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We were driving home from our mountain vacation spot after celebrating our tenth anniversary. As usual, boredom was quickly overcoming us. So, to pass time, we took out the pocket tape recorder, and recanted the story of one of our recent rendezvous'. The following is a transcript of that tale, and you can believe us, that trip passed very quickly. We hope that you enjoy the story nearly as much as we enjoyed experiencing it.

Ann: Tom and I have been happily married for about ten years, now. In that time we've never cheated on each other, but that doesn't mean we never played around a little.

Tom: Or a lot. Let's just say that we've been around the block a couple of times.

Ann: Yeah, from swinger's clubs, S&M groups, lots of bi stuff…but it never really changed the way we feel about each other.

Tom: We're the same people we've always been--Happy and as much in love today as we were the first time we met. But, when we say we play with other folk, that's exactly what we do. We play!

Ann: It's not like it's real life or anything. The roles we get into sexually really have nothing to do with how we act in real life.

Tom: This is real life.

Ann: Okay…In play…Whatever…

Tom: We have jobs like everyone else. We have a family. We eat and sleep and laugh and fight and…

Ann: And make love.

Tom: Yeah…

Ann: And we fuck a lot, too.

Tom: Some real kinky stuff, too. That's the best kind.

Ann: It lets you get outside of yourself. It let's you experience feelings this uptight society would never allow. We love to play nearly as much as we love each other. And, we love to share new, erotic games with other people.

Tom: Yeah, like that scene last week with Michael?

Ann: Well…That was the only time I was really afraid of how you might act.

Tom: It was tight there for a little while. I wasn't sure how I'd handle it at first either. Man, for a minute there, I was really pissed.

Ann: But, it turned out good.

Tom: It always does.

Ann: You remember what happened?

Tom: How could I forget? It was only a week ago...

Friday evening had finally arrived. I worked a couple of hour's overtime, and was thankful for finally getting away from the shop. The drive home seemed like an eternity. When I pulled into the driveway, I was a little upset at finding the house dark and empty. The weekend had begun at last, and my beautiful wife was nowhere around.

I walked in the front door, dropped my keys and wallet on the end table, and headed straight to call my baby's cell phone. I was in no mood to wait around wondering where she had gotten off to.

The message light blinked on the answering machine. There was one message.

I pressed the play button. Ann's sweet voice filled the room. She said, "It's about time you got home. I waited as long as I could, and called your cell--No answer."

I checked my cell phone--Dead battery.

"So, I decided to get started without you...I'm at the Holiday Inn. There's some clothes laid out for you on the bathroom counter. There's a door key there, too. Get cleaned up, and meet me in room 204...And, hurry. I have a surprise for you…Love ya. Bye.”

Of course, I wasted no time. In a moment, I was in the bathroom, and showered. I went for the clothes on the counter. There was a pair of baggy jeans, a loose fitting t-shirt and a blue g-string.

The jeans and the t-shirt probably wouldn't be on very long. The g-string was a surprise. I'd never even touched one made for a man. Now, wearing one...

This was a bit unusual, but so was the idea of meeting my wife at a hotel.

Hesitantly, I stepped into the g. I pulled it up, and it felt tight and restricting. I've always worn boxers. This would be difficult to get used to. The string splitting my cheeks was uncomfortable, but I did start to feel a bit aroused. My dick pressed against the small triangle of cloth in front. I rubbed my hands across my bare ass cheeks. Erotic feelings and expectations soon took a front seat to the problems of wearing such a ridiculous piece of cloth.

I took one last look in the mirror before pulling on the jeans and t-shirt. I slid the key card into my back pocket, grabbed my wallet and car keys from downstairs and headed for the Holiday Inn.

My dick stayed hard all the way to the hotel, and up the stairs. I swiped the card key, turned the handle, and the door swung open.

I was ready for a surprise, but...

Well, nothing could have prepared me for this!

This had to be the wrong room. My thoughts flashed by in torrents of confusion.

I stood staring at the back of a very large and powerful black man. He was standing beside the king sized bed. He was naked. The well defined muscles of his back and legs were taught. His firm, round butt cheeks flexed rhythmically.

