Cuckolded By My Son


"Oh, sissy," she giggled, "Did your son's hard cock make you cum. You've ruined those perfectly good panties!"

I blushed a red colour almost as deep as my babydoll. But I was also glowing with pleasure, pleasure only enhanced by my wife and son being there to see me dressed in feminine lingerie, filling my panties with sticky cum. The humiliation and embarrassment were just even more of a turn on. I knew that after tonight, things would never be the same again.

That night, I slept at the foot of my former bed as my wife and son cuddled up together. My soft, feminine body was dressed in a silky chemise and my mouth was stuffed with my thong from before. As my wife and son caressed and kissed, I lay there and listened, sucking my own cum from my dirty, stained panties. It was clear to me now that this would be my life from now on, no longer the man of the house, but the submissive sissy who would do anything to worship the cock of the real man of the house, my son.

My wife and son continued to make me dress in feminine clothes and, in exchange, I was occasionally allowed to suck my son's beautiful cock, or lick his cum from my wife's hot body. Things took another strange and new turn a few weeks later. I had got pretty good at making myself look like a sexy slut and was beginning to really enjoy my new feminine life. On this particular day, Laura had made me dress in a pair of knee high PVC boots with six inch heels that made it very difficult to get about anywhere. I also wore a matching black PVC mini-skirt that barely covered my thighs and black lace panties beneath. I was wearing no bra, instead I just wore a tiny, tight red PVC halterneck top that exposed my midriff. Once again I wore the blonde, shoulder length wig and painted my face in heavy, slutty make up and bright red lipstick. I looked like a cheap hooker but that was just the way that I liked it, not to mention the way my wife and son wanted it.

I was upstairs when I heard the doorbell ring and Laura going to answer it. Suddenly, I froze in fear, nobody had ever seen me like this, in my slutty feminine form, except for my wife and son. I was terrified lest my secret identity as a submissive sissy who liked to watch his own son fucking his wife was known to the world. I could hear several voices downstairs before footsteps coming up to the bedroom where I waited.

"Come on sissy," my wife said, coming into the room, dressed in a little black dress and stockings, "There's some people waiting to see you downstairs."

"What? No," I said, stubbornly, "I can't go in front of people like this," I looked down at the way I was dressed, just like a whore, "I just can't."

"Don't be stupid, sissy," she replied, "You're coming down and that's that. Don't forget who's in charge around here. If you want to keep tasting that juicy cock then you'll do just what we want!"

What was I to do? I was so much under the thumb of anything my wife and son wanted that I could no longer resist any humiliation. Anything they demanded of me, I not only did, but liked it and was rewarded at the end with the nice, salty cum I had come to love so much. I guess a stronger man would have refused, but then a real man wouldn't have let themselves get into a situation where their wife thought them so little of a man she slept with her own son. A real man wouldn't have let his son force him to dress like a slutty woman to suck his cock. So I guess there was no pretending I was a real man anymore. And I guess I was always going to do what Adam and Laura asked of me.

So, I found myself tottering downstairs after my wife, struggling to walk in my six inch heeled kinky PVC boots. Although I was so submissive as to follow any command, I was still getting pretty nervous, my heart was in my mouth. Who were these people? Why did my family want to introduce me to them? And what on earth was going to happen? I was incredibly nervous but also could feel my cock becoming a little aroused at the prospect of some strange new things that might happen.

My wife opened the door of the living room and walked in, with me coming through behind her. I don't know what, or who, I expected to see as I entered the room, but still, when confronted with what was there, I got the shock of my life. My hunky son was there, sat on the sofa in jeans and a tight t-shirt that showed off his rippling muscles, but there were three other people in the room as well. Three people that I recognised, that I knew very well. Next to my son on the sofa sat my wife's sister, Helen, and across the room, still standing, were my nephews, her two sons, Matt and Chris.

Helen was a couple of years older than my wife, taller and skinnier, without my wife's curves and incredible breasts. She was not quite so beautiful but still looked pretty great for a woman in her late forties. She was dressed in a simple blouse and knee length skirt. Her sons were aged 19 and 21, both tall and thin as well. They were quite good looking although not such incredible specimens of muscular masculinity as my son. To be honest, I had seen them grow up and had not ever really thought of them as possibly vigorous, sexual kinds of guys but they were at that age now where they had to be. Helen, however, I had occasionally entertained fantasies about, such as is quite usual, I imagine, with the close sisters of your wife, or something similar.

