Crying Wolf


The illogical nature of the argument didn't enter Rhys' mind as the image and feel of Elizabeth Alexander sitting on his lap once more blinked into his mind and his smirk deepened to a self-assured smile as a thought came to him. Oh, if he could pull this off it would be legendary. He just had to time it right.

"...she'll be cool." Karl finished saying to J. V. as their friend sat next to Rhys on the couch and Karl handed him a beer.

"She having a shower to cool down?" Rhys asked amusedly and Karl smiled.

"Yeah, she'll be in there for hours." His best friend replied, his arms resting on his knees as he glanced at the television and took a swig of his beer.

Rhys' self-assured smile filtered into him as his best friend confirmed exactly what he thought he had remembered Karl telling him once before, that Beth always took ages in the bath or the shower, it was her space. Well, the whole house was her space really, but the bathroom more so than anywhere barring the bed itself...which gave Rhys some rather interesting thoughts of what she wore to bed at night...

Shaking himself from such pleasant thoughts, the first part of Rhys' idea fell into it was time to place the second. The excitement of the plan made him want to rush, but patience was a virtue here.

For the next fifteen minutes the three of them sat and joked, bantered, made comments about anything and everything on the television as they flicked through the channels, and opened another beer each, before Rhys spoke, changing the subject from whatever it was J. V. happened to have said...only one thing was really on Rhys' mind right then.

"Karl, how long has it been since we've all just hung out man?" He asked as he leant forward, resting his arms on his knees.

"What, you mean at yours or mine?" He replied questioningly and with Rhys' nod, continued by raising his eyebrows as he blew out his cheeks. "Man, it's got to have been some time. I can't remember to be honest."

Nodding, J. V. added that he too couldn't remember either.

"Sitting here like this just got me thinking about it." Rhys said in response as he turned to look at what was on the television a moment, some half-naked girl doing something with some car, before he continued. "It's cool just hanging out again."

Both of the other two nodded their agreement, and Rhys gave them both a moment before he spoke up again with his main objective, though subtly.

"I don't know about you guys, but I think we should hang out like this more often." He said and watched as the other two nodded again, turning that thought over in their minds, then Rhys was about to add the second piece of his plan when J. V. suddenly spoke up, saying exactly what he had planned to say.

"Well I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather hang here than head out tonight. I haven't got much money till I get paid next week, and this couch is more comfortable than the bar's stools." He piped up, and Rhys could have grinned from ear to ear and kissed the guy...if he wanted to blow what he had in mind anyway.

Trying his best to appear nonchalant, Rhys looked to Karl who looked at him as if asking what he thought and so he shrugged just as if he were entirely indifferent to the idea. His best friend thought a moment before he nodded to J. V.

"Sounds like a plan." He said finally and Rhys felt a surge of excitement pulse through him as he realised that he was one step closer to what he had in mind. This truly would be legendary.

That was when he thought of something entirely brilliant.

"Will Beth be cool with this?" He asked, trying to sound perhaps a little concerned while inside he was patting himself on the back. When she found out he wasn't leaving, which she had made oh so clear she was looking forward to, Beth was going to hit the roof, but now he would look like the good guy by seeming concerned, not to mention that the idea wasn't 'officially' his. Oh, this was going perfect.

"Yeah, sure man, she'll be cool when she gets out of the shower. The water and peace will calm her down." Karl replied sounding entirely sure and certain, and Rhys had to hand it to him, nothing Beth had done indicated that she would be anything but furious about it, but Karl did know her better and was good at soothing that fieriness she had, no doubt because of how they felt for each other. Perhaps his friend was right, perhaps the stunningly gorgeous brunette wouldn't explode when she heard, though there was little doubt she would be at least annoyed, that worked perfectly for Rhys...more time to spend around her trying to hit on her after all.

"What about Donny?" J. V. suddenly asked, and both of them looked at him questioningly. "He said he'd meet us at the bar, remember?"

Nodding, it was Rhys that came up with a solution this time to make sure no one thought it 'better' to just head out to after all.

