tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street: The Erotic Version Ch. 05

Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Ch. 05


It was dark when Rita left Norris in the shop to lock up. He was a trustworthy if annoying assistant and she felt safe leaving it to him to close while she slipped off early to see Sally. She had been very good to Sally before and after Kevin left and she would often pop in to see her. She crossed the road and knocked at Sally's door. There was a lot of noise, the screaming and shouting of children and the roar of an angry mother coming from within. A short time later the door opened and Sally stood there wearing a tight cotton jersey and jeans.

"Oh its you Rita. It's like a madhouse in here. Would you like to come in?" said Sally.

"Well if its not a good time I can come back later" replied Rita

"No its OK The girls are about to go over to Gail's for their tea and I was going to go over to the Kabin for a magazine to relax with and have a cuppa in peace"

"All right then lets go to the Kabin together before Norris closes the shop and we'll both buy a magazine, although I should warn you the suppliers have demanded that I now sell top-shelf men's mags. Know what I mean?"

"That's OK nothin' I haven't seen before" said Sally.

The girls were escorted over to Gail's house and Sally and Rita walked back to the Kabin.

"Oh! - what's going on?" said Rita when they saw the closed sign in the door window and the door was locked. "Norris should know not to close for another hour yet. I hope he's all right. Maybe he's had to go home for Emily or maybe he's ill poor chap. Anyway, we'll go in and select a couple of mags to take back for our cuppa"

Rita unlocked the shop door and the women walked in. Rita immediately slammed the door shut behind them when they saw Norris sitting on the floor, back against the counter, with a pile of the dirtiest, filthiest magazines she'd ever seen around him. His trousers and underpants were at his ankles and the girls were amazed to see his hard cock was enormous. It must have been at least 10" and with a girth to match. All this was observed in a split second and as quickly as Rita shut the door and exclaimed,

"NORRIS What the hell is going on?,"

Norris had sprung to his feet and was feverishly trying to do up his trousers whilst apologising over and over. All at once Norris screamed as, in his hurry to pull his trousers up, his zip snagged his foreskin. Blood immediately flowed and Rita turned instantly from livid anger to panicked concern.

"Quick Sally, go fetch a cloth from the stockroom" she yelled.

Sally, who could barely keep her laugh in at the sight before her managed a squeaky "OK Rita" and ran to get the cloth

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Rita I'm so so sorry" said Norris who was now crying like a baby as his still erect cock bled all over his trousers. "Please get it off the zip"

Rita grabbed his cock in her right hand, her painted nails elegantly circling his thick penis whilst her other hand attempted to pull away the zip from his foreskin. Sally came back with a wet cloth and handed it to Rita who wiped the blood from his cock in order to get a better view of the cut. Meanwhile Sally was reading some of the magazines.

"Bloody hell" said Sally "Have you ever looked in one of these magazines?" she asked Rita.

"Yes I have, quite a lot actually " smiled Rita as she tried to pull Norris's foreskin from the zip.

"I've never let Kevin piss on me, although now I've read about it in here it doesn't sound so bad." Sally looked up from the magazine and saw a small drop of precum oozing from the tip of Norris's cock just at the side of Rita's head. Sally tried to warn her but it was too late. Rita turned as Sally began to speak and at that instant Norris's cock exploded a huge torrent of thick hot creamy spunk all over her face. Her mouth was open and a lot of spunk found its way in over her tongue to the back of her throat such was the force of each ejaculation. Sally grabbed the cock to aim it away from Rita but only succeeded in having her nostrils and left eye struck by yet another forceful expulsion.

"For FUCKS sake Norris" she yelled "Can't you control the thing"

"I'm sorry ladies I haven't had sex or masturbated since Angela and the sight of the women in theses magazines just lured me into temptation. I'm afraid there's a lot more spunk where that little lot came from"

Rita and Sally looked at each other's faces and burst out laughing

"God we look like a pair of those sluts in the porn mags " said Rita. "Cum all over our faces and with a ridiculously large cock in the vicinity."

"I know," said Sally "Norris, how come the women aren't queuing at your door with a dick as big as that?"

"I'm not very good at talking to women. Oh… This is sooo embarrassing" replied Norris.

"Rita, have any of your husbands or boyfriends had cocks as big as Norris?" asked Sally

"Now that you come to mention it – No. I don't believe I've ever seen a cock that long and thick in real life or in a porn mag or even in a blue movie," said Rita

"You You've watched a blue movie?" stammered Norris.

"Yes, I'm not as prudish as my manners lead you to believe " said Rita with a smile "In fact my first husband Len was a right dirty bugger. He introduced me to all sorts"

"Please unsnag my cock" interrupted Norris.

"Oh yes of course" said Rita " In a minute. First of all we need to clean up Sally's face then she can clean mine. This was one of the things Len made me do which I grew to love. Come here Sally,"

Rita pulled Sally's face to hers and began gently licking the spunk from her eye and her nose. She probed each nostril to get every last drop and Sally put up no resistance. Sally was feeling strange. This woman had been like a mother to her and here she was licking Norris's spunk from her face. There was only one thing for it, she would return the compliment. She grabbed Rita as soon as she was finished and began sucking the semen from her cheeks, forehead and lips. Her lips kissed each piece of skin gently as she sucked and flicked her tongue over every cream covered inch. When she came at last to her lips, the little housewife with short blonde hair pressed her lips hard against Rita's lips and french kissed her. Their tongues entwined in a salty semen bath and as both women came up for air each swallowed more of Norris's cum.

