tagInterracial LoveCrossed Wires...Crossed Boundaries Ch. 2

Crossed Wires...Crossed Boundaries Ch. 2

byStardog Champion©

Sometime during Barbara Walters' incessant babbling during the episode of 20/20 she was halfheartedly watching and the start of the 11 o'clock news, Tina Ingle had dozed off with a half eaten bowl of popcorn resting periously on her lap.

Around 45 minutes into her impromptu nap, Tina was stirred awake by the sounds of voices in the condo's front yard. Opening her bleary eyes slowly, Tina sat the bowl of tettering popcorn on the coffee table and had to spend a moment or two to remind herself where exactly she was, feeling the usual sense of displacment one feels when one wakes up in a strange place for the very first time.

"Ought to drag your behind up to bed," Tina yawned before hearing the same group of voices that had originally woke her moments earlier.

"Damn Drunks," Tina cringed as she dragged her bare feet across the floor, hearing the sounds of who she thought were the next door neighbors yelling back and forth outside. "Guess you better get use to it girl if your gonna be going off to college in a few weeks."

Getting to the foot of the steps, Tina looked over her shoulder at the front door as the intensity of the voices outside continued to escalate.

"Why don't you at least steal a peek outside to see what our neighbors for the weekend look like before you drag yourself upstairs," Tina convinced herself.

Turning away from the stairs, Tina made a staggering beeline towards the front of the condo, before easing up behind the curtain so she could pull it back slightly and see what was going on in the front yard.

Carefully nudging aside the curtain to steal a glance outside, Tina instantly saw that it wasn't the neighbors that had been causing the fuss after all.

"That's Malik," Tina mouthed, seeing the youngest of the two Caldwells standing on the bottom step of the front porch, arguing with an rather animated young girl.

The woman seemed to be about the same age as Tina and Malik, 18 or 19, and it was obvious from the skanked up way she was dressed that Malik had met her at one of the beachside bars. Even in the dim light, Tina could tell the girl had dressed herself up to look like one of the way too many Jennifer Lopez wannabees that dominated the nightlife of seemingly every town in America.

>From the gyst of what Tina could discern from the conversation, she had correctly guessed that the girl had originally agreed to take Malik up on his invitation to come back to his place from the club, but once the girl had arrived, she had suddenly developed cold feet and wanted Malik to take her back to her friends at the club.

Malik was in the process of alternatly trying to convince the girl that he had lured that far to make the final short walk inside with him and then calling her a "Bitch" and a "Dicktease" when she again rebuked his advances.

Tina felt an internal twinge of voyeuristic guilt as she watched that cycle play out several more times before the girl finally flashed her middle finger at Malik and told him to "FUCK OFF!!"

Tina's eyes widened and her heart began to race inside her chest as the heated dialouge outside boiled over.

"FUCK YOU TOO," Malik immediatly yelled back, grabbing his crotch obscenely and gesturing towards the young girl as she turned and tried the best she could to hurry away drunkenly on her high heels. "Yeah Bitch..go back to that bar...you aint gonna find anything as good as this when you get there!"

Quickly scooting her still half asleep feet away from the window and into the kitchen when she saw Malik turn to walk up the stairs and into the house, Tina took several deep breaths as she poured herself a glass of water to relieve her suddenly parched throat.

Right in the middle of the first sip, Tina's entire body was jolted by the sound of Malik frustratingly slamming the front door shut before he walked by the kitchen's entrance and disappeared into the living room.

"Maybe I can just slip by him...go upstairs and go to bed," Tina cringed to herself as she tightly squeezed the glass in her hand.

Walking like a tentative child out of the kitchen, Tina tried her best to tiptoe her way towards the stairs before Malik's icey hot stare caught her at the bottom step.

"You still up?" he asked from the sofa.

"Y..Ye..Yeah...," Tina stuttered nervously. "I was just about to head up to sleep though...Me and Mom want to get an early start tomorrow...I left some popcorn there on the coffe table if you want."

"Thanks," Malik sighed blankly to Tina's peace offering. "Has Dad gone to bed already?"

"Yeah..I think so," Tina replied, her right foot still perched on the bottom step. "He went upstairs a few minutes after I got back from getting a couple of things at the grociery store...said he wanted to get a good nights sleep for your fishing charter in the morning."

"Anything on TV?" Malik asked, before shoving a handfull of popcorn into his mouth.