The black man straddled the paler, but tanned legs of a petit white woman that sat on the edge of the bed in front of him. I could see no more than her legs to the top of her thighs, but I didn't need to be a psychic to realize what she was doing.

Despite the familiar beaded anklet, and the tattoo on the other ankle, I could not imagine her being my demure little wife. I looked at the key card, and then to the number on the door.

Excuses, lies and justifications swirled through my head like specks of dust in a whirlwind. This had to be the wrong room, or some other mistake. The alternative involved a host of questions I simply didn't want to face.

Indecision became painfully uncomfortable.

As if on cue, the big man turned to look over his shoulder, and I heard Ann's beautiful voice, flat and even telling me to “close the damned door” as if nothing out of the ordinary had ever taken place...Or ever would!

I stepped into the room letting the door close behind me.

The big, black man stepped back and to the side revealing my wife. She looked as lovely as ever. Her skin was a little flushed. Even now, her full, firm breasts seemed so inviting. The little, gold rings hanging from her nipples sparkled in the dim light. Her smile seemed mischievious, alluring, innocent and caring all at the same time. She held that massive black cock in her tiny hand, stroking the hardness slowly...

Man, I didn't know which way to turn. I mean, how would you act if you saw your wife butt-assed naked with another man's dick in her hand?

Ann: He makes it sound like I just decided to fuck some other man out of the blue, and then rub it in. But, that's not how it happened at all! We'd talked about it beforehand and more than once, too.

It all started when I was online chatting with a coworker. Well, this coworker just happened to have a really big dick, and liked showing it off. Just as he pointed his web cam down toward his privates, Tom walked into the room.

Obviously, Tom must have been impressed. He got me to show my tits to my friend, but that's about where it ended on that day.

Anyway, we talked about it for awhile. Then, one day he watched while I did some cyber stuff with a well endowed black man. And, it got pretty hot. It dominated our fantasies for the next couple of months.

I really got off on the idea of being fucked by a well built, black man, and Tom was getting into the cuckold humiliation thing.

Anyway, that's how we got to this point. I just wanted to surprise him with the hottest mutual fantasy we've shared since the first time we made love.

Tom: That's right, but even so, men are taught from early on to be possessive and prideful when it comes to women. It's not something that can be brushed aside so easily. I mean, no matter how hot a fantasy may be, it's not easy to just jump into a role on queue, without warning--especially when that role is so contrary to our everyday personalities.

Ann: But, you survived.

Tom: Barely.

I hadn't decided how I should act, or how I should feel. As soon as I stepped into that room jealousy, anger and resentment kept trying to get the best of me. It pushed me to the edge of violence. Reason and the desire for answers pulled me back to reality. Still, I just stood there with my mouth open, and my hands at my sides with my palms turned out.

Ann: And, you looked so cute!

Tom: Please...

She never stopped smiling. "Don't look so shocked. This is what you wanted," she said matter of factly, and while still stroking that huge dick.

She was right. We had discussed this type of scene on several occasions. But, I never thought that it would ever be anything more than a late night fantasy discussed over a few too many beers.

I started to protest, but Ann cut me off before I got going. "You know you always wanted to watch me cum in the arms of a real man."

The words stung, but were true. I looked up at the big, well-built man with his dark tool resting in my wife's little hand.

As if reading my thoughts, again, Ann said, "Michael knows all about it." In a sort of weird way she sounded so alive.

I started to reply, but Ann cut me off once more. She seemed intent on not allowing me to mount a defense, nor even to salvage one single shred of self-respect.

She went on seeming more amused by the moment. "He knows how useless your little, pathetic, half-hard dick is to me. And, he knows what a worthless fuck you are. He promised to show me how a real man can please a woman." She looked up at Michael, smiling longingly.

Michael chuckled and smiled back to her. "Yeah, Baby. I'll give you what you need."

The entire scene couldn't have been more ridiculous if it wasn't real. Ann leaned forward to kiss the tip of the huge slab of meat in her hands before turning back to me.

"Now, I'm going to fuck Michael, and you're going to do whatever we tell you. You can watch…Maybe, you'll learn something."

