Conversion: The Clinic


Heather swatted her away laughing, "Get off me, lezbo!"

Brianna sat back on the sofa, "I might as well be. I watched so much lesbian porn yesterday I couldn't even sleep last night. I wore out the batteries on my freakin vibrator-"

"TMI! TMI, Brianna! Keep your bedroom activities in the bedroom."

Brianna sat up a little, "Don't act all innocent with me. I heard you last night playing with yourself."

"I wasn't playing with myself!" Heather shouted back.

Brianna laughed at her, "You so were! Look at your face! You are turning all red. You were totally playing with yourself."


"Oh really? Let's go look in your room and find that new toy you got from the clinic..."

"You are such a snoop, bitch!" Heather picked up a throw pillow and whacked her roommate with it who had gone into a full belly laugh on the sofa. "I can't believe you went into my room!"

"I didn't! I didn't!" Brianna managed to say between chuckles. "I swear!"

"Then how do you know about it?"

Brianna stopped laughing, but she was still smiling at her friend, "Because I watched you last night... And this morning."

Heather froze. Her roommate had watched her masturbating with the black dildo. What would she think? Did she know about the magazines? Did she know about the interracial porn? The fantasies? "Why didn't you knock or interrupt me or something so I didn't embarrass myself?"

"Because I was enjoying the show too much," Brianna grinned, sliding her hand along Heather's thigh seductively.

"Bri', stop it."

"I can't help it. I think the drug they gave me last night has me all worked up." Brianna slinked up close to Heather and started kissing her on the neck. She pushed her hands away but Brianna kept grabbing her from different directions, "Come on, it will be fun."

"No, I can't. I'm totally straight. I'm not judging you or anything but I can't."

Brianna slid her hand down over her shorts and whispered in her ear, "Just until the medication wears off. Come on, I need it badly. I've been thinking about you all night long..."

Heather's pussy was tingling already, and then the touch of her friends fingers rubbing against her crotch got her even more excited. "It's cheating on Tim," she whimpered.

"Oh Tim would totally love it if you were with another girl and you know it." Brianna kept rubbing between her legs and kissing her neck. "Come on, Heather. I'll make you feel so good. Maybe I'll even shove that big dildo up inside of you like you did all morning long..."

Heather couldn't stand it anymore. The two girls locked in a kiss, their hands running along each other's skin. Brianna unbuttoned Heather's shorts and slipped her fingers along the blonde's damp mound and she moaned in response to the touch. Whatever the drug was that the clinic had given them, it had certainly worked. To Heather's best knowledge, Brianna had never even kissed a girl, yet here they were, acting like a couple of lesbian lovers. Brianna took her by the hand and they went to her bedroom.

"Fuck me! Push it in deeper!" Heather screamed as her roommate shoved the black dildo deep in her pussy.

"Damn, that is so sexy watching you fuck that toy, Heath'. You are being such a bad girl, you know that?" Brianna pumped the toy in and out of her friend's cunt quicker now, watching her pretty pink pussy take it all in. She had watched hours of women masturbating with big toys the previous evening and now here she was watching her own roommate's cunt filled up with one. She ground her own pussy on Heather's smooth leg while talking dirty to her friend. "Who would have thought you of all girls would like a black cock in your pussy."

"Oooooh!" Heather moaned in both delight and shame at the thought. Who would have thought indeed? She had told her friend everything in the heat of passion. Every shameful act, every deviant thought.

"Tell me again how the video went again. Tell me how bad you want this black cock."

"God I need it so fucking bad. I'm a dirty white girl who loves to fuck black dick. I need a black man to fuck me hard. I want him to bury his cock up in me, use me all night long, make me feel like a slut."

"You are a slut, Heather. Fuck that black dildo, you bad girl you."

"Cumming again! Cumming! CUMMMING!"

Two hours later, the roommates stepped out of the shower together; their second showers of the day and they both needed it after the sweat the two of them made during the afternoon.

"When do you think we'll stop feeling the effects of the drug?" Heather asked.

Brianna dried her friend's back while taking the liberty of admiring the blonde's ass and legs. "They said two to three days."

"But does that mean two days starting from when we took the pill or when we left?"

"I think from when we left. So today, Sunday, and maybe Monday I guess."

