tagErotic HorrorCrux Pt. 05

Crux Pt. 05


She awoke to find Fortinbras watching her through heavy eyelids.

"You looked dead." He stated dispassionately, and closed his eyes.

Lia's attention was immediately drawn to his lips, which were deathly pale. A wave of guilt assaulted her and she quietly sat up, turning to step off of the bed. She shuffled off to the bathroom, forgetting that she was naked, but was still too exhausted to care. She felt shaky and weak, her legs wobbling unsteadily under her.

Even through the heavy weight of weariness, her vision was extraordinary, and she found herself able to see in the most dark corners and crevices of the room in perfect detail. The texture of the carpet and then the bathroom tile under her bare feet was equally amazing. Her nerves seemed to be reaching out and stroking breathtaking sensations up and down her feet. Still, she couldn't enjoy it through the haze of fatigue.

Lia turned on the sink and splashed water over her cheeks, pausing a moment as water dripped off of her chin. She had a fleeting wish that there was a mirror above the sink, so she could study her face. Propping her hands on the edge of the sink, she leaned over, struck but a sudden, raw tightening in her stomach. She almost arched against the painfully erotic sensation pulsing through her. Her fangs extended, and she realized that she was still hungry. So very hungry.

Ambrose paced outside of the door, pausing and curling an arm around his midsection with a grimace as he felt the pain of his childe. He strode over to the door, pulling out a key. Hesitating for only a moment, he reached out and unlocked the heavy door, quietly entering the room.

Fort was in his bed, and with his slow breathing and slack face, seemed to be deep in sleep once again. The master flicked his eyes over to the bathroom, and stepped towards the darkened room. Lia could sense her sire behind her, but was still hunched with the ache of hunger.

"You need to feed." He said quietly, pausing in the door frame. She straightened slowly to face him, a hand still splayed over her stomach. Approaching him slowly, she reached up and fisted a hand in his hair, clutching his shoulder with her other hand. She pressed her lips to his, a bruising kiss that shocked him to his toes.

Much to his surprise and chagrin, he was instantly hard and aching for her. On a snarl, he wrapped his hand around her throat, and whipped her around to shove her against the wall.

"You have quite a bit of nerve." He growled, squeezing his fingertips into her delicate flesh, pressing his body against her. He'd never had anyone stand up to him, but then again, he'd never screwed another vampire. Instead of simpering and crying as she had before, she met his eyes, her lips curving into a sly grin.

"You know you want to fuck me." She rasped out, arching her hips against him and letting out a loan, breathless moan. The soft texture of his pants against her naked, heated skin was enthralling.

Feeling her writhing form against him, he didn't know whether to rip her throat out or to take her against the wall.

He decided to kiss her. Pressing his mouth to hers with and almost ravenous desperation, he loosened his grip on her throat, stroking his thumb across the line of her jaw. She melted against him, caressing his tongue with hers. Sharp fangs clashed and repositioned, nipping at each other.

After a moment she pulled back for a moment, looking at his face. Dipping her head, she scraped the tips of her razor sharp canines along the sensitive skin just above the slowly pulsing artery. He shivered at the dangerous pleasure of it, tipping his head to the side, giving her better access. After a delicious moment of anticipation, she sunk her teeth into his flesh, a moan vibrating deep in her throat as his potent blood gushed into her mouth.

He went rigid, his eyes going wide and blind with the pleasure that pulsed through him. The hot knife of pain at her bite was washed away in a storm of tight, swirling bliss. His hands curled in her hair, holding her mouth against his neck.

She pulled back with a gasp after another mouthful, feeling the blood burn through her like a wildfire. A couple drops of blood dripped down his neck before the wounds closed and pinkened into little puckered scars.

Lia was almost shuddering against him. Whereas his blood had cured the hunger, it had fanned the flames of her arousal. She seized his hand, pulling him silently into the bedroom and pushing him down upon the bed.

The feeling of being out of control was completely alien to him; no one had ever dared to stand up to him. It was making him vibrate with lust, every one of his muscles was tensed, and his cock was straining against his slacks. Lia leaned over him, pulling at the knot of his tie. After she had it unraveled, she pulled the silk material out from his collar, lifting his hand to the bed frame. With a wicked grin she wrapped the material around his wrist, binding it to the sturdy post.

Moving to kneel between his legs, she slowly unbuckled his belt, brushing the bulge at his fly. His hips thrust involuntarily at the touch, and he hissed out a breath. She strapped his other hand to the bed frame with the belt, pulling it snug and looping it around itself to keep it secure. She moved her nude body on top of him, straddling him.

"What do you want?" Lia leaned over to whisper in his ear, moving her hips in a liquid arch that had him moaning.

