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Back to College


After 11 years Carmen was finally going back to college. She enrolled in night classes at the local university studying basic business classes. She was nervous on her first night, most of the class was college-aged students but there were some other local commuters. The guys looked great, but at 32 so did she. She was a pale, thin, natural blond with c-cup breasts and green eyes.

She made friends with a college girl in the class named Tannie. Tannie stayed at the dorms. After a few weeks into the semester she invited Carmen over to her dorm room to study. It was a Tuesday so Carmen left their son home with her husband Tim. Tannie and her roommate Kathy were making drinks when Carmen arrived.

"Hi Carmen, this is Kathy my roommate" Tannie said "Do you like margaritas?"

"Sure" Carmen said, and took the drink.

The girls were studying and talking and drinking while music played. When the CD paused between songs Carmen could hear the sounds of a bed creaking and a woman moaning in pleasure.

"Oh my gosh" Carmen said, "who is that?"

"That's Christy. Her and Ty are always fucking. I'm so jealous of her. I wish I had someone to love."

"Believe me, it fades after a while" Carmen admitted.

"Oh OK, let me rephrase that then…I wish I had a stud like Ty to come and visit me" she said with a smile.

"Is he cute?" Carmen asked as the tequila started to kick in and she started to become intrigued.

"oh yeah, and she says he has a huge dick".

Carmen found herself getting turned on. Not just from the sounds of the couple next door, but from the feeling of being back in college. Everyone was happy and free to do whatever or whomever they wanted. The moans soon turned into the sounds of a woman approaching orgasm as the creaking became the pounding of a headboard against their wall.

"Good God he can really go." Carmen said with a giggle.

"He plays basketball, so he's got plenty of energy."

Soon the sounds stopped and both the women giggled at the silence. "So have you ever flirted with him?" Carmen asked with a slight slur of speech. "ummm, well, yeah, sort of." Tannie replied with a grin. "But you know, nothing heavy. How about you, do you flirt even though you're married?"

"I do from time to time at work if a cute guy comes in the store, but nothing I could ever actually do." Carmen said gathering her things. They had studied long enough and Carmen returned home. As she drove home, she was a little sad to be leaving such a fun setting.

The next week in class Tannie found Carmen "hey, I had fun last week, you comin' over again this week? Mid terms are coming." Carmen was so flattered. Tannie was a cute little brunette that certainly didn't have to waste her time with Carmen, but she was so sweet.

"Absolutely" Carmen replied.

Carmen approached Tannie's room and the door was open. She could hear Tannie talking. As she knocked on the door and slightly pushed it open Tannie turned her head to Carmen.

"Hey Carm. Come on in. This is Ty." A tall black guy was standing by Tannie's CD collection. He was wearing just a pair of green cotton shorts which were very loose fit and no shirt. His stomach muscles shown even though they weren't flexed. His arms were toned and very muscular. This was the man that was fucking the girl next door last week, and she could see what the screaming was about. He walked toward the women with a smile, but Carmen couldn't see it. She was busy scanning his body for a flaw but couldn't find one. She stopped when her eyes caught a glimpse of a huge lump in his shorts flopping as he walked toward her. Carmen caught herself and looked up but it was too late. He had seen her and his smile quickly became a leer. Tannie giggled, "Carm's in my night class this semester and she came over to study with me."

His spoke softly with a deep voice, "Nice to meet you Carm" and he opened his hand to take hers. His massive hands held her tiny white hands easily and he leaned over to kiss her hand. Carmen was stunned, she was so turned on right now. The contrasting colors of their hands, and that young hard body were making her flush. He was so smooth, dark, and good looking. Tannie handed Carm her drink which snapped her out of her trance. She had a seat on the couch and Tannie sat in the chair. Ty left the room and the girls immediately began their conversation

"I've never been that attracted to a black man before" Carmen quickly whispered with a shock.

"I know, he's so fucking hot."

"Oh God, seriously though, he IS a stud. Did you see that thing?" she said with a laugh.

"Can you imagine how wonderful that is?" Tannie replied.

The girls started talking about sex more and more. Carmen felt like a schoolgirl again. The drinks were flowing heavily and they were laughing up a storm. Carmen looked at the clock, "oh my gosh, I have to go" Carmen said slurring. Her skinny arm reached for her purse but she lost her balance and giggled and sat back down on the couch.

Tannie heard a voice outside the door and she darted to open it. Carmen heard Tannie say something but she was listening to the music. When Tannie returned, with her was Ty and another black man named Jay. Carmen smiled at Ty who went and slid beside her on the couch. Their faces were close.

"Glad to see me?" he asked putting his hand on her knee. She leaned forward and put down her drink. As she sat back his right arm slid behind her and he engaged her in a long, deep kiss. He rotated his tongue throughout her mouth and moved it down to her pale neck, licking it and sucking it.

"I shouldn't" she whispered weakly.

"You're gonna love this, relax and enjoy".

