tagSci-Fi & FantasyCorruption Runs Deep Ch. 04

Corruption Runs Deep Ch. 04


Each step I took down the hall was a little less sticky as the eruption that just took place began to dry. Really I wasn't this stupid, but there was something exciting about what I had just done and no one would really get to know about it but me. I smiled a little to myself. The witch had done something to me, but I was somehow excited about it at the same time. I shivered trying to pull myself back. In my head I was still me, but then it was like I was losing so much control over the rest of me. I was forced to sit back sometimes while my body just went through the motions.

Then I felt a twinge of my cock. Each step I took was exciting yes, but this felt different than just walking did with my horse dick just swinging between my knees. I opened the waist of my sweats to get a good look at my body, and before my very eyes my new penis was growing. Not like it had when I was getting extremely turned on, no... it was actually gaining a few inches. What was once twelve maybe thirteen inches was now at almost fifteen inches. My body churned and I watched the mottled flared head dribble precum as new pleasure rocked through my body from just the growth alone.

In my head I remembered being shown a white room that had images of what might happen to my body, and the witch said others would happen... but I never imagined I would actually see it happening to my body without her around. I was out of control. I pinched my eyes shut. This is all because I went to the library and saw some awful image of an extremely sexy woman with a thick delicious horse cock masturbating only for me to watch. I blinked my eyes and looked around. I needed to get back to the library and just do some research to find out how I can get my old self back. I was going to flunk out of my classes this semester if I didn't get a hold of myself, and soon. Yesterday was just a mess, and today I could tell was going to be even worse.

I anxiously looked up and down the hallway to make sure no one had seen what just happened, but a twinge of excitement made me feel that perhaps it wasn't so bad. I rubbed my face trying to get the thought out of my head. I needed to get control of myself. I quickly stepped down the corridor and opened the door that led outside and was greeted by the bright morning sunlight.

I happily smiled and smelled the fresh warm air. It was nice being outside of my tiny room in the open morning air with a gentle breeze blowing across my cheeks and neck. Just as I was breathing in the air and taking in the moment, I heard footsteps next to me. I opened my eyes and looked around to see if it was the goth girl coming to torment me once again, I watched as two cutely dressed girls were chit chatting with one another. Their heads were close together and I could tell they were excited about something, but I didn't quite catch what it was they were saying. I couldn't help but linger on the shape of their sculpted backsides in those tight yoga pants they were wearing. Something I had never really done was admire just how adorable the shape of a woman's backside was. Just like a little heart ready for you to press your hands into.

I felt my hand brushing against my own ass and I jerked it away. What was happening to me? I wasn't a lesbian, or even bi... or even curious for that matter. Whatever this goth did to me it has ruined me and I needed to fix it!. The cock between my legs twinged at the thought of those two girls talking. A mental image of straddling them from behind pulling their hair flashed, and my body pulsated with vibrant energy. I bit my lip and crossed my legs a little to hide any tenting my pants might get from the sudden carnal awakening. This thing really didn't belong to me, and I had barely any control over it, but that didn't mean I was going to give into it and be stupid about this whole thing.

My cheeks began to burn with embarrassment and I quickly looked down at the ground. The walk across campus was difficult. I would feel myself growing aroused by my smooth skin brushing against my new growth. Thinking about girls as they walked past. Thinking about boys using me as they walked past. In fact I could almost smell if someone was horny or not. I can't explain it, but there was something in the air around them that made me grow even more desperate to strip down and take the world by storm with what I was cursed with. I frowned as I reached teh steps to the library finally. My small tent in my pants from a semi erect cock was brushing against the bag I was carrying. It was in that moment I realized the bag I was holding wasn't even my own. It didn't look like it belonged to my room mates either. I would look at it later, once I got into this building and got upstairs to check out what has happened to me.

As I entered the room to the library I glanced around and saw the regulars sitting at their computer terminals. The guy with his neck beard and cheeto stained sweats. The one with the ponytail that was going to become an artist so he sat around watching Anime all day. He didn't bother me as much, I think he was a hikikomori and couldn't afford internet so we lived here at the library until it shut down and then he would go hide back in his basement. I put on a fake face. No one here would know what was going on. Not a single person. This could be exciting to keep this secret though... but at the same time I knew I had to do this for my wife would forever be altered and ruined. I couldn't afford to throw everything away, abandon my family and future because it felt good to have this succulent horse cock dripping precum on my smooth thigh. Speaking of smooth, I didn't remember shaving yesterday or today... but for some reason my legs were so soft it was like I just finished showering. I couldn't take a peak now or it would cause even more problems.