Heather sighed, "Well, there goes classes on Monday. I'm screwed."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I'm not leaving the apartment. I can't trust myself until this drug wears off. When my stupid ass boyfriend gets done playing with his fag frat boys he can come over here but I'm not leaving."

"Who says you need your boyfriend?" Brianna asked seductively, cupping Heather's breasts and initiating a kiss. Heather kissed her back.

"I suppose I don't. But I really need some penetration... I can't believe I'm having this conversation with you."

Brianna chuckled, "It's totally cool. We're in this together. I'm sure we'll figure things out."

It was Saturday night and Heather was just hanging up the phone. "Yeah, okay. I'll see you in a couple hours. Okay, bye."

"Tim's really coming over?" Brianna asked, pouting. She had put on a sexy plaid skirt and a white half blouse tied to show her trim waist and belly. She looked every part the naughty school girl. She had one hand behind her back and the other was just petting her own skin.

"Yes, he's finally coming over. And not a moment too soon from the looks of you."

"What do you mean by that?" Brianna asked not-so-innocently, lifting her skirt up and showing off a bright red pair of lace panties.

"It means that if I spend another night with you, we'll have two lesbians in this apartment."

"And that would be bad?"

"Yes!" Heather said with an exasperated tone. "I enjoy cock too much."

"Are you sure Tim's is going to be big enough for you?" Brianna held up the black dildo and rubbed it along her cleavage.

"Hey, you said you were going to keep that hidden in your room tonight for me. You can use it if you want."

Brianna sat down next to Heather and frowned, "It's no fun unless you are on the other end of it."

"That's just the sex drug talking."

"So? I really enjoyed this afternoon. Don't you want to spend the whole weekend like that? Licking... Sucking... Rubbing..." She ran her hand along Heather's blonde hair and played with it.

"Stop, please. Or I won't be able to say no. Please, Brianna, I need a man to fuck me tonight."

"Fine," Brianna said, flustered by her roommate's denying her lesbian seductions. She walked into the kitchen and rummaged through the refrigerator. "Hey, we need to go shopping tonight."

Heather looked into the kitchen from the couch, "Why?"

"Because we have no food. We have no milk, no coffee. Let's go tonight and get it over with."

"Can't we do it tomorrow?"

"Uh, no. If you and lover-boy Tim are going at it all night, I'll get stuck doing all the shopping. No way."

"Fine. We'll go tonight."

The Club

Brianna was certainly doing her best to distract Heather. While she drove, she slid her hand underneath her red panties and rubbed her pussy, masturbating while she drove. Heather succumbed slightly to her sexed up roommate's demands and agreed to masturbate with her while they drove. The windows of the car were tinted so nobody could see the two of them, although Brianna ran a red light at one point as she watched her blonde friend pull off her panties and rub her cunt underneath her skirt.

Heather was getting used to being horny all day and was even enjoying the dirty feeling of teasing her friend. Brianna had gone completely crazy for pussy. After taking the clinic drug and watching the girl-girl videos all day, she was practically brainwashed into being a lesbian.

"You are such a tease, Heather." Brianna kept looking from the road to her roommate's bare pussy, rubbing her own as she did. "You sure you don't want to just spend the night with me?"

Maybe Tim can fuck the black fantasy right out of me, she considered. "I can't," she replied. "As bad as you need to be with a woman right now- that's how much I need some cock."

"Well, here is your chance." Brianna pulled into the dance club parking lot and climbed out of the car. Heather looked around and realized her friend had completely passed the grocery store and gone to a club that was a couple miles from their apartment. She never went there because of the 'element' but her friends always said they had a good time there. But now wasn't the time for clubbing. Tim would be over in less than two hours and the last thing she needed was to be around a bunch of other men in her state.

"Brianna, come back!" she called, trotting up behind her roommate. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going inside." She walked up to the bouncer and showed her ID. The man was about 6'4" and black and overweight and sweating in his suit in the late Summer evening heat. He eyed Brianna in her schoolgirl outfit and handed back her driver's license.

Heather stopped in her tracks; she looked at the bouncer and a thousand images of black dicks came flooding back to the typically racist girl.

