tagLoving WivesCourtesan Ch. 40

Courtesan Ch. 40


This is the fortieth episode in a series entitled "Courtesan". If you have not read the previous thirty-nine episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

"Courtesan" is romantic story about a dominant hot wife and her submissive cuckold husband. While they have a deep and abiding love for each other they do lead an alternative lifestyle. If this subject matter offends you or makes you feel uncomfortable, I strongly suggest that you find something else to read.


The women sashayed across the patio. As they approached us Keisha said, "Girls, we are going to have fun tonight."

Martin Jackson placed his hand on the shoulder of the man standing next to him and said; "Brad, this sassy one is named Jasmine. She's yours for the evening. Jasmine this is Brad Cameron."

Keisha walked directly over to Brad and wrapped her arms around his waist. As she hugged him, she said; "Brad honey are you ready for a little chocolate delight tonight? The saying is, once you've had black you never go back and sweetheart by the time I'm done with you, you are going to be a devoted connoisseur of chocolate for the rest of your life."

She snaked her hand down the front of his trousers and squeezed his cock. "Oh yes, and you definitely have the necessary equipment to enjoy my sweet little chocolate pussy."

John Reynolds was chuckling as he walked over to the man who'd been standing next to Brad Cameron. He placed his hand on his shoulder and guided him towards Mandy. "Jason, this little pistol is Angela. She's your date for the evening. Angela, this is Jason Foley."

Mandy walked over and seductively rubbed his chest. "Jason, tonight I belong to you and my goal is to try to fulfill every fantasy that you have ever imagined."

Jason looked at his friends and laughed. "Shit, I think we've died and gone to heaven."

While everyone was smiling at Jason's joke Kelly approached the third man. "You must be Tyler?"

He nodded.

"I'm Melody. I heard that you like well endowed girls."

He grinned at her. "Yes I do."

I watched as my wife picked up his hand and placed it on one of her breasts. "Are these big enough for you?"

Laughing as he felt my wife, he said; "Yes, I believe that they'll be just fine."

Kelly put her arm around his shoulder. "That's good, because you're going to get to play with them all night long."

Still cupping Kelly's breast, Tyler placed his other hand on the small of her back and then he slipped it into her bikini bottom and gently squeezed one of her cheeks.

Giggling, my wife said; "I just love a man who sees what he wants and takes it."

That was all the encouragement Tyler needed. He pushed his hand even deeper into the back of Kelly's bikini. It was obvious that his fingers were worming their way between her thighs.

Kelly gasped when she felt him fingering her pussy. "Tyler honey, I think that the two of us are destined to become very close friends."

He leaned over and said in a whisper loud enough for everyone to hear, "I think we already are."

Closing her eyes, Kelly breathlessly answered; "Yes, I do believe you're right."

I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip.

Without my noticing it, Elvira had repositioned herself so that she was standing next to me. Reaching over, she grasped my fingers in her hand and gave them a gentle squeeze.

I looked at her and smiled. That was all the reassurance I needed.

Mr. Jackson walked over to Donald Kline and took him by the upper arm. "Donald, it's time for you to meet your date for the evening."

Donald looked at him apprehensively.

Shaking his head, Mr. Jackson said; "Don't worry Donald, she has instructions to try to avoid any permanent injury."

Donald took a deep breath.

"I'd like you to meet Mistress Natasha."

Tonya stepped up to him. "Good evening Donny."

Bowing politely, Donald said; "Natasha, it's pleasure to meet you."

Holding on to the dog collar and leash she was carrying, Tonya grabbed the collar of Donald's shirt. Lifting him up so that he was standing on his tiptoes, she slapped him hard across the face and said; "Little pussyboys like you address me as Mistress Natasha. Do you understand?"

Donald vigorously shook his head. "Yes Mistress Natasha, I understand and I'm sorry that I offended you."

Tonya laughed. "You have no idea how sorry you're going to be."

Before Donald realized what was happening Tonya secured the dog collar around his neck and attached the leash. Then, giving the leash a firm tug, she said; "Come my little pet. We need to spend some time teaching you how to properly behave."

Tonya led Donald back up the steps and into the mansion.

Once they were inside, Tyler Greer said; "I don't understand why, but Donald loves being treated like that. It really seems to get him off." He laughed. "He's probably going to have more fun tonight than we are."

