tagNonHumanCount Down To Moonlight Ch. 03

Count Down To Moonlight Ch. 03


Keelay could not believe what she had done! Or rather what Duncan had done, and she had allowed. She was mortified. Duncan was a stranger. Hot and sexy, sure, but still a complete stranger. It had been over an hour and a half since they had been out of control with lust and she was still red with embarrassment. What made it all the worse was the fact that they had been caught. Two students had barged into the room as Duncan was about to put his hard throbbing cock into her slick slit.

She supposed she should be happy they were interrupted. Firstly, it had allowed them to finally escape their prison. Secondly, and most importantly, it had stopped her from fucking a stranger. Which was a good thing. Right?

Keelay was certainly confused. She felt connected to Duncan. Drawn to him. He fascinated and intrigued her. It didn't help that he was totally her type. He had brain and brawn as her best friend would say. Meaning he was both smart and hot. A lethal combination. Something else about him drew her to him. She didn't know what it was, didn't know how it had happened, but she knew that she needed to stay with Duncan. And that scared her more than her lack of control.

As they walked down the crowded streets, Duncan took Keelay's hand and lead the way. He walked slightly in front of her, but enough so that the crowd parted and Keelay never bumped anyone. The long chain that bind them was wrapped tightly around her hand. It was Duncan's suggestion that she take it, so he wasn't pulling her along or hurting her. When he said things like that he seemed so sweet.

They walked so close together that no-one noticed the chain, which Keelay was thankful for. It was hard enough facing what they had just finished doing without people gawking at them too.

Duncan seemed to know where he was going so Keelay let herself be led and thought the morning over.

"My Dad lives close to here. He has a lot of tools. One is bound to break this chain," he called over the noise of the traffic. Keelay merely nodded. It seemed Duncan was a born leader. He had all the necessary traits of one and she felt the urge to follow.

It took about and hour and a half before they reached Duncan's dad's house. It was a nice looking, small, neat, well-kept home. As they walked up the drive way Keelay noticed all the exotic plants.

"My mum's a huge gardening fan," he whispered. On her left was a large tree, or at least she thought it was a tree. It had a fat trunk and tiny branches that were only about a foot in length. It was peculiar. The rest of the garden was much the same.

Duncan got the spare key from the small fake rock in the garden by the door. He led them in and called for his family. No answer. Where could they be? He though. As they entered the kitchen Keelay noticed a small post-it on the fridge.

"Uhmm, Duncan? There's a note." She said to his broad shoulders as he lead her through the kitchen to the stairs.

"Huh? Oh right. Thanks." He muttered as he doubled back. Poor Keelay couldn't wait to get the chains off. She was starting to feel like a ragdoll. Duncan took the note off the fridge and angled it so she could read it also.

Hey. We've gone to the cabin to get organised. Remember and be here BEFORE the moon rises this time!! I don't want a repeat of last year. Uncle Tim and his lot are coming to us this year so it'll be a full pack. I don't want to have to say this again but be nice. No fighting with your cousins and uncles. Oh, I've already locked everything up, so don't worry about that. Just get your ass up here before I go crazy! See you when you get here. Dad

The note sounded simple enough to Keelay. The word choice was a bit strange though. He had to be there before the full moon? Why? She didn't get a chance to ask before Duncan started cursing. Throwing the note down, he ran his hand through his hair, making it stick up giving him a devilish look. Keelay had a strong urge to reach up and smooth it back down but she resisted.

"I'm so sorry Keelay." He turned to her and his face looked tortured. It couldn't be that bad. Could it? Just because his dad wasn't here didn't mean he couldn't use the tools and unchain them. When she said this however, his reply was, "Keelay, my dad's tools are in the shed. It's my dad's shed and he has the only key. Plus it's an old army shed, so its metal and I could try to break the door down but I don't know if I could. "

If he tried to break into the shed --the metal shed- then he's liable to get hurt, thought Keelay. That was not an option. Keelay refused to allow him to hurt himself. But again, she couldn't help question the strange attachment between them.

Looking at Duncan, Keelay's heart hurt. He looked so sad and defeated. Like his world was threatening to end. Without thinking she reached up on her toes, placed her fingers on his chin and delicately kissed his lips. "It's alright. We'll just have to think of something else." She whispered into his mouth as he slightly parted his lips.

This set things off. Duncan growled and scooped Keelay up into his arms. Charging up the stair, he burst into a room at the end of the hall and kicked the door shut. There he stopped. The look he gave Keelay was one of pure animalistic lust. She suddenly remembered his last words inside the small room they were trapped in and she shivered. Should she give in to her feelings? After all, it's not every day a woman meets a man that she feels so...a part of. Shouldn't she grab on to that feeling with both hands?

Duncan let Keelay slid down onto her feet. Her arms were still wrapped around his neck and he was leaning over her, breathing hard. He hadn't had any relief from either of their sexual encounters and was bound to be suffering a case of blue balls. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against hers. Sighing he whispered, "God, you smell so good. You feel so good. You taste so good. And I want more." When he opened his eyes, Keelay gasped. They were so pale, they looked white. Was that normal?

"I never thought I'd find you." He continued, almost to himself, his fingers stroking the hair down her back. "I thought I'd have to search the world to find you. Instead, I wake up and your handcuffed to me. You can't escape me. I'm so glad for that. You have no idea. I'll never let you go now. Never. Your mine. And I'm going to claim you." Keelay should have felt alarmed at his words but instead it felt like a piece of her had come home. His words soothed and spoke to a part of her that had always felt empty.

