tagMind ControlCourierBabes International Ch. 02

CourierBabes International Ch. 02


A week's gone by, the memory of the incident vague in your mind. You can't remember much; not even the house where the encounter occurred. And yet, you keep having these wet dreams of getting fucked hard over and over again. And you find your fingers deep in your pussy every morning.

I have another package arriving. I lick my lips in anticipation of the expected date of arrival, hoping that you'll be the delivery girl again. You ring my doorbell; holding the package, wearing your uniform. The summer heat still menacing the city. You have your zipper down again; revealing today a blue lacy bra with a matching thong. I open my door and lick my lips. Again, as last time, you hand me the scanner. I sign the board and return it to you. "Thank you..." I say, pausing. "Cockslut."

You start to get wet as soon as you hear my words. 'Why would I feel so horny hearing this word?' You think to yourself. 'Am I really a cockslut? A whore?'

The more you think about it, the hornier you get. You get wetter and wetter and you can't understand it. You fight it, but all you want is my big fat cock in your mouth. You start reaching for my pants to get at that big yummy cock. Feigning innocence still, I turn around and start walking back into the house. The door begins to close. You push the door open and follow me into the house. You pull off your uniform as you walk through the hall. I turn to you, "Why are you still here?" Licking my lips as I see your bald glistening cunt.

"I am here because I am your cockslut and I need to service your cock master." Your finger goes to your cunt as you snap your jaws shut and wonder how you can be saying such things.

"Tell me slut, recount your evenings for me. Have you been sleeping well?"

"Oh master, I have missed your cock in my holes. I can't sleep without servicing your cock master." You try to fight, what is happening, but you get hornier and hornier. All you can do is finger your dripping cunt like a dumb blonde bimbo.

"Good," I say. "The package is for you. Why don't you open it"

You take the package into your hands and open it to find a sexy little French Maid outfit. (DESCRIPTION PLEASE)

Leaving the panties in the box, you put the outfit on, admonishing and relishing at the way you look. As you stand straight to model the outfit for me, my cock is already throbbing in my pants. I kick my pants off quickly and my cock stands rigid and hard before you. "Tell me slut," My cock wags up and down. "Is this what you want?"

Your eyes locked onto my cock, you respond, "I want your cock in all my slutty holes"

Striding up towards you, I grab you by the throat and throw you down onto the sofa. "BEG! You stupid whore"

"Oh master, please fuck me with your huge cock. Please fuck the silly maid."

"Shut up and suck my cock you filthy whore," Shoving my cock into your mouth, gagging you.

You gag on my big fat cock as I ram it down your throat, "Please" *shlorp* "gag" *shlorp* "me" *shlorp* "with" *shlorp* "your" *shlorp* "huge" *shlorp* "cock" *shlorp*. You say between thrusts of my cock. You start to rub your clit.

"You cock is so yummy," As you suck on my engorged cock, "Oh please cum in me."

You reach up and play with my balls as I fuck your throat, You pull my cock out of your mouth, slapping my length on your face. "I love your cock more than anything." You groan, as you finger your clit. You pop my cock back into your mouth. I grab your head from the back, and force my cock deep into your throat. You keep taking my cock into your throat, wanting it to fill you with that warm yummy cum. "Oh please" *shlorp* "please fuck my" *shlorp* "harder!"

My hands forming into fists around your hair, I shove my cock in and out of your slutty lips.

I feel my balls tensing up.

My cock twitches. You feel my cock twitch and get ready for your reward.

"You want my fucking cum you stupid cumwhore?"


"Fuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!!!" As I shoot my hot cum into your mouth. I groan as you swallow down my cum. My hips buckling as my cock shoots cum into your mouth. "Take it all in wench. Suck it clean." You keep sucking my cock, making sure you get it all out and down into your belly.

"MMmmm......." My body shudders slightly as my cock gets sucked dry. "Does my little cocksucker want to cum?"

"Yes please, Master."

I open up a drawer, pulling out a purple dildo. "Let me watch a bit. Let me see you cum."

You take the dildo from my hands, thanking me as you shove it in your little wet hole. You start to fuck your little cunt harder, wishing it was my cock. Fucking it harder and faster, you start to scream as you get worked up. "Oh master, I am going to cum!" You start playing with your tittie.

I stroke my cock as I watch. Getting hard again as I watch you fucking yourself with the dildo. "Yes. Yes, cum for me, you worthless fucktoy." As I finish my sentence, you start to scream. Screaming out loud as you start cumming. You screech, "OH GOD I AM CUMMING!!!"

I stride up to you and shove my cock deep into your cunt as you screech. Thrusting my cock quickly in and out of your spasmic cunt. "Oh master! Fuck me fuck me. I love your cock in my cunt so much!" I grab your tits with my hands, squeezing them hard as I pummel your cunt with my cock. Again, you start to scream, cumming for a second time. "Never stop. Please master. Never stop fucking my silly cunt!" I shudder as I feel your cunny walls close around my cock, my cock supersensitive after just cumming. As I feel your orgasm subside, I turn you over, instructing you to get on hands and knees. "I'm going to fuck you like the little cockslut bitch you are."

You turn over ready to get fucked, as you lift up your maid uniform. You get your cunt ready for my cock, but I have other things in mind. Holding your hips still, not letting you move, I squeeze my cockhead into your pink little asshole. "Fuuuuck, that's tight."

You scream as I start to fuck your little tight hole. You squeal as I stretch you out. Holding you as still as possible, I pick up the pace, fucking your asshole harder, as my balls slap against you with every thrust. I spank your ass as I fuck it. Your cheeks turning redder with every slap. "Who's a little slut?" I demand. "Who's my dirty little cumslut?!"

"I'm your little dirty cumslut master!" You scream at the top of your lungs. You cum again with my cock buried deep in your ass. I shudder as I feel your sphincter squeezes around my shaft. I groan, feeling my own cum bubbling in my balls.

Grabbing fistfuls of the skirt, I shove my cock deeper into your ass, pummeling it hard. Panting from your subsiding cum, you whimper between breaths, "Master, please cum in me. Please. I need your cum. Please master." Over and over again, bringing me over the edge.

With a huge forceful thrust, I push your whole body into the ground. Falling, my cock shoves even deeper into your asshole. Grabbing your asscheeks, pushing hard; fucking your asshole raw.

Grunting between thrusts, pushing deeper with every thrust.

Pushing harder and deeper.

I start groaning incoherently. "Fuck fuck fuck...." As my balls tighten. "I'm going.........to...."

You scream, as if fuelling my orgasm further.

"CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!" My balls exploding into your ass. Shot after shot, erupting into your asshole. I groan loudly as my tender cock spurts into your ass.

"Yes master," You whimper as my cum spurts into you, "Fill my asshole with your yummy cum."

Reluctantly, I pull my cock out of your ass. Rolling you over, commanding you. "Clean me off MAID"

Meekly, you take my cock into your mouth, cleaning it off and loving the taste of my subsiding orgasm. Carefully, gently, you clean it off and put my cock back into my pants.

Putting the maid panties on you, I walk you to your truck. Snapping my fingers before disappearing behind the truck.


You look around as you feel how sore your asshole is. You begin to sob as you look at your outfit realizing that you haven't a clue as to what's going on.

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