Reaching over and grabbing Tyler's obviously erect cock through his pants, my wife said; "I'm taking that as a challenge."

Tyler grinned at her. "Go for it Melody."

Martin Jackson smiled at Brad, Jason and Tyler. "It think it's time for us to leave you alone and give you an opportunity to get a little better acquainted with these lovely ladies."

John Reynolds nodded. "Yes, Bunny will stay with you and see to your needs. If there is anything that you want, anything at all; just let the girls know. They'll tell Bunny and he'll get it for you."

Turning to me, he said; "Nathan and Elvira will be at the bar with Cookie. If our guests want something and you don't know how to get it, ask them. They'll help you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mr. Reynolds, I know exactly what to do."

Martin looked at his business partner. "He'll be fine John. Bunny is a very resourceful little fellow."

The term, little fellow struck me as being slightly demeaning, but I understood. I was a slave. That was my role for the evening. Besides, I was a submissive masochist. As Tyler so aptly put it when he was describing his friend; I can't understand why, but Donald loves being treated like that. It really seems to get him off. Donald Kline and I had a lot in common.

Mr. Jackson looked at me. I noticed a hint of concern in his eyes. I guessed that the little fellow comment was a slip and he was now recalling the problems we'd had a week ago. I knew that he desperately wanted to avoid a scene at this party and it was apparent that he'd just realized that he might have inadvertently provoked me.

I smiled at him.

He stared at me for a moment and then he gave me an almost imperceptible nod and smiled back.

Quickly turning to John and Wendell, he said; "I think we can rest assured that our guests are in very good hands."

John nodded and smiled at Brad, Jason and Tyler. "Gentlemen, we'll see you at dinner."

The three partners then turned and walked quickly back to the mansion.

As they were leaving Elvira said; "Bunny, I'll be at the bar with Nathan and Cookie. Let me know if our guests need anything."

"Yes, Mistress Elvira."

Elvira flashed me a reassuring smile and then she turned and walked over to the bar.

As soon as she was gone Keisha said, "I think it's time for us to start our party."

"Jasmine baby, I'm ready and rarin to go." Brad Cameron was grinning.

Mandy seductively rubbed Jason Foley's chest with the palm of her hand. "You guys have been playing golf all day. You must be hungry and thirsty. I'll bet you could use an ice cold beverage and some snacks." She let her hand slip to his crotch. As she squeezed his stiffening penis she added; "Melody, Jasmine and I love to pamper powerful men like the three of you. I understand that all of you enjoy a cold beer after golf. What kind would you like?"

Jason took a deep breath. Having his cock squeezed had obviously unnerved him. He took a second to collect his wits and then he smiled and said, "Have you got any Heineken?"

"I'm sure we do. Bunny would you tell Nathan that Mr. Foley would like a Heineken."

I nodded. "Yes Mistress Angela." Then I turned to Kelly and Keisha.

Kelly ran her fingertips along Tyler's forearm. "What would you like, studman?"

Tyler chuckled. "Studman, I like that name. I'll have a Heineken too."

Slipping her arm around Tyler's waist, Kelly turned to me and said, "You heard the man Bunny, get him a Heineken."

I noticed an aloof tone in Kelly's voice. A week ago I would have been hurt by it, but now it didn't faze me at all. I understood. At this moment all of my wife's attention was focused on pleasing her lover. I was nothing more than an insignificant slave to her and until she returned to me in the morning, that was all I was going to be.

It was her concern about how I would react in this situation that had earlier caused Kelly to be so persistent about reminding me that regardless of what happens tonight, regardless of how she acts, I will always be her one and only true love.

I glanced over a Mandy. She was staring at me. I quickly realized that she'd also noticed Kelly's aloof manner towards me and she was concerned about how I was reacting.

I gave her a discreet nod. She smiled. She understood that I was all right.

Next to me I heard Keisha ask, "Brad honey, what kind of beer would you like?" Her question jarred me back to reality. I needed to take a lesson from my wife. I had a job to do this evening and it required my full attention."

"A Heineken would be just fine."

"Bunny, that's three Heinekens and tell Cookie that the three of us will have margaritas." Keisha looked at Mandy and Kelly. "Are margaritas all right with you two?"

They both nodded.

Bowing politely, I said; "Yes Mistress Jasmine, right away." Then I turned and hurried over to the bar. Nathan was waiting for me.

"Three Heinekens and three margaritas."

"We'll take care of it Bunny. Go back to your Mistresses."

