Conversion: The Clinic


"Sorry about this, I just need to make sure you don't have a cell phone, wrist watch, or recording device or iPod or anything else that might distract you from the test."

"No problem. I just have my make-up, hairbrush, and my wallet. I left all that stuff at home like it said in the instructions."

He handed her purse back, "Do you have any other questions?"

"Uhm, I guess not. No. When does this all start?"

Dave looked at his watch, "In six minutes." He stepped out the doorway and turned around, "Be sure to lock your door."

"Why?" she asked.

"For privacy, of course." And with that he walked down the hallway. Heather pulled the door shut and locked the door. Climbing up on the bed, she pulled her shoes off and stretched out on the bed. It was nice and comfortable. She looked around and noticed there was no place else to sit except on the bed or on the toilet. The computer monitors and the big screen TV all flashed the same message "STAND BY".

Five minutes later, the room lights went out and the screens flashed "TOUCH HERE TO BEGIN". Heather pressed the button and all three screens came to life with a series of quick sexual images, so quick she couldn't even focus. It sped up and then the screen went white. A brunette woman with nothing on except high heeled shoes walked onto the screen and appeared to be talking directly at the camera. "Your assignment today is Big... Black... Cocks."

The screen flashed again and there was a giant black cock getting unzipped from a pair of pants by a sexy blonde girl. The thing was long and ugly and thick and uncut. The girl in the video put it right in her mouth and began sucking it.

"Gross!" Heather said aloud. She tried turning away but each screen showed the same horrible image of a white girl tainting herself with some Negro's cock in her mouth. A rhythmic techno beat was playing in the background along with a girl's sexy voice that kept on saying the most vile things...

"I love looking at big black dicks.
Black guys have better bodies.
Black men fuck harder.
Black men last longer.
Interracial porn turns me on.
My pussy wants black cock.
I must masturbate every day thinking of black men.
Black cocks make my cunt wet.
I can't help wanting those black rods.
I'm a black cock whore.
White men can't compare to black men.
White men no longer please me..."

Occasionally the screen would flash the same message, most of the time it showed switching images and video clips of interracial sex. Heather closed her eyes; she couldn't block the sound out but she didn't have to see the disgusting acts. A few minutes later the music stopped and the lights in the room went back on. A male voice went over the intercom, "Room EI02, you did not touch the screen button in time. We now have to reset the test. Please stand by."

"Can I have a different type of show please?" Heather called out. There was no answer.

The lights went out once again and the screen prompted her to start. The same video started up again, "Your assignment today is Big... Black... Cocks."

Heather couldn't believe it. Out of all the kind of porn in the world they had to show this trash? And not just interracial porn but SIXTEEN HOURS of interracial porn! She seriously considered walking out of the office when she remembered it would cost her $250 to leave. "This is bullshit!" she screamed aloud.

A picture of a black cock surrounded by red light flashed in the corner of the screen with the word "PRESS" underneath it. Heather pressed the letters and nothing happened. Grudgingly she touched the image of the black cock and it vanished. The perverse display continued on with a petite blonde girl (about the same body type as herself, she noted) taking a giant black cock in her pussy. It looked like the girl was going to split in half, screaming in a pain-pleasure combination. Heather got off the bed and went into the bathroom and poured a glass of water from the sink. She could see the screen in the bathroom mirror – it stood out prominently in the dark and in fact was the only thing lighting up the bathroom at all. Some words flashed backwards across the screen, at least that was the first thing Heather thought until she realized everything was mirror image. She turned around and read, "I LOVE BLACK COCK". As she walked back into the room she realized it was going to be a long ass day. She sat up on the bed and stared at the screen miserably.

She was imprisoned in this room for sixteen hours by her own greed. For $200 she had to witness these disgusting sex acts and it appeared that, for the video, there was no deviating from white women fucking Negroes. What were they trying to prove with this test? Was this directed at her specifically or was it random? Perhaps it was because she scored the sex acts with black men so low that they wanted to see how she reacted to sixteen hours of the same filth? Or maybe every woman had to watch this?

