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Crowe's Nest


Kacy Meris stared down at the lean figure of Todd Ross kneeling between her spread legs, and she felt her entire being quiver. The corners of her small pretty mouth curled softly in a half-smile, affirmation that she liked lying spread beneath a man.

She had always thought Ross gorgeous with his full head of shaggy black hair, his dark narrow eyes, and his chiseled Hollywood-like facial features. All of the girls she knew on campus thought him magnificently handsome, and they lusted almost blatantly for him.

For this evening, though, he was all hers, and she took great delight in that. It didn't matter that she lay half-naked and cramped on the backseat of his rather small foreign-make car, the icy chill of the late night air nipping doggedly at her soft sensitive skin. It didn't even matter to her that she was probably just another notch on his well-used gun. None of it mattered. She was going to soon feel the penetrating heat of a man inside her, and that was more than reward enough.

The pretty co-ed could barely contain her excitement. It was as if her body had a mind of its own. It tingled and trembled in anticipation. Her breathing was quiet, but heated and shallow, and she fought a fierce inner battle for control as she felt herself nearing the edge of consciousness. She did not want to miss a moment of what was about to occur.

A deep sense of restlessness coursed through her as she watched the beautiful young man fumble tediously with the protective rubber. The sudden thought that flashed in her mind chilled her to the bone. It was too awful to even utter, but it lingered strongly as she watched Todd Ross struggle. What if he couldn't get the rubber on? What if he damaged it in his mounting frustration? Certainly, she would not fuck him without it. She was very clear on that in her head.

Her eyes darted away from his fumbling hands, and focused on his face. She wondered if he had the slightest idea of how much she wanted him and needed him at that moment. A long soft sigh escaped her when he finally smiled sheepishly at her, and she realized she had not breathed during those nervous moments.

"Ready," the lanky young man whispered, in a tone that was as much question as it was statement.

He suddenly reminded her of a mere teen nervously embarking upon his first journey into the uncharted realm of a woman. A very different kind of dread gripped her, but she quickly forced the thought from her overworked mind, and nodded.

"Ok...," she nearly groaned, and waiting for the moment that she felt the hardness of him against her. "...go slowly."

"...Ouch!" she cried out suddenly, flinching beneath him. "...A little higher, Todd.... Yeah..., there. Oh, slowly."

Todd Ross could not harness the excitement in his loins. He pushed deep, and he pushed hard, trying to cram every inch he had into the tight, warm depths of the pretty co-ed. Kacy Meris clenched her teeth and winced through his unbridled assault, knowing that it was going to feel better once he was completely inside of her, and his persistent pushing ceased.

She cursed herself silently for having such a tight, unyielding pussy. The few men she had been with had raved most about that, but she doubted that any of them had given a second thought to the excruciating pain she must have felt in the first minutes of intercourse with them. She let out a little moan when she felt Todd Ross slammed his pelvis against hers. He stopped pushing almost instantly. She wiggled beneath him a moment or two later, silently signaling that she was more than ready to fuck.

"Ohhhhh, shit, Kacy," he grunted softly in her ear. "It's so warm.... You're so tight... ... ... .... I'm going to cum."

She vaguely heard the words echo distantly in her head, but she didn't grasp their meaning, until she felt his body stiffen suddenly above her. The young woman's eyes widened, alert and deeply panicked. She began to buck under him, desperately trying to catch up, frantically trying to take advantage of the stone rigid state of the body that hung so still above her.

"Oh, wait for me!" she cried in blind desperation.

It was as if her very words were the trigger to release his molten bullets. His cock expanded inside her, the barrel of his rigid pistol jerked violently, and he shot bullet after bullet into her depths. She could feel the warmth of his sperm through the tip of the protective rubber, but mostly, she felt the deep edge of frustration at trying to prod her body up the insurmountable summit to its own gratification. Todd Ross collapsed heavily, pinning her to the cold leather of the car seat, and the reality of the moment hammered her hard.

"Oooo, shit, Kacy, you are so tight," he breathed heavily, chuckling with a contented measure of accomplishment. "Fan-fucking-tastic."

The words were like a savage slap in the face, a torturous reminder of the cruelty of fate. Kacy Meris blinked hard as if trying to awaken from some imagined nightmare. She felt numb at first, but then, the brooding heat of anger crept into her.

