tagSci-Fi & FantasyCorruption Runs Deep Ch. 05

Corruption Runs Deep Ch. 05


The walk through campus nearly killed me. I could feel myself growing more and more painfully aroused with each step, with each flirty skirt, with each muscle shirt, with every single pair of heels. It was like men and women alike were trying to drive me beyond the point of control. I had to duck behind a few buildings and stand there like an idiot breathing trying to get control over myself again and again. It was starting to piss me off that I wasn't functioning as a human being anymore. I was like some sex zoned zombie. I don't know anyone in their right minds who jerks off once in the morning and then can barely make it two hours without almost collapsing at the sight of every good looking person.

I felt a pit in my stomach. I just acknowledged that I jerked off... and it felt like a normal thing. What the hell was wrong with me? I frowned down at the bag I was using to cover my body with again. Luckily the corner of fifth street was only a few blocks from campus and wouldn't be hard to get to. This city was fairly small sized so I was fine with getting around by foot, but having these urges controlling every step I took was starting to make things even more difficult.

I took a deep breath and turned the corner from the building I was standing next to. I could see the plaza that would take me downtown straight to the ice cream shop. I was really hoping this wasn't some kind of stupid ploy to just string me along and get me to walk around with a semi erect horse cock just for someone's sick pleasure. Then again I never really questioned how this Danny knew that I lived in town. I can at least safely assume that dream boat Danny is infact a boy named Danny. They said they believed me, gave me directions, and for some stupid reason I was following them blindly. It was my only big lead though. Nothing online was coming up with anything that could help me figure out what I was going to do. The internet was just full of ridiculous but incredibly well done passion art or pornography of girls with horse cocks. Each one just as detailed as the next. One of the photos I took of myself was enough to join in the ranks of incredibly done artwork.

I shivered as I thought back to taking a photo of myself like that. I had never thought I would do something so crazy, but it was the only way to try and get someone to help me. It was really hot doing it, but honestly I was starting to get a little out of control.

I wrapped my arms under my breasts, which were a little tender but not bad enough that I didn't put too much of a thought too it. Probably from all these weird hormones or whatever was happening to me. I frowned a bit and looked at the bag hanging around my shoulder. There was a cell phone that was activated and ready for use with all my information already stored inside when I opened it last time. I looked around to see if anyone was watching me. Not a soul could be seen on campus, but that could be because there were classes in session and none that really started every half an hour at this school.

I moved quickly to the alley between the two buildings next to me and dropped to my knees setting the bag down in front of me. It was a standard backpack, not some incredibly cute purse I wanted to carry around. It was at least functionable but far from fashionable. I unzipped the main pouch and saw the cellphone with charge cable laying on top of some black clothing. This was probably the goth girls. Then why was there a cellphone left behind with my information all stored inside?

I set the phone and charger to the side on the ground and pulled out the black outfit. It looked like a mini dress. A super slutty mini dress. It was a tube top mini dress that looked like it could barely hold a flat chest like mine, and it was probably no longer than five inches from where the girl's pelvis would hit. I could picture her wearing it and felt myself growing a little erect at just the idea. Then an image of myself wearing it with my massive horse cock swinging free below the fabric line blazed into my mind and I quickly pinched my eyes shut and dropped the outfit, if it could in fact be called an outfit...

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes and sifted through the bag. There was a black jacket with spikes on the shoulders. Not real leather it had to be fake leather. I pulled it out and set it on the ground. There was a pair of some extremely tall heels, at least seven inch heels that had laces that I assumed were tall enough to wrap up your leg to just below the knee. Sexy.

Just as I set them to the side my hand brushed something warm and I drew it back a little, but quickly put my hand back in and wrapped my fist around it and pulled it out. It looked like a pair of black panties, if they could be called that being that they were mostly lace, but there was some odd things about them. First off there were two plugs near the back that looked a little naughty and erotic. There was a large hole in the front of them, and the rest was mostly strings. It looked like some crazy fantasy underwear built for a girl wielding an extra large cock between her legs, but then the plugs just didn't seem normal to me. Secondly why were these warm?

To my astonishment the material between my fingers began to slowly dissolve away into thin air, but as the strands evaporated I felt something tight pulling at my on waistline. I squeaked and looked around the ally making sure no one was watching me as I pulled down the front of my sweats to try and see what was happening. To my utter horror wrapping itself magically around my waist were the thin and sexual straps of the panties I had just pulled out of the bag. I saw them lace gingerly around my quickly growing cock, my balls getting pushed forward from the fabric making them even more pronounced.

Then I groaned as I felt something thick pushing inside my already moistened pussy. It worked its way inside me, gently and slowly as if someone was pushing it into me wanting me to feel every little rib that ringed the plug. I felt the thin fabric trace backwards from the plug that now filled my pussy, and then to my horror it began to push into my unused and unprepared asshole.