Heather started to feel a little warm and thought that perhaps the medication was kicking in. The 'black cock' button was flashing again and she pressed it, then settled back down against the pillows and watched a girl with her creamy thighs spread open and a muscular black man pumping away at her. The look on her face was one of absolute bliss as she screamed out, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG BLACK DICK! GOD CUMMMINNGGG!!"

Heather had the growing realization that her pussy was getting wet and her nipples were sensitive. What's happening? Is it the drugs? Is it making me turned on? All of a sudden she had a horrifying revelation: what if the medication she took aroused her to the point of needing to masturbate. Would she? Would she actually watch these interracial, despicable acts while she rubbed her pussy? She realized she was definitely feeling warmer and she stripped out of her jeans and climbed under the sheet of the bed. The fabric was soft and comfortable and felt nice against her skin. A nice fresh laundry scent was still clinging to the fabric and it felt very comfortable there in the dark.

Heck, if it wasn't for the kind of sex on display from every screen, Heather would have found the moment very arousing. Here she was, alone watching porn for an entire day, lying in the dark, just a t-shirt and panties. Her nipples ached and she knew they were getting hard and pressing against her bra. She sat up, unclasped the bra, and pulled it out from underneath the t-shirt. She could have easily taken the shirt off but she still wasn't feeling 100% comfortable that nobody would walk in. Still, it had been a long time –what time was it?- and nobody had contacted her since she didn't press the button in that one instance. They did say she would be alone for the day...

Heather watched as the video images bounced around, broken up by a close-up of the original brunette. Every time it went back to her she was fucking herself with a big black dildo and talking dirty...

"I want to watch black men.
I want to see a big black cock.
Black men are bigger.
Bigger is better.
Black men are sexier.
I like watching black men fuck white girls.
Interracial sex is good.
Interracial porn is sexy.
Interracial sex is dirty.
I want to be a dirty girl.
Feeling naughty makes me cum hard.
Dark skin.
Big hands.
Hot bodies.
Nice asses.
Thick long cocks.
Huge black balls.
Giant black dongs.
White women sucking black cock is sexy.
White women fucking black cock is sexy.
Thick white cum from big black cocks is sexy.
Dark skinned cocks pumping white girls..."
Yes, the medication was definitely taking effect now. Heather's b-cup tits were sensitive to the touch and one curious little check in her panties confirmed that her pussy was soaked. She let her fingers remain on her clit and slowly massaged it as she watched a girl getting fucked doggy style by a guy with a long black dick. He spanked her ass and left a red mark on her right cheek as she bounced back against him and begged for more. Heather's own pussy was aching and she quickly pulled her panties off for better access. She wondered if the girl in the video was feeling as dirty and slutty as she was as she fucked that black guy. Was this 'her thing' or did she do it for money?




The messages drilled into her head as she frantically rubbed her clit. Oh I am definitely feeling as dirty as I could possibly be. This clinic has drugged me and now I am hornier than I ever have been. It's their fault. They made me watch this. They are making me feel this way. I can't help but rub my sweet wet pussy while watching that dirty Negro fuck that girl. Yeah, fuck her. Fuck her good and hard. She is a dirty slut and deserves it. What's happening to me? Why am I thinking all these things? I'm such a whore. A whore just like these girls. A slut who needs to get fucked. Oh yeah, fucked by a big cock. A big BLACK cock. Oh that's it, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ooh, you dirty nigger, fuck my white pussy!

What was normally a stress relieving event had turned into a nightmarish situation. The orgasm was hot and naughty and the guilt over what she had done made her almost sick to her stomach. She got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash her face off with some water. The cold on her skin made her relax somewhat. Okay, it is just the drugs - it isn't me, she told herself. She dried off her face and then caught a glimpse of the 'black cock' button in the corner. Quickly she spun around and pressed it on the bathroom panel.

