Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 13


"Let me sit on the couch."

"Sure," Penny responded and moved with me until I was seated. "You want to cum in my mouth?"

"God, yes," I agreed wholeheartedly. I was more than ready for it.

"I want to taste you," Penny said.


"Just promise me you'll fuck me silly afterward."

"More than that," I claimed.

"Oh...that sounds interesting," Penny teased with a sly smile.

"I hope that tight little body is up for it," I said, joking with her.

"Bring it on, big boy," Penny replied with conviction, rising to the challenge.

Penny smiled at me before resuming her delicious attentions to my stiff cock. While we had moved and talked, a huge dollop of pre-cum had formed at the eye of my cock and threatened to roll down the side. She saw it and immediately sucked the tip of my cock. Her wonderful tongue washed over the head and carried away everything that was there. Her left hand kneaded my constricting balls as her right hand gently stroked me.

I reached out and grabbed both of her pigtails. Her eyes briefly looked at me and smiled. For the next ten minutes I'm not sure who the aggressor was. I pulled on her pigtails, forcing her to take me deep. She sucked like a newborn on my slick cock, acting like she wanted to feed upon my seed. In my current state, it didn't take long until I was ready to furnish her a huge load of cum.

"Here it comes," I yelled as warning. Not having cum in days and being frustrated, I knew it would be big. I felt I needed to tell her. "Get ready."

"Umm," was all Penny could moan as I continued to use her pigtails to pull her onto my cock.

"Shit!" I bellowed.

The first blast was indeed huge. It immediately filled the inside of her mouth, like water spurting out of a garden hose. She was an experienced fellatrix though, and swallowed fast to prepare for the next blast. It came with equal force and mass. Penny gulped and I heard a minor gag, but she stayed right with me. The frown of exertion on her pretty face added to the sexuality of the moment. She seemed hell-bent on not losing a drop; whether for her or me, I wasn't sure.

She managed to swallow again and from that point she was in complete control. The bliss was incredible and I couldn't take my eyes from her face as she sucked me dry, sucking and licking the spewing head. The pleasure of her blowjob was so magnificent I felt a wave of complete contentment wash over me as my powerful climax began to wane.

When I felt the delightful spasms in my cock finally end, I concentrated again on Penny's flicking tongue. She teased me with it until she was sure she had every drop in her sucking mouth. I was beginning to squirm a little in my seat when she finally backed off my cock. She sat back with her mouth closed, but her eyes were smiling.

"That was stupendous," I lauded her. "You are superb."

The corners of her mouth smiled and she opened her mouth to show me her prize. Despite swallowing several times, she still had a good amount of my sperm pooled in a white wash on her tongue. She teased the viscous fluid around as if deciding what to do with it. Then suddenly, the decision made, it was gone with the rest down to her tummy.

"Yum," Penny stated with a cute giggle.

"You're amazing," I praised.

"Thanks. Boy, that was a lot. You saving it up for some reason?"

"For you."

"Well, thanks."

"You're welcome. Now get that fabulous body on the couch," I commanded.

"Yes, sir."

Penny moved quickly to lie down, maneuvering her legs around me. I think she sensed that I had returning the favor in mind, and having experienced my pussy-eating before, she was more than anxious. I didn't want to disappoint her, either. After that magnificent blowjob, I wanted to suck and lick her to several good juicy orgasms, too.

I leaned over her as best I could with the space restrictions for my huge body on the small couch. Pushing Penny's legs a little more apart, I looked at her shaved pink gash. Like Monica, as a redhead, Penny was beautifully pink over her whole sex. She glistened wet in the lights of the garage ceiling. She had a beautiful pussy and I couldn't wait to eat her tight little hole.

I glanced up at Penny and she looked at me, wanting me to begin. Her face gave away her desire and I had to smile at her. She noticed and smiled back.

"Oh, god...I'm so ready for you to do me. Use those big fingers again, please."

"Get ready to cum repeatedly," I teased.

"I'm ready." she said, smiling.

I started slowly, and deliberately teased her by just kissing around her labia and licking her moist skin. Her pussy smelled of musk and strawberries, which seemed fitting given the deep pink, near redness of her striking cunt. My lips and teeth pulled at her outer lips and then moved in. I sucked her tender petals and licked into her delicious slit. Her taste was intoxicating and I pressed my tongue deeper.

"Yes...oh...suck me, Davey. Suck my pussy."

