tagLoving WivesCuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor Ch. 02

Cuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor Ch. 02


Manisha and I socialized fairly often, as we didn't have any immediate family members both from her side as well as my side. Most of the people we interacted were our family friends or some business acquaintances; we didn't have any close relatives who stayed in our area. Also, the social gatherings happened mostly at the club we visited regularly.

I knew quite a few people who would be more than willing to get into her pants and was wondering if they had made any pass on her. Anyway, I didn't have to wait long. One of our family friends had invited us for a wedding reception in our club the following weekend. This was a chance for Manisha to pick up her prospective mate.

At the party I purposely gave Manisha lot of time to mingle with male guests. She bid her time equally among women and men, ensuring that she got to talk to the men when they weren't around their wives. I was desperate to see something happen but nothing materialized that day. She did spend some time alone with a few men; with a few of them she took long walks along the lawn and the jogging track. But nothing much happened that night. It was more of casual talk and it seemed the men were just spending time with an interesting person rather than getting drunk.

Several such parties passed by and nothing significant had happened. I probed Manisha after every such party but she had not yet made up her mind. I tried to frame in mind who all she had spend more time with and with whom she seemed to be very comfortable. I could at least identify two men with whom she seemed to be fairly comfortable.

There was this new chap who had recently moved to our neighborhood, about 3 months back. He was in a way competitor to me as we both were in the same business. Hence Manisha's attraction towards him irritated me. He was much older to me, almost nearing 40s but had kept him in shape. I found Manisha spending quite sometime with Amirchanji quite sometime.

I had interacted with Amirchanji on a few occasions and he seemed to be a confident man, pretty knowledgeable in his business. More importantly he seemed to be getting well with women. He had two teenage sons yet that didn't show on his face, as he looked fairly young.

Another person with whom Manisha spent quite some time was our elderly neighbor Kishanchanji. Kishanchanji is our 45-year-old widower neighbor. He has had two daughters from his marriage. His wife passed away about 10 years ago and ever since then he has been a perpetual lecher. He had been ogling at Manisha since the day she stepped in my life.

While it was natural for Manisha to be comfortable with Kishanchanji, I thought she had better utilized her time with some other stud that was her age and would be a suitable partner for her. It was not only Kishanchanji's age but also his demeanor that bothered me. He is known to be an arrogant and selfish man and has tried to humiliate me in front of Manisha on more than one occasion. He is well known womanizer in our circle. Yet people tolerate him due to his excellent sense of humor and extraordinary success in business.

On the physical side he is not attractive as Amirchanji is. He is pitch black, slightly plump and stands only 5' 4". My hope was that Manisha was just being courteous when she spent time with Kishanchanji and was not evaluating him as a prospective mate. Actually, he is so despicable that it was wrong for me to even entertain such a thought. Kishanchanji and we share a common interest and that is Cricket. We are avid Cricket followers and don't miss any match. We watch matches together many a times.

Three months had passed since the day she agreed to look for a new lover. And still there was no sign of her decision and hence I thought of brining this up tonight. Also, thought of broaching up the topic of her spending more time with Amirchanji and Kishanchanji. So on the dining table night I asked her

"Honey have you made any progress on your decision yet?"

"Ha?" It seemed I had caught her off guard.

"Hmm... not yet but I am getting close," she said after thinking for a moment.

"Why do you ask?"

"Well it has been quite some time now so thought of asking."

"Do you mind talking about it?" I asked hesitantly

"What do you want to talk in particular?"

"Well just wanted to know how it has gone till now? Who all you have short listed etc?"

"I can't share with you the short listed candidates, yet"


I had lost for words now, as she was not willing to continue the conversation on this topic. After some more thought I thought of directly broaching the topic of her spending more time with Amirchanji and Kishanchanji.

"Well, I have been observing with whom you are spending more time with during our social gatherings," I said looking into her eyes to judge her reaction. She very confidently asked, "Who?"

I quickly grabbed the opening she gave me and said, "I have been noticing that you spend quite some time with either Amirchanji or Kishanchanji"


Her boldness had stunned me. In sincerest tone I said, "I hope you are not considering them as your potential mates."