Meanwhile Norris had managed to unsnag his cock and the bleeding from the small nick had stopped. He was mesmerised by the two women kneeling before him, one about 60 the other about 30 tonguing each other's mouths. Standing up he pulled his wet blood-soaked trousers off and untied his shoes. He took off his underpants, shirt and tie and stood naked beside the women.

"Ladies" he said breaking up their kissing "My mummy always kissed it better whenever I had a cut or bruise. Please kiss it better"

Sally and Rita looked at each other and looked again at that massive cock. Sally said "You said earlier you had never had such a massive cock, well neither have I and I think we both deserve to sample the biggest cock in Weatherfield before we die don't you?"

"Yes indeed" said Rita and as Sally began to undress, Rita grabbed the solid length of meat and sucked as much into her mouth as she could manage. Her lipstick coated lips parted as wide as possible as she bobbed her head up and down on the hot cock..

"Does Mummy kiss it nice sweetheart?" she said sultrily to Norris. He could only moan by way of reply. As she continued sucking she felt her skirt being unzipped and, as she was kneeling, she had to lift a knee at a time to allow Sally to slip the garment off her. She was wearing seamed tailored stockings held up by what appeared to be a white corset. She continued to suck and used her hands to fondle Norris's balls as she felt Sally remove her blouse. Her elder stateswoman figure was indeed held in by a boned corset with pointed bra cups which firmly held her ageing but beautiful large fleshy globes in proportion. She looked just like the women in his mum's catalogues that Norris used to wank over when he was younger.

"God you are beautiful Rita" gasped Sally who stood beside the two older lovers. She took Norris's left hand and placed it on her pussy lips. She pushed his middle finger onto her clitoris and directed it in circles around the swelling head of her clitoris. Norris turned to her and kissed her. They opened mouths and tongued. My god thought Sally; I'm being finger-fucked by Norris while I'm watching Auntie Rita sucking his enormous dick.

Rita stopped sucking and stood up. "Norris, I've never seen such a cock in all my days. Please fuck me." She bent over the counter with her arse facing Norris. The woman he worked for had a shaved cunt! He started to try to unlace the corset but Rita told him to leave it on as she felt good in the shapely undergarment. Her big arse was mottled and slightly wrinkled. The brown star of her anus appeared to be enlarged. It was almost pulsating. Below it two very large puffy lips hung low either side of an open slit which glistened with the freely flowing cunt juices within. Norris could stand it no longer. He let go Sally's pussy and grabbed Rita's hips. He pushed the tip of his cock between her puffy labia and without warning rammed it in as far as it would go. Rita screamed in agony and Sally clamped a hand over her mouth to prevent the neighbours hearing. Norris was pumping in and out her cunt like a man possessed. When Rita appeared to have calmed down Sally let go and Rita said

"Norris what a fuck. Pump it into me you bastard , fuck me harder, HARDER"

Sally sat down the floor with her back to the counter and wriggled her way between Norris's legs. When she looked up she saw that mighty organ ramming in and out of Rita's hole like a piston. She moved her head up to Norris's arse and stuck her tongue deep into his rectum. She bit at the fleshy buttocks and spat saliva onto the underside of his scrotum. She ran her tongue from his arsehole along his ballsack to the shaft of his cock. She could taste the sweet pussy juice sticking to his cock. Sally ran her tongue further back till it reached Rita's pussy. She began licking Rita's clitoris, which was red and swollen. Rita was moaning with pleasure as Norris fucked her while Sally licked her cunt.

"Lick me Lick me " she shouted.

Sally stood up and looked for something. She knew what she had in mind but needed something appropriate. Eventually she found the very thing.

Rita was enjoying this. Her Big tits hung low in their hammocks over the sweets. She could hear Sally whispering to Norris but thought nothing of it. A moment later Sally came around the counter and lifted one leg onto the counter opening her cunt as wide as possible as she did so. Rita knew what to do. She started to lick and flick her tongue over Sallys cute little clit. Her cunt was wet and smelled strongly of love juice. As she licked, Rita suddenly felt the agony and ecstasy of what felt like a dildo being pushed into her arse. "Oh Fuck" she thought "They've found a dildo. I've got Norris fucking my cunt with his huge cock while he buttfucks me with a dildo and Sally's sweet pussy to lick this is fucking great!!!"

"AAAgghhh" screamed Rita as she came several times in as many seconds. Pussy juice poured from her cunt over Norris's cock and down his leg. Sally let out a yell as this brought her to climax too and Rita suddenly tasted the honeysuckle of womanly cum on her face.

Sally ran round to Norris and pulled him away from Rita. She knelt down and frantically sucked and licked his throbbing cock. She knew it was about to explode, so she leaned forward onto it and gagged as she let him fuck her deep throat. His whole body jerked as his spunk burst forth from his cock deep into Sally's larynx and into her stomach. When he stopped cumming she pushed him away and licked her lips lasciviously.

"Norris, I think you just found a new hobby. What do you think Rita?" asked Sally

"I think we should do this on a regular basis and keep it our little secret. Now please pull that dildo out of my arse. It felt great but now it's uncomfortable. What was it?"

Sally smiled a knowing smile to Norris as they pulled from her arse a stick of Blackpool rock.

"You pair of bastards laughed Rita."

Yet another off-camera secret liaison in the street was likely to become a regular event.

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