Using my fingers, I peeled back Penny's labia to expose her inner core. A small pool of her nectar collected in her deepest recesses, inviting my tongue. I bore my tongue down to gather her juice and probe her cuntal channel. Penny moaned as I wiggled my tongue and lapped at her sensitive skin. My fingers opened her more and exposed her little button. I squeezed the hood around it and she bucked up into my sucking face.

" good," Penny gasped. "Oh, you do me so well."

Knowing what she wanted most, I moistened my forefinger in the collection of her wetness and my saliva. I slipped it slowly into her and she gasped anew. I sought and found her g-spot and teased around it. Penny gasped and squirmed her tight ass on the couch. Her legs tried to force more of her pussy into my face.

"Shit...oh, god...I love your fingers in me. Fuck me with them," Penny groaned.

I complied with her wishes and used my finger like a long thin cock to fuck her and touch areas inside her that drove her nuts. She was straining with her legs to push against me and I knew she was seeking her first orgasm. I wanted to give it to her and moved my mouth to engulf her clit. When I sucked it into my mouth, Penny moaned loudly and bucked against me.

"Fuck...make me cum, Davey. Oh, god...I'm almost there."

My next move was to slip a second finger into Penny as I licked her tiny little nub and sucked the skin around it. She strained against me, wanting more and at the same time it almost seemed like she was trying to escape the onslaught. My fingers rubbed against her rough g-spot causing her to buck harder.

"Don't stop," Penny howled. "Make me cum!"

My attack was too much for her tortured pussy. She exploded seconds later and the flood was incredible. She didn't spurt like I'd seen with Anna, but she came hard. My tongue dropped from her sensitive clit to her juicy cunt and I licked her syrup into my mouth. My fingers worked in the wet pool of her pussy. The fingers of my other hand lightly rubbed over her clit.

"Good, good," Penny gasped.

Her climax slowed and her legs eventually gave out and collapsed to the couch. Some wetness ran off her cute butt and wet the couch beneath her. She slumped quietly while I continued to lick her moist hole. I stayed away from her clit now to give her time to recover. I wanted one more taste of her cum, but needed to wait for her to come around.

I slowly pulled my fingers from within her. Sitting back as best I could on the small couch, I looked for something to wipe or protect the couch. My boxers were the closest so I used them. Penny's eyes had been closed during her orgasm, but now they opened and looked at me. She had beautiful blue eyes.

"God, I love the way you eat me."

"That's good because I'm not done," I claimed.

"You're great and I could easily take that again, but what I really want is to get that monster inside me. Can you just fuck me now?"

"Certainly," I agreed without too much reservation. Fucking Penny had always been a treat worth repeating often.

With my boxers under her butt, I crawled on top of her. She kissed my chest as I positioned myself over her tiny body. My cock was ready for action again after the thrill of sucking her pussy. Penny reached out her hands to guide me into her ready hole. Spread open recently by my own two fingers, the head slipped inside with little effort. Another quick thrust and my girth forced open her expanding tunnel.

"Oh, god," Penny moaned. "I love your cock."

"Such a sweet tight pussy," I replied.

Another push or two and I found the near bottom of Penny's gripping sheath. She moaned aloud as I began to withdraw and push back in. I moved slowly to give her time to accept me and to bring her along teasingly slow. Penny held on to my hips as I drove into her, her butt bouncing on the couch with my thrusts as she fucked back into me.

"So good," Penny groaned. "Fuck the shit out of me, please."

Despite Penny's desires I was in no hurry to finish fucking her. If I couldn't get her off twice with my mouth, I decided I'd drive her up a wall several times with my dick. I didn't have to wait long for the first; a little more speed and some nice deep strokes brought on a mini-cum.

"Cumming," Penny gasped.

For the next ten minutes, Penny had a series of mini-orgasms as I managed to keep my dick from succumbing to the pleasurable sensations of her clinging cunt. Slowly, I increased the pace at which I fucked her. She rode with me like a dance partner wanting to achieve the perfect ending. The noise of our slapping hips echoed throughout the loft of the garage as I pounded her into the couch. Sweat formed on both our bodies as we turned this fuck section into a marathon. My big body dwarfed Penny's and had her firm tits jiggling as her body absorbed my thrusts.

