tagLoving WivesCruise with Momma Ch. 02

Cruise with Momma Ch. 02


And just what do you propose to do now?

Eric hesitantly replied, "I guess since your lovely wife wanted you to see her sitting in my lap, that I might be free to take certain liberties."

My wife is looking back and forth from Eric to the camera, very unsure what she had gotten herself into.

"Certain liberties? Hmmm, that is an interesting thought, just what kind of liberties did you have in mind?" I ask.

"I was thinking since she is being "daring" I might take her to my cabin and use her for my pleasure until I am tired of her" he says with a grin that reflects a maturity not seen before. "Only problem might be, is that my two roommates could be in the way."

My wife's head snaps around with eyes as big as saucers. As she starts to say something, I quickly interrupt her by saying, "OK! Now slut who is being daring I want you to do whatever Eric wants for the next four hours, which allows you to get back to your cabin before your mom wakes up. Do you understand that?"

My wife with a look of confusion made up of fear, confusion and excitement shakes her head in the affirmative.

Eric looks at the camera and I let her know we need for her to say what she means.

With a shaky voice she replies, "I will go to his cabin with him and do what he wants."

"Very good," I respond with my heart beating so fast I'm afraid it might jump out of my chest. "But what if he wants to share you with his roommates? Eric does seem to be the type of person who would share his good fortune."

"I will do what he wants and what you want me to do," my wife says as she takes Eric's head in her hands and plants an open mouth kiss on him.

After they finally break away from the kiss where Eric was running his hands all over my wife's body, Eric gently slides my wife off his lap and suggests she get on her knees in front of the chair he is sitting in. Without missing a beat my wife pulls her dress up over her thong-covered cunt kneels in front of him.

"Unzip me and take my cock out Daring Slut!" Eric says with the same wicked smile as before.

Slowly my wife leans forward sliding her hands up his thighs, caressing his cock and balls as her hands move toward his zipper. I thought I saw her shiver as she felt the size of his now hard cock. Grasping the zipper and pulling it down, she reaches into his pants and pulls with some effort his nice sized cock out. Pre-cum is already forming on the tip of his cock. With a sense of need my wife wraps both her hands around the throbbing cock.

Eric looks into the camera smiling and asks, "Do you think she knows what to do with it next?

"I certainly hope so," is my only reply.

My wife turns her head back to the camera and smiles the most erotic smile I have ever witnessed. Then with out hesitation she begins to lick the pre-cum from the head of Eric's cock. Slowly licking all around the head of his cock it does not take her long to slip her mouth over his cock and engulf it into her mouth. Gently moving head up and down with each movement taking more cock into her mouth and throat.

Eric groans, "This slut is good. Wow! What a good cocksucker! She is going to make me cum in a hurry if we keep this up.

I think he was enjoying being part of the show as much as he was enjoying the blowjob. He puts his hands on my wife's head and begins to fuck her face rather than receive a blowjob. My wife never flinches just keeps taking cock down her throat. His facial expressions give away the fact he is about to cum very quickly.

"Are you gonna swallow his spunk, Daring Slut?" I ask loudly.

Without stopping the face fucking action my wife places her hands and arms around Eric's hips and pulls him harder into her face.

Eric pulls her head to his body and begins to convulse while moaning loudly from deep in his gut.

My wife despite her best efforts can not contain all this young studs cum. After drinking all she can get down she begins to lick the spilled cum from the base of his cock and from her fingers. Once she has cleaned up the mess she turns and looks into the camera and asks, "Is that what you gentlemen had in mind?" I let her know quickly that she is just a wonderful slut and that I am proud of her.

Eric says, "Oh, wow, that was extreme. I can't wait to get you to my cabin. I'm gonna fuck you until you can't stand it any longer."

"Promises, promises," my wife says with a grin punctuated with dribbles of cum around her mouth.

Eric says, "Well if I can't I'll call in my cabin mates to the rescue. Either way you are gonna get fucked down tonite slut!"

My wife looks around at the camera and asks, "Is this daring enough for you My Darling?"

I respond with, "Great! You are wonderful. Are you going to go with Eric to his cabin and continue to play some more?"

"Do you really want me too?" she asks simply.

"Without a doubt." Is my only reply.

I ask Eric if he or his cabin mates have a digital camera. He assures me he does and he will record the rest of the evening and email th pics to me in the morning. I thank him for sharing. He laughs and says, "Oh no, thank you for sharing this slut with me or maybe I should say us."

I ask my wife, "Darling, I don't know what got into you to finally let go but I absolutely love it. So I am to understand you are going to Eric's cabin for the next four hours with the understanding that you will be used as his and maybe his cabinmates slut?"

Slowly standing up with her dress still pulled up around her waist. "Is that what you would like for me to do?" she asks staring into the camera.

"Why don't you take off that thong before you go. You know that is what I want. But I want you going there to have a fucking good time." I respond.

My wife hooks her thumbs into the side of the black thong and rips it down her legs and off. She then flips it to Eric sitting there with a huge smile on his face resembling a fox about to get into the hen house.

My wife steps back over the Eric and grabs his hand. She pushes his hand into her cunt then pulls his hand up and into her mouth tasting her own wetness. "Hmm, goodness I taste so wet and good. Yes, I will go with Eric and be his fuck slut for the next four hours. Yes I will do my best to please him or I guess maybe them in any way I can. Yes I will do my best to enjoy it. And yes I will let them take any pic they want to share with you. Is that what you want?"

The only answer to that is, "Yes!"

They stand beside each other with their arms around the others waist and wave goodbye as the screen goes blank.

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