tagNovels and NovellasCum-filled Surprise Ch. 02

Cum-filled Surprise Ch. 02


As you might recall, I confessed my fascination for cum last time. I truly love the feel, smell and taste of it. My name is Vanessa and I... well you get the picture.

From that first experience with that salty, sticky man-juice on my tongue I was addicted. Colin had me ready for more and we dated for a few months before he made that ultimate mistake. Colin just had to tell his friends about his girlfriend, the cum eater. I was horrified when my newest gal pal Hillary told me how much I just love sperm!

Of course she thought of helping me out of a bad situation. She was, but I did not like it at the time. I have to look her up and apologize for those rumors I started. Anyway, I discovered that Colin was sharing my cum fixation with all his friends. This explained why so many of them kept asking me out knowing I was dating their friend. At first I was upset, with Hillary. Then after confronting Colin I had to accept the truth, I was now the high school senior cum slut.

Well, had to make the best of it. I quickly dumped Colin, the bastard. I even told people about the size of his dick, extra small. It felt great! I was rid of a jerk and had guys lined up to take me out, anywhere.

A few weeks later, a suitable mourning period for me, I accepted a date with Kevin. He was taller and a senior just like me. He had dark close-cropped hair, broad shoulder and made the honor roll every semester since 9th grade. I was pretty sure he was a virgin because of the way Colin had talked about him, you know the groups nerd. This would be my perfect revenge against Colin.

Kevin showed up ay my house Saturday night. Wearing a coat and tie! How adorable! I was ready but wanted to make sure my makeup was perfect so he waited for another 15 minutes before I made my entrance. His look was worth all my work. I wore a pale pink blouse and dark blue crinkle skirt. It was long enough for my dad to be happy. That I was not wearing any panties, well, what he did not know would not hurt me. Kevin's jaw did not drop, this is not a cartoon after all, but his mouth did open ever so slightly. When I looked into his eyes I knew it, just knew he was a virgin. Since technically, I was to, I thought it would be a good night.

He took me to a movie; I do not remember which one. He bought some popcorn and cola, two drinks this time. We found our seats. This theatre has three sections with one section on left having only 3 seats per row. We sat on the left side with me on the inside. Of course I had memories of a similar situation. My excitement grew and I swear, I could smell my own arousal.

Kevin was so kind and nervous. The lights dimmed and those too loud previews started. I cringed at the noise. Kevin noticed and wrapped his arm around me. It felt so right. Eventually the previews ended and the movie started. With Kevin's arm around me and the theatre's cool air blowing right onto me I fell into a warm trance. To this day I cannot recall the movie. I do remember exactly the important details. How he made me feel. Safe, secure and, well, he put on just a bit too much cologne. I simply loved it!

When the show ended I did not want leave, I was content being held by Kevin. I closed my eyes and snuggled into his body, not wanting the feeling to end. Why is it movie credits are not longer?!? He moved his arm and I knew the moment had ended. We stood up together, stretched, and he moved so I could step into the aisle. I looked down and actually felt my disappointment, a physical thing. I stepped into the aisle, looking up at him said, "Thanks for the movie. It was good."

Then, the moment returned, even better then before because he said, "I'm glad you think so. I could not pay attention to the movie with such a beautiful girl sitting next to me."

He might be virgin, but it must be his own choice!

I melted into his body and we walked out the back exit. Taking the back exit allowed a longer walk to his car. I felt as if we walked on air the entire way. The stars were out by now and Kevin made a comparison to me. All I could hear was his heartbeat. I sighed in response. That seemed to be good enough for him. When we reached his car my pussy ached and all I wanted was a kiss. Any kiss. Any kiss at all.

I gazed into his eyes and waited for the kiss, he did not disappoint. It was better then my first. Kevin pulled way and all I wanted was to continue the kiss. I leaned forward and let a small sound escape, not meaning to, I just did not want him to stop. I leaned forward and stretched so I was standing tippy-toe to keep the kiss going and going...

Finally Kevin asked if I wanted to get in the car. Yes I did but not if meant we stopped kissing. I answered, "Yes, I want to be in the car with you."

He held the door and I noticed his eyes were not on mine. They were on my legs however. I just continued to float in my newfound heaven. Kevin walked around and joined me in the car. Before he could start the engine I leaned over and resumed our kissing. I knew he was enjoying out tongue wrangling because I placed my hand over his crotch. Oh yes, was certainly enjoying himself!

We continued kissing and fondling and kissing and, well it could have gone on forever if I were charge. We parted to catch a breath and he smiled at me. I gripped his jeans, you know where, and he leaned back with his eyes closed. It was decision time, a very easy decision. I pulled at his belt and deftly undid his fly. I had dated Colin for several months and he never had any complaints. His cock was smaller, maybe 5 inches, not very big. Not to me anyway. I leaned over and easily took his entire length into my mouth. I started swirling my tongue around his head. From this position I could not see his face but felt his throbbing. It seems wonderful Kevin really was a virgin.

Suddenly I felt that hot goo coat my tongue and start draining down my throat. He just kept cumming and cumming until it felt like my mouth was full. I pulled up off his jerking meat and swallowed the biggest load of spunk I ever had the pleasure of receiving.

I looked at his face and just knew this was first time Kevin had someone suck him off. There is just something about the way a guy reacts his first time. I knew Kevin and I would have many more nights together. I started thinking about the next time. Maybe he would not be a technical virgin anymore!

Then it all came crashing down because Kevin spoke, "That was as good and Colin said it would be!"

My own rapture transformed into tears, "Please take me home. Please now."

My whimpering request was honored. Kevin drove us to my home. I walked to the front door alone and did not stop crying until graciously, I fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning still in my clothe from the night before, the bitter taste of his cum still in my mouth. I wanted to vomit. Everything I did I wanted to but Kevin proved he did not care about me at all, just what I would do for him. My dad had told me all guys were the same. Since he was drunk and Mom always ignored him I did not take him seriously. Now, I was sure he was right. Guys did not care about anyone except themselves.

Luckily, I met George. He would change that opinion forever.

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