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Couldn't Quite Wait


"No! TOM, I told you. You have to wait." I pushed his hand, attempting to creep up my skirt, away.

"Ohhh, Susie come one, we're already engaged! Why must you torment me?"

"Don't be so melodramatic." I chided him.

"Okay, okay... so what if you just give me a, you know..."

Tom isn't allowed to use dirty words, so at least I have him trained to that extent. Unfortunately his good behavior has been slipping the closer we get to our wedding day. I don't know why he can't just be a gentleman and wait.

"Damn it Tom, that's enough!" I shouted.

Tom frowned, I never cursed. "Alright, alright... Sorry honey. Kiss?"

I smiled and puckered my lips, batting my eyelashes. Most of what I learned about seduction came from The Little Mermaid. Tom leaned in and kissed me on the lips. He started with gentle pecking, and in a minute his tongue was in my month. I sucked on it gently at first, but in a few minutes we were sloppily making out, his tongue wandering up and down my neck.

My privates were starting to get quite moist!

I became a bit more permissive of where his hands went for a few minutes, but still made sure he didn't try and sneak into any out of bounds spots. My body felt flushed with heat by the time he stopped. We cuddled, Tom holding my petite body against his broad chest, I sighed. I felt the hardness of his manhood pressed against my stomach.

"Sunday." I whispered to him. Our wedding day! When he would... do things to me. Things that would sate this burning apatite.

But alas, in the morning when I awoke it was Friday, Tom had to go back to his apartment in Killeen and prepare to move to our new home, which I had already done. I would not see him again until Saturday night. To make things more agonizing I had to get through this silly party my friends were throwing for me. It began innocently enough, the girls came over and we chatted and dressed before heading out to the pool.

I believe that you should not drink and swim but my comrades were not of the same mind. Lucy and Stacy, redheaded sisters who worked at the same bar, proved that their profession was what they loved by mixing drinks at the poolside. I am sure had the life guard been on duty he would have objected. Asa, sporting sunglasses that covered more of the skin then her swimwear was laying on a float, "Getting a tan." Why her oriental complexion needed a tan I am at a loss to explain.

Tonya, a blond who at 6'2'' towered over me so that my eyes were level with her large breast, sat next to me and chatted about wedding preparations for most of the afternoon. It was her who rounded us up at five so we could head back to my place and get dressed for dinner.

As we returned from Olive Garden at about nine I thought to myself, "This has not been nearly as unbearable as I suspected." The girls had been making fun of me with threats to throw a wild party that they knew I had no interest in, but I was beginning to think they were going to give me a pass on what they had said was, "An obligatory night to debauchery."

I changed into a simple white dress, with plain cotton panties and a matching bra and joined my friends in the living room. They had set up chips and some gaudy party decorations around the room, clearing off the coffee table for drinks and chips.

We sat in my living room, the music blaring far too loud for our simple gathering. Lucy and Stacy were halfway gone from alcohol. Asa was comfortably sipping a mixed drink, and I had a light buzz. Tonya kept refilling my drink so I'm not sure how much I had. Tonya herself didn't drink much. Then the doorbell rang. Tonya shot up and beat me to the door. I had expected that maybe Tom was stopping by but instead two handsome strangers stood outside.

They smiled warmly and Tonya waved them in. Friends of hers, I assumed.

The men had an olive complexion and were physically... built? That's the word Tonya uses for men who look like they did. They worked out a lot, is what I am saying.

"So who is the special girl tonight?" The first asked. He had a strong accent that I could not place, maybe Eastern Europe or Spanish? My knowledge of accents is extremely limited. All I know is he sounded very foreign.

"That would be Susie." Tonya said, pointing to me.

"Alright! How is it going Ma'am?" He took my and shook it firmly. "My name is Ricardo and this is my friend Felipe." Felipe also shook my hand, very gentlemanly.

"Hey let's get this party started!" Ricardo yelled. He and Felipe made introductions around the group. Ricardo was warmly received by Lucy and Stacy, "You started the party a while ago I see!" He told them.

"Ya we were waitin on you!" Stacy laughed, and then hiccupped.

Asa looked at Felipe a bit coldly when he approached her, "Your friends are beating you chica!" He told her. I watched him talk with her for a few minutes, I wasn't sure who these guys were to Tonya, but they were very friendly. Felipe had Asa dancing with him a few minutes later.

"Come on you ready to party?" Ricardo said from my right, very close to my right. He had moved up to me gracefully, so that before I knew it he was standing inches from me.

