tagInterracial LoveConvention Weekend

Convention Weekend


The convention was in New Orleans. Only 1 of the 3 ladies had been to a convention before. Her name was Jennifer. At 42, with 2 young girls she was still in good shape– not that her husband Doug would care. He was foolin’ around and she knew it, but she had a business to run. Kathy, 34 and married was excited to meet all the people she had spoken to on the phone for so long. She wanted to impress the corporate cloud and always tried to present herself as the utmost in business-like manner. She was married and ready for a break from an idiot husband’s rantings about nothing. Melissa, 31 and single was gorgeous. Tall and thin and dirty blond hair, with a nice breasts and a sweet smile. She’s not the type you would consider sexually liberal, but desperate for a husband and a baby. Their hotel room was right in the middle of the French Quarter. The town was alive and they were free with company credit cards. Jennifer was used to the lifestyle, and she insisted on finding the best restaurant in town to treat her 2 best account managers. The dinner was delicious and the whine was flowing. They laughed and talked about everything – work, children, relationships.

“My sister told me about this great little shi-shi blues night club we have to see.”

“you’re in charge” chimed in Kathy.

“Oh come on, I’m not your boss tonight, I’m your friend.” Replied Jennifer with a smile.

They stepped into the club which was darkly lit and fairly empty. They got a table in the middle of the floor as a large older black man played on stage. Melissa went up to the bar and ordered the 3 ladies more wine. The bar began to fill up and the women continued to talk and drink. The hours wound on and the women were truly giddy and laughing at everything each woman said. The next band began playing a song that Jennifer recognized and she got up to dance. Kathy followed right along as they both began shaking it right in front of the stage with a small group of people.

A tall black man came up behind Jennifer and began dancing with her. Thinking nothing of it Jennifer danced back. Kathy couldn’t here anything they were saying but they were definitely talking. As she made her way back to the table for another sip of wine, she saw Melissa. “What was that about?” Melissa asked Kathy. I don’t know, but he’s cute and tall!” she slurred. “ I know, but he’s black” she whispered. “I…I mean…I don’t care…but…”

“oh, I wouldn’t worry about it. She’s just having fun.”

“not going to join your friend?” a voice asked from behind. The two ladies looked over their shoulders to see a dark black man in a gorgeous suit smiling at them. “C’mon let’s dance.” He asked Melissa.

“Oh, no thank you, I don’t dance well.”

“I will. C’mon!” Kathy jumped in with her Texas accent.

Bye now Jennifer was dancing closer to the black man and a little bit slower. They stared at each other, and gave slight grins. His name was Thomas and he guided Jennifer off the floor and into a corner of the bar where a large corner booth was waiting. As Melissa watched them walk, she could see Jennifer looking for her. Jennifer waved her to join them and she reluctantly did so. When she got there she saw another black man waiting alone.

“This is Curtis, I’m Thomas” the tall black man said as Jennifer slid into the booth. Melissa sat next to Curtis. The men were in town for the convention as well, and it made it easier for the ice to break. Melissa couldn’t help but notice the attraction between Thomas and Jennifer. Thomas would slip his arm around her and she would feed him drinks and flirt overtly. Melissa grabbed Jennifer and they excused themselves to the restroom. “So who’s he? Do you know him?” Melissa asked Jennifer nervously. “no, just started dancing.” She replied. Well, I want to go soon, we have to get up early for our presentation and I already feel like I’ve had one too many." she added with a giggle.

“Relax, its on the company. Besides, this guys built like a God. I could feel it while we were dancing. ”

“Hmmm, wonder what the rest is like. I’ve heard stuff.” she replied.

“me too” Jennifer said with a bigger smile and left the restroom.

The ladies made their way back to the table to find 2 more fresh drinks and Kathy sitting between the man who had asked her to dance and Thomas. The ladies slid in…

“This is Darron. Darron, this is my boss Jennifer.” Kathy said noticeably drunk. “Are you in for the convention too?”

“No, I’m from just north of here. I came down to see Thomas.”

Kathy excused herself, and Darron made his way to the bar for drinks. As Melissa rose and Curtis slid out, he put his hand around Melissa and cup her ass, out of view of everyone. She was shocked and looked at his eyes. Like a reaction she put her arm on the back of his. His muscles were hard and lean. He obviously worked out. As soon as they made their way into the booth, Curtis took melissa’s hand and put it on his inner leg. His cock was long and thick yet still limp. She wanted to pull it away, but it had been a while since she had been with a man, and what a man. She slowly stroked down the shaft and she could feel it jump. She took a big drink with her left hand and suddenly felt Thomas hand on her inner leg. As she looked over at Jennifer, her eyes were closed. Her hand was missing too.

“let’s go” Jennifer leaned over and whispered.

“What about your friend?” Thomas replied.

Kathy was nowhere to be seen.

“She knows the way back to the hotel” Jennifer said.

As the couples left the bar, they found Kathy.