I reached my hands back and tried to pull at the lace of the panties, but there was nowhere for my fingers to grab onto. Each time I felt some of the thin material against my fingertips it would tighten and not let go of me, as if it was alive. The plug pushed a little harder as I was trying to free myself of the band and it was all I could do not to groan in pain. I covered my mouth and bit my cheek feeling a little tear gathering at the corner of my eye. It hurt so bad, why would people ever want to do something this depraved? It was disgusting to play around with your asshole... it was so wrong for so many reasons.

The plug continued to work it's way into my body, but it felt larger and fuller than I remembered the plug being when I was holding the laces between my fingers. My body wasn't equipped for this size... but then something crazy happened just as I was thinking I was going to be split into two by this warm piece of silicone. It started to feel fine. No... more than fine. This started to feel damn good. I looked over my shoulder, but kept my hand over my mouth. Mostly out of shock. The plug panties were not yet in place. I could feel the pulling sensation of the plug workings it's way deeper into my now pleasure filled asshole. I groaned into my fingertips and bit down on my middle finger to try and stop myself from doing anything crazy. The plug finally settled into place and the rest of the lace wrapped around my body. I felt it grow warm and then I couldn't feel the lace at all. It was like it never existed, except for the plugs filling my body.

I picked up the mini dress and put it back in the bag along with the jacket and phone. I had to get to this danny or I would end up a total wreck unable to save myself from what the witch was doing to me. I zipped the bag back up and went to stand, but I forgot that my sweats were pulled down around my knees. So as I stood, my now painfully erect horse cock swung in full motion hanging from my body, but balls eagerly pushed forward by the fabric now lacing around my backside. The plugs shifted and twitched causing my cock to drip a large strand of precum onto the ground in front of me in a single long delicious string. The plug filling my pussy warmed, and to my surprise the one filling my ass began to pulsate and gently hum inside of me. I shivered and put my second hand to my lips trying to stifle any noise from escaping my mouth. How could this be happening to me in the middle of school campus, with people who could see what I was doing.

I stooped forward and attempted to grab the edge of my sweatpants to pull them back up around my body, but as I bent over at my middle, my thick glorious horse cock bobbed and weaved in front of my eyes. I could smell the musky and heady scent. It begged for me to take just a single taste. Honestly it wouldn't hurt that bad, and I hadn't really eaten anything today... I could just lick a little of the tip and be fine. It was long enough that it reached my chin easily. I opened my mouth and licked my tongue forward across the backside of my flared tip. I felt the plug stuffing my asshole whir in appreciation and more precum dribbled from my cock onto the ground in front of me. It was so delicious and warm under my lapping tongue.

I ran my tongue around the edges swirling it happily tasting every inch possible. I couldn't help myself as I slowly sank to the ground on my knees, spreading them gently, enjoying the feeling of the stiff plugs whirring and vibrating in my pussy and tender asshole. Each time they spun or twitched, my cock would eagerly leak delicious precum and I couldn't help myself from sucking on the tip savoring the salty taste. Every small leaking bit slipping down my throat only made my skin flush with desire. I began to shake and quiver, beads of sweat boiling on my lower back, my hands searching and exploring my body. I slipped the thick member against my chest and shivered as the rough feeling of the fabric of my sweater pushed against the tender and sensitive flesh I was eagerly sucking on. My left hand worked at my breast, and found one of my erect nipples and I pinched on it hard causing me to burst out an excited moan that was stifled by the thick meat between my lips.

My other hand roamed and rubbed at the fabric that felt as if it was fused to my skin. There was no break anywhere allowing me to slip my fingers between it and my skin on my hips. I touched where the plugs were humming away inside of my swollen lips and tender ass, but there was no entry point to feel my own body, just the thicker balls that were churning excitedly as I plugged my own mouth eagerly. I shivered as more precum rolled onto my tongue and I gave the balls that were being pushed forward by the thin panties a gentle squeeze. It was beyond exquisite. To the point that more precum dribbled onto my wanting tongue and down my hungry throat.

In the peak of my climacteric rise I grew aware of exactly what was happening. My eyes grew with horror and realization that I was sitting on the ground of an ally between school buildings fucking my own mouth and playing with my churning balls. I was repulsed by the thought and the image of what I could only look like. Then the orgasm hit me. My whole body convulsed and vibrated, the dildos plugging my holes whirred with extreme vigor, shoving me over the cliffside of bliss. I felt my entire mind burn in tumult. It was pleasure beyond compare, but it was so wrong in so many ways. Why was I doing this to myself, in public... with a horse cock? I was so lost, and so confused by this whole tragic event... but then again the overwhelming bliss of orgasming was so sensational that I loved the feeling even if it was wrong.

My cum erupted and poured down my throat in heavy thick ropes. Shot after shot poured into my hungry mouth, and I swallowed instinctively. Each time I did I would curse at myself, this was awful. I was almost no longer in control of myself. I was like a walking disaster with someone else pulling my strings. The puppet master, of course had to be that goth girl who cursed me like this. She wasn't just a goth girl, she was totally a witch and she cursed me with this crazy thing I was nibbling and sucking on.

