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Crimes Committed


"It was the perfect crime," Harry imagined hearing as he sat on the carpeted floor in a partially concealed corner of an unused gate in a declining regional airport. He pictured the report on the blank TV screen as the imaginary reporter discussed the crime. Harry paused, wondering if it really was a crime, but spying an attractive woman bending over her carry-on bag, completely unaware of what she was showing him, he decided, "Yes, it was a truly heinous crime."

The weather outside aided him in his crime as the long overcoat he folded casually over his lap covered all but the most intense of actions beneath. Remembering how the many reporters on TV recommended that travelers be well prepared for their trip, Harry smiled, running through his check list. 1.) Overcoat, 2.) Pants with an elastic waistband, 3.) No underwear and 4.) Tissue or toilet paper. Yes, he was well prepared.

Of course he also made sure he had his glasses, along with something to keep them sufficiently clean. From there, he could simply relax and watch the nearly infinite variation of the female form do the most interesting things for his pleasure. It was amazing where these women could take Harry and his imagination.

The woman grabbing a bottle of water from her carry on bag was suddenly taken from behind as he tossed her skirt up over her hips, pulled her panties to one side and pressed his cock to her soft lips. She'd moan a bit as he pressed into her, but after a few quick half-penetrations, he'd be fully lubed with her juices and shove himself deep inside her. She would be quick, they always were quick when presented with something so unexpected and yet so wonderful.

He could look down, peeking down between the soft round globes of her ass, over the tightly puckered hole down to the soft hairy lips that pursed out as he withdrew and opened so eagerly to his thrusts. His cock glistened as she began shoving herself back onto him, taking him as deeply as he could give it to her until she would groan loudly and come. The wonderful pulsations he felt as her pussy contracted around him was all the thanks he needed as he'd then slip back to the empty gate and his private corner.

If he paced himself properly, he could take four or five women in an hour, carefully conserving his energy so he could spread his gift around. Like the large breasted woman with the too short skirt loudly clicking her high heels as she feels herself undressed by the married man completely ignoring his wife's conversation. Harry could follow that one by sound along, her heels clicking first on the terrazzo walkways onto the damp ceramic tiles in the ladies room.

Spinning her to face him, he'd lift her up onto the laminate counter, reach up under her skirt and slide down her pantyhose. He'd then grab her hips, pull her out to the edge of the counter and work his cock into her pussy. It would take a few moments for her to open fully to him, but he'd relent until he could fully penetrate her. Only then would he reach to her blouse, quickly unbutton it and then lift her bra to let those wonderful beauties flop into his palms.

By the time they would finish, he'd feel the woman's legs wrap around his waist as he listened to the wet slapping of pussy lips against his pubis. Always in control, he'd remain fully hard as she'd whimper in ecstasy, her pussy squeezing his cock again and again. Slipping out of her, he'd lean over, gently bite one of her nipples and then ease his cock back under the elastic band of his pants and then simply walk away, leaving her still trembling.

But wait, perhaps this time he didn't get away with it. He froze as he saw a woman entering the empty gate. She stared directly at him as she walked intently across the multicolored carpeting taking a seat just a few feet away from him. Glaring at him with an intensity that was frightening, Harry watched as she covered her lap with her coat and then slipped her hand beneath it, obviously under the elastic waistband of her pants.

In complete shock, he watched as she opened her legs a bit and then her jacket began to move rhythmically. Without moving her eyes from him, Harry felt her undress him, shove him back onto the floor and lower herself onto his throbbing cock. He tried to roll from under her, but she was too strong, holding him firm as her wet pussy enveloped him. All he could do was watch her pussy devour his erection as she coated him in her warm, glistening juices.

Her fingers pulled his shirt open and she pinched his nipples, first gently, but as she moved up and down on him, she pinched them harder and harder. Harry could feel the sensation tingling in his balls and before he could do anything more, he was overcome with the pleasure. He arched his back and came, spurting his cum deep inside her...

Damn, he wasn't ready with the toilet paper and he watched as the wet spot in his pants grew larger and larger. He tried to wipe it up, but it was too late, the embarrassing damp stain was huge, covering his crotch and part of his left thigh. He quickly covered the stain with his jacket and then looked over at the woman. She merely smiled as she stood up and walked away. All Harry could do was whisper to himself, "It was the perfect crime, yes, a truly heinous one."

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