting into my open ass, did nothing to quench my internal fire. I needed Ryan to fill me up again. Finally I felt his cock head at the entrance to my back passage. I couldn't stop myself from pushing back onto his dick, taking the whole thing into my ass until I felt his wiry pubic hair scratching between my butt cheeks.

"OH GOD Bobbie. I can't believe you're letting me fuck your ass. This is so naughty. It's so tight."

For my part I couldn't believe it either. Even though I knew that Ryan must have made this happen with hypnosis, I couldn't resist the power of my need to have him fuck me there. I started a slow grind.

"I don't know how you did this or why, but I need you to fuck my ass. Fuck my ass Ryan" I begged.

And with that, he began to comply. Long, slow full strokes of his glorious cock in and out of my tight asshole. I needed more. My body craved a fast and furious fucking, but with both hands holding my hips, Ryan controlled our pace. Slowly, he pulled back, until the crown pulled free and only the very tip was still inside me, then, even slower, all the way in to the root again. He held my hips and maintained that agonizingly slow pace as I began ot go crazy with desire.

"Squeeze me when I hit bottom" he ordered as he stroked in.

I contracted my muscles as hard as I could and the intensity of the feeling notched my arousal up even more.

"Now pulse it"

As he remained buried to the hilt, I began a rhythmic squeezing and then felt his fingers move down to tickle my clit. It was almost more than I could bear, but even with that added stimulation I knew I wasn't going to come until Ryan released me.

"Ryan, Ryan, please let me come, please no more" I begged.

"Almost there Bobbi" He replied " Just keep squeezing"

I did, and in a few seconds, I felt him press harder into me from behind. His whole body stiffened, he groaned my name and I felt pulse after pulse of his cock as he emptied his seed into my ass. I was frantic. He hadn't released me when he came.

"RYAN." I screamed, then "Please. What about me?" as I felt his orgasm subside.

He collapsed onto my back, pushing me face down on the mattress with his cock still buried deep in my ass. His hands were under my hips and his fingers were still working my clit as he lay on me panting.

"Oh Bobbi. That was great. Better than anything. Liberatio"

And I came. An enormous gut wrenching head spinning body shaking orgasm with Ryan's cock still buried in my ass. Then, as I was still trapped beneath him recovering,, he released me again. When I finally returned to my senses, Ryan rolled us into a spoons position without ever pulling out and we lay there resting and panting. But now, the anal desire was gone. It was slowly replaced with shame. Shame at what I had done. What I had begged for. That and anger, anger at what this teen boy had made me do.

"Ryan. Pull out. I don't like this." I demanded.

"OK. If you're sure that's what you want. Let's go take a shower."


Fucking Bobbi in the ass had been a mind bending experience. I couldn't believe the power I was able to wield over this amazingly sexy woman. I had now had wild and uninhibited sex with her in every possible body orifice. And this was just the beginning. As I lay there spooning her I could feel my dick softening even though I was still inside her. Now that she had returned to normal, she wanted me out, but I needed a shower. She balked when I suggested we take one, so I just made it so.

"Impero. You feel the need to take a shower, and Ryan might as well come in to scrub your back" I commanded.

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