With the departure of Don Alonzo Puertocarrero I was to continue the campaign in Mexico alone. His departure was a relief. Now no one in the expedition was more high born than I, and so no one could countermand my orders. Even so I had argued with him when he said he was going to depart. He was foolish to leave. Fortunes were to be made here in the New World. Why toady at the courts? So much more could be made in this strange land of gold and flowers than in Madrid or even Vienna.

At his departure I was given his slaves. They had been given to us as war booty and, as the noble, he had been given the choice slaves. Most of these native slaves were good only for menial service, but one of his slaves was exceptional. She had been baptized Maria. She was a looker with smoky eyes and a voluptuous figure and she was remarkably clever. She had even begun to master our language. Such a woman would be valuable. The people in this land were subjugated and they were angry at their ruler. All they needed was a spark and a leader to rise up. I was to be both, and she would help me communicate.

I had her called into my tent. She entered with the confident step of a native woman. I was momentarily taken aback. I had remembered her as good looking among the natives, but in civilized dress she was stunning. Her tits stood firm and high barely kept in by her dress. She had high cheek bones and a proud, upturned look. All these natives did, even the slaves, yet they all responded to whips the same as a European peasant. I was sure it wouldn't come to that.

"You asked for me?" she said. Her accent was still thick, but it was charming.

"Yes, I need to tell you that your master has returned to Spain," I said.

"He left me?"

"Yes," I replied.

"I am to be..." she hesitated unsure of the words. "You eat my heart?"

"No, we don't do things like that," I said, trying to conceal a smile. Her concerns were not unreasonable; the Mexican really did horrible things like what she had described.

"I am happy," she smiled with relief.

"I am your master now," I said.

"Good," she said with a firm shake of her head.

"Why do you say that?" I asked, "Did Don Alonzo mistreat you?"


"Did he beat you?"

"No, he was not bad master, only I think you are more man. I like you," she turned bright red after she said that. "I mean, I am not bad woman but..." She wanted me. Our priests had filled her head with the virtue of chastity, but that couldn't hold back her primitive desire. I ended her confusion by taking her into my arms and kissing her. She tried to pull back for a moment, but her lust was too strong. She kissed me back, our tongues explored one another's mouths. I swept her off her feet and carried her to my bed roll. We tumbled to the ground and together we continued to kiss. Her hand raced lower towards my hose. She eagerly lowered them and gasped as my cock sprang free. She sat up and stroked it in her soft hand and smirked at me before placing her mouth upon it. It was heavenly as she bobbed up and down. She would come up and run her tongue along the rim of the head and then continue with her sucking. I don't know if Don Alonzo taught her how to do that; if so he should have been a whore master for she was marvelous. Soon she had coaxed the cream out of me. She eagerly swallowed my seed. She looked up at me and smiled as she was finished.

"That was nice," I murmured.

"Nice?" she repeated. "Could I have some nice?"

It was so charming to hear her speak that way that I could not have resisted even if I had wanted to. I raised her dress over her hips and saw her cunt. It had thick lips that were covered in a heavy black pelt. I gently rolled my tongue across her slit. I worked my way slowly at first. She let just a little whimper as my tongue worked its magic. My fingers worked into the depths of her womanhood. She moaned in appreciation. Soon she was thrashing about until she grunted out her own climax.

She lay sprawled out in rapture upon the roll for a few minutes. Then her eyes blinked open and she asked "Is that all?"

"Not if you don't want it to be," I said and motioned her to turn around. I swiftly removed her dress and my own clothes as well. She was gorgeous unclothed. Those tits that I had fantasized about were right in front of me. They were firm and brown with dusky red nipples. They were a far cry from the creamy breasts with rose colored nipples the high born ladies of Spain had and the whores of Spain tried to imitate, but hers were perfectly lovely. Her dark red body was rugged; she was a gorgeous savage. I felt as though we were primal beasts, raw and one with nature. I assaulted her tits. I worked one nipple with my fingers while my mouth attacked the second. She delighted in having her tits sucked. Her nipples grew hard almost immediately and her breathing became ragged. Within minutes I had grown rock solid. I drove my spike deep within her. She was tight, but soaking wet. I plowed deep within her and she began to whimper again. I continued to thrust into her with full force. She began screaming something out in her strange, guttural tongue. That sent me over the edge and I climaxed deep within her. She wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me further in.

Eventually I grew soft and collapsed next to her. We lay side by side for a few moments. I whispered, "I should set you free for that."

"Did you not like nice with me?" she asked. She sounded worried.

"I liked it very much."

"Then don't send me away, be my master. We can have nice every day."

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