I just stood there looking stupid. I hoped for a way out of this, a way that afforded me at least the illusion of pride.

Instead, I found only further humiliation. Ann had begun to kiss Michael around the groin area. Between gentle, loving little kisses she ordered me to strip down to the g-string, and then to fix some drinks.

I planned on doing anything other than playing this game. Unfortunately, the only protest I could come up with was to stand there and stare like an idiot.

I watched as my beautiful wife lovingly administered little kisses about this ebony stranger's strong hips. I watched as her tiny white hand slid along that enormous black pole, and the other squeezed and caressed his rock hard glutes. I marveled at the contrast. Her small hands, her beautiful face, her smooth, creamy, supple skin seemed to encompass all that is feminine. His thick, firm torso, deep brown skin, and mahogany cock epitomize unyielding masculinity. Together, they were the personification of sexual desire and energy. They seemed the physical embodiment of erotic passion.

Michael's deep, resonate voice interrupted my reveries. "Didn't your wife tell you to make some drinks?" His voice was deep, confident, powerful and insistant..

I could only nod. The idea that I hadn't said a word since I left work almost amused me.

"Damn it, boy. Then, do it," Michael ordered, actually raising his voice a little. I thought it ironic that he was loosing patience with me. After all, he was the one about to fuck my wife!

He paused a moment before going on in a quieter, but even more authoritarian tone. "Drop you're fuckin' pants, and get me a rum and coke."

Ann looked up at Michael and thanked him for "lighting a fire under his pathetic ass." Then, she took the fat, purplish head of his cock into her mouth. Her eyes rolled in my direction as if she wanted to be sure that I saw her with another man's cock in her mouth.

Ann: He was so shocked. I could have knocked him over with a feather!

Tom: It's not that funny...

Ann: It's not?

Tom: Well, not from my point of view...Okay, maybe a little.

Anyway, I could strike out, or strip. I chose to strip.

Once down to the g-string, the humiliation of the situation had begun to settle in. I was the only person in a highly charged sexual situation with clothing on, even though that clothing confined only my genitals, leaving the rest of my body exposed. The others were able to experience erotic touch throughout their entire bodies without restrictions. It seemed like the thong marked me as apart--the servant to the sexual desires of this god and goddess that were about to make passionate love in front of me.

Ann: That was a nice touch, wasn't it?

Tom: Sometimes you scare me.

Ann was now completely involved with pleasing the man that stood in front of her. She lovingly stroked and sucked his cock, as he gently ran his hands through her soft auburn hair.

I walked to the vanity where the beverages were.

Ann: Honestly, I wanted this night to be a surprise for Tom. After we'd discussed the possibility of the humiliation aspect several times, I thought, 'why not?' I've always been attracted to well-built men, and especially black men. So has Tom, whether he wants to admit it, or not.

It took me a few weeks to find just the right man, and to be able to meet him in a safe place where my husband wouldn't find out. That would spoil the surprise. But, I can be resourceful if I need to be.

I found Michael, of all places, at a pet store!

He was big, and had a face that could easily grace the cover of a fashion magazine His body could as easily have brightened the pages of Playgirl.

We talked about our dogs, and somehow the conversation got on sex before it began to veer off in some pretty strange directions, at least for a conversation between perfect strangers.

After we noticed the clerk eaves dropping on us, we decided to meet at the neighborhood coffee shop. That's where we opened up, and made plans. I volunteered to rent a room at the Holiday Inn, and get two keys. I'd drop one off with Michael. I kept the other. He'd walk into the room at about 7:30 pm while Tom and I were making love. He'd apologize, and pretend that the front desk had made a mistake, but I wouldn't let him leave the room. I'd find some way to get him in the bed with us.

Of course, Tom had to work late and that really screwed up our plans.

When he hadn't gotten home by seven o'clock, I had to do something. I set out the clothes and the key. Then, I ran over to the hotel to catch Michael to tell him what was going on.

Michael and I decided to go into the room, set up a bar, and talk a little. Since Tom wasn't answering his cell phone, I called to leave a message on the answering machine. Then, we talked some more.