My balls were ready for the final act. The look on Penny's face said the same. Her breathing was as heavy as mine as we both neared our climaxes. I could feel Penny's nails digging into my sides. My legs began to ache as I fucked her pussy and my tiring arms tried to hold me over her to keep from smothering her into the couch. Penny got to the pinnacle first.

"Oh, shit...fuck me, Davey. I'm cumming."

Penny began trembling under me as I felt the increased wetness in her pussy. She gasped as her orgasm consumed her. She strained to push off the couch against me. I pounded away at her cunt, feeling my impending climax ready to blow like a volcano. Penny's snatch clamped down hard, but couldn't stop my driving cock.

"Argh," Penny groaned.

"Fuck," I shouted as my cum hit.

The first explosion of my cum felt like liquid heat to me, in the depths of Penny's vagina. My juices combined with hers as we both exploded with bliss. I groaned with each satisfying bolt of my cum into Penny. She started to come down as her big orgasm finally waned. I lasted slightly longer and stayed in her until the final little pulse of my cock leaked more cum in her.

My legs and arms ached and I had to get off the couch to keep from crushing her. I slowly pulled out of her and moved to kneel on the floor beside the couch. As I moved, Penny's eyes finally opened. I glanced from her face to her pink sweaty body and down to her splayed legs. Her cunt looked bright red and soaked. Cum leaked from her in a stream as I watched.

"God, you fucked the shit out of me, just like I asked," Penny remarked.

"You pull the best out of me," I admitted to her.

The stream from her pussy slowed, but not before a good puddle covered my boxers just under her ass. Penny went to sit up and I grabbed the boxers to keep the cum from running off onto the couch. I balled them together and dropped them on the coffee table behind me.

"I feel like a mess," Penny said. "I think you came a bucket's worth in me."

More leaked from her as she sat up against the arm of the couch. "Oh, shit," she said, cupping her leaking gash.

"I'll get you something," I offered, rising to get the tissues by the refrigerator.

I handed some to Penny and she cleaned herself while I wiped off my cock and balls. I was soaked and it took several tissues. Penny got up holding the tissues to her vagina and grabbed a few more. She wiped down her stomach and over her body, drying her skin. I did the same with more and emptied the tissue box. 'I'll have to replace the box for Anna,' I thought.

Penny and I had the last of the beers I'd brought. The cold beer tasted great after the effort we'd put into fucking each other. We put on our shorts so we could sit on the couch again, but we both stayed topless so we could cool off.

As we talked, I couldn't help but look at her sweet tits. Her skin was still pinkish from the exertion and the contact of our bodies. I hadn't even kissed or sucked on those cuties. That was a mistake I now wished I'd thought about.

Noticing my eyes, Penny said, "You must like my boobs, you can't take your eyes off them."

"I just realized I didn't pay them the attention they deserve."

"That's right. They do feel left out," Penny admitted, but with a smile.

"Slide over here," I suggested.


Penny sat sideways on the couch and smiled as I reached for them. Her nipples were not as distended as before, but they still poked out wonderfully. I touched one and pulled it with my fingers. Penny moaned.

"God, you're going to get me going again if you keep this up."

"I better not." I admitted. "I think my cock's had enough for now."

"Shame," Penny admitted. "I'd keep taking for as long as you're able to keep offering."

After a few more minutes of teasing Penny's nipples and massaging her tits, I sadly quit. We talked about easy things while we finished our beers. We were just getting ready to go when we heard noise in the driveway and then in the garage. It seemed early for Anna to be home, so we dressed quickly, thinking that it might be someone else.

We just finished straightening up when Anna walked in the door. Both Penny and I looked up to say hello, but stopped dead in our tracks. Anna looked terrible. Her hair was a mess and she looked like she'd been abused by a football team.

"What happened?" Penny was the first to ask, startled.

"Are you alright?" I followed up.

"Never again," Anna exclaimed. "I'll never do that again."

"Are you hurt?" Penny added.

"Yes, but mostly mentally. There were just too many of them and they got too drunk," she said weakly. "We'd told them only sucking and fucking, but, a group of them got together and held us down and fucked us anally. I gave in quickly when they held my arms and pinned my head down on the floor. Cheryl didn't give in as easily, though, and they tore her bad back there. She could hardly walk out to the cars. Some of the nice guys helped us get outta there, but not until several of them had taken us."

"Oh, my god. Who were they? I'll get some guys and go after them," I exclaimed, mad as hell.

