tagGroup SexCruise to Alaska Day 03 & 04

Cruise to Alaska Day 03 & 04


Yesterday was day three of our cruise and it was a strange day. Carrie was still glowing when she got up. She must have thanked me for the adventuresome evening of firsts at least ten times. I was basking all her praise and strutting like a peacock when we went to breakfast. After breakfast, Carrie was in a rush to get to her private bridge tour with the ships third officer.

I worked all day never seeing her again. But my writing was brilliant, if I say so myself. I made lots of progress. My dick was sore and my back hurt but knowing how I earned both was a very pleasant thought.

At bedtime, still alone, I thought about Carrie. She was in no danger. The ship is a very safe protected environment. There was no reason to be jealous; we both knew this cruise was a one-time fling. Besides the last two days was worth many times the price of the cruise.

As I awoke on the fourth day, knowing Carrie had not come back to the cabin last night. The Third Officer must have gotten lucky. I liked Carrie and sincerely hoped she had stumbled onto Mr. Right. Her life had not been all roses. She was a small town girl, never traveled, married right out of high school to a guy who wasn't a worker and would never be a good provider. She stuck with him way too long, had kids, received no help, got slapped around and finally divorced him when he hit one of her daughters with a closed fist. With no skills she took up stripping and had made her living doing that for several years. She wanted things to be different, but she also knew she would need someone else's help to make any good changes happen.

Breakfast alone didn't taste as good without the company of a beautiful woman. Only half heartedly, I thought about my writing plan for the day. As I left, I gave a friendly smile to a thin, brunette who had also eaten her breakfast alone. I had seen her alone in the library and alone walking around yesterday.

Writing wasn't going well. Must have been feeling sorry for myself, maybe coffee would help. At the coffee counter, I saw the woman from breakfast coming across the room for coffee also. We exchanged niceties. When I turned to go back to my computer, she spoke up, "Can you take a break from your computer and have your coffee with me? I hate not having someone to talk to during a coffee break?"

"I would love to have coffee with you. Everything I've written today is a disaster. Maybe a conversation with a lovely lady will turn things around." Her library table was filled with travel magazines, "Are you going to be traveling a lot in the near future?"

"I don't know. I was widowed over a year ago and my daughter prodded me to get out of my house in Sacramento. She talked me into us taking our first cruise. By the way, I'm Linda, Linda Colton."

"It's nice to meet you Linda Colton. I'm Tom Daton from Medford, Oregon. I've only seen you alone, I haven't seen your daughter."

"Yes, she's shopping today. I didn't want to get off the ship. We are supposed to be traveling together but I haven't seen much of her. At eighteen she is too active to hang out with her plain, old, boring Mom. There seems to be many activities and club activities for the youngsters on the ship. How about you? Where is that lovely woman I've been seeing you with?"

"Oh, you mean Carrie. She is beautiful. She came along to keep me company. I'm also widowed." I leaned forward and whispered like it was some great secret, "She didn't come back to the cabin last night. I think she has the hots for the ships Third Officer. I've got to get me a uniform. Pretty women always like uniforms."

Linda laughed with me and we got to know one another for about an hour. It was eleven- thirty. I told Linda I had to get back to work but would be having a late lunch at the Lido at one fifteen (It closes at 1:30.). Then I sternly looked at her and said, "We haven't known each other very long but I already really like your company. What I'm going to say is very politically incorrect. If you ever put you self down by calling yourself plain, boring or old again, I'm going to paddle your cute little butt." Linda looked very surprised. I added, "Hope to see you at lunch." I walked back to my computer never glancing back.

I had my plate of food and was sitting by a window, when Linda walked up to my table. I stood and said, "Hello, sexy." She looked around quickly to see if anyone heard me. "Do I embarrass you?"

She returned her attention to me, "Yes, but for some reason, I like it. Let me get some food and I'll join you."

We talked until about three and I mentioned needing to get to work. Linda went back with me to the Explorations Café, "What do you write?"

"Mostly adventure and action novels. I sometimes write for magazines and even do a few naughty stories for Internet sites. I have a publishing deadline coming up in three weeks."

"Can I see some of your work? What do you mean naughty stories?"

I walked over to one of "Explorations'" bookshelves and brought a book back to Linda. "My first mystery. Mostly for the guys, I'm afraid. As for the naughty stories, have dinner with me tonight, tell me your best fantasy, we'll write it and submit it to Literotca while we are still on the ship." I loved this. I had shocked her again. "What's wrong, Linda, don't want to have dinner with me or too shy to share your fantasies?"

"Too shy, I guess."

"Listen you wonderful woman. Everybody has great, exciting fantasies and experiences but their stories are lost because they are too shy to share them. I know you are going to run away from me at the end of the cruise. Before you do consider trying something safe and different. Consider playing verbally with you naughty side and tell me your risqué thoughts. I have a feeling each of your fantasies would keep me as horny as a teenager for days."

I opened my laptop. Linda was blushing from head to toe, "I would love to have dinner with you but I don't know about the other. Now I have to go see if my daughter is back."