She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs at the almost excruciating ache she felt for sexual fulfillment. Instead, she wiggled silently to free herself of the dead weight of him.


Megan Wolff pressed her long voluptuous body deeper into the night shadows cast upon the patio of the campus recreation hall. She said nothing as she placed her feet in a wide, almost defiant, stance, and smiled amorously at the big man standing before her. It served as a silent invitation to Simon Brune, who watched her with ravenous dark eyes.

She was tall, nearly six feet, and very pretty. Fiery red hair that fell in loose thick waves beyond strong shoulders, big oval blue eyes, and soft pale white skin hinted strongly at her Irish heritage. She was only twenty years of age, but her over-developed body cried "woman, all woman."

Simon Brune almost drooled over the magnificent work of sexual art before him. He let his gaze slide hungrily down her form, and slowly up again over long shapely legs, firm supple thighs, faintly flared hips, and flat tummy. They stopped at the perfect orbs of flesh that ballooned prominently on her chest. Megan Wolff only grinned lasciviously.

Every man she had passed since the age of twelve had taken extreme pleasure in staring at the two gloriously natural gems that were her breasts. With time, and the knowledge of men and sex, she had grown accustomed to the, often lewd but always wondrous stares. The awareness of a man's gaze at her breasts now made her tingle for sex. She was tingling, and she seductively beckoned the young man forward with the mere crook of her finger.

Simon Brune leapt upon her without a second thought, and so began their urgent wrestling. Their mouths clamped together tightly. Their hands roamed blindly, feeling, groping, and pulling recklessly. Brune's hand dove expertly beneath the tight confines of the co-ed's black spandex skirt, and dipped into soggy panties before she could blink. She tore her mouth savagely from his, and gasped hard as she felt long eager fingers plunge into her.

"Ooooooooooo," she moaned playfully, clinging tightly to his neck while parting her legs farther to allow his fingers to wander. "I wanna fuck, Simon. Right here, right now."

"I wanna feel my hard cock between your big tits," the young man countered in deadpan seriousness.

"Yessssss," Megan Wolff hotly agreed, before sinking slowly into a squatting position in front of his tall bulky figure.

She hastily tore open her blouse, and her braless orbs tumbled free, dropping only slightly under their natural weight. She cupped them in her palms in offering, and watched him labor to release the awakening serpent that lived between his legs. It fell heavily into the deep crevice between the two mountains of soft flesh. It pulsed excitedly at the sensation, and was swallowed whole as she pushed herself closer to his sturdy legs.

The big man placed his feet wider to gain balance and leverage, and began to push forward slowly. The pretty woman pushed also. She dipped her head slightly, and caught the bulbous head of his thrusting spike between her lips expertly. She lathered its length generously with her saliva, letting it lubricate the passage it traveled between the mountainous peaks.

Simon Brune threw his head back, shut his eyes tightly, and savored the reality of the moment. He was actually fucking Megan Wolff's glorious set of tits, and it was heavenly. He could feel her mouth nipping doggedly at the head of his cock every time it pushed free of the warm mass of flesh, and he groaned deeply.

"Oh, yeah, suck it," he coaxed softly.

He looked down to see his fat purple cock head push into her waiting mouth. Every time it retreated, it glistened with more of her saliva, allowing it to travel the tight, narrow passage between her breasts with ease. He gripped the orbs roughly over her hands, and pushed faster and harder.

Quickly, Megan Wolff's pretty mouth and cheeks glistened with her own saliva as well as the sticky pre-cum he spilled. Without warning, his orgasm thundered. Creamy white sperm squirted wildly from the tip of his cock in long, thick bursts, spraying the woman's neck and hair. She engulfed the spitting nozzle rapidly to keep from being soaked by its abundant flow. She gulped down healthy spurts of the oozing goo before tearing her mouth free to peer up at him with a glazed wanton stare.

"God, fuck me. Please fuck me," she begged.


Erin Gault sat quietly in the dimly lit living room of the spacious apartment she shared with Kacy Meris and Megan Wolff, and stared absently at the telephone on the small table beside her. Her eyes darted to the digital clock on the handcrafted wall unit on the opposite side of the room, and realization that the telephone was not going to ring stung her. The clock flashed 11:39 p.m. The date she had so anxiously awaited was over, even before it had begun. She curled forlornly on the couch. A sad tear trickled from her soft brown eyes.