"'t do that. I'll be alright, but I'm through with bachelor parties."

"Oh, you poor thing," Penny said. "I told you those things could get out of hand."

"I were right, but we didn't think there'd be this many guys. I think they had more show up than they planned. There must have been 40 or more guys there."

"Geez," I gasped.

"Will Cheryl be ok?" Penny asked.

"I think so, but they fucked her up pretty good. She never liked anal, anyway. I don't think she'd done it much. She screamed bloody murder with the first guy. They were rough, too, but I just relaxed and took it."

"How many?" I asked.

"At least six or seven each. I lost track pretty much after the first four or so."

"You sure you don't want me to do anything..."

"No...I'd just like to forget it," Anna said.

Penny hugged her and helped her to sit gingerly. I wasn't sure what to do and just stood there feeling sorry for Anna and mad as hell at those guys. I wanted revenge and couldn't understand why she didn't, too.

"Dave, let me take care of Annie. Why don't you just go," Penny declared.

"But...," I began to protest.

"Please David. I don't want you to see me like this, really," Anna pleaded.

"Ok...if that's what you want."

"Yes, please. Penny can stay with me."

"Ok...but I'd still like to hurt someone if you change your mind."

"I won't, but thanks. I appreciate your support."

"Bastards," I said and left with a kiss to Anna's forehead.

She smiled at me, but didn't say anything. Penny wiped her tangled hair from her face and soothed her with a gentle touch. I looked back at them until I was fairly far down the steps. I could see Penny talking to her quietly.

I felt very sorry for Anna as I walked back home. I wished I could do something to make her feel better. The whole thing really put a damper on the wild great sex Penny and I had had just before Anna showed. I didn't know this Cheryl, but I felt sorry for her, too. Sure, I didn't like Anna doing these bachelor parties in the first place, but I didn't blame her or think she deserved something like this. I hoped she meant what she said about never again.

A shower felt great and I washed the sweat and sex from my body. I stayed under the hot water longer than necessary just because it was so nice. After a small snack and a little TV with Darci, I was ready for bed.

Sunday was uneventful. I watched pre-season football with my dad most of the day. My mom made a great meal for dinner since I'd be leaving for school the next day. Occasionally, I'd glance outside hoping to see Anna entering the garage. I wanted to see her before I left, but after yesterday I doubted that would happen. I didn't have the gumption to call her.

I wanted to take my car to school. My parents were cool with it, knowing I'd want to come home or to Philly fairly often to see Megan, but they also wanted to go with me to Cornell the first time. I told them they didn't need to, but I could tell they wanted to so I easily gave in.

Darci even came and drove with me the next day. It took a couple hours to get there. We followed a campus map to my dorm, with Darci giving directions. It was an old building and my room was on the second floor. Since I had three additional people helping it didn't take long to unload my things. I was there first and chose the inside bunk away from the window; my mother advised me that in these old buildings the windows probably leaked cold air a lot in the winter.

Just as we finished up, my roommate and his family showed up. He was from York, Pennsylvania and seemed cool. We stayed just long enough to make introductions all around. My dad offered to help them unpack, but they thought they had it covered. We left them to their privacy and went out for something to eat. It was a fun dinner in downtown Ithaca and everyone had a good time. Darci claimed my roommate was cute.

My family left soon after dinner to head back home. I had to park my car in a lot fairly far from my dorm, which wasn't cool, but there was limited parking near the dorm building itself. I got a chance to check out the campus on my walk back. I passed several cute women on the walk and even said hi to two different sets of two girls.

The rest of the evening was spent talking to my new roommate, Chris. I told him about Megan at Penn and learned he had a girlfriend back home going to a local county college. He had a picture of Jennifer, his girlfriend, and she was very cute. I didn't have one of Megan and decided I needed to change that the first chance I got. I couldn't believe I'd never even taken a cellphone picture of her. I decided to send her a text that I wanted a picture of her.

She texted back right away, "You thinking of me?"

"Always," I replied.

" too. I'll send you one soon, but I need one from you too," the text said.

It was really great to talk to Chris. He was a good listener and over the next week I ended up telling him all about my wild summer. He was amazed and couldn't come close to matching my stories. He'd been dating Jennifer since junior year in high school. He was very committed to the relationship and wouldn't ever think of cheating on her. That got me thinking about my night with Penny. Could I be as loyal to Megan?

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