tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCrazy Uncle Ed Ch. 03

Crazy Uncle Ed Ch. 03


I really should have been doing something work related but instead I was searching Uncle Ed's private files for files on Sara, Jim, Chyna and Chloe. Like I said searching for files, I found huge directories. Additionally, I found directories with movies and files on most of my top executives, some very incriminating. And those were found in the first ten minutes of being downstairs.

Fifteen minutes later Chyna comes down with breakfast. I feed her off my plate and as always am enamored when she eats out of my hand and licks my fingers. As usual the food was outstanding but there is something that I need. "Chyna, like I said I have a lot to do today, and I can't allow myself to be distracted by you. So what you are going to do is position yourself at my 7 and kneel or sit there until called."

"Master, your 7? What is that?"

"Ok look, straight ahead of me is my 12, directly behind is my 6, so 7 is over here about to my left, slightly behind. Understand?"

"Yes Daddy," she says as she assumes her appointed position.

Hmmmm, that reminds me. I am pretty sure that Ed installed this capability, why else install a dedicated T1 from the house to the office ... I grab the remote and turn to the closed circuit TV that is in the house. The house has a direct link to this office so I should be able to ... yep there is the dungeon. I fiddle with it for about ten minutes trying to get the sound to work when Chyna says, "Master, may I?"

Turning around, I hand Chyna the remote and am surprised as she adeptly manipulates the remote and TV. Suddenly sound starts coming out of the speakers. I am impressed. Chyna puts the remote down and resumes her station.

I spent most of the morning reading Eds files, most of my earlier conclusions were right on. One that was drastically different is that Ed had not had Chyna's tubes tied, he had harvested all of her eggs and put them in storage. Wow. I make a note to find out where. At some point I snapped my fingers and brought Chyna closer and just ran my hand through her hair. She wouldn't do so well as a queen, but I could easily see her as a pet.

"Master, may I prepare your lunch," surprised I looked at the clock and realized that it was nearing noon. I quickly dismissed Chyna to her chores.

It seems that Uncle Ed had offered her to some, and coerced or outright blackmailed others. It seems the rape house was wired to the hilt with cameras and audio and when Chyna was younger and not quite as compliant as she is now, he had video taped people taking her and used that as a hold over them. I knew some of my managers were scum bags, now I had proof, and thoughts were starting to filter into my head about how to switch Chyna's and Chloe's roles.

I review what I had learned throughout the morning. Chyna's eggs were harvested and stored at a facility not far from here. I found the records of the facility that had conducted the procedure. In the same medical folder I had found the unfiled records of Chloe's birth. Ed had a ton of videos of people with Chyna, Sara and Jim, rapes, bondage and giving themselves somewhat freely. None of Chloe nor did I expect any. And curiously none yet of them together, I didn't expect to find any of those either.

My thoughts were interrupted by Chyna with lunch. I cancelled her afternoon workout session and sent her back upstairs to prepare some clothes to be used later while I ate lunch and contemplated my next move.

I say contemplated even though I knew what I was going to do. Chyna was going home with me tonight to be my pleasure slave. And Chloe was going to split her time between coming here to be the new company toy and the rape house. I really should turn the tapes over to the police as Sara was still alive but I had other plans to right that wrong.

I take note of Chyna returning from her tasks and resuming her position. I snap my fingers to bring her right next to my desk and begin to run my hands through her hair. She purrs so sweetly I know that I am going to have her again very very soon. But instead of taking her immediately I think of the evil that was my Uncle Ed. Her purring angers me more and more. A weariness descends over me. A weariness that comes from having all of your fears confirmed as reality.

As I contemplate my uncles evil, I became supremely pissed off and without thinking, tightened my hold on Chyna's head. Grabbing a fistful of hair I yell at her "come up here you damn slut", yank her to her feet and bend her over the desk with such violence that I slam her head into the desk. I rear up behind her and begin to savagely spank her. Her cries are answered by my grunts. No warm up, no lead in, I just beat her ass until she is sobbing tears.