After a few minutes, she brushed her cheek dry, rebelliously refusing to dwell on a moment now lost forever. She rose to her feet as if vaulted, and walked off toward the hall bathroom where she undressed.

She stared into the mirror after she had removed the last of her clothing. Shiny dark brown hair flowed straight and curled under just below the delicate bone structure of her jaw line. Sparkling brown eyes were deep endless pools of wonder. Her sleek body was proportioned flawlessly, and her rich skin had a natural brown hue.

The truth is that Erin Gault was breathtakingly gorgeous, but her beauty had been a curse from the moment she had arrived at Lakeland College. She was also very bright, and extremely studious, and that had only served to compound her problem. She had almost instantly been labeled as the "ice queen", and the male student population at Lakeland had avoided her like the plague. They had even shunned her initiations at closeness, and that had been anything but easy for her. By nature, she was shy and reserved at best.

The attractive co-ed wiggled into a short blue nightshirt that rendered her sleek body formless, mussed perfect hair, slipped on oval-shaped wire-rimmed eyeglasses, and the transformation back to studious bookworm was complete. She offered a faint reassured smile at the reflection that mimicked her perfectly from the mirror, switched off the light, and returned to the living room.

Kacy Meris stormed into the apartment mumbling angrily. She bolted past her roommate, and disappeared into the bathroom. The loud slam of the door served as exclamation to the frustration the evening had brought her.

Erin Gault considered giving her roommate ample space and time to calm down, but her own need to be consoled was far too strong. She turned quickly on her heels, walked to the bathroom door, and knocked softly. She opened the door cautiously when she heard no response, and peered in at her roommate who sat dejectedly on the toilet.

"You wouldn't even believe it," Kacy Meris said with an ironic smile.

Yes, I think I would," her roommate responded soberly.

"Another no show, Erin?" the pretty blond woman asked, suddenly irate. "Are you serious?"

Erin Gault only nodded.

"What a dick," Kacy Meris spat. "Unbelievable."

"God, isn't there a single guy out there who'd take a chance?" Erin Gault questioned in sad frustration.

"One guy, who could see beyond his own sexual pleasure," her roommate added forlornly.

"One fucking guy, who'd like to cum somewhere other than on my tits," Megan Wolff added angrily from the hallway behind her roommates.

The two young women broke into uproarious laughter at their statuesque roommate, who angrily removed her cum-stained top, and pushed on into the bathroom. She moved immediately to the shower, and turned it on before she looked at the two women again. She feigned a smile.

"Simon Brune is gonna pay dearly for this evening's transgression," she said with bitter determination. "... ...We are in some serious hurt tonight."

"God, I am so far beyond horny..., it hurts," Kacy Meris sighed out of nowhere.

"Well..., we do have each other," the tall woman said, breaking into an impish little smile.

Megan Wolff continued to undress without so much as a thought, and her roommates could not tear their eyes away. When she was down to panties alone, she focused on the two women again, primarily because the bathroom had gone completely quiet, except for the hiss of the showerhead.

"...Yep..., we've got each other," Kacy Meris giggled nervously.

Erin Gault cleared her throat softly, obviously embarrassed. She turned on her heels, and fled the bathroom, closing the door quietly behind her.

"She is such a prude," Kacy Meris laughed.

"Mmmmm, I don't think so," Megan Wolfe said, hooking long delicate fingers into the waistband of black thong panties, and pushing them toward the floor.

They slid down her long shapely legs, and nestled at her ankles. She stepped free of them gracefully, and looked at Kacy Meris whose eyes were riveted directly between her legs. Megan Wolfe let the woman's eyes study her without interruption. They roamed slowly over the plump mound of her vulva, and the little sprout of red hair there. They stopped at the little pink crown of her still aroused clitoris. It peaked from the crest of the deep crease that housed her sticky pussy.

"You turn me on," Kacy Meris muttered excitedly.

"Well, like you said, you are way beyond horny," the tall woman chuckled calmly.


Susan Blake dawdled longer in her morning shower than usual. It was common practice on days when she wasn't on the run to department or staff meetings, and as she was becoming more and more accustomed to day to day life without her husband. On this Saturday morning, the cascading stream was like a blanket of warmth, erasing the chill of loneliness that had massed in her bones during the night.