My wife's family was quite close and I knew them all pretty well. They came to visit quite often but still I was shocked to see them today. Maybe that was something to do with the way I was dressed. For a second, all three of them looked at me blankly, trying with a little confusion to place me and failing to recognise who I was, before all of a sudden, Helen's jaw dropped and she gasped.

"Good God, Steve, is that you?" she said, shocked.

"Uncle Steve," Matt, the older of my two nephews said, "What the hell are you wearing?"

"And why?" said his brother.

"It's not Steve anymore," said my wife, "We just call him 'Sissy'."

"I don't understand," Helen went on.

"He wasn't satisfying me as a husband," my wife said, "He's not much of a man, so we thought he'd make a better slut."

"Who's we?" Chris asked.

"My new lover and me," Laura grinned. Adam had got up from where he was sitting and was now standing beside her, he took her in his arms and they began to passionately french kiss in front of the whole family.

"Oh My God!" Matt gasped with shock.

"Urrgh," echoed his brother, "What the fuck? That's disgusting!"

But they still stood there, watching their cousin make out with their aunt, not doing anything to stop it or to leave the room. I knew that feeling, like me they were fascinated by the scene playing out before them, the naughty incestuous mother son embrace was so wrong that it was an incredible turn on to watch. Even after seeing them at it so much these past few weeks, I still felt my cock grow hard to see his hard body press against her curves. He broke from the kiss but still held her in his arms, his hands caressing her round bosom through the material of her black dress. He turned with a smug look to Matt and Chris.

"Come on, guys," he said to his cousins, "Don't pretend you hadn't thought about it. Older women are so hot and they really know how to please a man. I bet you've thought about sucking on your mother's tits or burying your cock in her warm, wet pussy."

Matt and Chris looked a little unsure of what to do or say but I could see that even if the thought of fucking their sexy mother hadn't occurred to them before, it certainly was now. Chris let his eyes wander over to her, I saw him run his gaze over her body, especially dwelling on those long, smooth legs of hers. Meanwhile, she had got up of the sofa too and had come over to where Adam was caressing and kissing his mother. Helen ran her hand across her nephew's muscular chest.

"Well, sis, I can't say I blame you," she said to my wife, with a naughty smile, "He's quite a man. I wouldn't mind having a taste of him myself!"

I was shocked. I certainly hadn't expected that. I never thought my sister-in-law would be so easily persuaded into something that was so strange and wrong but she seemed really keen and eager to have a piece of her hot nephew, my manly son. I could see why she wanted it so bad, after all so did I, but still I was surprised at how quickly and eagerly she acted on her impulses. In no time at all, my wife and her sister had stripped Adam of his tight t-shirt and had pulled his jeans around his ankles as they pushed him back to sitting on the sofa. His massive cock was already semi-hard as his aunt knelt down before him and began to stroke it with her hand, making it warmer and harder every second. It looked so good, so strong and hard and masculine, I just wanted to get a taste too, and I didn't care that my sister-in-law and her sons would watch.

I soon found myself joining my wife in kneeling before my son's growing erection as my wife's sister continued to stroke it. I was down between his thighs, kissing up the inside of his leg as my wife licked her tongue around the head of his cock, her sister still stroking it. The two sisters looked each other in the eye and laughed even as they continued to pleasure my son's dick with their hands and mouths.

"I guess you're just as much in need of a real man's cock as I am, sister," my wife said.

"I've never seen one like it," her sister confirmed, "It's incredible, so long and thick."

The two sisters kissed each other across the hard cock and then began to transfer their kisses to the thick, hard meat itself, while I knelt under them and began to lick my son's balls. Adam now pulled my wife up to sit beside him and began to kiss her again as he slipped her dress from her shoulders and unstrapped her bra, letting those incredible breasts spill out.

"Wow, nice tits, auntie Laura!" Chris said on watching his cousin bury his face in Laura's breasts as she ran her hands over his muscular chest.