I smiled as I hustled back across the patio. I was beginning to understand my role. I was an errand boy.

The men were now sitting in chairs. The girls were all sitting on their laps. Kelly had her arm around Tyler's shoulder. One of his hands was inside the front of her bikini bottom. He was cupping her breast with his other hand. I felt a momentary pang of jealousy, but I quickly squelched it.

As discreetly as possible, I walked around and the table where the group was seated and positioned myself in front of the cabanas. It seemed to be the least intrusive spot for me.

Keisha and Brad were making out. One of Keisha's breasts was out of her bathing suit top. Brad was playing with her nipple. Mandy had unzipped Jason's pants and pulled out his very erect cock. She was slowly stroking him.

Suddenly I heard Kelly say, "Guys, I think we should all get into the spa."

Mandy nodded. "That's a wonderful idea."

Tyler shook his head. "We don't have bathing suits."

Giggling, my wife said, "What would possibly make you think you'd need a bathing suit?"

"You're wearing a bathing suit."

"Yes, and whose fault is that." She leaned over and whispered in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear. "All you have to do is pull on the bows and my suit will fall right off." She turned around and leaned forward. "Let's start with the top."

As Tyler tugged on the bow that fastened my wife's bathing suit top he said, "There are some tasks in this world that are an unparalleled pleasure."

Kelly pulled her top away and turned back around so that her naked breasts were in Tyler's face. "Would you like a little nibble?"

Tyler laughed. "I was hoping you might ask me that."

He cradled my wife's breasts in his hands and pressed them together. For a moment Tyler gazed at them adoringly and then he gently kissed each of her nipples.

Kelly laughed. "You really are a breast man, aren't you."

Grinning at her, Tyler said, "Oh Yes." Then, holding her left breast with his right hand he sucked her nipple into his mouth At the same time his left hand found Kelly's right nipple. He rolled it back and forth between his fingertips while he eagerly kissed and licked the other nipple.

Kelly closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. I knew my wife. She loved having her breasts sucked and fondled. Tyler was driving her wild.

As I watched this other man pleasure Kelly I actually smiled. I wasn't jealous. I will admit I was a little envious, but the envy I was feeling was exciting me. The knowledge that another man was enjoying the sexual delights that should have been mine appealed my masochistic disposition.

Still, that wasn't the real cause of my smile. I was smiling because seeing my wife enjoying herself, even thought it was in the arms of another man, made me happy.

Undoubtedly, that reaction would shock many people. To tell you the truth, it still shocks me a little bit. I know that it's difficult to understand. It's even difficult for me to understand it. How can seeing my wife enjoying the intimate attention of another man not make me jealous?

I think that it's based on my unshakeable confidence in my wife's love for me. This confidence in Kelly's love has been slowly growing since we met. It was founded in friendship, mutual admiration and eventually mutual trust.

That was why, during the past year, I was so slow to realize that we had a growing problem. I was utterly convinced of Kelly's love for me. Having to actually question that love was untenable.. When I was finally forced to confront the possibility that she might love someone else I was devastated.

The pain and suffering we both had to endure during the past year was awful, but it ended up having one very positive result. I was now even more convinced that my wife loved me. When I left Kelly for those few days, the belief that she'd lost me nearly destroyed her. She had been willing to do anything, even quit a very lucrative job that she loved, just so that she could stay with me.

Now as I watched my wife gasping and cooing with delight while another man kissed and licked her nipples, I didn't have to worry. I knew that this wasn't love. Kelly was just enjoying herself.

Sexual pleasure isn't about love. Certainly love enhances sexual pleasure, but love is a separate entity based on friendship, trust, mutual admiration and above all else an undying concern for each others welfare. Relationships based on lust eventually die. Relationships founded on love live forever.

It's taken me a couple of weeks and the assistance of several new friends to regain my confidence in my wife's unwavering love for me. I've done that now and once again I believe that Kelly and I have a marriage based on love. That's why I can smile when I watch her party with another man.

Suddenly Kelly pushed herself away from Tyler and stood up. Giggling she said, "I could do that forever, but I think we'll have more fun if we both get naked and get into the hot tub."

She stood up and turned around so that her back was to Tyler. "You still have two knots to untie."

He grabbed a bow with each hand and gave them a quick tug. The bottom of my wife's bikini fell away exposing her gorgeous rear end. Tyler leaned forward and gave each of her cheeks a quick peck.