Black men make me horny.
I am addicted to black cock.
Black men have the biggest dicks.
Black men fuck better.

Damn it, Brianna! You did this on purpose.
"Brianna, come back!"

"Hey, was that your friend?" the bouncer asked her.

She looked at him and immediately stole a glance at his crotch. Looking back up she answered, "Yeah, I really need to go talk to her but my purse is locked in the car and she has the key."

"Hold on a sec." The bouncer checked the IDs of a big group of people going into the club. It seemed to take forever but when he was done he turned back to her, "Go on in and get your friend's keys and come back out. Just show me your ID when you get your purse, okay?"

"Thanks!" she waved and went in. Wow, he was really nice for being a Negro. I wonder how big his cock is...? She looked around the club trying to find her sex-demented friend before they both got into a lot of trouble. It was early in the evening but there were already a fair amount of people there. She spotted Brianna over at the bar talking with two tall black guys. The two of them were leaned over her as she spotted Heather walking toward her. She whispered into the taller one's ear and they all looked over when she got up to the bar. The Negro men were dressed in baggy pants and long t-shirts and the tall one had a shaved head. The other one had cropped hair with a line carved along the side.

"Hey guys, this is Heather who I was just telling you about." Brianna made eye contact with Heather and had a smug look on her face.

"Hi, it's uhm, nice to meet you I guess."

"You guess?" the one with hair asked; he looked insulted and angry like most black men do. Still, there was something very sexual about him. Heather could smell his odor, the odor she had made fun of many times before when talking about 'darkies' when they were out of earshot. But now she was smelling it and feeling a wave of sexual desire wash over her. She realized she was staring when the taller one without hair put his hand out.

"Hey, I'm Terrence. This here is my friend Mike. Your girlfriend says you like to dance."

"No, uhm, not really. I'm actually in a bit of a hurry tonight. I have a boyfriend and he's coming over soon-"

"Mike, would you like to dance?" Brianna grabbed the shorter black man by the hand and started walking toward the dance floor. She looked over her shoulder and winked at Heather, "Why don't the two of you join us?"

"Come on, Brianna. I need to go. Tim is coming over soon!" she called after her roommate.

"Hey, we just gonna dance a little," Mike told her, "then you can get goin." The two of them walked onto the dance floor where the music was so loud you could feel the vibrations from the speakers. Heather went after them but it was obvious her roomie was either ignoring her or couldn't even hear her. I've got to get out of here. Find a telephone anywhere and call Tim... She turned around and collided with a wall of black flesh; he had followed her onto the dance floor and she had walked right into Terrence's arms.

"If you dance with me a little bit, I'll give you some money for a cab, how that sound?" His big arms were holding her solidly and he towered over her 5 foot 2 inch frame. She looked into his eyes with trepidation, her stomach was doing flip flops and her nipples were hard as pebbles. She nodded and stood there as this Negro stood inches from her, moving and swaying to the beat. He slid his hands down her body and to her waist, getting her to move to the music some. Those big dark hands are on my body. A black man's hands actually touching me. Oh no, it's happening again. I'm getting turned on, this time in the arms of some black stranger. I've got to stop...

Heather turned around and stepped to leave the dance floor but Terrance moved with her and crept up from behind, swaying with the music and holding her from behind, his crotch rubbing right against her ass. She closed her eyes as the sexual energy from this dark skinned man enveloped her. She remembered she was wearing no panties (having taken them off for her roommate in the car) and the dirtiness of the situation started to overwhelm her. The dance floor was dark, but her desire to get fucked was darker still. She could feel his cock getting hard in his pants and pressed her ass backwards to grind against it more. I can't stop myself. The medication, the interracial brainwashing, the music... I can't fight it. I need it hard. I need it dirty. I need it black. Yes, black. A black man is going to fuck my perfect white pussy and there is nothing I can do but let it happen.
Terrence slid his hand under her skirt and realized she had no panties. His fingers moved along her slit and found it wet to the touch. He spoke in her ear, "Damn, girl, you really do have some jungle fever goin on. You wanna get outta here?" He was yelling but she could barely hear him over the bass from the music.

She couldn't bring herself to say yes, but how could she say no?

The words flashed across her consciousness...