"That's fine. I'll work out dinner. What's your cabin number?" I could see her recoil as she pondered whether to risk giving her cabin number to this strange man.


"I'll call you at six with the details. For a my first date with a pretty woman, it will have to be something more impressive than the Lido."

When I returned to my cabin, there was a note slipped under the door from Carrie. She apologized and was sort of hiding out, afraid I would be angry. She was really taken with her handsome officer and had been with him during the very few hours he had free. She asked if she could come back to the cabin about ten tonight and talk. As she requested, I left her a note in the holder outside the cabin door.

Dearest Carrie,

I am sincerely happy for you. You are very special to me and in the last two days, you have given me memories to keep me smiling for years. I am not mad and I want to hear all about the ugly, impotent man you left me for.

I may be later than ten tonight. This is your cabin too, please don't be afraid to sleep here or use it. Even if it is to spend time with your guy. Just leave me instructions. Except for swatting your cute little butt when you are in my way; I'll be a good boy and will honor everything I promised you before this cruise.

Love, Tom

I called the Pinnacle Grill and discovered, the reservations Carrie made for us were for tonight. Her loss; Linda's and my gain. At six I called Linda and confirmed that we were still on for dinner. "Wear some soft slacks. I'll pick you up at seven for cocktails. Dinner is at eight."

"I'll be ready, that all sounds wonderful. But I'm not comfortable with the fantasy thing."

"That's alright, Linda. Just relax; I would never push you beyond your limits. Let's enjoy dinner with no pressure. Before dinner I am going to try one last time to convince you to verbally play with me."

A suit and tie for me tonight. I arrived at her door looking really good, but not in the league with the beautiful Jamie Lee Curtis look-a-like that stood before me. I guess I was gawking. She said, "You like what you see?"

"Every cell in my body likes what I see."

She had a big smile. I helped her with her wrap and we headed for cocktails. After a few minutes of small talk about her flighty daughter, I sensed Linda wanted to settle the issue about sharing fantasies. Earlier today I had learned that we had both retired young and taught at least a while during our careers; she had taught high school history; I had taught college level business courses. Also, I learned money was tight for her daughter's college.

"Linda, I really enjoy your company and talking with you. I'm pushing to know the real Linda; this is a short cruise. I'm not a pervert. I'm not going to force myself on you. I would never hurt anyone. With all these witnesses and protectors all around, can I plead my case one more time?"

She surprised me with a little naughty Mae West playfulness, "Give it your best shot, big boy."

"Did you and your husband ever just play mentally with sex?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Play between the ears, not just physically. You're all grown up; you don't have to put right and wrong limits on your thoughts. You can soar into exciting, erotic experiences that you may never actually do in your entire lifetime. If you free your imagination, it will race into some places that will make you uncomfortable and scare you, but they will excite you. I would never judge or reject you. You might surprise me but you won't shock me. I'm asking you to share your most personal and most intimate self with me, free from what society has called right and wrong."

Linda's expression told me she understood, "I think I know what you are talking about. No, I've never let my mind go that free or been with anyone who I was that comfortable with. I am almost afraid of that much freedom. I feel something horrible might happen if I took all the restraints off my fantasies."

"Damn, you are amazing. You do understand. When I watched you at breakfast, my first thoughts were how beautiful your untethered fantasies would be. If I can make you feel totally comfortable and safe with me, will you try to tell me your favorite fantasy?"

"It scares me; I don't think I can but if I can feel really safe, I do want to try. If I do, you have to promise not to push me. If I say, "Stop" you have to stop, with no pressure."

"Agreed, I promise. Just remember, you will feel fear and anxiety. You will be uncomfortable and want to stop. This can be a one time experience that you choose never to do again. But take that one time experience. Don't say "Stop." until you push yourself to a limit you know you cannot cross."

We had a wonderful dinner – great food and plenty of wine. Linda and I were becoming very comfortable with each other. We both had years of experience being comfortable with a partner. Conversation was easy and relaxed, except for a few long quiet times when I knew Linda was mulling over what the rest of the evening might hold. I had arranged for champagne, strawberries and cream to be in her cabin when we got there; I knew she would be more at ease in her own space. As we left the restaurant, I pulled her gently to me and kissed her, not passionately but not brotherly either. Her lips and body were warm and compliant.

As we settled in, Linda was full of the fear of the unknown, "OK here is the deal. Just have fun and know you are totally safe. We will both remain fully clothed. I will not attempt to touch you under your clothing or attempt to get you to touch me. I will give you instructions, kiss you and touch you. Are you OK with those rules?" She forced a smile and nodded.

I pulled the strong, armless, metal, padded chair away from the built in desk, making sure there was plenty of room all the way around it. The champagne and strawberries were on the desk. I dimmed the room to almost dark and turned to Linda, taking her into my arms again for a soft kiss thanking her for risking showing herself to me. As I pulled away, her eyes were closed. I put the palm of my hand flat between her breasts. She was expecting more; her heart was pounding

I sat down in the chair, held my hand out to her, "Linda, come to me. Straddle me, facing me, sit down and close your eyes." She took directions well. For the next few minutes, I made love to her neck and face with my lips and hands. Her body was flushing and she moved sensually when my breath naturally fell across her ears. I kissed her mouth lightly and it opened just a tiny bit. My tongue ventured to lick her lips softly and her body moved closer.