She was pinned up against a wall near the doorway in a passionate kiss with Darron. His hands were squeezing her still firm breasts and her nipples shown hard as nails right through her shirt.

“Your friends are goin’ back to the hotel, c’mon.” Darron ordered.

When the couples got back to the hotel, Melissa went immediately into the bathroom. Darron came from behind and cupped Kathy’s c-cup breasts. “you ready for a real man baby?” he whispered in her ear. Her hand reached back and stroked his now hardening cock.. It was already bigger than any she had felt and it was still growing . Curtis had moved in front of her and undone her jeans and blouse. Her pink panties were exposed and wet while Thomas took off her bra. Her breasts shown pale against their black hands. She had never been with 2 men before, but was very ready. She had never been this turned on. Curtis’s hand was warm as they moved into her crotch. Her legs spread willingly as he stroked her clit.

“oh God” she whispered.

“you ever had black cock before?”

“No” she whispered.

“you ready?”


Curtis dropped his pants as did Darron. Their cocks were long and dark. Curtis’ thicker, and Thomas’ longer. She had never seen such a site. She knelt before the men. Her tiny white hand contrasted perfectly with their dark skin. She took Darron’s 10 inch first. As she looked up at him with the throbbing member in her mouth, she saw his perfect black body above her. She was so turned on. She turned her head to see Curtis standing over her. She quickly engulfed his cock, and now stroked Darron’s lubricated cock.

Meanwhile Jennifer and Thomas had engaged in a long, seductive kiss against the door when they entered the room. Her hands traced his body and eventually found his plump cock. He had picked one of her legs up and around his body with his left arm, and this other pulled her hair back. “Fuck me…please fuck me” she begged.

“Yeah, you like that fat cock don’t you?”

“God yes.”

“On your knees.” And he pushed to her knees.

She undid his belt and pants and his cock leaped free. He was enormous.

“oh…” Jennifer said breathlessly. She quickly pulled the skin back and ran her tongue down the shaft.

“Suck that big motha fucka” he ordered her with his hands still in his hair. She took him into her mouth and began to suck. She loved it, she had always enjoyed foreplay but this was like nothing ever. She loved the way his big black cock glistened with her saliva.

Melissa now exited the bathroom, she didn’t know what to expect to see, but it certainly wasn’t this. Jennifer continued to suck Thomas, Kathy was just standing up Darron was pulling her pants down. But Curtis, cock erect and massive, was approaching her, his stomach muscles were chiseled from stone. Built like a tank, she embraced as soon as he got near. He groped at her breasts “Oh” he squeezed her ass “oh shit”. And her hand wrapped around his hot, wet manhood. She immediately stroked it.

“Yes” he said as his head leaned back. . Her hands feeling his bare chest and his hands began to sneak into her panties.

Jennifer was now on her back on the bed with the legs in the air “Oh c’mon, please.” She begged Thomas. Darron moved the very Kathy to the other side of the bed on her hands and knees. “I love nice white asses he said slapping his thick monster on it.” Kathy looked down to see Jennifer below her. Jennifer’s face grimaced and she followed it with a moan of pleasure “ahhh, yeeeesss” she yelled.

“Does it feel good?” Kathy asked her – with that she felt her black stud enter. He stretched her immediately. “Oooohhhh.” She said with her drawl.

“you like that baby?” he asked

“Fuck yes…”

The men began to pound. Melissa was on her knees now, sucking a black man. A thought inconceivable a few hours ago, now it was the greatest pleasure she had ever given to anyone, and loved giving it. She sucked like a porn star. Her blonde flying as she vigorously sucked. Darron pulled her up and lay on the bed. Melissa could hear the other women now nearing orgasm on the other bed. She held his monster cock straight up and squatted down onto it. As she slowly sat on it, it hurt – so good. So gooooood. Her pussy clamped down on the ebony intruder for a moment then released it. Darron pulled her down farther and her back arched. His strong arms picked her up easily and began to bounce her. Her breasts were pale around the nipples which were pink and hard. As they bounced she began to scream “Yesss! Ahhh!! Ooooh!” louder and louder until her body shook in orgasm. Darron continued to pound his cock in and out of her.

Jennifer now could be heard mumbling “Cuuuuming, cumming!” in a higher and higher tone as Thomas continued to ruin her pussy forever. Kathy was deeply concentrated on her own pussy which was about to be filled with cum from Curtis, his head went back and with a deep voice “Taaake it! Take it white bitch!” he yelled as loads of jism shot forth. In unison Thomas had pulled out and began to shoot cum all over Jennifer. The strings of cum landed on her breasts, face and hair. On the other bed Darron had Melissa’s breast in his mouth and his arm holding her down. “Yes! God I can feel it!” Melissa called as Darron unloaded inside of her very wet, loose pussy.

When the men were through, they began to get dressed. Kathy passed out on the bed. Jennifer began to get dressed – very satisfied. Melissa lay in the bed with the biggest smile she ever had. And they ALL looked forward to the convention Next Year.

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