Climbing back into the bed she rolled over on her side and stared at the smaller screen mounted on the wall next to the bed. Had she seen that girl before? Or that guy? It didn't seem like the scenes were repeating at all, but they were showing longer and longer sex scenes instead of the shorter clips. She liked the longer scenes because they didn't jump around so much and were easier on her eyes. The words flashing across the screen had stopped for a time too which meant room EI02 was better lit now; the glow from the three screens lit things up pretty well. The only time it got dark was when they did a close-up on the black guy's body as he thrust away into the female porn star's waiting hole. When the camera backed off the couple the room got brighter again. The button appeared on the screen and she immediately pressed it. Her fingers slipped down between her legs and she began to rub again...

Although she didn't know it, three hours had passed by in the dark room. Heather had just finished masturbating for the fourth time and was once again doing her best to avoid watching the movies while still paying attention for the red glow in the corner of the screen. The brown box sitting on the ledge below the computer screen caught her eye – it had a large letter 'B' on the top and wasn't taped shut in any way. It had been there the whole time but she had been somewhat 'distracted' by things. Now that her orgasm had just ended, she was able to clear her head a bit more. She sat up and opened it and reached inside. There were two magazines wrapped in cellophane that read "Gangland" up at the top and featured a pretty but slutty looking girl on each cover. The man that had taken her into the room had told her the items in the box were for her, but didn't tell her what to do with them. Even though they were obviously pornographic, Heather decided to open them up anyway. She hoped that it would have some other content other than interracial pictures – she was feeling horny again and didn't want to succumb to the onslaught of black men movies that bombarded her in this room.

She unwrapped the first one and opened the cover. Holding the magazine up at an angle to catch the light properly, she looked through the pictures and unsurprisingly found that each set contained nothing but black men fucking white women. Only these pictures were worse: they had groups of four and five black men all violating a single white girl who hungrily took on every single cock. A big black cock in her pussy, another one in her ass, a third one in her mouth and one in each hand. Getting filled up like that... So naughty, so slutty, so-

"Damn it!" she said aloud, slapping the magazine shut and chucking it to the foot of the bed. Her pussy was aching again and she knew that she needed to cum soon. She ripped into the cellophane of the second magazine and found the same types of pictures. One picture was of a blonde girl with her mouth open wide and her face covered in cum; all of the black men had shot their sticky loads on her face and it covered her cheeks, nose, lips, forehead, and a big glob was dripping off her chin.

The video in the background was blazing away and the black actor was talking dirty to the girl, "Yeah, I love fuckin you white girls. You just so nasty..." Heather started rubbing her pussy unconsciously then slowed when she realized she was thinking about all that cum shooting from a Negro man's cock.

She tossed the second magazine on top of the first and then reached into the box again, desperate to find something to get off with that had a white man in it. She pulled out a small bottle of lubricant. Her hand disappeared into the box again and reemerged with a large dildo that looked like a real life cock – a real life black cock that is. It was ten inches long and thick and veiny and looked like one of the toys she had seen the girls in the movies use. The packaging was still sealed and Heather realized it was left in here specifically for her use.

They want to see if I use this, she realized. They want to see if this drug can make a girl do something she hates. These bastards aren't going to get me. This stupid experiment is so wrong. If it wasn't for the money I would never be here. There is no way I am putting that black thing up in me. I'm so horny though. I'll just use my fingers. Yeah, that's it. Oooh, yeah, just my fingers pushing up inside of me. I'm so fucking wet. Heather shoved two fingers in and out of her cunt and realized it was in time to the pumping of the black guy's hips. The girl in the video was screaming for more while watching her pussy get filled up, her expression was one of admiration for the black man who was grabbing her tits while he buried his foot long dick inside of her. She had to have cum at least three times and the scene continued. With no clock or wristwatch it was impossible to tell, but it seemed like they had been fucking for a half an hour.