"I want you to wrap that delicious mouth around my cock." He declared breathlessly, lifting his head to nip at her bottom lip. He was intoxicated by this sense of abandon, the inability to take and ravage. She slid down his form, ever so slowly, lifting his shirt to tease feather light kisses on his stomach, reaching down to pull down the tab of his zipper.

Once she'd freed his cock from the confines of his slacks, she sent him one final, wicked glance, and then did just as he had asked, wrapping her lips around the head of his fully erect member. She slowly took him in, moaning against the sensations of his velvety head sliding along her tongue. The vibration of her moan against his sex was almost too much to bear. He cried out, a wordless groan of pleasure.

Fort's eyes flicked open at the sound. He listened for a moment, remaining still, hearing the furtive sounds of passion. The brush of skin, the gasp, the sigh, the wet sound of a mouth on flesh. Quietly as possible, he rolled over to see what was happening in the other bed. He shouldn't have worried, however. The two were locked in a cage of their own lust. The girl's eyes were closed, little sounds of pleasure emerging as she savored his cock like a great wine. Ambrose likewise had his eyes squeezed shut, his back like a bow, straining muscles showing in shadowed relief.

Fort climbed slowly out of the bed, crouching on the floor like a predator, his eyes never leaving the couple in the next bed. Slowly, almost agonizingly, he made his way over to the bed. He'd never seen the master in bondage before, and he very well going to take advantage of it.

Rising up beside him, Fort placed his hands on either side of Ambrose's face, and as the vampire's eyes flew open, he leaned in, giving him a hard kiss on the lips. The kiss was full of anger, jealousy, betrayal, and the lust that Ambrose had long spurned. Unexpectedly, Ambrose kissed him back with a fire to match his own, thrusting his hips, and interrupting the rhythm the girl had set.

Lia looked up, surprised to see the lithe, naked form of Fort kissing his master, and Ambrose returning the kiss with enthusiasm. She teased nails along Fort's back and he straightened. She pulled him down to taste Ambrose's flavor on his lips, and smiled a lazy, lust-heavy smile.

Fort tumbled into bed with them, and the three of them set about kissing a stroking and mumbling desires. Somehow, Ambrose got free of his restraints, or perhaps one of them untied him in all of their playing. The master vampire arranged Lia against the bed frame, spreading her legs, stroking his palms down her inner thigh. He flicked out his tongue to stroke it along her swollen clit. She shivered with the pleasure of it, gasping as he lapped at her with long, hot sweeps of his tongue.

A yelp squealed through Lia's lips as she was swept off of the bed, and Ambrose quickly switched their positions, positioning her so that she was straddling his mouth. He continued the expert assault on her core, and she arched back, letting out a low moan of pleasure.

Fort swept his long fingers down Lia's arched back, leaning over to take Ambrose's full cock into his mouth. Ambrose rumbled a sound of pleasure against Lia's clit. She almost came from the sensation of it, while Fort kept running his lips up and down Ambrose's length.

This went on for some time, all three just on the verge of orgasm, a circuit of pleasure. After a while Ambrose made a noise akin to frustration, and heaved Lia up, setting her down on the bed and shifting to sit against the bed frame.

"Get on your hands and knees." Ambrose said quietly, and Lia obliged, every moment of her legs like a little torture, the friction on her tender, throbbing core sending shivers up her spine. He rose up on his knees, spreading her legs with a soft brush of his palms. He slowly penetrated her soaked, silky lips, easing his hardness into her.

Fort watched them, finding his hand curling around his cock, stroking slowly. With one hard thrust from Ambrose, Lia came, her mouth falling open with a wordless cry. Ambrose paused inside her, feeling her muscles clenching rhythmically around his cock.

As the orgasm faded, Lia felt something in her open mouth; Fort pushed his cock gently into her mouth, until her lips wrapped around it and she sucked at the hard flesh. Fort's eyes fluttered closed, a low rumbling emerging from his throat, almost like a purr. She continued to suck his cock as Ambrose began to fuck her, and they grew into a rhythm.

Fort came first, pumping into her mouth with a low moan, and her name on a furtive whisper. Lia came swallowing, her body bowing. Forts lips fell upon hers, tasting himself on her. His hands roamed as Ambrose continued to fuck her from behind, his fingers stroking over her breasts, teasing the erect tips of her nipples. Lia clenched around the hardness that Ambrose was stroking inside of her, and he came with one hard thrust.

They all collapsed in a heap of heated flesh, panting.

"Well," Ambrose rumbled after a moment. "That was fun."

Lia awoke several hours later, snuggled into blankets, pressed up against Ambrose. Fort was curled up against her back, effectively creating a Lia sandwich between the three of them. A satisfied smile curled her lips as her eyes fluttered closed once again, thinking, This is just the way this was supposed to be.


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