"Ah, you know Donny," He began to reply, "When we don't show he'll just head round here after a few drinks with his workmates, he knows we're all meeting here anyway."

The other two nodded again and finally Rhys sat back on the couch, smiling to himself as he took another swig from his beer while the conversation turned to something else now that was decided and Karl and J. V. made themselves more comfortable.

Rhys did also, at least for another fifteen minutes or so, just enough time for the other guys to focus on something, which happened to be a debate about Karl and J. V.'s respective rival basketball teams. And so, with the little conversation about Karl's girlfriend forgotten, and without Rhys having heard any noises signalling the end of Elizabeth's marathon shower, Rhys put the final piece to his legendary plan in action as he leaned forward and took another huge swig, finishing off his beer before putting it on the coffee table, before he slapped his thighs and stood.

"Damn, how many have you been giving me Karl?" He asked, acting a little more tipsy than what he actually was. The other two guys laughed at him, calling him 'lightweight', before he continued. "Lightweight? Fuck, get me another drink while I go take a piss, shit I must need to empty four bottles worth, you bastard..."

The other two laughed again before Karl stood up swigging his own half-empty beer. Rhys simply shook his head at the pair, muttering 'lightweight', much to their amusement, as he headed towards the hall. The moment he was out of sight and took his first step on the stairs, he smiled confidently to himself.

Karl may have momentarily forgotten that his girlfriend was still in the shower, but Rhys definitely had not, and it had all come off much better than he had planned. Now he just had to head up and pretend to 'accidentally' stumble into the bathroom without realising in his 'tipsy' state that Beth was still in the shower to get a good, dick-hardening look at the hot, sexy, big-titted 24-year-old brunette girlfriend naked and soaking in the shower. If she asked him in, that would be awesome, but even if she simply flew into a rage, as Rhys expected, it would still be a legendary moment, actually seeing his friend's stunningly hot girlfriend completely naked.

As he quietly and softly made his way up the staircase, the intensity of what he was about to do grew inside him...well, he was just a guy after all, and it wasn't like he was actually screwing her anyway...oh, this would be so good...

Karl sat back in the relaxing confines of the chair listening to J. V. telling him some story that he promised would be hilarious but right then seemed both rather random and a little confusing. Still, hanging out with his friends and drinking was always a good pass time, especially with 'the guys', though of course Donny had yet to arrive and Rhys had just headed to the bathroom.

Rhys. That guy really cracked him up. There weren't many guys that a guy could really say had his back, but Karl knew his best friend always had, even if his way with women often had them all having to leave early as some woman's husband found out Rhys had tried it on with his wife, or the woman herself had slapped him for the way he was. Rhys was just a playful flirt, and while he had been known to follow up on that, even with what Karl thought were the wrong women...married ones usually...his personality was just the way he was, and he was mostly harmless, and he was a good guy.

Not that Beth could see it. Thinking of his beautiful girlfriend made Karl smile faintly, though J. V. thought it was to do with something he'd said in his story as he too grinned deeper as he continued embellishing the tale. But Beth was everything Karl had ever dreamt and more, and what was more, he was to her, and even though she got along with his other friends, while she couldn't stand...well, while she hated...Rhys, Karl could understand. Beth liked to have fun, and didn't mind a little friendly flirting, but Rhys was Rhys and consequently their personalities simply clashed. Not that that affected his best friend at all, despite it affecting his girlfriend. Still, one day he and Beth would get married and Karl hoped that both would find a common ground, a way to get along better. Until then he had to do his best to help bring them together.

As the laid-back boyfriend sat and swigged his beer, finally realising he had missed half of his friend's story by losing himself in thought, little did he know that right then his 'best friend' was creeping softly up the stairs before reaching the bathroom door. Though locked, Rhys had no trouble opening the lock from the outside as the door had one of those two-way locks so that anyone could get in from the outside in cases of emergency. While Karl drank and tried to catch on to his friend's tale, his best friend softly lowered the door handle and gently pushed the door open, knowing full well that Karl's hot 24-year-old brunette girlfriend of just over three years was naked in the shower, fully intending to catch a glimpse of that stunningly sexy body she often hinted at but had, and would, never reveal to him.

