tagSci-Fi & FantasyCorruption Runs Deep Ch. 03

Corruption Runs Deep Ch. 03


If sleep could be defined as broken, that would not even come close to how terribly I slept last night. I had a massive headache and couldn't somehow get the dull ache in my head to subside as I slowly opened my eyes. There was an odd weight on my stomach and I felt the gut wrenching sensation that every dream I had the night before was real. Every last detail.

My hands were shaking as I looked down at my body. There was an odd lump on my stomach I could make out through the sheets that were haphazardly thrown over myself, like I didn't even try to actually get comfortable last night. Either those were crazy fever dreams, or I really had just gone through something that was... paranormal. As I thought about the events the night before I could see a gentle throb twinge at the lump under the sheets, and a little explosion of butterflies erupted in stomach.

I had an odd sensation, one that said I needed to touch it. I halted with my hand in the air as the dream came back to me and reminded me really what was about to happen if I was tempted to touch what lay under the sheet. It throbbed again and I just wanted to see how beautiful it was though. I could feel myself wanting to touch and feel the new appendage forced between my legs. It wanted me to be part of this, somehow I desired this, I wanted this, and it wanted me... but I couldn't give in. If I gave into it's taunts I would become some mindless slut addicted to masturbating and cumming... a horsecocked bimbo. I would be worthless. I shivered as I watched liquid gather on the sheet from the tip of the mammoth that was covered so gently with such a thin piece of cloth. It was so humiliating and but, something told me that could be a good thing. My mind was fighting me every step of the way as I tried to overcome the temptation tugging at my weakened body.

I couldn't believe this was me. I was so much smarter than that, just because I clicked on one stupid picture on the Internet didn't mean I could be tortured by goth girl. Which it turns out she claims that she has cursed my body with some kind of horse cock like the picture I saw. That was completely ridiculous and out of the question. None of this could be real in any way, this is entirely fake. I don't buy that some crazy girl can curse someone to grow a horse cock, and then become a masturbating mindless bimbo who is addicted to cumming buckets. There are no such things as witches and wizards and all that stupid garbage that you see on television. That's all fake there's no way that this drooling big delicious meaty... I shivered as I tried to block the words from my mind. What was I actually staring at through the sheet? No, this was all fake. It was just a stupid toy. It wasn't real.

I sat up, and the heavy object slid from my stomach slowly and dropped to the bed between my legs. I could feel it, feel it throb with my increasing heartbeat. This couldn't be real. My heart fluttered again and I drew off the sheet as quickly as I could. There between my my legs lay the massive horse cock that was somehow in someway was now attached to my body.

I gasped, covered my mouth, and pinched my eyes shut. How could this be happening to me? How could this be real, this had to be fake. I reached down and traced my fingertips toward the thick head that now stood from my own body and traced my fingertips to the wide base. I must have done something that actually made myself shiver with pleasure. I wrapped a fist around the base and dragged it back up along the skin, loosely enough but still tight that I could feel each vein throbbing under my palm. I squeaked and pulled my hand back from the immense pleasure. I couldn't be doing this, I wasn't this kind of person. I wasn't this stupid, why was this happening to me?

I looked up at the door expecting to see someone coming in to watch me play with this new thing between my legs. I wasn't a stupid masturbating kid though. I wasn't going to keep myself locked in my room playing with myself to pleasurable bliss. Even though the temptation was there. I could feel my heart beating through my fingertips and they twitched as I realized my fingers were back touching the veins around the base of the thick shaft. I could feel my mind being sucked into it, I could feel the draw of it trying to reel me in. I wanted desperately to touch it, but I knew I shouldn't. There was something I could do to pass my time, but there was also the a new begging for carnal pleasure. It reminded me every second, every minute, that I needed to be filled with a pleasure of orgasming like I never had before. It was so enticing.

I stood up from my bed and felt the weight of the new stallion cock swing between my knees. It was much more than I expected, and honestly it was quite a bit larger than I had thought it would be. How was I going to hide this from people? How can I keep this a secret? I went into my dresser and found the biggest pair of sweats that I had, I attempted to tuck my new appendage inside. There was a subtle bulge, luckily I had large enough sweats that didn't show off my entire world to everyone. A lot of girls around campus made a fashion statement with their sweats, but mine were frumpy and perfect for hiding such a massive thing. I won't lie, I did look awful... wearing some thick pair of sweats and a sweatshirt that had the campus logo on it. I wish I could be prettier and pass as one of the other girls around the school. Makeup done right, hair pulled into the perfect ponytail or loosely curled, anything other than the drab mess I was starting to become.