"Oh uh...sure." I said. A little dancing wouldn't hurt. Of course it WAS embarrassing. Ricardo you see, could dance whereas myself I could only stumble about in front of him in comparison. If he noticed he did not mention it.

"Move with the music baby!" Before long Stacy and Lucy were next to us, and they were getting quite friendly with Ricardo. They took off his button up long sleeved shirt, underneath which was a tight blue T-shirt.

"Ouch!" I heard a yell behind me. Glancing back I saw Asa behind Felipe, as I watched she slapped him on his butt. "Ah! You hit hard chica! I can't take it!"

Asa laughed, "Man up!" She hit him again.

The girls surely want to embarrass me, I thought. Tonya must have gotten these guys over here to do just that. Tonight was their big chance to top off all their poking fun at my conservative dress and lifestyle, but it was good natured, right?

I felt Tonya's hand on my hips, she swayed by my side. "This dress is so constricting isn't it?" She asked me.

"No, it's fine." I said.

"Well I know this shirt is!" Lucy injected.

"What? It's barely there!" Tonya replied, referring to Lucy's tiny red T-shirt.

"Nooo, his T-shirt! It's constricting my imagination!" Lucy laughed and tugged on Ricardo's shirt, he let her pull it off.

I stared at his chest as he danced, within arm's reach of me. He flexed his muscles and moved his hips rather obscenely, I couldn't look away.

I tried to move back a bit, but Tonya was behind me. I started to slow down my dance, thinking I'd return to the couch, but Tonya gripped my hips and sort of forced me to dance.

"Shake it girl!" She shouted.

Ricardo must have been a bit embarrassed by Lucy and Stacy's inappropriate touching, but he remained outwardly friendly and smiling. Stacy stroked his chest and made cooing noises.

Lucy looked over my shoulder and saw something she must have liked; she licked her lips and brushed past me. Tonya pushed me forward to where she had been right up against Ricardo's side. His skin was hot as I reached out to keep myself from falling. My hand lingered on him and I couldn't help but squeeze, I felt the muscles under his skin firm yet giving slightly. Kind of a mix of soft and hardness, it intrigued me, absent mindedly I rubbed my hand lower. It was at the edge of his pants when I caught myself and stopped.

"Man I am glad I got you girls!" Ricardo said, laughing. "Your friends are so mean to poor Felipe!"

I looked back and was frozen at once with shock. Felipe stood completely naked, Lucy and Asa each had an arm and were engaging in tug of war with him as the rope. "I don't know what to do hombre! They don't know how to share!"

"Don't ask me to come over there!" Ricardo told him. "I'm safer on this side!" I tried to avert my eyes, but I couldn't. They were drawn to Felipe's penis, which was, I think, completely erect. The man was clean shaven from head to toe, no tan lines on his body.

I heard the sound of a belt unbuckling behind me and let out a yelp as Tonya pushed me back. Though the soft material of my dress I felt Ricardo's hardness pressing into me.

"Whoa!" I cried out, trying to step away. This had just gone quite too far, but Tonya, smirking, would not let me budge. I tried to protest further, and found her tits mashed into my face.

"Damn party girl, you like those jugs! Who can blame you they are magnificent!" Ricardo said.

"Thank you stud." Tonya said, beaming. She reached up and squeezed them together around my head.

Ricardo had not stopped bouncing to the music, only slowed his rhythm. This meant he was now rubbing his dick around my lower back and ass. The heat of it, despite my horror, felt good. Nonetheless, I knew I needed to control myself. Just like when Tom tried to get me aroused to make me crumble I had to hold firm right now.

Tonya might be out to humiliate me, but it seemed like Ricardo was a nice fellow, perhaps if I just explained to him that I was not the kind of person who liked this stuff he would make Tonya stopped pushing me against is big firm chest and his manhood rubbing on me and I think Stacy's hand squeezing my ass cheeks which felt strangely good like a message maybe.

I could not push Tonya away with my arms which are apparently the equivalent of T-Rex arms so I twisted myself around, so that now I had his thing against my stomach, and said, "Ugh, sir I think there may be a misunderstanding."

"Ha ha, no hablo ingles?"

"Umm what? No? OH!" Tanya's hands were suddenly pulling my dress up over my head, I was then pushed back against Ricardo.

With his dick on my bare skin, and my moist panties shamefully exposed I whispered, "I don't usually do this kind of thing..." I could hardly talk I was so embarrassed.

"Hey it's okay," he said, "I know Felipe ain't never done nothing like that!" This statement was punctuated by a loud slap and a cry of pain from Felipe.