She lay back on the couch as his hands began to knead her breasts. His hands were strong and completely covered her ample breasts. She finally felt she was under a real man. She reached down his back and pulled his shirt over his head. As he kneeled on the couch over her she rubbed his hard chest vigorously, then immediately reached for his swollen crotch. She rubbed the largest cock she had ever felt before it was even fully hard.

"Oh my god" she whispered looking into his eyes.

"Lets see them titties baby" he told her. With that, she sat up and pulled her sweater over her head. She was wearing a red bra that cupped her breasts perfectly. Ty stood up as she took her bra off. Her nipples were very large and hard at the site of Ty's lump.

"Aw yeah, shit" came from across the room.

Jay had laid down on Tannie's bed and she was fully clothed and sucking his large black cock. Carmen was very turned on seeing her friend work on such a huge member but quickly turned her attention back to her lover. She crawled onto her knees on the couch and Ty stood before her. She pulled his shorts down and his manhood sprung free. He was hardening quickly now and she was amazed with his size. "

"Whoa" she said as her tiny hand wrapped around it. She quickly opened her mouth and took him as deeply as she could. She had never worked such a cock in her life. She had always heard black men were blessed and now she was finding out that it might be true.

Tannie's head bobbed up and down on Jay's cock.

"Ooh, yeah, get it girl" he whispered with his hands behind his head. He was nude and built very sleekly. Tannie came up for air and continued to rub his cock.

"oh god" she said gasping for breathe and rubbing her own pussy. She let go of his cock and let it slap onto his stomach. He had to have at least 9 inches and he was quite thick. She took her top off and removed her panties. Her little bush was neatly cropped as she crawled onto Jay. She straddled Jay and lowered herself onto his cock. Her thin body slowly opened for him. Her small breasts were taught and firm and her nipples at attention. Her head rocked back as he went deeper. "ooooooh" she moaned as he entered her.

"oh yeah baby, give me that little thing" he replied. "feel good baby?"

"aaauuuuww" she moaned in response.

He took hold of her body at the ribcage and began to bounce her more quickly on his throbbing cock. Her moans turned brief as her pussy began to pound down time and again.

Meanwhile, Carmen was having the time of her life. She was giving a slow, suck to Ty's 10 inch monster. Her hand was between her legs grinding on her clit through her panties. She was so hot. They stared into each others eyes as she sucked him off.

"Fuck me" she whispered in a begging wimper.

Ty instructed her to lean over the back of the couch on her knees. He pulled her panties off. Her ass was perfectly pale and had no fat. Her shaved pussy was soaking wet and begging to be fucked. Ty closed in behind her, cock in hand.

He rubbed it against her opening "you ready baby?"

"Oh god Yes!" she said in a very loud voice and then…"aaahhhh"

He forced himself in. Her hands reached back groping for his body. "Oh fuck! Aw Christ! Shit!" he slowly pulled himself out and then pushed back in quickly. Her back arched as his massive piece stretched her tiny pussy.

"That's the shit" Ty said quickening his hips.

Carmen's body tingled. "Ever had a black cock before baby?"

Carmen couldn't respond as her pussy loosened for him.

Tannie was exhausted and lay back on her bed. "Come on baby" she begged reaching for his cock and pulling it in her. Jay put her tiny legs up to her ears and began to pound. It was the type of pounding that women rarely recover within 2 days from. Like a jackhammer his massive ebony love tool showed her how good sex can be when its with a black man.

Carmen on the other hand was moaning a constantly stressed moan. Ty furiously banged away at here. His hands slapping her pale ass, his nightstick dripping wet from her juices. He slipped in and out easily now as her pussy welcomed him.

"You like that mother fucker baby?"

"yeessss. God! Don't stop! Oh god!" she began to rise to orgasm.

"you like that big black cock baby?" he asked again grabbing her silky blond hair.

"Yees!" she screamed.

Her pussy trembled as the first wave of orgasm hit her. Ty didn't stop. The next wave forced her to scream "cum-mming" in two separate breathes. Ty stopped and sat on the couch. His length extended like a baseball bat, Carmen recovered to see it glistening in the lights of the room, she straddled him and got to work riding him.

Carmen could hear Tannie on the other side of the room "that's it! Yeah! That's it!" Jay had turned Tannie's little piece of heaven into a gaping love hole as he pulled his dark love tool out and shot cum all over her stomach and tits. 3 long shots were all over her as she slowed her moaning and breathing.

Ty's hands cupped Carmen's ass and squeezed as she bounced. Her tits, large nipples extended, were being sucked by big black lips and she loved how it looked. She could feel his goatee on the underside of her tits. He let go and began to moan. "oh yes baby" she looked down and whispered "do it. Cum baby. You're such a stud. Fuck it. Fuck me."

His hands squeezed her ass and lifted her off. "aagh" he moaned as Carmen's mouth dove onto his cock to take in the first shot of cum. It was a massive load and she gagged as she tried to swallow it. The second load hit her in the face around her mouth and she moaned in ecstasy.

As she drove home that night, she could wait for mid-terms when she would certainly need to study very, very hard with her new friends.

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