tagIncest/TabooCooking a Reward for Dad Ch. 02

Cooking a Reward for Dad Ch. 02


Talk over dinner was lively although no one really seemed like eating, Kirsty quizzed her parents on their sex lives and trying to figure out how she had ended up in this odd situation.

After dinner the three of the returned to the lounge and all piled onto the sofa with Kirsty encased in the middle of her parents.

It wasn't long before Keith's hands started easing their way onto his daughter body, feeling her breasts once again through the dress that had re-encased her body over dinner. Those hands were quickly joined by another set and Kirsty found her nipples quickly becoming hard again.

Kirsty started to relax again and let her own hand stray also, one finding her mothers legs and the other her fathers cock through his trousers.

'Here let me help.' Keith told her and stood up to get undressed, quickly slipping off his trousers, boxers and shirt to give her all the access she needed. She quickly took hold of his hard cock and guided it slowly into her mouth, teasing along its length with her tongue.

Jill had pulled down her daughters dress from the shoulders and began sucking each nipple in turn keeping each one rock hard, after a while sitting back up to help suck Keith's cock. 'I'm not going to last long at this rate with both of you sucking me like this.' He told them.

'It's okay darling, I'm sure Kirsty will swallow whatever load you can deliver.' She said as she allowed him to give to his cock to his daughters mouth once more. Kirsty felt him shudder and then her mouth was filled as her fathers cock erupted into her.

'That's it – swallow it all.' Her mother told her.

Keith pulled out of his daughters mouth as her mother pulled her head towards her own and kissed her deeply tasting her husbands cum from Kirsty's mouth. They both led there kissing each other for what seemed like an eternity, playing against each others tongues and groping each others bodies.

'Stand up dear and lets get this dress off of you.' Jill told her and helped her pull the dress off before removing her own. There was a sudden flash as Keith managed to get a shot on their digital camera of both women stood there in their in their stockings.

'Wow – that is some shot.' He said half to himself and half to them.

Her mother pushed her back down on the sofa as her father continued to take photos of them both. Jill started kissing her way up her daughters legs easing her forward slightly as she got to the smooth shaven target for which she was aiming.

'Oh God!' Kirsty almost screamed as her mothers tongue darted around her pussy lips for the first time 'That feels wonderful.' She told her mother.

'Keith get down here and lick me' Jill told her husband. He did not need to be asked twice and quickly dropped to the floor and knelt behind her, his tongue darting out over her pussy and causing her to judder.

By now Kirsty was holding her mothers head in place as the tongue darted deep into her own pussy. 'Pull your knees up darling.' Her mother told her 'Time for you to experience something else new'.

Kirsty wasn't sure what to expect until she felt her mothers tongue slowly ease of her pussy and slowly drift down towards her ass, it darted around the rim of her asshole before assaulting it full on, trying it ease into the tight passageway.

'mmmmmm wow that feels bloody wonderful!' she cried out, shaking from head to toe as her first orgasm racked her body. At the same time her father was doing exactly the same to her mother who came shortly after she had herself.

'Time for you to repay the favour I think.' Her mother whispered to her quietly as she calmed down from their initial fun.

'Swap places with your mother Kirsty.' Kirsty did as she was asked and knelt on the floor in front of her father, running her hands over his cock as she did. Her mother took her place on the sofa and presented her soaked pussy to her daughter.

Kirsty inhaled the aroma of sex from her mothers pussy before tentatively taking her first licks while at the same time feeling her fathers cock taking aim at her own pussy. She moaned into her mother as her father pushed his way slowly into his daughter.

Every thrust from her father seemed to go deeper and deeper and also pushed her tongue deeper into her mother. Kirsty pushed her mothers legs into the air deciding to repay the early favour entirely by licking her own mothers ass, as strange as it would have seemed to her only an hour earlier.

'That's it my little girl, push your tongue into your mothers ass' her father encouraged her.

'Don't cum in her pussy Keith, cum in her ass the first time.'

Keith briefly stopped her thrusting and pulled his cock out of his daughters tight pussy and repositioned it at the entrance to her ass. 'You'll be the first cock in my ass.' Kirsty told him.

He needed no more encouragement and slowly begin pushing his way in holding tightly onto her cheeks as he did so. Her mother got up off the sofa and came around to have a look at his cock sliding into their daughter and massaged his balls with one hand and Kirsty's pussy with the other causing both of them to moan with pleasure.

It took only a few minutes before both father and daughter both orgasmed in union. Jill pulled her husband back and began lapping at her daughters puckered hole once more, sucking and licking out as much of the cum as she could while her husband moved around to give his cock to his daughters mouth once more, allowing her to have a taste of her own juices mixed with her fathers cum.

After about ten minutes more everyone seemed to need a rest and all three of them collapsed onto the sofa.

That night was the first of many fun nights enjoyed by all of them and continued for may years to come.

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