Heather pushed a third finger into her hole and moaned loudly, "Oh fuck!" Is this what it felt like to fuck a big dick? Maybe a bigger cock really was better? What would it feel like to fuck a big cock like that? She stared at the dildo lying on the bed. No, I can't. I can't do it. Just my fingers. Oooh, yeah, deeper, I need to get deeper. Fuck! She pulled her legs up in the air like the girl in the movie and tried fingering herself from the side to get more penetration, but it was no good. The scene ended with the guy shooting ropes and ropes of white cum from his thick black rod onto the girl's face. She held tightly onto his cock and rubbed the cum into her skin and licked it off his shaft. The screen went black again and then flashed a series of rapid messages and pornographic images.




Heather actually found herself mouthing the words on the screen.

The next scene started right up. This one had two black men sandwiching a hot looking dark haired girl between them. One kissed her on the mouth while the second one kissed her neck. She rubbed her ass against the back guy's crotch while unbuckling the pants of the man in front of her. Out came yet another specimen of black cock, thick and long and veiny.

Heather looked at the dildo again. Her internal struggle continued as she watched the brunette sucking a cock that was so big her mouth couldn't get around it. Damn I need to cum so bad again. These pills have got me so worked up I would fuck my boyfriend unconscious. I need a cock so bad! It isn't cheating if I use a dildo, is it? No, it can't be. It's not like I want to use it – I need to use it. He isn't here and I need to cum so bad right now. They have me so screwed up that I can't think straight at all. All I can do is react to this medication. Yes, the drug works. I admit it works. It has to be working. It's making me do things I would never do. Like masturbate all day. Like watching black men fucking white girls. Like fantasizing about getting fucked with a big black cock. Damn it I need it so bad. I can't stop myself...

She sat up and ripped into the package, pulling the dildo out. The girl in the movie spat on the black man's cock and lubed it all up before putting it inside of her. Heather opened the lubricant bottle quickly and dripped it along the dildo's shaft. She stroked it in her hand with a mixed feeling of fear and lust. She was certainly not acting herself and under any other circumstance she would have left the room hours ago. But she couldn't go out like this. She needed to fuck so bad she would sleep with anyone just to quench her thirst for sex. Would she fuck a black man? Yes, she would. Heather was convinced of it, in fact. The medication had her so hyper-aroused that she would allow a filthy dirty nigger to penetrate her pure white pussy. To fill her up. To ravage her body and do unspeakable things with her.

No, I have to stay in here, she told herself, pushing the dildo into her waiting cunt and gasping as she did. Oh this feels so fucking good! So long and thick and deep up inside of me. So much bigger than my boyfriend! I can't even control myself around a dildo, how could I control myself around a real life man? Could I stop myself? If I saw a black man on the street would I be overwhelmed by the need to see his enormous cock? He would have a big one of course. They are all big. Every single one of these ugly black men has been gifted with a giant, pussy pleasing cock that would ruin me forever. No, I have to stay here till the drug wears off. Stay here and punish my little white pussy with this big black dildo...

"Oooooooooh!" she let out a long sound marking her deep vaginal orgasm. Her G-spot made her whole body go crazy and her pussy juices seemed to gush out of her.

At lunch time there was a knock that startled the blonde patient from her dream world. Heather pulled her panties on and her t-shirt and peaked out the door; the corridor was empty save for a cart with a food tray. She grabbed the tray and quickly closed the door. That and her dinner break were the only distractions she had from her masturbation sessions. She was glad about that though. She didn't want any distractions. She wanted sex. No, not just sex. Hot dirty sex with big black dicked men.

The day after

She slammed the phone down for the second time that afternoon, this time catching her roommate's attention. Brianna came out of her bedroom wearing a short baby doll nightie, nail polish in hand. "Why are you trying to break the phone? Was that Tim?" She finished the final brush strokes on the nails of her left hand and blew on them.

"Yes, it was him again. He gave me some bullshit story about some frat thing he had to do today and I could come down and see him later in the afternoon. I am so done with his fraternity garbage!" Heather went into a long tirade about how her boyfriend was never around when she needed him. Brianna listened to her roommate's rant, blowing on her nails until she was sure they were dry.

"Hey what's up with the 'tude? You've been all bitchy since last night. Is somebody feeling lonely?" Brianna made kissy faces at her friend and started grabbing her in a playful way.

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