My bra fell away and I knelt down to pick it up without thinking. When I looked back up Ricardo's dick hit me in the face. Stunned, having barely even seen a penis except accidental glances during my life, I sat there on my knees staring at it, inches from my nose.

I could smell him! I think it did something to my brain! It was one part sweat, one part precum, and one part... I don't know... MAN. That thought hit me as Tonya sat behind me, her arms over my shoulders. This is what a man smells like, if you're with him... intimately.

"I, uh, I..."

"What a nice cock." Tonya whispered in my ear.

Was I moving closer to it? Was Tonya pushing me? Or was Ricardo thrusting forward. I didn't know, it was like two objects in space drifting closer to each other, his dick touched my nose, slid up past my eyes leaving a trail of precum, and my lips at last came to rest on his balls. My body jumped as Tonya put her hand on my crotch, rubbing me through my panties, her other hand teased my nipples.

This was the first time I had ever been touched like that, the sensations overwhelming my virgin brain. I moaned into Ricardo's sex.

"Lick it." Tonya whispered.

I could see Stacy kissing his chest as I extended my tongue, tasting his warm flesh, the slightly salty flavor of his sac. When I had opened my jaw enough one of his testicles dropped into my mouth, filling it up, I sucked on it in response. Ricardo was silent.

"Gentle," Tonya couched, "But harder." I complied, and Ricardo moaned, I liked it.

"Suck on those nuts!" Tonya breathed into my ear as she twisted my nipples, the first painful pleasure off my life.

When his balls were bathed in my saliva I let them slide from between my lips and kissed the base of his dick. I moved up it, little pecks and sloppy kisses along it's length, knowing that I was past the point of no return, I had to suck this thing, had to experience it now, the burning need for it beyond my ability to control.

The head I explored completely with my tongue, the soft flesh hot in my mouth, precum leaking out over my lips and tongue.

"Wow he is fucking Asa good back there." Stacy said from above.

"I know!" Lucy bemoaned, "I need a turn!"

"Don't pout baby, Felipe good for all night!" Felipe boasted.

"Oh you are so full of shit." Ricardo joked.

Everyone else's conversation occurred somewhere far away from me at that point, my sphere of existence was limited to Ricardo's manhood and Tonya's gentle probing of my body. Tonya had her tongue in my ear (which was shockingly pleasurable) as I began to take more of Ricardo's dick into my mouth. I held it steady with my right hand while I inched it slowly into my mouth, testing the waters.

I couldn't compare sucking his dick to anything I had ever eaten; no piece of food I had put in my month had ever dominated my senses like this. I alternated methods of trying not to touch it with my teeth, licking the underside, pulling back and twirling my tongue around it. I didn't know what worked, what he liked, I just did everything I could think of to worship that beautiful hunk of manhood in my mouth.

My gag reflex kicked in several times and I choked on it, there was no hope of getting to the bottom but I forced as much as I could in and sucked hard, closing my eyes and drinking it in.

"Get a rhythm." Tonya told me, "Bob up and down... there you go. Don't gag yourself, not that he minds, but don't, you'll slow down. Go faster, yea you look hot, take that cock."

Her fingers went inside my panties and pinched my clit. I cried out, my screams muffled by the rod I was still letting hit the back of my throat. I was shaking a little as I experienced my first orgasm.

"This is a virgin you've got slurping on your cock you know." Tonya told Ricardo. I really wished she hadn't.

"We'll you know," he replied, "This is a judgment free zone! She has like, 30 secs by the way."

What? I wondered. Did I have to give it over to somebody else to take a turn? I didn't want to let it go! But that was not what he meant. As I struggled to take more and more of him in my throat I was caught completely off guard as he started ejaculating in my mouth. The spray gagged me as it coated my tonsils and I pulled back, another spurt hitting my tongue, the rest, as I stared in shock, showered my face, Tonya's hand guiding his firehouse cock to cover my lips and cheeks.

"Whoa, good job Susie!" Ricardo said, "My mind is blown right now, no shit that was amazing. Everything that you just did is going in an instruction manual for my wife."

If his mind was blown, I was a car crash survivor. I sat stunned, the moment having past reality was having it's volume turned back up slowly. Wait, his wife? I didn't know how to fit that detail in as my tongue was ferreting out little bits of cum around my month like I had just eaten popcorn. I licked my lips as well.

