tagIncest/TabooCuckolding My Father Ch. 08

Cuckolding My Father Ch. 08

byD.C. Roi©

It was a long time after I gave my mother the information I printed from "The Clitoris.com" web site, before she mentioned it. In the interim, I had no idea whether she was reading it and I admit that not knowing was killing me. Our kissing continued to be more and more passionate and our hugs included far more body contact than they had in the past. Mother seemed to have fewer and fewer reservations about what we were doing, and that encouraged me.

It wasn't until the middle of the fourth month of my campaign of seduction that I learned that she had read the material. That morning I came out for breakfast, gave Mother her usual morning hug and kiss, then I sat down at the table. She served me my breakfast - hotcakes and sausage that morning - and after she did, she poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table with me. She didn't normally do that, so I was surprised, but I didn't say anything. I did notice that her face seemed a little flushed, though.

"I been readin' that stuff you gave me," she said, her voice very soft.

Her answer surprised me and I almost choked on the food I had in my mouth. "Ah...yeah...and..." I stammered in reply.

"Well...it...it's kinda...interestin'...I guess," she said. "Ah...do...um...do people really do the stuff they write about?"

"Like what?" I asked. I figured that not eating while she and I were having this conversation was probably a good idea. If I got into a serious choking spell, it could spoil the mood.

Mother's face got noticeably redder. She took a deep breath. "Um...well...they...they talk about...about a woman...um...you know, touching herself on her...ah...private...um...parts. Do...do women really do that?"

"I'm not an expert on what women do," I told her, "but I believe that quite a few women do masturbate, probably more than people think."

Mother had a puzzled look on her face. "How come?" she asked. "How come they do that?"

"Because it feels good," I replied. "It feels good when I do it, so I assume it would feel good for a woman, too. Maybe you should try it."

"When I was little, my momma used to tell me to never touch my privates," Mother said. "She told me God didn't like it when you did that."

I smiled. "God made us, didn't He?" I asked.

Mother nodded.

"And the way He made us, it feels good if we masturbate," I said. "If that's how God made us, how can doing what he made us able to do be wrong?"

Mother shook her head and smiled. "I never thought about it like that," she said.

"I have a feeling that's exactly what your mother wanted you to believe," I told her. "You listened to her, stopped thinking about sex, and grew up never knowing a lot of things."

"You mean most people know all this stuff about sex?" she asked.

"Most people know quite a bit more about sex than you do," I told her. "But that isn't your fault," I added quickly. "You weren't supposed to know it. Your parents didn't want you to know it, and my father certainly didn't."

"Oh," Mother said, a little tentatively. "How come you want me to know it, then?"

"I want you to know it because I think you should," I said. "Sexuality is an important and wonderful part of a person's life and shouldn't be denied. Your life can be so much richer if you have access to all of it, especially your sexuality."

Mother still looked puzzled. "What's gonna be better?" she asked.

"You'll be opening yourself to a totally new world of pleasure," I said.

"You mean touching myself in my private parts will make me feel good?" Mother asked. She sounded very skeptical.

"I can tell you it feels very good when I masturbate," I replied. "I'm positive it will feel just as good for you if you masturbate." This had to be one of the strangest mother-son conversations on record.

Mother sat there quietly for a while. I could tell she was thinking. Then she looked down at her lap and took a deep breath. "I...I don't know how...to...how to...um...do it," she murmured.

I have a pretty good idea of what female masturbation involves, but I'm far from being knowledgeable enough to give instructions. And I was pretty sure Mother might balk at my doing hands-on training with her. I remembered some videos I'd downloaded to my computer some weeks earlier. "I'm not sure I can explain it," I told Mother, "but I think I can show you. Come on." I stood up, so did she, and we walked into my bedroom. I sat down at my computer desk and clicked my way into a folder that contained my downloaded adult videos. I had downloaded several videos of women masturbating and thought maybe they could help my mother learn how to masturbate.

"These are videos," I explained. I hadn't taught Mother this aspect of computing. "To play them, all you need to do is double-click the video..." I showed her. "...the movie player will open and play it. After you've played one, click here..." I clicked on the open file window, bringing it to the front. "...and then double click on the next video you want to watch. Got it?"

"Ah...yeah...um...I, ah...I guess so," Mother replied. "You...you gonna stay here while I...um...watch the...um...videos?"

"You watch them, I'll finish my breakfast," I told her. I got up, kissed her, and left the room. I could hear the sound of the videos while I ate and couldn't keep from wondering what was running through Mother's mind as she watched them. I was encouraged by the fact that she was watching them. I was pretty sure it meant my campaign of seduction was moving forward.

When mother finally walked into the kitchen, her face was bright red. She didn't look at me as she walked over to the counter and poured herself a cup of coffee.

I couldn't help myself. "Did the videos help?" I asked.

She stared into her coffee cup. "I never seen nothing like that before in my life," she said. Her voice was very soft. "I can't believe women do that kinda stuff and let people make movies of them doin' it. How come you got that sex stuff on your computer?"

"It...it turns...you know...it turns me on," I admitted. I figured honesty was the best policy.