Gently and slowly I withdrew the oversized flared head that had just erupted a fair share of delicious cream down my throat. I was an idiot. I can't believe all this was happening to me. I thought I had so much more going for me than this... this... thing between my legs. I stood up quickly and pulled the hem of my sweatpants back up around my waist trying to cover the now noticeable bulge because of the plug panties that were forcing my balls forward and jutting out the semi erect cock. It was like it would never be smaller than seven inches no matter how unturned on I was.

Then the overwhelming delicious sensation of pleasure began to pour through my body. I doubled over as an orgasm hit me unexpectedly. I opened my sweatpants and watched dumbstruck as the thick throbbing cock grew another two or so inches. Flesh spilling out from it as my orgasm built and slowly subsided. My breasts felt tender, and my whole body felt wracked with pain and pleasure. There is a fine line between the pair of them and I could tell that I was walking on the dagger's edge.

I let go of the hem of my pants and stood up on shaky legs. This was horrible. I needed to get to the ice cream shop and talk to this Danny to get a cure or at least figure out how to reverse these crazy effects that were taking me over slowly. I frowned at the bag as I slung it over my shoulder. There were more clothes inside, and I wonder if the witch placed them there knowing I would be tempted to go through the bag and end up getting myself bound in a pair of plug panties... which were still vibrating and pulsating hungrily inside of my tender but moistened body. I grimaced as more pleasure began to roll through me. It was like she wanted me to lose my mind to the alterations she was making to me, but I really had more to live for than being some crazed and starved bimbo addicted to sex... even if I had a massive eighteen inch horse cock slowly grinding against my supple thigh.

The distance between campus and the shop wasn't far, but with my body being rent in two by my sexual desire it felt like an eternity walking from the ally I had just used to clear my head. I watched through the front window of the store for a minute. There was no one entering the shop, it seemed a little dead. Then again it was ten in the morning on a Thursday, so most people wouldn't bother going in for ice cream. There was a very delicious worker manning the counter, who was brazenly reading from Hustler magazine with her feet propped on the register. Two very tall heels were strapped to her feet, I would say at least eight inches. She had extremely tight clothing girding her overly sized bust and her lips were pouty and covered with pink lip gloss that made them look so slippery they would glide over any surface with ease. She had platinum blonde hair with little pink streaks along one side of her cheek, giving her an overall cute and welcoming appearance. If she were walking the street you could easily mistake her as some kind of C class actress... either that or Porn. She was smoking hot, I don't normally check out women... Well after I got this stupid horse cock I started checking them out, but anyway she was gorgeous all the way from her button nose, pouty lips, hefty cleavage, and down to her hips that flared out in that way that was to die for. She was the complete package.

She seemed a little inappropriate to be working with the way she appeared, but then again I wasn't the judge. If it sold ice cream to people I guess the owner wouldn't care right? I took a deep breath and pushed the door open, the faint tinkling of a bell announced my entrance into the room. The girl sitting at the counter looked up from her magazine and set it down quickly, pulling her other hand out from behind her shapely thighs. Was she just masturbating? I shiver at the thought. I wasn't going to be buying ice cream, so it wasn't a huge deal was it? Besides I just jerked off in the alley... into my own mouth.

"Like Oh My GOD!" The girl announced in a high pitch squeal making me jump. Her heels clambered to the floor as she made her way around the counter. The sharp click of each one of the tall stilettos echoed in the empty space. Her body really was perfect in every way. She has a figure that would put even the best pin up pictures to shame. I bet she works in porn part time, there was no way she would go through this ammount of effort to look this smoking hot for an Ice Cream Parlor.

"Um..." I try to articulate, but can't really bring myself to quite understand why she is so excited to see me. Then before I can get a word in her hands are around my shoulders pulling me into a hug. Maybe she just needed human contact? I shrug and place a palm on her shoulder giving her a gentle pat trying to brush her off. Today has been too weird and being mauled by the ice cream store girl is just another cherry on top of the fucked up sunday I am already eating. She pulls me in tighter so our bellies touch and my heart leaps into my throat. My cock is inches from her exposed thighs. Her skirt is far too short to be working here. I can feel myself growing more aroused as the panties that are expertly plugging my holes begin to writhe inside of me, as if they can sense my arousal. She smells like strawberries, and bubblegum. Sweet and tasty, I just want to stand here in her embrace, feel her smooth skin on mine... and like that our embrace is broken and she is standing back staring down at me. We are probably the same height, but her huge fuck me heels add that towering effect.

"Like, It's so totally me Danny!" She announces in her chipper and perky voice. She really is cute. It's like talking to a familiar friend. Like I have known her for years, but somehow we lost touch awhile back.

"I'm sorry Danny... Who are you?" I ask shyly feeling my cheeks burn and attempt to shift myself so she can't see my growing erection. I had to keep this damn thing under control, or she would see exactly what I am packing.

"Oh," She tilts her head to the side as if she is completely lost and stares at my eyes blankly for a second. A slow smile creeps on her supple and full lips. She really is so cute. Her bright white toothed smile is infectious and I smile back at her, albeit a bit awkwardly, "Like you are the girl with the super huge horse cock right?"

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