Tonya was wiping my face with a wet cloth, cleaning the cum off my cheeks as she smiled at me. Stacy had sat next to me as well, her hand rested gently on my shoulder. I glanced over at Felipe and got an eyeful of him slowly thrusting into Asa, Lucy fingering herself beside them. I looked away.

When I did I saw that Tonya' had been wiping my face, not with a wet cloth, but with her soiled panties. Was that intentionally to demean me further, or just because she had them on hand? I decided I wouldn't even ask. I had already been demeaned enough hadn't I? I mean, I was raped! Wasn't I?

There was a fierce debate in my head as I moved over to the couch and sat next to Ricardo. This probably was not a good idea as we were now sitting together naked, well not quite I had my panties on.

Did they rape me? I wondered. It didn't seem like it but surely I had not asked for this. I mean I went along with it but they put me in that position without my asking!

Stacey knelt in front of Ricardo and I watched from the corner of my eye as she licked his soft cock. Her method was agonizingly slow and she teased him while covering his dick with her spit, it began to come back to life.

Before long my thoughts trailed off. I felt my mouth water as Stacey's tongue went up and down Ricardo's cock. Tonya was on the couch next to me, I barely noticed until she bent over and took one of my nipples in her mouth.

It was an electric jolt through my body that caused me to squeal like a little girl, bringing laughter from most of the room. My face must have turned a bright red as I realized everyone was now watching Tonya suck on my breast.

Expertly, I should say. She expertly sucked on my breast. She was hitting buttons that were just crazy! When she pulled my panties down my resistance was gone, but I did not know why she was pulling them down. I thought it was just so she could rub me like before, I didn't expect Ricardo to move between my legs. The realization of what was happening came as he ran his dick over my wet vulva. The sensation sent chills up my spine, my feminine parts desperate for more. Ricardo pushed the head of his cock against my opening.

Cock. Cock cock cock.

"Umm, fuck this bitch good!" Tonya told him.

"Wait, don't put it in there!" I said, finally having a bit of sense. Tom couldn't come home to a virgin wife who wasn't a virgin! I had to draw a line or destroy my marriage before it began. But then again... I NEEDED TO CUM.

As I lay there debating this Tonya was whispering to Ricardo.

He moved back and Tonya smiled down at me, "You okay?" She asked.

What was I supposed to say to that at this point? I should have said a lot of things but what came out was, "Yeah."

Tonya slid off the couch, what was she doing? She lifted up my legs and placed them over her shoulders. I lay in stunned silence as my friend pressed her face into my crotch, taking a deep breath.

"God you smell good!" She moaned and started licking.

My hands went to her head to push her away, but instead I just pulled her tighter. It was wrong, so god damn wrooong. But it felt so fucking good! I was ashamed and humiliated but these feelings were somehow not causing me to come to my senses! Instead they fed my hunger for more and I ran my fingers through Tonya's hair while she did something to me that I had only sort of realized some women do to each other because people fuss about them on the news or make dirty jokes on comedies. Her tongue was everywhere, tracing the outline of my most private part where Tom was still forbidden, diving inside to tickle the depths of my vigina.

"Uh... Tonya... That feels, so... right there!!! Don't stop!" Right then she stopped. I looked down pleadingly at her wet face, her wicked smile inches from my weeping flower.

I watched her move up my body, her tits passed over my face, then her stomach, and finally her sex hovered in front of me. Her vulva were large, her skin clean shaven. My eyes focused on her clit, peaking out just a little.

"Eat my pussy." She told me.

"I don't know how." I replied.

"You didn't know how to suck dick either, supposedly."

"I don't want to." I said.

"Well you shouldn't take if you won't give!" She pouted.

Did that make sense? I wasn't sure at this point.

"You lick this sweet snatch and I'll make sure you can cum."

I opened my mouth, unsure what to do or say, and she took it as an invitation, her hips moved forward, pressing her wet sex into my face, her clit aimed at my month so that my tongue instinctively touched it.

"Oh fuck yes." She moaned.

I opened my mouth further, thinking to get as much of it in as possible, since that worked for the cock earlier. Then I twirled my tongue around, hitting everything, treating the clit as the center.

"Uhhh, you prim princess that's right eat it..."

When I felt Ricardo's dick pressing into me, I didn't make a conscious decision that said, "Fuck Tom." Or anything, I didn't think at all, I just opened my legs and squealed in pleasure and pain as Ricardo began to slide into me. Tonya's juices were flooding my mouth and I gulped them down, she was having an orgasm as she watched my cherry get popped. Ricardo's cock tore through my maidenhead and took my virginity.

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