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Bailey stops and stares at Tim, biting her bottom lip nervously. His heart pounds in his chest as he waits. She is silent with her big gorgeous blue eyes fixed on his. Then without a word, she pushes the box of sex toys out of the way and crawls over to him. She locks her lips around his and tosses a leg over his body, straddling him. Her tongue drives into his mouth and he can feel the warmth emanating from between her legs as she grinds herself into his body, moaning as their tongues dance.

Tim wraps his arms around her and pulls her close before rolling over, flipping Bailey onto her back. Her legs are still wrapped around him as he comes to a rest on top of her. Tim breaks his lips from hers and moves down her neck, tasting her soft skin as his hands migrate downward. She closes her eyes and moans with pleasure as his tongue touches her skin and his hands come to rest on her hips. He kisses his way down her neck, eager to get at her ample breasts which are pressed tightly against his chest.

Tim slides down Bailey's body and pushes up her shirt. He plants soft kisses on her stomach and she giggles and squirms with delight. Her hands are everywhere, tousling his hair, grazing his neck and pulling him closer. As he starts to push her tight shirt up further, Bailey reaches down and grabs it, pulling it over her large, firm breasts and tosses it over the bed and onto the floor. Tim smiles and moves upward, dragging his tongue along her midsection until he finds himself pressed firmly between her breasts.

Reaching under her back, A Tim unhooks her bra and it soon joins the shirt on the bedroom floor. He takes one of her breasts in each hand, massaging them before reaching out with his tongue and flicking one of her sensitive nipples, causing her whole body to shiver with anticipation. Then he wraps his lips around her little pink nipple and gently sucks while still teasing it with his tongue.

"Mmmm, Bailey purrs. "That feels so good."

Tim moves to her other breast, giving it the same treatment with his mouth and hand before working his way back down her stomach. When he reaches the waistband of her shorts, he runs his tongue along her skin as his hands caress and explore her smooth thighs. He looks up at Baileys face as he licks her and sees her playing with her nipples before tucking his fingers into her shorts.

She lifts her hips to allow him to slide her shorts down her legs. Tossing them aside, he lowers hi head once again to kiss her.

Her toes clench and she wiggles with agonizing anticipation as Tim drags his tongue up the inside of her thigh. She groans loudly and spread her legs wide, urging him to continue. He sees a small wet spot has formed in the crotch of her little light green panties and so he makes his way toward it. Bailey swallows hard and clutches at Tim's hair as she feels his hot breath on her pussy.

"Tell me what you want," he says, flicking his tongue out across the soft fabric covering her clit.

"Lick my pussy," she moans, arching her back and pressing her wet panties into his face. "Lick it please."

"Since you asked so nicely," he says with a smile before pulling down her panties.

Bailey wiggles her hips as he pulls off the panties. He admires her pussy before dipping his tongue into her moist depths. He closes his lips around her entrance and deeply kisses her tight little pussy.

"Oh god," she groans through clenched teeth.

Bailey continues to exclaim and pull Tim's face into her wet pussy as she digs her heels into his back. Soon he pulls his tongue from her engorged lips and flicks it across her clit as he presses his finger against her entrance.

"Yes, yes!" she gasps. "Stick it in me!"

Tim complies, sliding his finger in her accepting pussy as he nibbles away on her clit. She continues to writhe in pleasure until he finally pulls his face away.

"Get on your hands and knees," he says to her.

Bailey flips onto her stomach and raises her beautiful ass into the air as she pulls herself up onto her hands and knees.

"Oh yes," Tim says grinning as he runs his hands over her ass in admiration.

Bailey shivers as Tim plants a soft kiss on one of her ass cheeks, subtly prying it aside to look at her little pink asshole.

"Mmmm," she purrs as his kisses increase and he returns his finger to her wet, waiting pussy.

Slowly, he trails his tongue along her ass cheek, kissing her gently before moving back down, just grazing the crack of her ass.

"Do you know what I am going to do?" he asks, laying another wet kiss on her tender ass.

She nods and moans when he kisses the inside of her ass cheek.

"You want this?" he asks, flicking his tongue out over her little pink asshole.

"Oh fuck yes!" she exclaims as she feels the wetness of his tongue. "Do it Tim! Please!"

Tim smiles to himself as he pushes her ass cheeks apart and slides another finger into her pussy. He removes the finger and replaces it with his tongue, dragging it from her pussy to her ass, leaving a line of glistening saliva. She gasps again as he lightly strokes her asshole with soft, gentle licks.

"Spread your ass for me."

Without further encouragement, she reaches back with both hands, pulling her ass cheeks apart as her face flattens against the bed.

"Good girl."

Tim spears her tight ass with his tongue and Bailey's ass reflexively tightens, trapping the tip of it. He pushes his fingers as far as they can go into her pussy and begin to wiggle his tongue around. Her howls of pleasure are muffle by the bed. Her body is shaking and shuddering as he withdraws his tongue and finger.

"So what other things would you like to try?"

"Handcuff me," she blurts out. Cuff me and use my mouth."