"No...I don't think so..they dont even get cable here..just the local antenna stations," Tina answered, trying her best not to sound as flustered as she felt.

"Well..I guess I'll be.....," Tina started before she noticed her opened purse was sitting on the floor, at the far end of the sofa.

Before she knew it, Tina felt something deeply engrained within her pysche click and an overwhelming need to retrieve her belongings before she went to bed crept into her conscience.

"I don't think he'd steal anything out of it," Tina's rational sensabilities told her eventhough her bare feet were already skimming across the floor, over to the far side of the couch to scoop up her things.

"Excuse me," Tina politly mumbled as she briefly blocked Malik's view of the televison.

Taking a quick seat on the opposite end of the sofa from Malik, Tina could immediatly feel the vibes of frustration still exuding from the 18 year old boy's pores as she made sure everything she needed was inside her purse.

Malik stole several glances to his left as Tina sat there, watching with lurid curiousity at her tanned thighs tightly pressed together as she riffled through her possessions.

There was twinkle of clear understanding in Malik's eyes, knowing full well what Tina Ingle was up to. Eighteen years of being a black person in the South had fully prepared Malik for what he was witnessing.

"I still wouldn't mind fucking her though," he laughed to himself, despite his growing annoyance.

"So..you're gonna start college this Fall huh," Malik casually asked, still sizing up the unsuspecting girl to his left as he tried to engage her in conversation.

"Yeah...yeah..the University of Georgia...in Athens, "Tina mumbled, still trying to inventory the contents of her purse.

"I know where it is Tina..I've lived in Georgia my whole life....Hopefully about a year from now I'll be headed the same way," Malik said, tongue in cheek.

"We're both 18," Tina remarked feeling the inherant need to say something in kind." Did you start school a year late?"

"No..it wasn't that," Malik replied, not taking question personally. "Its a long story.....So...Is that where your boyfriend goes to school..Georgia?"

"No...he goes to school down in Atlanta...Georgia State," Tina answered back, feeling a tinge of uneasiness as to where the conversation was headed.

"Oh," Malik simply added. "So...do you plan on doing a lot of partying your Freshman year?"

"I guess," Tina tentativly replied. "Dont know how much I can get away with though..Mom and Dad came down pretty tough on my two older sisters when they got into trouble their first years...I've probably got a pretty short leash."

Her fidgety vibe put at ease slightly after a few minutes worth of mundane small talk with Malik, Tina began scooting her hips forward on the couch, trying to lift up her tired weight so she could drag herself up to bed.

Before she could raise herself to her feet however, Tina's extremities went completly numb when she inadvertantly stole a glance to her right and saw the way Malik was lazily tapping and pawing at his crotch through his baggy demin jeans.

"EW....That's ....disgusting," Tina groaned to herself, feeling her stomach turn from Malik's crass gesture.

"That's just what guys do Tina," She rationally scolded herself. "Baseball players do it all the time on national TV..Guy's are just crude like that."

Still, Tina was so stunned and repulsed by the accidental glance, her behind continued to stay perched on the edge of the sofa.

Eventhough he didn't outwardly say anything, or even show he knew what had grappled Tina's attention, Malik felt his insides tingle as he leaned back confidentally in his seat.

"Remember what Dad said..there are plenty of other places on the beach to get some pussy this weekend," Malik's inner voice distantly scolded as he delighted in the way Tina was squirming on the far end of the sofa. "But the Bitch is checking me out when I'm not looking....I just know it...and the way my balls are burning...I've got to bust a nut."

Malik thought for a moment of going upstairs to the privacy of the bathroom to relieve the pressure that was building inside of his inflamed genitals but he decided instead to sit on the sofa for a little while longer and allow his growing lust to blossom further.

Catching Tina's peeking stare once more out of the corner of his eye, Malik smirked ever so slightly, knowing she would turn away before he could catch her in the act. The whole time the game of "cat and mouse" was going on however, Malik could feel his cock hardening substancially inside his pants.

"You said you were getting ready to go to bed," Malik smiled casually, reminding the teenage girl to his left, in a roundabout way, that she was still sitting on the sofa beside him.

"...Yeah..I'd better," Tina mumbled, still unable to motivate her locked knees to stand up.