Laughing as she turned around, Kelly lasciviously fingered her glistening pussy and said. "My little kitty could use a kiss too."

Tyler chuckled. "I'm just the man for the job." He leaned forward again, only this time he grabbed my wife's hips and held her firmly to his face while he gave her cunt a long slow, very passionate kiss."

Kelly gasped when she felt his tongue probing the cleft of her pussy.

This did ignite some momentary pangs of jealousy. Tyler was encroaching on an area where I felt I had some expertise. I quickly reminded myself that this was still just a physical act and had absolutely nothing to do with my wife''s feelings for me. Kelly was not going to run away with Tyler because he licked her pussy and while she did enjoy the pleasure I gave her with my tongue, it was not the reason she married me.

Kelly stepped back and took a deep breath. "This is turning into a very exciting afternoon."

Tyler nodded. "Yes, it certainly is."

"Come on, stand up. We have to get you undressed so we can take a nice hot soak in the spa." Kelly grabbed Tyler's wrist and pulled him to his feet.

As he stood up he said; "I don't know, I was having a pretty good time in the chair."

"Tyler honey, the day is still young and the fun is just beginning. Now, let's get you undressed."

Kelly lifted Tyler's golf shirt over his head and pulled it off exposing a trim well muscled physique. It was obvious that he spent some time in the gym. I was certain that my wife was pleased.

She tossed his shirt on the table, unbuckled his belt and opened his trousers. Tyler's erect penis sprang up making a tent in the front of his boxer shorts.

"Kick your off shoes. I want to get you out of your pants so that I can see this monster that's making such a fuss in your underwear." Kelly was giggling.

As Tyler slipped out of his loafers he said, "I'll give you some advice."

"Pray tell, what would that be?"

"The monster is happiest when he can hide in warm moist places."

Kelly grinned at him. "I'll remember that. Your monster's well being is very important to me." Then she pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles.

Tyler's cock stuck straight out. Actually, that wasn't quite accurate. His erection had a slight upward curve to it. He wasn't huge. He was bigger than me, but who isn't. I estimated his penis at about six inches. I knew that Kelly preferred bigger cocks, but six inches wasn't bad and she'd often told me that she loved a cock with a little upward curve to it. I assumed that she was reasonably pleased about what she'd just found.

Tyler stepped out if his pants.

My wife looked at me. "Bunny, take care of Mr. Greer's clothes"

I nodded. "Yes Mistress Melody, right away."

"Bunny take care of Mr. Foley's and Mr. Cameron's too." It was Mandy.

"Yes Mistress Angela"

I glanced over at them. Mandy, Keisha, Brad Cameron and Jason Foley were all naked. The men's clothing was scattered on the patio next to their chairs.

Like Tyler, both Brad and Jason had erections. Jason's cock was about the same size as Tyler's, but it was straight. Brad's was larger. I guessed that he was about seven inches and just a little bit thicker than Tyler.

Keisha grabbed Brad's stiff penis. "Come on studman, let's get into the spa." As she led her man across the patio deck she giggled. "Men come equipped with these wonderfully convenient handles."

Mandy wrapped her fingers around Jason's cock. As they followed Keisha and Brad to the spa she said, "And they love to be led around by them."

Jason laughed. "Angela my dear, as long as you hang on to me like this I'll follow you anywhere."

As they stepped into the hot churning water of the spa, Mandy said; "Oh you just like looking at my naked butt."

Leering at her, Jason said, "I'd like to do a whole lot more than look at it."

"Sweetie, it's yours to use as you please for the entire night."

Jason looked at Brad who was now sitting chest deep in the hot tub with his arm around Keisha. "Damn Brad, I love doing business with JTandR."

Brad nodded. "They do know how to make a man feel appreciated."

Kelly grabbed Tyler's cock. "Shall we join them?"

"Melody, I'm just like Jason. If you hold me like this, I'll go anywhere you want to take me."

As they started across the patio Kelly looked back at Tyler and asked, "Are you going to stare at my butt while we walk over there?"

"Every step of the way."

"I thought you were a breast man?"

"I'm a man with a wide variety of tastes."

Laughing, Kelly quickly led her man into the spa where they sat down next to Jason and Mandy. As soon as they were settled, she leaned over and kissed Tyler's cheek. "We should get along famously, because I'm a woman who loves to taste men."

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