Tim reaches into the box to retrieve two pairs of handcuffs as she flips onto her back. She places her head on her pillow and stretches her arms out over her head.

"Okay," she says with a sexy smile. "I'm all yours!"

Tim clamps one of the cuffs around her wrist and then the bedpost before doing the same with the other. Bailey looks up at him as he places his hands on the headboard and dangles his cock over her face. She extends her tongue, trying to touch it. Slowly, Tim lowers his hips just enough for her tongue to come in contact with the tip of his cock. Eagerly, she wiggles her tongue around his cockhead.

"Give it to me," she demands.

He pushes forward, his cock sliding into her hot mouth. They both sigh as he feels the warmth of her lips and tongue envelope his aching cock. She moans around it, swirling her tongue around his cockhead as she sucks it deeper.

"Oh fuck," Tim groans, pushing his cock into the back of her throat.

She begins bobbing her head up and down, her lips tightly wrapped around his shaft. Reaching down, he strokes his fingers through her hair as he admires the sight of his cock disappearing into her mouth. He tightens his grip on her hair, pulling her head back a bit.

"Is this what you want?" he asks as his cock pops free of her lips. "You want my cock deep in your pussy?"

"Oh yes!" she moans. "I want it so bad!"

"Good. But first I'm going to fuck your sweet little mouth."

"Oh yes! Do it! Fuck my mouth!"

Within seconds, his balls are bouncing off Bailey's chin as his hips rise and fall in a rhythmic motion. After a few minute of face fucking her, he withdraws, leaving a trail of glistening saliva down her chin and neck. Tim goes back to the box to retrieve a black, slender vibrator from it.

"Mmmm," she purrs upon seeing it when he returns. "That looks good."

"Do you want this in your pussy?" Tim asks running the toy up and down her slit.

She nods.

Tim turns on the vibrator and places the tip against her entrance. As he pushes it in, he watches her pussy slowly begin to swallow the black plastic shaft. As more and more of the fake cock disappears into her pussy, she tosses her head back in full enjoyment, letting out a low moan. In and out, he works the vibrator. With each thrust, it dives in deeper, sliding easily with the help of her pussy juices which now glisten on the fake shaft.

"Oh yesss!" she hisses. "That feels so good, Tim."

He pulls it out suddenly and tosses it to the side before diving back in between her thighs. He slides his tongue along her slit as she wiggles and squirms in ecstasy.

"Oh yes!" she exclaims. "Lick it!"

Tim licks harder to the point of sticking his tongue as deep into her pussy as it can go. He feels her body shake and quiver as she moans and squeals uncontrollably.

"Oh yes," she groans. "I'm going to cum!"

A long drawn out moan comes from her as Tim feels a deluge of warm fluid splash onto his face. When she is settled, he climbs up to her and kisses her deeply. She moans as she feels his cockhead graze her swollen pussy lips.

"Put it in," she says as she spreads her legs wide.

Tim slides his cock in and she moans before he shoves it in completely, turning her moan into a louder one. Immediately, he begins driving his cock in and out, fast and hard. He grabs Bailey's legs, pushing them up in the air. He presses his shoulders under her knees, driving his cock in deeper.

"Oh yes. Oohhh! Fuck yes!" she moans.

'Do you like it this way?" he asks. "Or would you like it even dirtier?"

"Dirtier!" she blurts, clenching her pussy around his cock. "I want to be fucking dirty!"

Tim pulls his cock from her pussy and moves back up to her head. He grabs her head and gently pulls it back and rubs his cockhead across her lips.

"Open up," he says. "Taste your pussy on my cock."

Bailey parts her lips eagerly, allowing his cock to slip into her mouth. Using his grip on her hair to hold her head in place, he begins to fuck her mouth. When he pulls her head back off, his cock is covered in sticky strand s of saliva. He leans down and kisses her hard, driving his tongue into her mouth. He breaks the kiss and repositions himself between her legs and runs his engorged cockhead along her juicy slit, coating it with her juices before slipping it back into her waiting pussy.

Bailey groans as he takes hold of her hips and pulls her onto her cock, impaling her fully on his hard cock. He resumes pounding her hard and fast like he never stopped in the first place.

"Don't stop! Fuck me good!" she moans loudly.

She pushes her hips up onto his cock as her body shudders through an intense climax. "I'm cumming!"

Tim slows his thrusts slightly, turning them into long strokes.

"Does it feel good?" Tim asks, sinking his cock in deep.

"Oh yes," she coos. "Don't stop fucking me!"

Tim pounds her harder, making her whole body shake, to the point of him feeling his balls tighten, ready to explode. He pulls his cock free and shuffles forward, taking his cock into his hand. He points it toward her face and starts to stroke it vigorously.

"You going to cum for me?" she asks. "You going to cum all over this pretty face?"

Tim grunts in response and sends his cum splattering onto her face. She opens her mouth trying to accept as much of it as she can. He squeezes the last few drops before sitting back on the bed. A smile spreads across her cum covered face.

"Just the way I like it," she says.

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