She watched the water rain down on her breasts. The hue of her rose-colored nipples deepened, and they stretched to their full extension. Suddenly, she was aware of a different kind of heat. It radiated from deep between her legs to make her entire body tingle in sexual arousal. Long elegant fingers gingerly wiped away the beads of water that had splashed her face, and her eyes drifted shut. The fingers went to work instinctively, teasing the sensitive buds at the tips of her standing breasts, pushing her slowly along the course to gratification.

Thoughts of Nelson Crowe crept into her mind. She could almost smell his manly scent. She could almost feel the strength of his massive hands on her. Her body shivered violently, and a single breath shot from her lungs in a soft wince. The fingers roamed down the flat of her stomach, and sank into the moist gash between her long slender legs. They caressed the sensitive opening lightly, lingering there for several moments.

She pivoted deftly, and pushed her long sultry body against the firmness of the cool tiles behind the flowing showerhead. Her free hand rose to grip the metal nozzle tightly for balance while the fingers of the other hand quickened the pace of their delicate stroking. She pushed her hips forward until her pelvis was directly beneath the raining water. Her eyelids fluttered erratically as she slowly prodded herself toward the bliss that lurked so very near. In seconds, she was trembling violently as she approached the crest of the orgasmic wave that surged through her.

Her eyes sprang open and her pretty mouth fell agape as the powerful swell of blissful pleasure crashed. An alarmed little gasp escaped her lips, as she suddenly became aware of the slight figure that stood silently on the other side of the opaque shower door. The raging tide within her plummeted abruptly, stifled by the sight. She stood very still, hushed, and deeply embarrassed.

"What do you think about when you do it?" a calm inquisitive voice questioned.

Susan Blake did not respond. Moments later, panic swept through her as she watched the figure disrobe, and moved toward the shower door. It opened, and her stepdaughter stepped inside. The pretty dean forced a nervous smile, and squirmed uncomfortably under the hungry gaze of ocean blue eyes that lingered on her body.

"Jillie.... This is not a good idea," she reasoned calmly, trying desperately to regain her composure.

"What?" the pretty young woman smiled.

"This," Susan Blake said, with only the slightest hint of nervousness.

"We're just two girls talking," Jillian Blake smiled rather coyly.

"Look..., what happened between you and me and Nelson...," the woman began.

"Dr. Crowe...," the young woman blurted mischievously, purposely cutting her stepmother off. "You do, don't you?"

Susan Blake stared at her attractive stepdaughter for a long moment. She could not deny the young woman's allegation. No matter how inappropriate it may have been for a married woman, she thought of, and lusted for Nelson Crowe incessantly. She nodded vaguely, and let that serve as her only response.

"Me too," the young woman giggled. "Do you think he knows what he does to a woman?"

"Jillie, stop it," Susan Blake said, trying to force a tone of authority into her voice.

"All right then..., show me how you do it," the pretty young girl said, pushing on. "I know you want to."

"And, just how would you know that?" the woman questioned wearily.

Jillian Blake let her eyes fall on her stepmother's body. She took her time in admiring broad but delicate shoulders and long toned arms. Her full, perfectly shaped breasts and long stiff nipples, her slender torso and tight tummy, her slightly flared hips, and her shapely legs. The young woman smiled her admiration before looking deeply into her stepmother's bewildered eyes again.

"Your body says it all," she said softly, and began caressing her own body gently. "Play with me."

She moved forward until she was beneath the spray of the water. It poured down onto rich smooth olive-colored skin. She turned slowly, tossed her head back, and wet her hair. Slender fingers wiped water from her ocean blue eyes before she turned and stared at her stepmother without blinking.

Susan Blake had inched her entire body tightly against the shower tiles, and she could only stare at her stepdaughter in amazement, at her beauty, and at her innate ability to seduce. There had been no wasted motion, no wasted effort in her advance. The woman became acutely aware of the constant throb of her heart and the rush of heated blood through her veins. She didn't move or say a word. She didn't dare.

Perhaps her young seductress sensed it, but she still stepped closer cautiously, stopping when their bodies were nearly touching. Her eyes focused intently. She raised a hand to the showerhead for balance, placing it over that of her stepmother's. Her legs swept open effortlessly, and she planted her fingers over slack pussy lips. Soft, almost inaudible, moans escaped her pretty lips as she massaged her quivering slit.

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