Cum Addiction


The guys had gathered around by now, waiting to see what I was going to do. I knelt down over the big head of the dildo, flashed them a smile, and the sank my hips down into the pool of warm jizz. I moaned out as I felt the fat, slippery head of the cock split my lips and push deep into my cunt.

I grabbed the edge of the pool and started bouncing up and down on the cock, making little waves as my hips plunged in and out of the white, creamy ocean. The first shots of warm cum started spurting at me, splattering my face and tits. I lifted my arms up and presented my body to them, pushing back on my hair as I rode the dildo. It made my pussy gush to just let them use my face and tits as a depository for their cum. I felt the hot sperm run down the front of my body as load after load of salty jizz splashed against my skin. It streamed down my neck and dripped off my face and tits, plopping into the pool like raindrops.

Jenn crawled around behind me and grabbed my tits, mauling the slippery mounds in her hands and squeezing my nipples between her fingers. I felt something hard poking at my butt, and I realized Jenn had put the strap-on back on just a second before I felt her slam the full length right up my ass.

"OHH!! Fuck..." I cried out in surprise as I suddenly had both holes stuffed to capacity.

Jenn's hips and thighs slapped wetly against my ass as I bounced up and down on both cocks and she pounded the strap-on up my tender asshole. I reached behind her and grabbed onto her slippery ass, digging my nails in and pulling her into me harder.

"Come on! Rape that little fucking asshole you bitch!" I screamed, egging her on.

I felt her tits press into my back as she wrapped her arms around me and started slamming the cock up my ass like a jackhammer, sending cum flying everywhere. She whispered in my ear, calling me a "little anal whore" and a "nasty fucking cum slut" as the strap-on flew in and out of my abused bowels with blinding speed. My asshole felt like it was on fire as she gave me the ass-fucking of a lifetime, filling the room with moans and the sound of wet slaps as her sperm-soaked skin smacked against mine.

After about 20 minutes of bouncing on the cocks and screaming my head off as my little fuck holes were ravaged, the last of the guy drained his balls onto my body. My face, tits, and tummy were once again layered with hot, sticky cum. Me and Jenn were so soaked with jizz, it looked like we'd fallen into a vat of donut glaze. The house was finally empty of men. All that was left behind was a nearly foot-deep pool of their jizz, and the saved-up cum that I was about to use for my grand finale.

I stood up gingerly, letting the cocks slip out of me, and collapsed into Jenn's arms.

"You ready for the final act?" I sighed.

"I can't wait." She grinned.

I climbed out of the pool slowly, my muscles screaming, and went to find the girl I'd put in charge of preparing all that saved up cum. I let her know I was ready for it, and then went back to the pool to prepare.

I rummaged through the toy bin until I found my 2 favorites toys. It was a pair of double dildo's, 24 inches long each, and almost as thick as my wrist. The biggest I'd ever been able to find, and deliciously perfect for stretching out and stuffing cunts and assholes.

I climbed into the pool with the dildo's and sat down in front of Jenn. She leaned back and I pushed one end of each dildo inside her pussy and ass, and then slid up to her, positioning the other ends of the dildo's at the entrance of my holes. I grabbed onto her legs and pulled myself against her. I gasped as both long shafts filled my pussy and ass up at the same time. We grabbed onto each other's legs and started pushing and pulling ourselves together. The bottom of the pool was obviously completely slick with cum so it was easy to slide back and forth. The slippery jelly cocks filled and emptied our sloppy holes over and over again as our pussies slapped together wetly.

After a minute or so the other girls started gathering around the pool, each of them holding a bucket full of the saved up cum the guys had brought. You'd be amazed how many buckets of cum nearly 2,500 guys can make in a week's time.

I pulled Jenn toward me and planted a wet kiss on her lips, wrapping my arms around her slippery back as our hips grinded together.

"Ready for our bath, baby?" I said.

"Oh god..." she moaned as she looked around and noticed just how many girls there were gathering around us holding buckets.

We both leaned back, propping ourselves up on our hands so our slick bodies were presented to the girls.

"Ok ladies..." I grinned "Fucking drench us!"

They hit Jenn first, one of the girls dumping an entire bucket full of jizz over her head as her body arched to meet it. For a second it looked like she'd had a bucket of paint poured over her as her features were completely obscured. I watched the cum cascade down her body like a slimy waterfall until one of the other girls heaved one of the bucket-fulls toward me. It splashed my entire body, from my face to my pussy, as another huge load was poured down over my head. My whole body was covered in a thick, gooey blanket of soft, warm cum. I just closed my eyes and felt it, absorbing the incredible sensations as Jenn worked her pussy against mine.