I take out my dick, hard as a rock, and pause only to push her legs apart before I begin to savagely fuck her like the slut she was bred to be. Talking almost to myself I order her to open her legs and to shut the fuck up. Her cries can be equally attributed to the spanking, the vicious fucking, the pain of having her thighs repeatedly slammed into the desk and my hold on her hair pulling her back as I slam into her. One hand remains on her head with a handful of hair, while I guide her and steady myself with the other one. I took my time and extracted every bit of pleasure from her lovely brown ass that was there for the taking. This wasn't like this morning where I wanted her to enjoy the sex, this was about me enjoying a slut and I continued to ride her until I came.

Exhausted I let my dick shrink inside of her until I collapse back into the chair, but not before warning her not to move a muscle until I order it. I sit back and recover and marvel at the site of her black ass and pink pussy dripping with my cum. The smell of sex is thick in the air, her knees are visibly shaking and she is softly wimpering. Before long I order her to her knees and to clean me off. Like the sex slave that she is, she not only cleans off my dick but after she is done, she stays on her knees with my now soft dick in her mouth. Her pretty tear streaked eyes vacant, focused on my crotch. I just sit back in the chair, close my eyes and almost wish that I will awake from this and find myself back in a war zone.


Finally after I don't know how long I snap my fingers and wave her to go back to her position. As she resumes her position, I snap my fingers again and bring her back. "You stay near me for the rest of the day, you understand".

"yes Daddy," she says with an emotion that I can not quite place.

"What am I missing Chyna," I idly ask. The good slut thinks that I am talking to no one in particular, and doesn't answer.

"Slut, answer me," I prompt with my hand popping her not gently on the head.


I slap the back of her head again and say, "Daddy or Master, no deviations." *sigh*, what the fuck I think to myself. My eyes wander to the tv where Sara is teasing Chloe again and I start to wonder what else is on. I start scanning the "channels".

"I'm sorry Daddy," she whimpers.

Wow, this was beyond all expectations, the dungeon, the rape house, the kennel. All the rooms on the main floor of the house. Curiously I did not see the main bedroom. There was one that I didn't quite recognize it and I scrolled back to it. It looked like the kennel, but not and much bigger and elaborate. "Chyna, which structure is this?"

"Master? That is the barn."

Shit. With everything else I had forgotten to go see what was in the barn, "What is this used for?"

"Master? Those are the boarding stables."

"What? stables?" Shit. I had seen entries in Ed private calendar, that I didn't recognize, and again stupidly ignored them.

"Is there anyone being boarded there now?"

"Ummmm, Master may I?" I am startled for another second and then realize that she is asking for the remote. I watch as she drops to a submenu then scans through the rooms in the barn. "It does not look like it Master. All the rooms are empty, Master."

I breathe a sigh of relief before bringing the calendar back up and looking for future appointments. Chyna asks, "master may I?"

Shocked once again I think that she wants to use the computer and back up when she offers, "I don't think that my previous Master got around to actually putting anyone in the stables. I don't know for sure, the stables were just completed recently."

"Chyna, you are a lifesaver," I said as I breathed another sigh of relief. "Are your clothes ready?"

"Master, yes, but can you inspect them for me, I just... I just don't want to embarrass you."

I didn't respond at first, I just looked her over. I noticed her thighs are bruising from the assault that I just mounted on her, and her forehead is getting red from where I bounced it on the desk. Yet she was pushing past it and helping me with figuring out the stables. I thought, "this is a good and damn well trained slave". She saw me staring and said nothing. Then I said nearly the same thing, "Chyna, look at me."

She turned focused her pretty eyes on me and said softly "Yes Master?"

"You are one beautiful, sexy and highly loyal slave. You are very much appreciated. It may not seem like it, but I very much enjoy you being here."

"Thank you Master," she said as a tear slipped from her eye.

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