Crime & Punishment 2023 - Coming Soon

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1st annual event - enter your crime drama, thriller, mystery & more!
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The First Annual
Crime and Punishment Story Event

Here's the full scoop from event creator and organizer soflabbwlvr:

We all enjoy a good heist story, a murder mystery, a detective novel, a courtroom drama, police procedural, or even a prison romance. Throw in a healthy dose of eroticism and you have the First Ever Literotica Author's Crime and Punishment Story Event. Bust out your best femme fatale, your hard-drinking detective, your beleaguered public defender, your hit man, enforcer, silver-tongued con artist, drug lord, mafioso, pickpocket or prison yard enforcer and turn them loose on the Literotica Readership.

This event is open to all Literotica authors, whether you it's your story or five thousandth.

Crime and Punishment Story Event Info

Open to all authors provided they read and understand the concept.
organizer: soflabbwlvr
submit your story: September 1st-18th 2023
challenge date: final anthology list posted on September 25th

Rules & Guidelines

• All categories are open. The only requirement is that the story must involve a crime, whether it is the planning, commission, investigation, prosecution, or punishment. The only caveat is that while incest and non-consent stories often describe events which would be considered criminal in some jurisdictions, they do not qualify for this event. In other words, a story with incestuous sibling would not qualify, but a story where incestuous siblings commit a bank robbery would qualify.

• Submit your story between September 1 and September 18, 2023.

• Author must include the phrase "CRIME AND PUNISHMENT 2023" in the "Notes" field of the submission. We recommend that you COPY & PASTE it into the NOTES field to avoid typos.

• Please use "CRIME AND PUNISHMENT 2023" as a story tag.

Please see the Crime and Punishment Story Event - Official Support Thread if you have questions, need clarification, or just want to discuss the event with the participating authors.

If you've got an idea for a themed writing challenge, feel free to contact us anytime! We're open to anyone organizing a new event.

And if you're looking for a fun way to stretch your skills, check out our list of current author-organized challenges!

From all at Literotica a big thank-you to the readers who have supported the site and the writers by way of views, votes and comments.

And a big thank-you to soflabbwlvr for creating and organizing the Crime and Punishment event!!

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