Silence filled the living room for several moments as each stared blankly at the Drew Carey re-run on television. Malik sat in his reclined position on one end of the couch, his right hand still resting lazily on top of his now bulging crotch while Tina stayed on her side, crouched restlessly and ringing her hands together, with her purse still on her lap, as she tried to muster the fortitude to stand up, rush past Malik and head to the safety of her upstairs bedroom.

Clearly sensing the vibe of fear and intrigue exuding from Tina's pores, Malik gradually flexed out his fingers until he was able to palm his entire crotch in his hand. Massaging his manhood through his pants, Malik rolled and prodded his growing girth until its entire cylinder shaped mass was outlined against his right thigh.

Tilting his face towards Tina, Malik was finally able to lock eyes with the seemingly paralysed young woman. Immediatly seeing the intense way Tina's eyes focused of his throbbing, but still clothed cock, Malik rolled his tongue around his mouth before grinning wickedly and whispering, "I thought so."

"You wanna see what it looks like ...for real....huh...the way you're staring at it Tina..it looks like your starving inside for a taste?" Malik interrogated.

No answer was forthcoming from Tina's mouth, only a slight hiccup of breath and a long and arduous gasp as she tried to fathom what she was seeing.

"I bet your boyfriend doesn't got anything quite like this...does he?" Malik taunted as he continued to roll his cock between his fingers, allowing every inch and vieny contour of it to resonate in Tina's eyes. "Look at it all you want girl..yeah..go ahead and bite your lip as hard as you can to keep from drowling...how warm are you getting inside wanting me to pull it out?"

Locking his excruciatingly hot gaze on Tina's trembling frame, the hundreds of fantasies he had stored since he entered puberty all came rushing back as he taunted Tina Ingle with the view of the rigid, clublike appendage between his legs.

Eventhough Malik had fucked quite a few of the "Wigger" white wannabe black girls that he knew from school, to actually have an honest to goodness white bread rich girl sitting opposite on the sofa from him, staring openly at his crotch as if her eyes were on the verge of popping out of their sockets, brought a fiery sense of cocksure confidence to Malik's brimming libido.

"Just sit there staring Tina..just watch me slowly rip this zipper down, fish my hand in there and pull out that big thing hiding inside," Malik softly sighed as he positioned his fingertips around the the top of his zipper.

Tina sat there in a petrified daze as Malik's wrist disappeared inside the fly of his pants.

"N..nnn..nnnooo," Tina mumbled incoherantly as she watched the black boy beside her suggestivly stir his hand inside the crotch of his jeans until his forearm tensed and a gleaming smile spread across his entire face.

"UMM..HUMMM," Malik groaned in return as he raised his right arm upwards, exposing the head and upper shaft of his 9 and a half inch cock in the dimlight of the beach house's living room.

"There it is Tina," Malik cooed soulfully, rolling his long black fingers sensuously back and forth over his removed monster, causing it to swing back and forth like a dancing snake on top of his lap.

Tracing his fingertips around the maze of rigid and inflamed viens that lined his coal black appendage, Malik heartily laughed to himself as he watched a nervous red rash spread across Tina's tanned neck and chest.

Guiding his thumb up to the top of his arching stalk, Malik took special care in pinching apart the folds of his glistening peehole to show Tina the traces of his pasty precum.

"I'm gonna cum one way or the other Tina...either I'm gonna jack this thing off myself while you sit there like a scared kitten on the other side of the couch...or...you're gonna drag your preppy white ass over here..you're gonna bend down and you're gonna suck my nut out yourself," Malik offered firmly, as he continued to taunt Tina with the glaring shaft of his huge dark penis.

"You want to suck it..don't you...you've been leering at my crotch ever since you sat down beside me...how bad is that burn in your stomach Tina...do you need something to put it out..or are you just..too..scared?" Malik crudely huffed.

"I'm not scared," Tina desperatly wanted to cry but her tongue was still paralysed.

"Yes you are..you're scared shitless," Tina inner voice chimed in from out of nowhere. "And you know what..you can't do a damn thing about it..he's sill sitting there blocking the only way out."

Either some primal survival instinct or her pure, untapped and unsconscious lust tripped internally and before Tina even realized she had, her body slowly erected from the modified fetal position she had been seated and she started inching to her right, just like the scared kitten Malik had compared her to.

The glaring black stud watched as Tina's trembling thighs scooted to the right, first across the far sofa cushion she was seated on, then the middle one before finally the weight of her encroachment caused the cushion Malik was reclined on to tilt slightly underneath him.