Now though, I think it would be impossible to actually be a girl, not now that I had this crazy thing between my legs. There was no way I could honestly believe that this was reality though. I shifted a little bit trying to get my new appendage to loosen up against my leg, but every time I wiggled pleasure would roll through my hips making my head swim a little. I covered my mouth to stifle a moan and stared at the door for what felt like an eternity. Were my roommates just sitting on the other side listening to me act like an idiot? I felt the twinge of an urge to pleasure myself if they really were listening to me, something about being bad with people knowing it... I jerked my head back, something that stupid witch did to me was trying to make me lose my mind. I was better than that. Another burst of pleasure rocked through my hips and I looked down to see my hand between my waist band and I was rubbing at the thick cock that was now pulsing and raising with each heartbeat. I pulled my hand back immediately and felt sick with myself. I was losing control, I had to put a stop to this... but how?

I took a deep breath, doubled checked myself and made sure that the new growth was hidden away enough. I would have to go out to find a better better way to hide it before I got lost with myself. That would be my goal for the morning, get out to find something to hide my growth with and then hunt down this goth girl and have her fix me. There had to be a better way about all of this than hiding in my room or wearing frumpy clothes and being embarrassed the whole time about being alive. All I had in life was school, I really had to finish that and being lost like I was now wasn't going to help me finish. Not while I was on the verge of becoming a sex crazed girl with a massive horse cock that she was beating off twenty four seven. I stepped through my doorway into my living room, and my two roommates were sitting on the couch watching television and eating a bowl of cereal. I tiptoed past them quietly and grabbed one of my Cheerios from the counter.

I left them in the small box that I had set aside little miniaturized collections to help keep myself in line so I didn't spend more money than. It was a good plan, it was low in calories so I Could eat a bunch of them and I didn't have to worry about people staring at me as I ate the little bits of food I did have. Something about the small bag of breakfast food didn't fill the now aching void in my stomach that was steadily growing though. Something else was building in my mind telling me grained breakfast wasn't going to satisfy me any longer. I shook my head trying not to let the sensations or ideas take control.

I looked back over my shoulder just in case they saw me emerge from my room, but the other two girls didn't even notice me. I was practically invisible to most people, even the own people I lived with. It gave me time to my own problems and such, but as for right now my own thoughts were slowly being corrupted. The burning desire to strip down right there and start tugging on my new appendage and smothering the girls idly watching television with my own cum was raging inside my head. I knew better than that though, I knew if I did anything like that my life would be over. I had to find a way to fix it. I moved forward and felt my new throbbing appendage pulsate against my leg and a bit of precum dribbled from the flared head onto my thigh. It was sticky, warm, and somehow an utter turn on. I hobbled forward towards the door, it was steadily growing harder and harder by the second. The girls could turn around and see me limping away with a tent in my pants. More precum began to gather and I gritted my teeth. I wanted so badly to just jerk it off and satiate my problems for just a minute, but if I did knew that the witch cursed me to become even more addicted to masturbating and slowly becoming some cock hungry idiot... like the anime girl in that stupid picture I saw on the internet. I shivered. It felt like so long ago... but here I was trying to hide the burning reality from my own mistakes.

I reached my fingers down and touched the edge of the fabric where my now hungry appendage was oozing precum readily on my thigh. I felt butterflies in my chest, and a sudden self loathing erupted in my own brain. I was so disgusting, but somehow my body was telling me something else. My stomach tightened and I felt my head spin a little.

I removed my hand quickly. I was not going to give into this temptation. I was going to be much stronger and better than this. Just because some crazy witch appeared in my room last night and forced me to have this thing... on my body, did not mean that I was going to be stupid enough to play with it. I was so much better than this. I was not going to give into that succulent delicious beautiful body parts that was now mine. I shivered at just the idea. No matter how strong or hard I fought to keep my own head at bay the corrupted portion of my mind was trying to break free and take me over.

With a new resolve to fix myself I limped out the apartment doorway awkwardly. I grabbed a bag sitting next to the door not checking if it was my own and covered myself with with it, holding it in from of my still semi erect monster. I gently closed the door behind me. The girls on the couch still didn't even notice I was even alive. They didn't see me trying to rub a penis through my pants, or watch me hold down a raging boner. They saw nothing more than my shadow dart through the doorway. Honestly I could actually get by as an invisible lady, no one would even notice if I dropped down and masturbated in the hallway. I was like nothing to everyone.

I shook my head no I was not going to pleasure myself. I was not that kind of girl, just because some crazy person put some weird body part on you does not make you a masturbating idiot. The words in my mind made my whole body quiver with excitement. I could just touch it. I could just make myself feel so much better if I just took the time to reach out my hand and just rub the skin between my legs.