After a second I opened my eyes to look at Jenn as the cum streamed down my face, and my pussy spasmed at the sight. She looked like she'd drowned in cum. Her dark hair was plastered down flat with huge, sticky clumps of it. Her mouth was open in a gasp as it cascaded down her face and body in gooey sheets. Her tits and stomach were completely glazed as the cum rolled down her body. She looked like she'd just lost a pudding-wrestling contest. It was the sexiest, nastiest, most erotic thing I'd ever seen. I was sure I looked the same or worse.

The waterfall of semen rolled down over our pussies as they mashed together, causing wet sucking sounds between us as we got even wetter and sloppier.

I could faintly hear, through cum filled ears, the girls around the pool giggling at the sight of us, totally glazed with jizz and moaning incoherently as our hips grinded into each other.

Another girl stood above me and started to pour another full cum bucket over my head. I tilted my head back as it drizzled down over my face and tits like sticky syrup, opening my mouth and letting the solid stream of warm jizz fill it up. I gargled softly, making bubbles and tasting every drop as it poured into my overflowing mouth and then over my lips. She held the bucket steady and I shook my head back and forth, making long lines of gooey cum across my face and soaking my hair. I drank from the stream, swallowing mouthful after mouthful of cum until I felt my belly getting full again. I scraped full handfuls of it off my body and cupped my hands to my lips, sucking the heavy sperm down. Finally the bucket emptied and I swallowed the last mouthful as the next girl stepped up.

I didn't know how many buckets they had, but there had to be at least 10 or 15 already in the bottom of the pool and covering me and Jenn. The level of cum in the pool had doubled, completely obscuring our pussies under the surface of the milky white pool of sperm. The big double dildos slid in and out of our stretched holes effortlessly as our thighs slapped together, the force making the pool of cum splash around us.

As another waterfall of cum poured down over Jenn I slammed up against her hard, burying all 48 inches of the dildos completely inside of us. She cried out and I felt her pussy spasming against mine as a gush of her juices oozed out and bathed my cunt in warm, creamy girl cum.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her tight, cum-soaked, teenage body against mine, wrapping my legs and arms tightly around her back and grinding my cunt against hers like I was trying to get inside her. The thick layer of jizz coating both of our bodies made our soft skin slip and slide together like warm butter. I could feel our slick pussy lips sliding across and massaging each other as the dildos worked inside us. Every time our clits slid across each other our bodies shuddered uncontrollably.

Soon I felt my own orgasm coming, and I grabbed Jenn's sloppy face in my hands, pushing my tongue into her mouth. The last bucket of cum poured down over both of us and I felt my pussy and ass clench down on the slimy rubber cocks, pushing me over the edge into the most mind blowing orgasm I've ever had. My head got light, my whole body tensed, and my pussy exploded as tingly heat washed over my semen-coated body. Pussy juices gushed out of my cunt like a river and I moaned into Jenn's mouth as tears streamed down my cum-glazed face from the intensity of the full body orgasm.

It seemed like I came for an hour. Finally the last sweet aftershocks died down and me and Jenn just sat there for a minute, connected together by the dildos as we licked the cum from each others plastered faces. Eventually one of the other girls broke the silence.

"You two, are the nastiest fucking cum sluts to ever live." She said.

I pulled off of Jenn, letting the thick shafts of the dildos slip out of my well-used holes. I grabbed the other ends and tugged them out of her Jenn, and she gasped as they left her body and cum flooded into the stretched-out orifices. I just let them float to the bottom as I crawled over to Jenn and cuddled up next to her against the edge of the pool. Our entire bodies from the neck down were submerged in the thick goo.

We spent the rest of the day just soaking in the pool of sperm, and playing with our toys until we were both completely exhausted.

The next 2 weeks were spent trying to find new ways of using the sticky stuff. We ate it, drank it, mixed it into meals, bathed in it, even froze some of it. We saved on lube by using cum instead. We both gave each other full body massages using the cum instead of oil, working it deep into each others muscles. We used it like moisturizer instead of lotion. We even took bottles of it with us when we went out, mixing it in our food and drinks at restaurants or drinking it instead of water when we got thirsty at the gym. If people asked what it was we'd just giggle and tell them it was a new homemade "protein shake." We got some funny looks, but they would have been a lot funnier if anyone knew what it actually was! We found more ways to play with cum in those 2 weeks than I ever imagined we could, but that's a story for another time.

I hoped that after weeks of eating and drinking and playing with cum, my addiction would burn out. If it didn't, I was almost afraid of what I'd need to satisfy me next.

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My favourite bukkake stories ever

Really hope you make more stories sometime or have a newer account that you use, because these are amazing stories, so filthy, and what makes them hotter is that 2 sexy women wrote them and not some randommore...

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My wife did something similar for her 21st birthday party while at UCLA. She was in a sorority that was linked to a fraternity. Since she had access to a lab at school so she got a container that had liquidmore...

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