Sensing Tina was close enough to touch, Malik slipped his left arm behind Tina's head, flarred his hand open before tightly wrapping his fingers into the back of the young girl's thick brown hair.

"UUHHHH," Tina tensed instantly when she felt Malik tighten his grip on the back of her skull.

"Now get your head down there and put your mouth to work," Malik grunted, tilting his raging beheamouth to the left until his seething, bull like cock's single eye was staring straight at Tina. "Open that mouth Tina....and be the White Slut you've always wanted to be!"

Only the sound of the two's scattered breaths filled the spacious living room as Malik clicked the tv remote off with his free hand.

"I want to hear the wet sound of your tongue and lips sliding up and down on my cock Tina," Malik huskily whispered. "And I want that same sound to stay inside your head for the rest of your life."

Slipping his right hand down the length of his jutting appendage, Malik flexed his fingers around the base to hold it steady as he forced Tina's head all the way down to his crotch.

"Nothing else matters in your life right now Slut... than swallowing as much of my jock into your mouth as you can," Malik forcefully demanded.

A burgeoning sense of overwhelming power coursed through every fiber of Malik's tingling body as he watched the helpless way Tina parted her tiny lips, forced open her reluctant mouth as far as she could and closed it around the rock solid piece of black onyx that throbbed mightily from Malik's teenage loins.

"MMMPPHH..MMMYYEEAAHH," the 18 year old boy sighed proudly, smiling wickedly from ear to ear as the sounds of Tina's choking and gurgling on his prick filter through the downstairs room.

Malik could tell Tina wasn't very experienced at giving blowjobs from the tentative way she pressed her cheeks and lips together around his cock.

"I bet she ain't done this more than two or three times," Malik guessed correctly as he massaged the base of his dick, causing it to jump angrily inside Tina's gorged mouth.

"I bet I can give the Bitch plenty of chance to get good at it though," Malik thought wryly. "Right now though...all I really want to do is splash some jizz straight down her pretty little throat....watch her lick off what's left...and then see how she acts around me for the rest of the Goddamn weekend."

"That's right Bitch...yeahhhh..suck that cock...you've been staring at it all night..I just loved your expression earlier when you and your Mom walked through the door and realized you two weren't gonna be alone all weekend.....never thought it was gonna end up like this...or did you?" Malik laughed.

Malik's words caused Tina to blush even more as she fought desperatly to keep her neck muscles tensed so she could keep her mouth tightly encassed around the black kid's prick.

"Damn..I swear I can smell her jizz boiling out of her pussy," Malik gleamed to himself. "And those small tits of hers..damn..they're pressing right into my thigh..I think she's really starting to get into this..I wonder if she'll want to fuck me after I shot all this cum down her throat?"

Feeling his sperm start to sizzle out of the reservoir of his testicles, Malik leaned down and whispered into Tina's ear.

"This is gonna be messy girl.....real fucking messy ....and you better swallow every last drop of it....ya ready?"

Malik didn't wait for an answer to his gruff, rhetorical question as he raised his athletic hips off the sofa and started grinding his groin nastily against Tina's beet red face.

With a cruel and hearty growl, Malik finally began to flood Tina's tonsils with his boiling, milky seed. Continuing to sandwich the young girl's face between his groin and his pressing left hand, Malik selfishly expended every bit of semen that had been welling inside of his sagging balls until the raspy, strained sounds of Tina trying to swallow the potent load buzzed erotically inside his head.

"AAHHYYEEAAHHHBITCH...TAKE IT ALL!" Malik wildly barked, humping his crotch up and down against Tina's mouth until tiny bubbles of cum slurped out of the circumfrance of her stuffed and leaking mouth.

"Damn...she's all hot now," Malik noted as he continued to empty his balls. " I can definatly smell her cunt now and just fucking look at the way her throat is churning up and down trying to get all that mess down..she's really starting to get into it....I bet when I pull the Bitch's head back and let her catch her breath..she'll be ready to jump up in my lap and fuck me some more with that pussy of hers."

For the first time during the process of seducing Tina, Malik had been wrong about his instincts. After re-tightening his grip around the back of Tina's brown wavy hair to pull her face away from his crotch, Malik lavishly fixated on the way his still squirming penis was expelled from Tina's gaping mouth, and the copious amounts of jism that saturated her puffy lips and roughed up chin.

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