tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCraig And Flo's Dreams Come True

Craig And Flo's Dreams Come True


The hot sun beat down on the sandy beach. The ocean was dead calm. To me, it seemed like a huge swimming pool.

I and my friend Florian walked along this paradise beach, feeling the sand between our toes. We were dressed only in our swimming shorts and we called feel the sun's rays on our topless bodies. It truly was a beautiful day.

We were walking along the beach looking for a nice place to set up our barbeque.

"This looks like a good place." I said to Flo as I set the barbeque down on the sand.

"Who's that over there?" Flo said all of a sudden as he looked over into the distance.

I looked round to see who he was looking at.

"Just looks like a girl sun-bathing." I said as I went back to setting up the barbeque.

"Doesn't she look familiar? She looks a bit like that hot girl out of that movie Mean Girls." Flo said.

I had another long look at the girl in question. She was led on her back on a pink beach towel in a tiny blue bikini. She had dark red hair, a slim body and massive tits. She did look similar to Lindsay Lohan but I still wasn't convinced.

"Fuck it, lets go and talk to her." I said as I set off in her direction. Florian followed.

After a minute or two, we reached the beautiful sun-bathing babe. She looked asleep so Flo and I took a minute to soak in her looks. For a start it was Lindsay! I'd recognise her anywhere. Her tiny blue bikini showed off a body that was to die for. I noticed her gorgeous breasts, her flat stomach and sexy pierced navel, her long legs.

I looked over at Flo's shorts. His cock looked rock hard inside his shorts. Then I noticed that mine was too.

Suddenly, Lindsay's eyes snapped open. She instantly squinted in the bright sunlight as she struggled to look at us.

"What the fuck are you two staring at?" She said in her cute American accent.

It took me a second to respond as all I could think about was the hard, throbbing dick in my shorts and what it would feel like to fuck Lindsay.

"Um, we weren't sure if you were Lindsay Lohan or not so we came over to see." I stuttered.

It was then that I noticed Lindsay's eyes looking at mine and Flo's stiff cocks poking through our shorts. All of a sudden her face changed. She didn't seem angry anymore. Infact she started smiling.

"You boys like what you see?" She smiled.

"Um, well...." Flo managed to stutter out.

"Have your big dicks got all hard from looking at me in my bikini?" Lindsay said softly with a smile.

My cock was throbbing. I was about to lose control. I looked over at Flo. He looked like he didn't know what to say either.

"Here, let me help you with those." Lindsay giggled as she sat up on her towel and pulled my shorts straight down to the ground.

Flo's shorts followed straight after. We were both now stood naked in front of Lindsay Lohan!

Then, she took hold of my cock and put it in her warm, moist mouth and started to suck it back and forth.

"Fuck!" I groaned as the pleasure overwhelmed me. I had to gain control or I was going to spunk in Linday's hot mouth right there and then!

Then, she took hold of Flo's stiff cock and pulled his foreskin back over his pink head. She then start licking and sucking the tip of his dick. The look on his face told me he was enjoying it.

"Lets us do someting to you now!" He gasped as I held back from shooting his load.

She took Flo's cock out of her hungry mouth and then removed her bikini top and bottoms. I noticed that her lovely pink nipples were hard and that her pubic hair was shaved into a thin, neat strip.

Once naked, she led on her back again on the beach towel. Flo knealt between her sexy legs and pushed them far apart. He then put his nose close to her cunt lips and breathed in.

"Her pussy smells soooo good!" He grinned before starting to lick at her clit and pussy lips.

Meanwhile, I dug my tongue into her sexy pierced navel. A small pool of salty sweat had formed in her belly button from the hot day. I savoured the taste as I slowly licked the sweat from her navel. Then, I licked up her stomach 'til I came to her huge breasts.

"Hey Flo, one each." I said as I nodded towards her perfect tits.

Flo quickly joined me at her chest. He took her right breast in his mouth and sucked on it hard. I did the same to her left melon as she groaned with pleasure.

"Mmmmm, I want you two to fuck me hard right now!" She begged.

I then led on my back on the towel as Lindsay sat on my cock facing me. The feeling as it slid into her warm, moist, smelly pussy was amazing. I nearly lost control again but held on.

Lindsay then leaned right forward with me inside her as Flo knealt behind her. He then slowly eased his dick into her pussy hole aswell. This girl now had two six-inch pricks deep inside her vagina.

We then started to fuck Lindsay's brains out. Flo held on to her waist as he banged her while I held on to her massive, juicy tits.

"Your cocks feel sooooo good in my pussy! Fuck me boys!" Lindsay screamed.

A few minutes later, Linday cummed hard on our dicks. We felt her hot, salty pussy juice spill out of her and run over our balls.

"Come on, both of you cum in my mouth. I want to taste your hot spunk!" Lindsay groaned.

She let out a loud, wet pussy fart as we pulled out of her together.

We then stood up as Lindsay knealt in front of us with her mouth wide open. We the looked at the girl we had just fucked as we jerked our dicks hard and fast.

I was first to climax. I groaned loudly as hot spunk shot from the end of my cock and landed straight in Lindsay's sperm-hungry mouth. Her tongue was covered by my four big squirts of white, sticky cum.

Next Flo shot squirt after squirt of his thick cum into Lindsay's already jizz-filled mouth. Once he was fully empty, she closed her mouth around the cum. She then started swilling mine and Flo's cum around her mouth like it was mouthwash! It was so hot to watch. Our fresh cum mixed together in her mouth before she finally swallowed it in one big gulp.

"You guys have the best spunk ever! I could swallow your tasty cum again and again." Lindsay smiled as she started to put her bikini back on.

I and Flo took it in turns to kiss Lindsay goodbye and then we left her to carry on with her sun-bathing.

"Did that really just happen?" I asked.

"Sure did," Flo replied. "I can still smell her pussy juice on our dicks!"

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