My nephews were obviously beginning to warm to the idea of their family's incestuous fun, although I could no longer see what they were doing with my face buried between my son's legs. I began to move my attention to his thick, veiny cock. As Helen began to lick the shaft, I flicked my tongue across the quivering head and inside the tip of his foreskin. Helen looked at me and grinned at the sight of the man that had married her sister, dressed in a PVC skirt and boots, face painted like a slutty whore, sucking on his own son's cock.

"Wow, you really do make quite a hot sissy slut," she said, moving her free hand to run across my rubber clad body, "And you do seem so keen on a nice hard cock!"

Between us, me and my sister-in-law continued to suck and lick all over my son's hard cock while his attention was entirely on his mother, playing with her great, round breasts and then running his hand down inside her panties and fingering her wet cunt. She began to gasp and sigh.

"Oh, honey, oh yes, you're making me so wet, my hunky son, I want to feel you inside me," she moaned.

Meanwhile, thanks to me and Helen, Adam's cock was firm and twitching and just waiting to fuck his beautiful mother. I could see that Helen was as much into sucking and submitting to this fine piece of manhood as I was. It seemed like Adam had all the women in the family just desperate for that nice hard cock of his. And even for the men it held quite a fascination. Like me before, my nephews were obviously beginning to get a dirty thrill from watching my wife and my son getting together, a thrill only enhanced by seeing their own mother on her knees before their cousin's big, fat cock.

"Oh God, mum's quite a cocksucker!" sighed Matt.

"Well, Sissy Uncle Steve isn't too bad either," his brother laughed.

I turned back to look at them for the first time and saw that they had dropped their pants and pulled out a pair of six inch cocks that, while not as enormous as my son's, were certainly more impressive than my own. While watching their mother and uncle suck on their cousin's monster dick, they had both begun to masturbate their own cocks. Obviously, seeing the rest of their family engaged in hot, incestuous sex, they had no qualms about revealing the turn on it was for them in watching.

"Sissy, it looks like your nephews could do with a bit of oral relief," my son said, looking down at me, "Go and use your cock lust on them, I don't need a sissy boy like you when I've got two hot real women like mum and Aunt Helen."

I turned and went over to my hot, young nephews, kneeling before them, as my wife began to straddle my son, lowering her wet pussy onto his hard cock as her sister continued to lick the base of his shaft. Meanwhile, I looked up at my nephews and took each of their cocks in one of my hands. I smiled lustfully up at them and began to stroke their warm, firm meat.

"What are you doing?" Matt complained as I masturbated his member, "I don't want some sissy man touching my cock. Aaahh, mmmm," he moaned, the sigh of pleasure escaping his lips contradicting what he was saying.

"Don't you?" I said, "You know what a hot slut like me can do for you."

I flicked my tongue gently across the head of his dick, making it tremble with anticipation.

"I don't care of this sissy is our uncle," Chris said as I squeezed and stroked his firm cock, "I want those hot slutty lips round my cock. Come on sissy, you like the taste of your son, why not suck on your nephews?"

I was only too happy to oblige. Turning the attention of my tongue between Matt and Chris, circling my tongue around the head of one cock while my hand stroked the other, then swallowing half the length of the second cock while I jerked the first. Although neither cock was quite as fascinatingly big and thick as my son's monster, together they made up for it by giving me so much length of man meat to run my mouth over. As I began to properly go down on first one and then the other, even Matt's feeble protests diminished.

"Stop doing that, you freak. You're my uncle, you shouldn't be doing this. Aaaah, mmmm. Oh, don't...Don't stop, slut. Mmmm, yes, suck my cock, sissy bitch."

"Oh yeah, sissy, suck us. Run that tongue of yours all over your nephews' cocks," Chris moaned.

I pulled the two together so the heads of their cocks were almost touching and wrapped my lips around both heads as my hands vigorously stroked the lengths of their shafts. My own cock was now getting pretty hard at being in the centre of this incestuous orgy. There was a quite obvious bulge in the front of my tight little PVC mini-skirt but I didn't care, I loved the way the lace of my panties made me feel, rubbing up against my erection.

Meanwhile, across the room, I could see my wife bouncing up and down on my son's massive dick, sighing and moaning as he buried his face in her huge tits. Helen was now licking both her nephew's cock as it entered Laura's pussy and also turning her tongue to pleasuring her sister's clit. Laura couldn't help but scream and moan at the double stimulation of her son and sister.