"Why not?"

"We hardly know Amirchanji and it would not be wise to get him involved in this," I quickly retorted.

"Hmm... and what's wrong with Kishanchanji?" "How can you even consider somebody like Kishanchanji as a potential mate?"

"Why what's wrong with him?"

"For God sake, he is old enough to be your father Manisha."


"He is so ugly!"

"That is a good reason for you not to be jealous. Don't you think?"


"The way I look at it he could be a very good bed mate for me."


"For one, he is crazy about me. So getting him into bed with me would hardly take any time."

"That is true about any man. I am sure any man from our social circle wouldn't let such a chance slip by," I quickly retorted to. I saw her stealing a smile as I said this.

"He is our neighbor, so the proximity would help me in continuing the affair discreetly."

I had to agree with this point. We had a side-door that directly connected our bungalows. It was much easier to sneak in through that door without getting noticed.

"Moreover, we can trust him. He wouldn't risk getting exposed, much less losing a chance to sleep with someone like me," she said.

It looked like she had thought over very carefully.

"And lastly, he can give me 100% because he is a widower. There is no complication on his part," she continued.

"Look you might have numerous reasons why he is the right person but I don't want you to have any such relationship with him," I said in an angry tone frustrated with the thought of my wife spending nights with such a disgusting man.

"Hello?" she interrupted me. "Do you remember I was the person to make decisions in this regard and not you?"

"I urge you not to get involved with him," I pleaded.

"Please grow up, Vinit," she said in an irritated tone.

"Promise me that you wont interfere in these matters. Otherwise, I would have to call this off completely," she said looking into my eyes for an answer. My silence gave an emphatic answer. I was so desperate to see her in the arms of another man that it didn't matter even if that other man would be our obnoxious neighbor.

"I haven't yet made up my mind and need more time on this," she said finally and that was the end of our discussion on that topic.

I would have gladly accepted if she had chosen Amirchanji over Kishanchanji even if that had meant sharing my wife with my business rival. Only recently I started realizing how much of a threat he could be to our well-established business. Perhaps, in the lure of my wife Manisha his attention might get diverted from his business and I might be able to gain some lost territory.

Her decision was yet to come. Anyway, I didn't have to wait long for her decision as the very next social gathering we attended I came to know whom she selected to mate with. That Saturday evening we were celebrating a recent promotion of a close friend of ours to a Vice President position. It was mostly a business meeting with our spouses tagging along.

That evening Manisha's attire was stunning. She wore a beautiful black colored transparent saree, with a matching colored sleeveless blouse. The blouse showed a hint of cleavage and lot of back, just enough to entice any man. She made it a point to wear her saree well below her navel to show her voluptuous waist.

Amirchanji didn't make it for that party but Kishanchanji didn't want to loose an opportunity of spending some time with Manisha. He monopolized Manisha most of the night, which infuriated me to an extent that I got drunk. I avoid booze, as I can't handle it. Just 2 pegs get me drunk. That evening I had gulped 4 pegs and was quite inebriated. It was funny to note Manisha towering over Kishanchanji on the jogging track where they were wiling away their time. Kishanchanji was three inches shorter than Manisha and Manisha's slightly slender figure compared to Kishanchanji's stock figure made her look even taller.

I had passed off when it was time to go home. Kishanchanji volunteered to take us home that night. I was almost asleep when they slid me into the back seat of our car. The club was about 20 minutes away from our house and in no time we were home. Kishanchanji helped me to our bedroom upstairs and left. Or so I thought.

When I woke up it was around 2:40 am in the night and Manisha wasn't in bed next to me. Surprised to find her missing I got up from bed to check on her. Very carefully opening the door I peeped into our living room downstairs. There was light from the kitchen and I heard some voices. It seemed Kishanchanji and Manisha were in the kitchen talking. Perhaps Manisha was making coffee for Kishanchanji and herself. In no time I saw Manisha leaning against the Kitchen door with a coffee mug in her hand. Kishanchanji was standing opposite to her.

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