WIth resolve I decided it would be best to sit and do my research, hopefully with images disabled or there could be some raised eyebrows, and get out of the library as quickly as possible. I took a step into the room and my thick horse cock swished to the other side of my pants, that were now sticky and drying with the cum I dumped in them earlier. I can't believe I just came in my own pants and didn't bother to wash up or clean myself off... I Was five steps from my room. It was like the thought of being covered in cum was exciting at the time and I Didn't bother to take care of it. I felt myself grow warm on my cheeks again. This wasn't the time or place to be battling with my new inward exhibition curse. Not from that crazy witch trying to ruin my entire life. I bit my lip and shook my head, I was going to get through this I so much stronger than this. I was not some blonde bimbo ready to do anyone's bidding, even some crazy goth girls.

My thick cock leaked a little bit of pre cum on my leg as I moved toward the terminals. I coudln't be getting this excited about walking, honestly this was starting to get annoying. With new resolve I pushed forward into a chair that wasn't close to anyone, luckily the library was mostly empty this morning so there wouldn't be prying eyes inside my terminal. The only thing I had to worry about was someone looking over my shoulder, but if I disabled images and just browsed through forums or blogs I would be pretty safe because they woudln't be able to read the words on teh screen. I turned on the browser and starting typing anything that came to mind.

Girl grows penis.

Girl cursed with cock.

Girl has horse cock

Real girl grows real penis

Real girl thinks she is cursed with penis.

Why is there so much smut written about horse cocks.

I pounded my fist on my thigh angrily. Honestly this was pointless. I hopped on reddit hoping that possibly someone would take my question seriously. I almost logged in with my real account, but decided to make some throwaway just to be on the safe side. There was a subreddit called AskRedditNSFW that might work to my advantage but I wasn't sure if that would just lead to more people thinking I was trolling or asking the truth. My hands poised over the keyboard. This was my only shot. I took a deep breath and typed out my question:

I was sitting in a public library yesterday, and accidentally clicked an explicit image of an anime girl with a horse penis. I quickly turned off my computer and stood up to leave when a girl with black hair, black clothes, and spikes everywhere said that she caught me. She then pestered me all day, and that night she broke into my dorm room and told me that she was going to curse me with a real horse penis. I woke up this morning and I actually have one... can anyone tell me how to fix this?
submitted 2 minutes ago by horsecockgirlthrowaway

I sat there for a few seconds, my fingertips tracing circles around my thigh just inches from the new growth on my body. It was almost a relief to get the question off my chest. I pushed refresh to see if anyone had responded. To my surprise there were already five different responses.

Douchebag69 3 points 1 minute ago

Twincheeks 5 points 3 minutes ago
Pics or it didn't happen

Davidishott 2 points 2 minutes ago
I agree pics or it didn't happen

I felt a sudden heart stopping thrill. I didn't have any proof that this was real. Maybe a quick photo in the bathroom would let me get the point across. I didn't have a phone with me though... I looked at the bag I had brought with me. Maybe there was one hidden in there from one of the room mates... but this didn't look like one of their bags. I frowned a second and finished reading the next two posts.

Deadpoolsliver 1 point 1 minute ago
That sounds fucking hot. Want to chat? ;)

Icanseesound 2 points 1 minute ago
9/10 would fap again to this story.

I felt a little sick at these people's responses, but at the same time I didn't have proof that any of this happened to me and I Could just be a huge internet troll. I hesitated only a second before opening the zipper of the bag to see sitting on the top of some black clothing a cell phone. A perfect in tact iphone six. Not the newest model, but enough that I could snap a few photos and upload them to the page... but I didn't have a cable. Just as I went to grab the phone sitting right next to it in the bag was the cable. This had to be fate didn't it? Just take a couple of photos, make sure not to get my face and upload them to the site. I touched the power button on the phone to see it was already setup and working. I just needed to use the camera, it wasn't that big a deal to borrow it right? I just needed to fix what was going on with me.

I closed out of everything and locked the computer. I grabbed the bag and walked to the bathroom as quickly and quietly as I could. I looked around the room to make sure the stalls were empty. To get a decent photo I was going to have to use the mirror, either that or try and crawl around in here which I really didn't want to do. I pulled sweater up along with my undershirt, and dropped my sweats down to my ankles. There hanging mostly erect was my massive cock that was now a part of me. There was a small bead of precum gathering at the tip just from the excitement of what I was doing. My heart began to skip a few beats, and my head pounded with excitement. I needed to get the evidence so I could get some help from someone online.

I turned to face the mirror and saw for the first time what I looked like with that thing hanging from my body. I shivered and admired myself. I looked... good. To say the least my skin looked smooth and kissable, my tummy was nice and flat with my clothing bunched up around my chest it almost made it look like I had a bigger rack than I really did. My hips weren't anything to write home about, but I did have a pert little backside I can mostly credit to walking around campus. The cock however didn't look normal, to say the least. The sheath was a little thicker skinned and looked natural blending with my complexion. The tip flaring and drooling precum in small drips at a time was enough to say that I wasn't hating the experience... but I should have been. This was so shameful to be so... slutty.