"Oh yes. Fuck yes, this is incredible. Fuck, there's nothing like fucking your son, unless it's fucking your son and your sister!" she cried, "Your cock is so big and hard inside me, son, and, sister, your tongue feels great on my cunt!"

"Mmmm, mum, I knew you'd enjoy getting more of your family into this fuckfest," my son gasped as he shafted his mother's pussy, "And it gives the sissy a chance to get a proper fucking too, and from his family!"

Hearing this, Chris pulled his cock from my mouth, allowing me to concentrate on taking the full length of his brother inside me. It was easy after being used to my son's huge dick. Meanwhile, Chris had moved around behind me and was slapping my arse in its tiny, tight little mini-skirt.

"I'm gonna get myself a piece of this tight, sissy arse," he said, "How would you like your nephew's cock inside your little arse, sissy?"

I pulled Matt's cock out of my mouth for just long enough to gasp, "Oh yes! Please, nephew, I'd love that," I was a little surprised at myself, but I guess it should have been obvious from my dressing in sissy female clothes and worshipping cock with my mouth that before too long I'd get a cock in my panty wearing arse as well. Even though I hadn't much considered it before, as soon as Chris mentioned it, I knew that I really wanted it, to totally submit to a hard cock by feeling it penetrate deep inside me, and my own hot young nephew's cock at that. "Come on, fuck my little virgin arse. I'm just a sissy slut for cock and I want one inside me now!"

Chris pushed my skirt up around my waist and pulled my panties around my knees. I was kneeling in a doggystyle position, with my mouth still wrapped around his brother's hard dick. He pulled my arse cheeks open and slid his cock, slick and wet with my saliva into my arse hole. It was something of a tight fit as he pushed hard up into me, making me pretty light headed but still I was urging him on, deeper into me, loving the feel of giving up my submissive sissy arse to a hard cock, being penetrated from both ends by my nephews.

Finally, he was most of the way inside me, and he began to withdraw, but only before slamming back into me, quicker and harder, even as his brother took control of fucking my face, leaving me completely helpless, sandwiched between my nephews and their hard cocks as they pushed me one way and then the other, always leaving me penetrated and filled with the cock I desired so much. I had no control over the situation but that was just how I liked it, I was in heaven, submitting to being used by my family's cocks. I hadn't realised it until recently but this was the greatest pleasure I could imagine, especially with one cock buried deep in my arse, stimulating me in places I didn't know were there.

Anyone who would have come into the room at that moment would have seen a sight that would have been pretty unbelievable to witness. On one side of the room, there was my son, naked, toned, muscular, with a monster cock buried deep in the pussy of his busty mother, dressed in nothing but stockings and heels, who was riding him for all she was worth while her sister, her blouse torn open to reveal her breasts, her skirt up around her waist, licked her pussy while fingering her own. Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, there was me, the sissy father of the hung stud, feminised and dressed in PVC boots and skirt with slutty lipstick and make-up, being double penetrated by my nephews, one big cock in my mouth, the other taking my anal virginity.

"Oh yeah, you're so tight, bitch," Chris moaned, "Your arse feels soooo tight on my cock. I've never had such a good fuck."

"Mmmm," moaned Helen, fingering her wet pussy, "It's good to watch my sons enjoying such a good fucking but mummy needs to feel a cock inside her too!"

Leaving her sister bouncing up and down on my son's cock, she walked over to our side of the room and got down on the floor beside me. My shiny black skirt hung around my waist and my lace panties were down around my knees as her son buried his cock in my tight arse, my own naked dick swung back and forth, leaking pre-cum. She moved herself underneath me and slid my little cock into her wet, waiting pussy so that as her son shafted my tight little arse, it pushed my crotch forward, penetrating deeper inside her.

"Oh God, yes. Fuck, that's it," she sighed, "Keep fucking this sissy's arse, son," she said to Chris, "Fuck him harder, push him deeper inside me. Oh fuck, it's like fucking my son."

"Mmmm, mum, that's so hot," Chris said, really tearing into my arse now, his mother egging him on seemed to make him want to fuck me harder than ever, "I love the thought that fucking my sissy uncle is fucking you too!"

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