She looked up from his long, coffee colored, uncircumcised cock into his eyes, "You are so much bigger than any of the white guys I've been with." She put her mouth back on the head and sucked on it. Inside of Heather a part of her was screaming, but the flashes continued.



It made her feel dirty and she rubbed her pussy even faster as she gave the best blow job she could. His cock was as long as the dildo she had taken from the clinic and thicker to boot. She was nervous about it hurting but she knew that the drug she had taken had all but wiped out her inhibitions. The clinic had converted her into being a black cock loving slut and as long as she was under the influence of this drug she was at the mercy of her own sex drive. She hated them for what they had done to her, but at the present the pleasure was too powerful to fight. She would deal with them later, but for now...

"Your girlfriend said you never been with a black man before," Terrance told her. His breathing was heavy as he laid her back on her own bed and poised his cock above her pussy.

"Never. I never even thought about it. Now I can't think about anything else." Heather started to cry. How many times had she called her girlfriends who even talked to black men 'nigger lovers'? How many times had she ridiculed white women who shamed their race by dating Negroes? Now her legs were spread and her womanhood was about to be ruined by a black man.

"You want me to stop?" he asked. His thick cock head was touching her mound, teasing her pussy lips, on the cusp of entering her.

I do want you to stop. I want you to leave. I want you to get your black ass out of here and never come back. I want to take a shower after letting you touch me. She stared at his dark member, her breathing shallow and her heart racing.





"Stick it in me," she whispered, barely able to believe she uttered those words. A single tear dripped from the corner of her eye.

"You sure?"

"Fuck me!" she commanded him, staring him in the eyes. "Fuck me with you big black cock! I can't stand it anymore!" She grabbed his hips with her legs and squeezed Terrence into her. His cock filled her up and she grabbed a hold of him with her arms. His body fell upon her and he thrust deeply inside her waiting, sopping cunt, touching all the places where her inferior boyfriend had never discovered.

Terrence pumped her little pussy, surprised at how tight she was. He had been with a couple white women before, but they had gone black years before he ever got to them. This one was different, however. She obviously wanted him for the sex, for his being black. Her friend called her a racist white princess who had a closet fantasy about black men and Terrence was happy to oblige it. "You a freaky little white girl aren't you?" he asked her. She turned her head away and simply moaned loudly. "Yeah you like it nasty don't you girl?" he leaned down to kiss her on the mouth and she pushed his face away.

"Don't kiss me!" she told him through her moans. "Just fuck me. Fuck me harder!"

"Wassup with that? Huh? You to good to kiss a black man? Huh?" He pumped her harder, his balls slapping against her ass. "Prissy little white girl too good for us bruthas?"

"I d-d-don't kiss nig-, Negroes. I don't kiss Negroes." Heather's whole being was a confluence of contradictions at that moment. The sexual energy, the overwhelming imagery, the build up of the moment, her white supremacy upbringing, the taboo nature of her coupling; all of it was creating a tension that she could barely contain. She felt like she was going to explode.

"You gonna call me a nigga, bitch?! Huh?" Terrence was going to show this girl the error of her ways the hard way. He slammed into her pussy without any regard for her pleasure at all. He grabbed her hands and held them over her head and then forced his mouth on hers.

She wailed in pleasure when their lips broke contact, "Oh no! Cumming! Cumming! Cumming! AAAAAAAAH!"

"Oh that's right, bitch. I'm gonna make sure you never fuck a white boy again. You gonna love that nigga dick after tonight!"

"Noooo... I can't...." Heather could barely pay attention to what her body was doing. The orgasm was like an earthquake inside and Terrence kept pumping in and out of her without ceasing. She could feel another orgasm building too. So soon? How could I be orgasming so quickly? My body is betraying me!

"Oh yeah you will, white girl. You gonna love black dick from now on. Mmm hmm, take it all in, bitch." He stroked her long and slow, then fast and hard. Then slow again. Heather went crazy underneath him, cumming again on his long pole. He felt her pussy get even juicier as her cunt flowed with liquid pleasure. He wanted to pound her from behind but for now she needed to see him, to look at him and what he was doing to her. He wanted this white girl to remember tonight. "Oh, that's right, white bitch. You cummin with a black man inside you. How's that feel, huh?"

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