"Tonight, if you were in bed alone, starting to touch your beautiful body, where would your imagination take you?" She bristled a little but did not respond. "Would you feel the soft knowing hands of another woman? Would you be resisting and then submit to being taken by a strong man?"

Linda did not speak her answer, she breathed, "A woman."

"Where are you Linda? Are you both completely nude? What does she look like? How is she touching you?"

"She is tall and thin like me. I'm on my back. We are both nude. I'm on my back and touching her breast but she is the wanting me to be still and let her love and kiss my body. She is so gentle; kissing my ears."

I began to kiss Linda's ears gently and followed her story, word for word, paced exactly as she told it. When her fantasy woman was "moving slowly down to rub my breasts and nipples," I did exactly that.

She stopped at that first very personal touch. "What is your lover doing to your body?" She pressed her breasts into my open hands and continued.

"She is pulling and twisting my nipples." That was happening when she added, "She is less gentle now." Linda groaned when I squeezed. When instructed, I sucked and licked them; I didn't care for the texture of her clothing. Linda was clearly breathing irregularly.

"I want her to rub me lower, but she is teasing me. Making me wait." I moved my hands to her hips and pulled her tightly to me so she could feel I was hard. I held her there. She never slowed her story. She rolled her hips downward and rocked against me, using my cock to pleasure her little button. The brief thrill was good for us both but I pushed her hips away; there should be no cock in this story.

Linda lover was starting to kiss and caress her way lower now. She felt and told of every touch across her bellybutton; every press on her firm belly and every light tickle over her ovaries. She was moving deeper into her fantasy as she whispered of her lover's hand slipping toward her pussy. I took Linda's hand and pushed it over her cunt. She took over pressing and rubbing her pussy through her soft slacks.

Finally, the line between fantasy and reality was completely blurred in Linda's mind. It was not just a fantasy when she told her lover, "Touch me. Touch me under my clothes." I unzipped Linda's pants and guided her lover's hand to the top of her panties. Long slender fingers slipped along damp, bare skin into the hot, very wet triangle. Linda's lover knew exactly what to do. "Oh, that's it. Rub my clit and put a finger in me." Her lover was going to make Linda climax soon. It was going to be a wonderful one. Linda pleaded, "Two fingers, longer deeper strokes, please touch everywhere inside me. That's it. Please never stop."

Linda tightened her left arm around my head and buried her face into the right side of my neck. I could feel her body convulse and tighten as the other woman's fingers flew in and out of Linda's noisy squishing cunt. I almost cried at the beauty and sounds Linda made as she came. It was complete. More was not needed. I had to hold her to keep her from falling. We kissed lightly and snuggled as her female lover left and she came back to be with me. Dreamily her eyes opened and found mine. We stayed together quietly for several minutes. When she pulled her right hand from her pants, I captured it to taste the inside of her body and to enjoy the scents of her satisfied body.

Linda was still limp, allowing me to hold her fingers to my lips. I whispered, "That was the most beautiful fantasy I've every heard. Your lover is beautiful and very good. She played your body so well; she loves you very much." Linda was quiet, still trying to breathe normal again.

When Linda's legs began to complain, I sat her on the bed. Just like two nights ago, I poured champagne and handed the glass to a beautiful contented woman. We sipped until the entire glass was gone and I poured us each another. "I have to go."

Linda ignored what I said, "We didn't eat the strawberries."

"Your lover had a very naughty game planned for those but it didn't work out tonight."

Linda smiled broadly, "Maybe another night."

"I would really like that." I got up and headed for the door. Linda followed me, her slacks still completely unzipped and barely hanging on her hips. The room smelled of lesbian sex. As I opened the door a young, curvier version of Linda stood there fumbling for her key card. Her eyes grew big as saucers as she looked her mother up and down. I said, "Hi, You must the long lost Emile. I'm Dave." Then I turned to Linda and kissed her firmly, "Remember, Sexy, you don't have to explain any of this if you don't want to. How about a Lido breakfast about nine." Linda definitely had that freshly fucked look and nodded, yes.

Carrie was washed, tucked into bed and watching the news when I got back to the cabin. She looked very hesitantly at me, so I took the lead, "So you little vixen, tell me all about Tall, light and gruesome."

Carrie was fine now. "You are so mean. Swen is a wonderful man; he is fun and gentle."

"Are you sure he is OK, even his name has a lisp to it."


"Alright, I'll be good. Tell me all about what, you and "SSSSSSween" have been doing. Especially, the dirty parts."

Carrie talked for two hours. I asked questions, looked attentive and tried to listen. My blue balls hurt. I smelled of Linda and I wanted to go shower and jack off like when I was twelve. Finally, Carrie said she had to sleep because she had to meet "Swen" in the officers' mess at six a.m. I told her in my most stern and serious voice that if she woke me up at five, I would kill her. We said our goodnights, I kissed her on the forehead like she was my daughter and I went off happily, to abuse myself.

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