As Karl continued to sit oblivious downstairs, his friend took his first step into the steamy bathroom...

The hot water cascaded like warm rain, running down the luscious curves and soft Italian-honey skin of Elizabeth Alexander as she leaned her head back, running her slender fingers through her long brown hair, her eyes closed and her beautiful face poised to look up into the water as it soaked her body, running down over the slopes of her large, firm but soft 36D tits, down over her slim waist and flat stomach, all the way down her was a sight that would make any man drool and more.

Standing there in the falling water, Elizabeth felt every worry and every thought wash away as the water drummed against her soft, smooth skin. That was partly why she loved having a shower, and partly why Karl often made fun of her for having such 'marathon showers'. It just helped her feel relaxed, and she had always loved the rain, especially walking in it...and most especially having sex in it. That thought turned her soft, full pink lips into a dirty smile as she thought of the countless times she and Karl had simulated exactly that right there in the shower, not to mention the other times actually out in the rain.

Running her hands down her slender neck, Elizabeth kept her eyes closed and her face looking into the water as it rained down on her forcefully. Gently her hands slid down to cup and cover her full, heavy tits, squeezing them hard once, roughly pinching her hardening nipples before once more allowing her hands to continue their journey down over her flat stomach, onto the tops of her thighs. Oh, she wanted so much now to move her hands together, to relieve some of this tension that was building within her at the thought of her handsome boyfriend and her in the shower was a shame he was heading out that night, they could have enjoyed 'getting clean' together, by getting very dirty right where she was standing.

A shiver of lust passed through the 24-year-old girlfriend's hot body before she finally let out a soft breath and opened her eyes, reluctantly moving her hands from her legs before she could take care of that tension and wiping the water from her face as she let the warm water rain down on her hair. There was enough time to do that later, and saving it up would mean Karl would get an extra special treat, and she would get an extra big release.

That thought almost made her hands descend once more, however Elizabeth used the movement to instead reach for the shampoo, squeezing the pearly-white liquid into the palm of her hand; trying hard not to think of what it reminded her of.

As Elizabeth rubbed the thick liquid into her soft hand, lathering it up before she began stroking it through her long brunette hair, she was unaware of the two-way lock being opened from the outside and of the handle gently lowering before the door silently, and oh so slowly opened, admitting her boyfriend's best friend who was wearing the biggest smile he had ever had, and no wonder really, everything was going to plan perfectly for him.

Humming to herself contentedly, Elizabeth massaged the frothy liquid through her hair, enjoying the feel of the warm water raining down on her face as Rhys stood staring lustfully at her slender silhouetted shape behind the shower curtain...

Rhys' lips twisted slightly in a pleased smile as he left the door open and stared at the gorgeous outline of his friend's girlfriend as she ran her fingers through her hair, obviously washing the shampoo she had just rubbed in away. Her large tits stood firmly and Rhys could faintly make out the outline of her nipples as Beth turned and leaned her head back, letting the water run through her hair and wash the thick shampoo away. Even obscured by the cloudy shower curtain Karl's girlfriend looked hot, especially as she ran her hands down over her proud rack down over her flat stomach to rest on her wonderfully tight ass right in front of him.

Of course, she had no idea that her boyfriend's best friend was standing right outside the shower curtain watching her, but that was all about to change. Rhys' smile deepened as he moved to reach slowly for the edge of the curtain, intending on peeling it back slightly so that he could peek at the wondrous beauty behind it, however as he edged closer, his hand about to take a gentle hold of the plastic material, a noise suddenly came from downstairs that sounded like the lounge door opening.

Surprised at the sudden sound and thinking someone may be coming upstairs who could catch him, Rhys acted on instinct and pulled away from the shower, backing away, however in his haste to look innocent Karl's best friend didn't see the shelf on the wall as he moved away from the shower. Stumbling back into the wooden shelf, Rhys only had enough time to turn his head as he felt his back bang into it and watch as several bottles of various bathroom things teetered and fell, clattering noisily to the floor.