Mother lifted her head and looked at me. "You do it so you can...um...masturbate?" she asked.

I nodded. "Did it turn you on?" I asked.

Mother shrugged. "It...um...it made...made me feel...kinda...funny inside to watch them," she admitted. "Especially that one older lady."

I knew exactly which video clip she was talking about and was thrilled. It did turn her on! Of course, knowing that turned me on. I could feel my penis start to swell in my jeans. "What are you going to do about it?" I asked.

She looked back down at her coffee cup and shrugged. "Dunno," she mumbled.

I was pretty sure that whatever she was thinking about doing didn't involve me, and that even my being in the house might inhibit her. "I have some work to do on my car," I told her. "I'll be out by the barn."

"Yeah...OK," Mother replied. She hadn't looked directly at me since she came back from watching the videos on my computer.

I stood up, rinsed off my dishes, then put them in the sink. After that I gave Mother a hug and kiss - noticing that she was pretty stiff when I put my arms around her - then I went outside.

As I walked toward the barn, it occurred to me that despite my father's stated dislike for computers, he'd be a huge computer fan if he ever found out how readily available things related to sex were on the internet.

My personal vehicle is a Dodge Durango SUV, the R/T version with heavy-duty suspension and the big V-8. Because of the area we patrol, the sheriff's department uses similar rigs, but without all the bells and whistles my Durango has. I used a shop vacuum cleaner to clean out both my Durango and my work Durango. Then I got some wipes that have cleaner and protectant on them and began to clean off the dashboard of my personal rig. I wasn't doing as good a job as I usually do because I couldn't keep from wondering what my mother was doing back in the house. I was sure she was at least partially aroused when I left the house, but what was she doing about her arousal? Was she doing her chores, desperately trying to ignore the feelings I'd awakened in her? Or was she in her bedroom, lying in her bed, masturbating?

I didn't think much about the first possibility, but I couldn't keep my mind from conjuring up images of my mother, naked, lying on her bed masturbating. I'd left the house half-hard and the prurient thoughts I couldn't keep myself from having soon had me completely erect.

At that point in my life I'd never seen my mother naked, and I later learned that some of the images my mind created did differ from reality, but at the time, my visualizations were a huge turn-on to me. I walked into the barn and leaned against the wall. After fighting the impulse for a few seconds, I unzipped my pants and took my erection in my hand. I couldn't recall it ever being harder. Then I closed my eyes and saw...

...my mother lying on the bed in her bedroom, her lovely nude body flushed and twisting while her hand whirled on her clit. Soft murmurs came from her slightly parted lips and her head turned from side to side on her pretty hair, which had fanned out around it. Her hips were rocking up and down as what looked like wonderful sensations shot through her in response to her masturbation. Her nipples were hard and her breasts looked swollen. They rose and fell rapidly, keeping time with her gasps of pleasure. Her cheeks were flushed brighter red than the rest of her face. As I stared at her, her gasps turned to groans and the groans got louder. The rocking of her hips grew even more rapid, then she stiffened with her back arched and her hips rocking from side to side, her body going through tremors that looked as if she was vibrating. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned. The moan sounded surprisingly real and surprisingly familiar, I could almost feel how good Mother was feeling...

...and I realized that was because I was the one feeling wonderful as the erection I held in my hand - and had been stroking without knowing it - was spewing my warm fluids onto the hay-covered floor of the barn while my insides churned delightfully.

I felt a little embarrassment, but was willing to accept that, mainly because it did seem as if my campaign to seduce my mother was heading for success. At least I hoped it was. I had no idea what I'd do if it failed.

Having relieved my internal pressure, I managed to finish getting both of my vehicles cleaned up, then I went back inside to get ready to go to work. Mother was walking out of the master bedroom when I came in the door. Our eyes met, she turned bright red, and she quickly looked down at the floor. "Whatcha been doin'?" she asked.

I felt my face getting hot. Even though I knew it wasn't possible, part of me wondered if she somehow knew what I'd been doing. Guilt creates some odd thoughts, doesn't it? "Ah...um...ah...cleaning up my cars," I responded. For a fraction of a second I'd been tempted to say, "Jerking off thinking about you doing the same thing," but I made what I think was the wise decision and kept my mouth shut.

I took a shower and put on my uniform, then I went out to get the lunch I knew Mother would have ready for me. She was standing at the sink, washing some dishes, when I walked into the kitchen. I slid my arms around her from behind, allowing my hands to graze the sides of her breasts before I slid them down onto her upper belly and pulled her back against me. Then I burrowed my face into her hair and kissed her neck.

"I love you," I said.

"I love you, too, J.J.," Mother replied without turning around. I could see enough of her face to know she was blushing again. "You keep yourself safe tonight."

"I will," I said.

I had no more luck keeping images of my mother pleasuring herself out of my mind while I was at work that night than I had during the day. It led me to do something I'd never done before. I found an isolated place and, while images of my mother's nude body again flashed through my mind like the best erotic film ever made, I masturbated leaning against my police car. If my seduction plan didn't bear fruit soon, I was liable to get myself fired.

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