I walked down the hall awkwardly one hand slipping between my backpack and my knees brushing the tip of the flared head. More delicious precum gathered against my thigh, each step I took it made it rub hungrily adding another sensation of pleasure on top of my already aching body. I looked around the hall, and felt a burning rage of pleasure. Here I was, hobbling down the dormitory hallway touching my new penis between my legs. I felt extremely ashamed, but something about it made me feel so wrong but so right at the same time.

I begged myself to stop, to pull my hand back, but my body was somehow barely controlled by my mind. It was like watching a movie. No matter what I Tried to do I couldn't help but stop what was unfolding before my eyes. Carnal pleasure rolled through my body. It reminded me how good it felt and just how much I deserve to this. I had spent so many years abstaining from touching my body. I felt this burning passion, something about being in the open touching and rubbing myself that just made everything so wrong, feel so so right. I deserve to this, the world deserved to let me play with myself. Frantically I raised my hand and stuffed it between the edge of my sweats and my skin. I ran my fingertips down the long appendage feeling the flesh that was now throbbing and begging to be played with. My mind begged me to stop, but at the same time urged me to go on.

I wrapped my fingertips around the flared head. I stroked my hand down and felt sensations of extreme bliss begin to unfurl between my fingertips. It was incredible. My entire body quivered with anticipation. I stroked up and down on my body, each time my legs would shiver my head would spin dizzy, and I felt my toes curl against the floor. I fell sideways against the hallway putting one hand out to steady myself. I stroked upward and downward, giving myself what I had wanted for so long without even realizing it. I tried to stop myself, tried to tell myself that masturbating in a public place could get me in serious trouble. I tried to tell myself that this was so wrong, but how did it feel so right? I had given into that horrible temptation. I had fallen for a trap, but at the same time it was incredible.

It was as if years of pent-up waiting just burned into my veins. Every single time my fingertips stroked and rubbed, the more my body gave in to the sexual pleasure. I was a machine. I was an animal. I was nothing more than the flesh between my legs, and the fingertips touching it. I felt my mind melt away, nothing was going to hold me back or stop me. Not now. I felt the world turn off. I was nothing more than this sex crazed girl, stroking and deliciously large horse cock.

I felt myself shiver with more pleasure, something inside my stomach was clenching. Something inside my body was telling me that I was ready for this. I was perfect and that this body was mine forever. I deserved it, and just as this monumental pleasure fed up into my mind an overwhelming sick sense of fear welled up in my chest. How could this be happening to me? What was I doing what was I thinking? Part of my mind was returning but my body was so far gone. I was close to cumming and I could feel my body hungrily begging for it. My hand was stroking at myself in almost a blur. Images of bimbos sucking cocks, images of taking it anal, images of someone plowing my pussy, images of sucking my own cock doubled over, images of all the things I didn't want... but did at the same time. I shivered I had no control of myself I was lost in my own body with absolutely no control.

I couldn't take my hand off my horse cock. I tried to will it away but the pleasure was too much. It was like the witch knew that I would get moments of clarity and would try to stop myself from succumbing to my bodies will, and this was one of the ways she could control me to stop. I gritted my teeth and felt the thick horse cock lurch under my fingertips. My vision blurred and the room felt white hot. I could feel a bead of sweat roll down my lower back as hot sweet flowing gobs of cum erupted from the head of my penis. It dripped down my leg, dripped onto my hand, painted the insides of my sweats... it went everywhere but I couldn't stop.

I continued stroking through the monumental beautiful bliss. It was perfect. I was carnal pleasure. I was the redefined ability of the human body. I was me, and I was everything I needed and wanted in this world. The final flow of hot semen stopped and I released my hand from inside my pajamas. I held it out in front of my face and watched the sticky strands ooze between my fingers. I opened my mouth obediently and licked my palm clean. Each and every final glob of my own salty seed rolled against my tongue. It tasted wonderful, it wasn't like I had expected. Yes at first it tasted a bit salty, but slowly it grew sweet. Everything about it was making my stomach growl. Just as I finished licking the cum from between my fingertips, I left my mouth hanging open.

What did I just do in the middle of the hallway. I wasn't this stupid, I was better than that. I felt the hot cum dribble down my leg and in my pants. I looked around quickly as if making sure no one would notice as I pulled the hem of my sweats back and saw the large amount of cum plastered everywhere inside my pants. I pulled my sweatband back and looked around. I didn't have anything to clean the mess with... but I didn't want to lick it clean. It did taste wonderful but I didn't think I Could get it all. I looked down at sweatpant leg. I couldn't see the wet stains from my orgasm. Maybe no one would notice and I could go somewhere to cover it up or get myself something to hide it with. I stood up and walked down the hallway. The sticky sensation on my thigh reminded me I had messed up, but my mind was already starting to fade because it never crossed it to just turn around and get new sweats from my apartment not even three doors away.

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