tagNovels and NovellasCum-filled Surprise Ch. 03

Cum-filled Surprise Ch. 03


After Kevin had me convinced all guys are jerks I was determined to never date another one. That lasted about two weeks. I was angry but still wanted someone to love me. Well that left me one choice; I had to get myself a new boyfriend. Since my reputation was well established I figured it would not be a problem. Boy was I wrong!

That reputation certainly made me popular. Unfortunately I would only get a few dates. Let me give you an example.

I went looking for a boyfriend and knew, once you date one person everyone else wants to date you. I flirted with a jock, knowing he would ask me out to get a blowjob. Carl was a football player, not the quarterback, I did NOT want to go toe to toe with the cheerleading squad. But Carl had a good reputation so I knew he would be the best way to finding a boyfriend. After a couple of weeks he did ask me out. Dinner and miniature golf. Let me tell you guys, any girl who goes miniature golfing really, really likes you!

We had a good time and since I wanted more then a first date I kept my natural urges to grab his cock and start sucking in check. I mean we did kiss and he certainly made contact with my all natural (and now growing) areas. Carl was good, not just rubbing and tweaking my nipples, he actually caressed me. For the first time I was aching to have my nipples pulled. After a few minutes of torment I got what I wanted and Carl placed his thumb and finger over my right nipple and squeezed, just right. I swear I had a little orgasm right then.

We continued making out and about the time I felt like pulling down his zipper and getting a mouthful of cum I stopped.

"Carl, we have to stop. I can't keep going right now."

He was such a sweetie. With a smile he said, "OK, maybe next time?"

How right he was.

That weekend we planned to go out to, you guessed it, A MOVIE! With all the things available, guys always fall back to a movie. It was some car chase, explosion filled epic. Not that I remember anything about it. Carl picked me up at home and actually brought flowers. My dad, not drunk yet, just grunted a greeting. Mom was thrilled, a guy coming to the house with flowers and willing to come inside to meet the parents, fantastic. As far as she was concerned, he was a keeper.

He escorted me to his car, a Taurus, but it was his, not his parents. Then, for the first time since I was child, he opened the door for me. Maybe my outfit had something to do with that.

I was wearing the shortest skirt my dad would let me. No hose (my legs had a healthy tan), and a halter top with a short jacket. He liked it but did not know (then) I went sans underwear. I felt the cool air as it teased my pussy. It was going to be a good night. I knew because I had already decided that fact.

The movie came and went and Carl asked if I was ready to go home yet. My nipples were hard and I had not yet even been kissed yet so, no way! I suggested we go to "the river". It was a local make out spot. Only about fifteen minutes away I teased him the entire way. I kept looking at him. Touching his arm (so muscular). After about ten minutes I took it up a notch and leaned over to kiss his ear. The car went off the road. I let a small squeak escape and smiled.

"Well, I know how to get your attention."

His response was a perfect turn of the head and smile. I resumed my attack on his ear. This time he managed to keep the car on the road. A few more minutes of this and I had him squirming. He might be driving the car but I was in the drivers seat!

Ok, now ready for the next step. I gently put my hand on his thigh and slowly moved up and up and up (did I mention he was 6' 6" tall?) and up to that special place. Finally my hand cupped his crotch. Well, tried to cup it. Carl had the biggest dick I had experienced. Better still, I knew it would be in my mouth shortly.

Carl kept driving and we reached the river. He found a spot with a beautiful view. He found a spot where we could see lights dancing on the surface. Not that I could see them. I had unzipped his jeans and was too busy stroking his hard cock with my head hovering over his cock. . It was long and slim. Perfect for me. I blew across the tip and felt him shudder with desire. There was no doubt his cum would be in my belly tonight!

I turned my head to the side so I could see his face and asked what he wanted. Being a teenager he was not man enough to tell me to suck it. Instead he asked, "Would you kiss it?"

MEN! Say what you want. Here I am jerking his cock with my mouth so close I can feel his pulse with my lips and he asks, ASKS, me to please kiss it! If I were not so crazy for cum I would have "asked" him to take me home. I simply turned my head back and quickly slid that hard piece of flesh into my mouth. The taste was musky and salty. It was a hot night out and he did not have the air conditioner on for the drive. I swirled my tongue around his head a few times then slowly moved down his shaft until I felt him at the back of my throat. Delicious!

Carl moaned the first time I bobbed and I felt his thighs tightened. A few minutes of my mouth slathering his dick had me excited. I felt his hand on my head with another on my back. I kept sucking as the hand moved towards my ass. This pushed my excitement even higher. If Carl was bold enough he would soon have a handful!

He started pulling my skirt up gathering it around my waist. Then, his surprise came, or rather I did! His rod in my mouth and his large fingers grabbing my ass, inches away from my pussy, pushed me over the edge. I slid even further down and felt him as he passed my tonsils. My head was spinning, my cunt was aching and Carl started pushing up with his hips. I moved up but kept him in my mouth and sucked as hard as possible.. His moans increased to a loud growl. A bit of this and I had a first, a boy pulled me off his cock.

Catching his breath he gasped, "I can't take it any longer. It feels great but just wait a moment."

I knew he was close to cumming and decided to have some fun. Putting on my most innocent face and speaking like a little girl I said, "If it feels so good why did you stop me? I liked it and want the cream filling you promised me!"

My hand kept stroking his cock so I felt the warning throbs announcing him cum. As quickly as I could I turned my head to swallow his cock and cum, just not quick enough. The first hot shot caught the outside my lips and cheek. I got the rest inside though!

Carl seemed to just spurt and spurt. It was warm, salty and felt wonderful coating my tongue. As he started getting soft I let little willie fall from my mouth and sat up in my seat. His eyes were closed as his orgasm subsided. I waited until he turned to face me.

"You are fucking fantastic! I never had anyone take me deep before."

I gave him a small smile, tilted my head back slightly and opened my mouth showing Carl the fruit of my labor. His eyes opened wide and jaw dropped. I could not resist and I leaned on for a kiss. I think I surprised him because I got my kiss and Carl got his taste of cum.

"Mmmprh. What are you doing?!? Ugh!" Carl pushed me away.

Not exactly the response I was looking for but I enjoyed the moment. We sat there is silence for a few minutes. Finally Carl started the car and drove me home. It was a quiet ride the entire way. He did walk me to the door but for some reason did not try to get a kiss goodnight. I was more then ready for a kiss and a grope.

Realizing I might have gone too far and wanted to make amends said, "You know I'm not wearing any panties?"

Well, his eyes opened, not his mouth this time.

This was not enough for him so I stood on my toes trying to reach his ear. He got the idea real quick and pulled me closer. His hands found my ass. They quickly slipped under my skirt. By now he was into it. We parted far enough so he could reach between my legs. Those hard calloused fingers grazed my inner thigh and quickly slip up. Then my moment finally arrived. My cunt had Carl's hand rubbing it.

"God, you're wet!"

"I been wet for you since we kissed."

He kept rubbing and I started making happy sounds in my little girl voice.

"You really like this don't you?"

"Yes. Yes, please keep going, I'm almost there."

With his palm moving over my clit he slipped a finger into me. That did it. Thankfully his other arm was around me so I did not collapse to the floor. Carl held me until a light came on inside the house. Since there was no yelling or cursing I knew it was not my father. Still, I did not want Mom to see my afterglow, especially when Carl still had a finger in me. I gently pushed him away and murmured a quiet thank you. We kissed again, just a peck, and I went inside with a contentment I had never felt before.

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