Almost instantly, while Rhys still stood staring in that split second at the bottles now littering the bare bathroom tiles, he heard the curtain move...

"RHYS!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" Elizabeth cried loudly after screaming in surprise at seeing her boyfriend's best friend standing opposite her as she clung to the shower curtain for protection.

For a moment Rhys looked unsure, an odd expression on his usually self-assured cocky face, as he stared from the bottles to where she stood hiding behind the shower curtain, her heart pounding in her chest from surprise as she glared at him with shock and anger. However, that hesitancy only lasted a moment before once more that cocky smile spread on Karl's friend's face and his leering eyes looked her up and down, despite the fact she was hidden behind the blurry shower curtain. Still, Elizabeth felt as if she were standing exposed in front of him, well, she was, but she felt as if she didn't even have the little cover that the shower curtain offered.

"I thought you might like someone to scrub your back." He replied confidently as he straightened, moving away from the dishevelled shelf and eyed her once more with very open interest.

"KARL!!" Elizabeth screamed, glancing momentarily towards the door before returning her eyes to the man ogling her.

Barely a breath had passed when Karl came rushing through the bathroom door, looking around like some startled animal before looking between the two of them. Elizabeth clung tighter to the shower curtain as Rhys' eyes sparkled and he hid his smile, though she was careful to keep herself from pressing against the plastic material so she didn't give that annoying prick...who had deliberately walked in on her when she was having a shower!...anything more to gawp at.

"What's going on? What happened? We heard screaming?" Her boyfriend in a tone that matched his expression, obviously not realising that he had just walked into the bathroom where his girlfriend had been showering and his friend was standing there with the door open.

"You're asshole of a friend came in while I was in the shower!" Elizabeth answered half-angrily and half-shakily, she was still in shock from finding Rhys outside the shower. "The fucking pervert was trying to watch me!"

Karl's eyes swung to his friend, however Rhys spoke first, his expression all innocent as he held up his hands looking wrongly accused.

"What? No man, I'd never do that! I just came up to take a piss like I said and walked in and stumbled into the shelf, then I heard Elizabeth scream." Rhys protested, and if Elizabeth hadn't have been so angry and stunned right then she may have admired the fact that he actually sounded like he believed it all. "I forgot you were in here, honest, Beth, I must have had too much. Sorry. Sorry."

"The door was locked Rhys!" She replied angrily, however once more her boyfriend's best friend had a reply.

"It was open Beth, I swear." He replied to her before he looked innocently at Karl. "Honest man, if I'd have remembered Beth was in here I'd have come back down, there's no way I'd have forgotten if the door was locked."

Karl looked at his best friend for a moment, still looking startled, before he turned to look at her as she huddled as best she could behind the protective cover she held in front of her naked body.

"Are you sure you locked the door Beth?" He asked and her wide eyes suddenly shifted from warily watching Rhys to staring wide-eyed in astonishment at her boyfriend.

He had caught his friend in the bathroom when his girlfriend was naked in the shower and he still questioned her!?! Anger at his audacity suddenly rushed through her. Rhys, it was expected of, that fucking asshole, but Karl? And now!?

"Yes of course I'm sure!" She half-yelled in indignation.

Karl glanced back to Rhys, an unreadable look passing between them as the latter maintained his 'not guilty' expression, before Karl once more looked back at her, a placating look to his eyes.

"You sure babe? It's easy done." He said, and he must have noticed the sudden dangerous look in Elizabeth's eyes as he once more, for fuck's sake, sided with his friend over her, as he quickly added, looking away from her to the door handle. "Perhaps the lock's broken, I'll have a look at it tomorrow."

As her boyfriend eyed the lock, Elizabeth caught Rhys smiling smugly to himself at her, though the innocent-mask once more returned when she turned to glare at him. As Karl once more looked to her, she turned her now fuming eyes back on him as he smiled stupidly-soothingly at her.

"I can't fucking believe you." She growled angrily, before leaning back into the shower and roughly cutting the pair of them off as she violently pulled the curtain back and glared at the wall in the shower cubicle.

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