Somehow, we had come to the conclusion that Tom's surprise would be even bigger if we were naked when he got there.

Maybe that was our hormones talking louder than our brains. I'm not sure.

Regardless, we stripped off all of our clothes anyway and…Well...

Tom: Well, what?

Ann: I'm getting there, Baby.

Michael was easily the most gorgeous man I had ever seen...

Tom: Excuse me!

Ann: Other than you, Sweety…You know you'll always be my favorite.

Tom: Thank you for that much...I think.

Ann: Shhhh...

Michael stood well over six feet tall. His eyes were clear, bright and penetrating, and the deepest brown I had ever seen. His cheekbones were high. His facial features were very distinctive. This man's ebony flesh shimmered in dark perfection. It was clear, and deep brown, with only the slightest patches of well-groomed body hair under his arms and above his groin. Other than that, his body, including his head, was completely shaved.

His neck was thick and solid, sloping down to broad, powerful shoulders. His pecs were big and round and his arms were amazing. They were huge! Every muscle stood out like it had been carved in stone.

Michael's back was broad and sturdy and his barrel chest massive. His abdomen tapered down in clearly cut rows to strapping hips and thick, solid legs. His tight ass was divine. He had the perfect, little bubble-butt. It was round and rock hard. I wanted to touch it almost as badly as I wanted to touch his manhood.

I've known a lot of men that brag about eight, or nine, or even ten inches, but mostly they're lucky to have six. Plus, I've never much cared for big dicks, anyway. The owner is usually the bigger dick!

However, in Michael's case, his dick was not only massive, it was beautiful. It was long and thick, without a single blemish, and it curved up just a little. Thank God, it was cut, too. The head was a deep reddish, almost purple color. Michael's giant prick actually scared me a little. At the same time though, I wanted it more than I had wanted anything in a very long time.

I don't know what possessed me, but as soon as we finished undressing, I reached out and took it in my hand.

Michael leaned forward, lightly brushed his big, strong hands down my sides until each of his hands completely covered each of my ass cheeks. Then, he kissed me. He kissed me deeply, and passionately. In a moment, he drew back a few inches to look into my eyes. I looked into his and saw his desire.

He kissed me, again. Our bodies drew together.

I released his erect manhood, and felt it press high against my stomach as he held me tight.

I drew my hands across his firm buns and powerful back. His entire body was firm and unyielding, but his skin soft and warm as he pressed insistently against me.

His tongue parted my half opened lips. I opened wider to give him better access. Our tongues danced about, darting in and out and exploring one another.

We stood kissing in that passionate embrace for what seemed like only seconds, but may have been much longer. Our hands explored every inch of the other's body as the heat built between us sending rushes of pleasure through my body.

His touch was electric. I couldn't get enough.

Michael reached down to explore my tingling pussy. My knees felt weak as he cupped my little mound with his immense hand. His middle finger parted my labia. The moisture had begun to flow as that same finger brushed lightly across my clit before entering me. Soon, his ring finger followed catching my clit between the two. The fingers hooked upward to stroke my g-spot.

God, this man knew how to excite me.

He continued to kiss me with so much desire and fervor that I could barely stand. With his left hand squeezing my ass cheek, and his right at work on my now enthralled womanhood he supported almost all of my weight as the first waves of orgasm began to radiate outward from my pulsating pussy. I threw my head back, and let the pleasure wash over me.

Even though it was just a miniature orgasm, I don't think I ever came so quickly. My knees had gone weak, and Michael gently lowered me to the side of the bed.

Tom: Wow, you mean you already came before I even got there?

Ann: Well, yeah...But it was just a little one. Besides, only a couple of minutes passed before you walked in.

Tom: So that's when I got there.

Ann: Yeah, pretty much.

Tom: And, that explains your pink flush when I first saw you.

Ann: Unh hunh.

Tom: Okay, so now I'm in the room.

Ann: Yes, already! Let's move on.

Tom: You know, I really had a hard time playing along. I know we discussed it beforehand, but to walk in on something like that was tough. Plus, you were never able to talk to me like that before. I didn't expect it.

Ann: That was the easy part.

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