"Yes." She whispered, kissing him softly. It was all she could say. There was no need for other words.

He groaned and tightened his arms around her, his mouth sealing over hers, stealing her breath. Spinning around he pinned her to the wall, his hand protecting her head from the impact. His mouth moved over hers fluidly, his hands shaping her curves. Her clothes were quickly dealt with, a sharp tug here, a quick tear there, and she was naked to his wandering hands.

Keelay quickly dealt with his clothes too, pulling his shirt off his shoulders, scattering buttons everywhere. His khakis gave her a bit more trouble and Duncan was too busy to help her. His mouth had moved down her neck, nipping and biting the tender flesh, leaving little marks of possession as he worked his way to her breasts. He licked and kissed the flesh of her tits, avoiding the nipple at the centre. She groaned and arched into him, needing the sweet feel of pain as he suckled her tender nub. "Please," she begged in a broken whisper. He grinned and ignored her.

His fingers stroked her waist, her hips, her ass, before grabbing her cheeks and lifting her. She squeaked and wrapped her legs around his waist, basking in the feel of his tongue on her chest and his cock grinding against her clit.

"Oh God! Ohhh, I'm going to cum. Mmmmmm baby that feels so good! Fuck. Fffuccckk!" she called as the pressure on her clit from the khaki material over his cock drove her over the edge and she came in a gush all over Duncan's trousers. Serves him right, she giggled to herself.

Her orgasm drove Duncan over the edge and he turned towards the bed in the centre of the room. Laying her down, he quickly stripped off his wet, cum soaked trousers and climbed on beside her. Keelay was in awe. She had never seen a dick that big before and was suddenly afraid she wouldn't be able to handle it. Her fears must have shown because Duncan lay beside her and stroked her face, soothing her, murmuring to her.

Her small hand reached down to his dick and touched it tenderly. It was so hard, it had to hurt. When her fingers made contact with the head of the monster, he flinched and pushed her back down. Quickly he moved over her. "I need you Keelay. I need you so much, you have no idea," he mumbled as he positioned himself at her entrance. Slowly he pushed into her, but his face was scrunched in pain. It was costing him to go slowly. The wolf inside him was snarling and snapping. Demanding he claim her. Demanding her shove inside her. But he knew he was big and his size would cause her pain. And he could not cause Keelay pain!

Slowly, as he pushed in stopping occasionally to allow her to adjust to his size, his cock was finally inside her. Keelay had never felt so full. He was so big and hard, and it felt so good. Once she was comfortable with his size, she wanted more. She tried to thrust up, to encourage him to move but he wouldn't.

Inside Duncan was a mess. He had never felt so good. Keelay hugged him so tight, it was like a second skin around him. He wanted so much to move, to hear her groaning and begging beneath him. But he couldn't. He was so close to losing control. Too close. It was taking everything inside him NOT to change and go furry. He was sure that, as aroused as Keelay may well be, she would still run screaming from him. He needed to stay calm. Breathe, breathe, he chanted to himself.

Keelay was going crazy. She needed him to move, needed to feel him pounding into her, deep and hard. "Please, Duncan, please." She begged. "ppleeassee fuck me."

Duncan's control snapped and he growled deep in his throat. An animalistic sound that shocked both of them. As many times as Duncan had changed, he had never felt so connected to his wolf. It was like they were one now. He pulled out completely from her dripping pussy, leaving only the tip nestled between her lips. His hands on either side of her head, curled into the mattress to hide his claws. The muscles in his back tensed as his bones cracked, ready to change form.

"MINE." He growled before shoving all 11 inches of his hard cock deep into her depths. Keelay screamed but cried out, "Again." The mix of pain and pleasure was addictive. He pounded into her, hard and deep, bottoming out every time. Soon Keelay was cumming again, her tight sheath convulsing around him. He held out as long as he could but soon he too was cumming, flooding her unprotected womb with his seed.

He pumped several times, until his balls were empty and Keelay could take no more. Their combined juices dribbled down the side of Duncan's cock and onto the bed, pooling beneath Keelay's ass. He collapsed on top of her, his weight pushing her down, but she didn't care, she just wrapped her arms and legs tighter around him. Panting and sweaty, they lay in the aftermath of their orgasms. Duncan's claws retreated, his muscles turned to jelly and his wolf was lazy and sated.

Keelay was so exhausted, her eye lids drooped until, finally, she gave up the fight and fell asleep beneath her mate. Duncan gently rolled off of her and looked down at her sleeping form. He was tired too but fought it. He looked at his hands and saw the deep tears in the sheets and mattress. The close call made him shudder. It could have very well be Keelay he held as his claws broke through, tearing at her delicate skin. He realised then how fragile she was. Her human life was full of danger that could easily take her from him. Luckily his kind was hard to kill. They healed from any kind of wound without difficulty and were impervious to diseases. The only true way to kill a werewolf and be sure he was dead, was to behead him. Otherwise he would just keep coming back and he'd be pissed! And a pissed off werewolf was not something you wanted on your tail!

He would have to work hard to keep Keelay safe, especially in his world. And he was determined that she would be part of his life. Sighing he rolled onto his back and closed his eyes. Just a few seconds of rest, he thought. He couldn't afford to fall sleep, as it was only a few more hours until sunset and he still needed to free them from the chain around their wrists. He could not still be attached to Keelay when the moon rose.

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