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Cum-filled Surprise


OK, I like cum. Well, I love cum. All right, all right, I crave cum. I cannot get enough of the creamy white stuff. I love the slimy feel and hot taste as I coax it from the source. This one time, but wait, let me tell you how my fixation started.

First, my name is Vanessa. I am now twenty-five and am getting married next month. My fiancé (just LOVE saying that) David and I have not had "sex" yet. Though he had enjoyed my oral talents many times. I have never confessed my obsession for cum to him however. Each time we get started I think this will be the first time but my need to swallow overcomes my desire for fucking. He tries to reciprocate but after a load in my mouth I am always satisfied. I am sure David thinks he is the luckiest man on Earth, you know except for the actual sex stuff and all. I just love having a load of spunk in my belly as I lie next to my beau.

I am just of 5'4" tall, slim figure (not too much of a curve) with average breasts. My nipples are large and get hard easily. All I have to do is think about cum and well, aaah...

I have dark hair that just comes to my shoulders. Not curly, but soft curves that bounce as I turn my head. Every guy I meet loves for my to toss my hair. After a few drinks, I love banana daiquiris, my girlfriends will ask me to give a quick head shake just to see who has the courage to come over and flirt. Each time I try it, I get a guy, well one my girlfriends does anyway. I would never jeopardize my relationship with David. Even for a hot mouthful of cum.

My legs are slim and I keep them tan. During the winter I keep them encased in hose. I must admit I love the feeling of hose just after shaving (my legs). On occasion I will sport a garter with a short skirt. I started this for David after watching a porno with him. The main attraction of the film always wore a garter and my Davie responded as expected. Guys, so predictable, I LOVE it!

My lack of curves comes from my lack of hips. I have hated my hips since Shelia first had hers in 8th grade. The tramp. I guess my boyish figure is how my cum loving, craving, drinking, aaah, cum...

Well that is how it all started. See, I did not think anyone would ever want to date me. I mean, look at busty blonde Shelia would you? She had boys lined up to ask her out for what ever she wanted. The redheaded Jessica, not so much as busty but a natural redhead (we had to change in gym class together), had a new boyfriend every month. Recycle jokes were common when talking about Jesse. She had a core group of three boys she always "recycled" through. Threesome jokes were also common.

Eventually Colin asked me out to a movie. I was so thrilled I cannot remember how I answered him but he did show up at my house Friday night. I was eighteen, my senior year of high school. Colin had graduated the year prior. An older "man". My dad was not happy but, since he was drunk most of the time, I am not sure even was aware when Colin arrived. Mom, she had the camera out taking pictures. Colin was great about the whole thing. He actually brought flowers for Mom and me!

I had picked out a rather conservative dress that went to my knee. I used way too much makeup, typical teenage girl. I had purchased new bra and panties. Embarrassing because I did not really need a bra at that point in my life but I wanted Colin to have something to undo later. The tramps Jessica and Shelia were my best friends and had given the low down of what guys tried on first dates. Wearing a bra is a must. It must be lacey and anything but white in color to be mentioned in the boys room the next day. Mine was hot pink to contrast against the dark blue of my printed dress. My panties certainly matched my bra.

Anyway, Colin suffered through a few pictures (my cheeks are red in every one of them) and walked me to my car. When he opened my door I was ready to kiss him right there in front of my Mom and everybody! I eased into his Taurus (he was seventeen and had his own car after all) and tried my best to look up to him sexily as he closed the door. He was not looking at my eyes; I noticed he was looking at legs, rather, my thighs as my dress rode up as I sat down on the car seat. My cheeks flushed red again but for an entire different reason this time.

I do not remember much about the movie; Colin had decided what we would we see. I remember him paying for two. Him asking me what I wanted to eat during the movie (Twizzlers, since it would not lodge in my teeth like popcorn or make my breath not, well not kissable). We walked arm in arm, the drink and candy were too much of trick hand in hand. All I could think about was him and his strong arms as we walked into the theatre proper. We looked for seats, I suggested up high, you know, in the back. We walked up the stairs and to the left. Found two empty seats amongst an entire row of empty seats. We sat closest to the wall with me on the inside to his right. We shared a drink, my lipstick on straw after my second sip. Colin saw it and looked at me as he sucked Diet Coke through the straw. I could not help but smile. We were almost kissing!

Eventually we did get around to kissing, I certainly liked that! I felt great as he put his right arm behind me and pulled me closer. Not long after his left hand was on my (still non-existent) hip. Gently gripping me, his left hand moved towards my, towards my, well my chest at that point in my life. Still, it sent my head spinning and breathing short. Colin took that as a good sign and started massaging my nipple. It and its sister were rock hard by now.

I was overwhelmed. The movie kept playing but we were all alone together. After all, the row was empty. Finally he twisted in his seat to face me and that's when it got truly interesting. I was wearing a dress after all and thus far he had done anything he wanted with me so, his left hand left my aching nipple and moved to my knee. An electric thrill filled my entire body. My first date and Colin wanted me, right here, right now, in the theatre!

I moaned in response, it was captured by our kiss and me growled in return. He rubbed my knee and then moved up to my thigh. For the first time I noticed how excited I was. I mean, really excited. His hand continued its slow trek up my thigh reaching my beautiful hot pink panties (slightly damp by now). My moan was louder this time. This encouraged him to try and slip into my panties. A silent alarm signaled in my head and I had to stop him before things went too far.

As slowly as possible I moved to grab his hand and move it from my aching pussy. There's a word I did not use much. Now that I had him, what was I going to do? Seems he had an answer in mind. With my hand over his, Colin moved to his crotch. Slipping my hand from under his I felt my first hard-on. My moan was replaced with a noise no human could hear. Instinctively I tried to wrap my hand around this man flesh. With his jeans on it was impossible but Colin had a solution. He maneuvered my hand to his zipper. I knew what he wanted. Being eighteen and kissed for the first time, the wetness between my legs increased getting me more turned on then ever. I knew what I was going to do. Shelia had told me about jerking off guys to keep them tame.

I pulled down his zipper and unbutton his jeans. Colin went sans underwear! His dick just popped out magically into my waiting hand. It was hot. It was hard. It was better than anything I had ever fantasized. As my fingers closed about it I slowly started stroking it. It just felt right. Colin moved again, sitting back in his seat properly. Giving me full access to... Him.

I looked down in the flickering light and saw for the first time a hard cock. The head was reddish purple and throbbed in my hand. I kept stroking it, up and down. I lost track of time. Then, white goo came shooting out. The first shot went into the air along with the second, and then third went up landing on the outside of fingers. More come out until only a trickle of the white stuff dripped onto me. My hand was covered in sperm.

Colin's eyes were closed. I will never forget the look on his face or the feeling in my soul. I had just made my first boyfriend cum like a fountain! One problem though, my hand was covered with his sticky juice. I looked from his face to my hand. The hot creamy goo looked so good. A white frosting dripping from hand. A small drop fell from my pinky finger to the floor. Without thinking a tried to catch it by bringing my hand closer. The cum looked so good I just had to taste it. I brought my hand to my mouth and thoroughly enjoyed my first taste of spunk. Swirling it in my mouth I swallowed it all. It left my tongue feeling tingly. Colin was oblivious to my new found treat as he slouched in his chair in orgasmic bliss. I knew I would be doing this again, very soon!

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