Janice quietly reviewed the charts and looked over the telemetric readings on the monitor confirming the patient in 3B was stable and resting comfortably. Before stepping into his room she glanced up and down the long, shiny white corridors, but at that time of night the halls were empty. Pressing her hand to the push handle she opened the door and slipped inside. Moving over to the patient's bed she carefully looked him over recalling the conversation she had with her friend, Sandra, at dinner.

"Girl, what are you thinking about?" Janice had asked Sandra.


"Well you are just sitting there holding that package of crackers and staring out into space. By the look on your face I know you are thinking something."

"Oh, it's just these crackers got me to thinking," Sandra replied.

"About what?"

"You ever had a white man?"

"What you mean -- had?"

"I mean you ever," Sandra glanced to her right and then to her left, leaned forward and whispered, "fucked a white man?"

"Sandra, now you know I've only been with two men my entire life. Why, have you?"

Sandra suddenly grinned and nodded, whispering, "Yeah, I couldn't help myself and now whenever I look at a saltine I get all tingly."

"Why, was it that good?"

Smiling broadly, Sandra nodded.

"What did he do, was he good with his hands or mouth?" Janice asked.

"No, no, it was just that, well, he was big... no he was enormous."

"Bigger than..."

"Bigger than any brother I had ever met."

"Where did you meet him?"

"He's a patient."

"A patient, oh girl you know you're not supposed..."

"Shhh, he ain't gonna tell and if you keep it down no one will know."

"Well, how did you get to do it?" Janice whispered.

"I didn't think a whole lot about it, until I was working on B wing. The guy in 3B, a patient in a coma, needed a sponge bath and well, I pulled off the blanket saw it. It was flaccid at the time and nothing all that surprising, but when the other nurse I was working with got paged and had to leave I was left alone with him and..."

"You didn't do him then did you?"

"No, no, but as I washed his chest, especially around his nipples, I noticed it begin to twitch and grow some. Well, I was fascinated, and continued toying with his nipples and well it started getting hard. I figured it needed washing too, so I took hold of it and began washing it up and down, up and down.

"Well girl, it kept growing and growing to something larger than I had ever seen, larger than I ever imagined. It was all I could do to let that thing alone and get him rinsed off and covered up before the other nurse got back. I actually had to tape that bad boy down so it wasn't poking straight up."

"You left him taped down?"

"Later that night I came back and took off the tape. He had softened up by then, but I leaned over and ran my tongue over his nipple and he began to grow again."

"What did you do then?"

"Well, I slipped out of my panties, climbed up on the bed and took full advantage of that cracker cock of his. Oh my, he was big!"

Sandra's beeper went off and she had to leave so Janice didn't get all the sexy details, but she knew what she had to do. Now, standing next to the bed, she reached out, and pulled the blanket back off the patient. She then pulled his robe aside and looked him over.

In the dim light from the readouts in the room, she saw his pale chest with dark nipples covered with just a bit of hair. Her eyes quickly descended over his slightly paunched stomach down to his flaccid white cock. Noticing his was circumcised, she looked closely at the head of his cock and then let her eyes flow down the shaft following the dark blue vein.

Feeling a dampness forming between her legs, she reached out and lightly ran her fingertip over his right nipple, noticing his cock almost immediately twitch. Emboldened by the tingling she felt between her legs, she ran both hands over his chest, toying with both nipples as she watched his cock. It slowly rose out of its coma, growing and growing and growing to its massive, fully erect state.

Janice moved her hands down to the huge member and wrapped them around it. She slowly stroked him, letting her fingers and palms feel the soft skin that seemed to shine beneath her dark skin. Slipping off her shoes, she removed her hands from him and pulled off her panties.

Carefully climbing up on the bed, she straddled him and then watched closely as she lowered herself onto him. Her pussy was so wet by then that her gentle folds parted, spreading wide as she slid easily over him. He was big and she felt the walls of her cunt expanded like never before. She felt a bit of pain at being stretched so, but the immense fulfillment she felt inside her made the pain easily endurable.

As she began moving up and down on the man, she watched the dark lips of her pussy cling to the pale skin of his hugeness, leaving sparkling trails of her juices. Wanting to savor the sensation she moved slowly, extending the pleasure, but soon she felt an urgent need to move faster and then faster still as waves of delight splashed over her and she came.

The contractions of her pussy over him made her tremble all over and in just seconds she realized she was coming again. Damn, she'd never had a multiple orgasm with any man before and the way it felt now, she wasn't about to settle for two. Letting her body settle down over his cock, she paused, feeling him fill her entirely as she caught her breath. Then working on her third orgasm, she began to move.

This time she noticed the patient moving more and when he suddenly grabbed her thighs with his hands and lifted his hips up off the bed she realized he was coming, spurting his cum deep inside her. All she could do was take him as her pussy exploded into another orgasm and she collapsed onto him, her head resting on his chest.

As she gasped for breath she thought she heard a deep, quivering voice, "So good, sooo good." The man's grip on her thighs then slacked and she felt his body relax beneath her.

Immediately sitting up, she looked down at the man and saw he was still in a coma. Carefully climbing off of him, she grabbed a towel and cleaned up his cock and balls which were covered in a mixture of her juices and his cum. Janice then replaced his gown, pulled the blanket back over him and then pulled her panties back on. Looking him over as she slipped on her shoes she satisfied herself that he looked the same as when she came in.

She tiptoed back to the door, peeked out in the hallway. No one was around. Just to make sure she glanced back and the man and then stepped out into the corridor. As she walked back to the nurses' station she tried to remember if he had that big smile on his face when she first went into the room. Shrugging her shoulders, she glanced at her watch and noticed it was nearing her break time. Hungry, she wondered what kind of soup they would have and pictured a steaming bowl surrounded by crackers.

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