My cheeks burned and I quickly snapped a photo of my front and side, but they turned out super blurry because of the way my hands were shaking. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I had to get proof though. I took my clothing off all the way and set it in a neat pile on top of the bag I brought with me. I needed to use both hands or I would never get a good photo. My cock was throbbing painfully erect from the excitement of it all. I took two or three more photos, and then a sick thought flashed in my head. What about one from behind. I could use the mirror to get a shot of what the balls and such looked like hanging from my cute little body. I shivered as I turned and bent forward. The smell of my musky scent penetrated my nose as I looked at the thick throbbing member begging to be given attention. I adjusted the phone and attempted to snap a few photos. I could probably get at least one good photo from it, I wasn't really concerned with the quality.

I frowned as I looked at the phone. Most of the time when posting a photo of yourself on reddit if you didn't use something to write your user id somewhere on a piece of paper they don't believe it is you. I shifted my clothing aside and dug my hand into the bag. I found a marker, but no paper. I had to prove it was me or nobody would believe these photos. I looked at the door hoping that no one would walk in and catch me standing with my clothing completely off trying to take pictures of this crazy growth hanging between my legs. My heart thumped. Would it be that bad though? I shook my head and quickly wrote my throwaway account name on my thigh. I snapped another photo to make sure the name was legible and quickly tossed on my clothing.

It felt so.... Unusual to be back in such stuffy clothing. There Was something exciting about the whole idea of being caught and being taught a lesson would be exhilarating. I picked up the bag and grabbed the cable from inside it. When I got back to the terminals I made sure to use one that wasn't facing the door and one that wouldn't let prying eyes try and see what I was doing. I hopped on imgur and uploaded the somewhat blurry and low light photos. I hope that people would at least believe that these were real. I could already see some posts sprawling around the thread. Just as my mind was wandering I looked at the picture of my backside with me bent forward. I couldn't see my face which was a huge relief, but I could already tell that what I Was staring at was definitely not my normal self.

My ass looked a little more full. A little rounded out with cute dimples right at my lower back. My hair looked a little lighter in color, but I blame that on the low light of the photo... but the way the photo came out it looked like one of the shots of the horse cocked girl I saw on the internet yesterday. There was no way that the witch would have predicted I would do this did she? I quickly uploaded to the album. There were all in all seven decent photos I got uploaded each with a different angle. Me holding the penis, me spreading my legs and pulling the penis to the side. One of me doubled over and showing the world my tight back door... and... And... I stared closer to the photo. My vagina. My normal cute little pussy was still there. I wasn't a complete freak after all. Maybe the witch just put something on my body that could be removed and I would go back to normal. I scrolled through the rest, ending on the front shot where my user name was legible. This would work perfect.

I edited the main post, to include my link to the new photo album and told them all I wasn't trolling and just looking for some help. To my surprise though there were almost one hundred comments on the thread. This was going to get hard to sift through... and my account had over fifty private messages. I already knew what half of them were going to say before I even opened them up to look. I could almost guarantee it was going to be people wanting to have sex, or chat, or whatever with me because I posted up about some crazy fetish that a lot of people on the internet apparently have. I was a spectre to them. I was just what they always wanted... and something about it made me feel empowered. I frowned as I refreshed the page. More posts like, "ooh you are totally an eight, you need a good boob job and I would fuck you", or "that is so fucking hot" or the worst "the Otaku dream right here". I felt disgusted with all these people. Couldn't they see that I wanted help.

Just when I was about to give up on thread and logout I saw a post that made my heart skip a beat:

Dreamboatdanny 5 points 14 minutes ago
I completely believe you. PM me and I will tell you where we can like meet and chat about stuff. I promise I won't waste your time XOXO

I could be going on a limb, but meeting up with this dreamboatdanny could get me an answer I needed. If they lived out of town however...

I took a deep breath and wrote them back:

From horsecockgirlthrowaway 1 minute ago
I am not sure if I Can completely believe you. This is all so scary for me, and a bunch of people are treating me like a piece of meat. I don't want to be caught up in any of this... but I need help getting fixed. Can you tell me how to talk to you?

I clicked the refresh button over and over. My heart skipping a beat each time as I pushed it more private messages would roll through my account, each asking my location, or videos. Some saying they wanted to help me get off, but not help cure me. Then my breath caught in my lungs. I saw the response and knew that it was fate that I found that comment among the hundreds of others.

Re: Hello
From dreamboatdanny 1 minute ago
Meet me at the ice cream shop on like the corner of 5th street here in town. I work there. You will like totally recognize me. I have super cute blonde hair, big big boobies, and a sexy little body that everyone likes to play with. But don't worry honey, I won't try anything I am like totally working right now. Come quick my shift ends at 5

My heart skipped again. This was the answer. They sounded a bit airheaded, but at the same time they seemed the only reasonable person to have responded to my post so far. I unplugged the phone and put it back in the bag. I knew where I had to go and what I had to do. Hopefully I could make it there before my body decided to start taking control over my mind again.

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