tagNovels and NovellasCum-filled Surprise Ch. 05

Cum-filled Surprise Ch. 05


I debated answering the phone. I desperately wanted to continue what Stacey and I started. Still, I was also afraid of spoiling the moment we shared. It would be incredible if we kept it going and going...

Four rings, I knew the fifth was coming...

I caved and answered, "Hello?"

"Nessie? Why did you hang up on me? I mean that was fucking fantastic and then I get a dial tone. What the fuck?!?"

"Weeell, I kinda thought we were done."

"DONE! We were just getting started girlfriend!"

Well that made me flush. I had just heard Stacey and her boyfriend having sex, enjoyed a quick, intense orgasm (second one tonight!) myself and now Stacey we were not done yet. Certainly a top ten-day in my diary.

"What do you mean WE are not done yet?"

I heard some whispering before Vanessa answered, "Come on over and find out."

It was late and Mom had already caught me earlier after my date. I kept thinking about what might happen. Stacey lived minutes away by foot so by the time I would arrive Doug should be ready for another round.

"I don't know. I just had to sneak past my dad once tonight. If I get caught..."

I left the thought hanging. Stacey was a close friend and knew all about my dad's moods. She was one of few who dared come inside my house. Dad was always trying to get a look down her blouse or up her skirt. Stacey's willingness to show her body to just about anyone seemed to grow bolder when she visited. I am sure dad has seen her pussy more than once.

"It will be fine. I called earlier and your Mom said the little pervert passed out and was bed for the night. Come on! I promise a great time if you do."

I pulled the phone away for a moment and listened to the house sounds. I learned early on how to read the situation based upon certain noises in the house. The safest time was always the quietest. Mom would sleep next to dad while he was stone drunk in bed.

"OK, I will be over soon!"

I had to change my clothes and brush my teeth. I had Kevin's bitter taste on my tongue and wanted to be ready for anything tonight. So first, my mouth, a quick cleaning and some mouthwash removed all remnants of my earlier blowjob. Now, what to wear?

First panties. A thong fit the bill perfectly for tonight. I knew guys loved me in a skirt so I chose a tight fitting black straight-line number that cupped my ass just so. I also knew that bending over revealed my panties, with a thong, my ass would be just perfect. The top, I needed something special to compliment the skirt. Since my boobs were kind of small I wanted a tight fit. I imagined my nipples poking through the material. Looking at my selections I could not find the one for tonight. I kept sliding hangers to left looking at my choices. I had such girl clothes!

Sighing I thought about just going to bed for the night when I heard the door open. Scared I tried to close the closet door, turn off my light, get in bed and take off my skirt, all at once. I didn't get even one thing done. There I stood, short skirt, wet panties, topless and waiting for my punishment from dad. I froze, standing in front of my open closet knowing all the good from tonight was now gone.

"Honey, are you OK?"

I almost cried. The soft voice asking about me was Mom. I closed my eyes to capture the tears. Its Mom, its Mom!", I kept thinking.

"Sweetie. Its just me. What are you doing?"

"Mom, I was just getting ready for bed."

Then I remembered she had ushered me in from my date with Kevin. She knew I changed clothes.

Hoping to get her out before she noticed I cried out, "MOM! I'm not dressed."

She whispered, rather loudly, "Nessie. I know your are changing."

OK I was caught, red handed. "No Mom, I am getting ready for bed."

I could feel her eyes behind me. Her silence got to me, "Really Mom, I'm tired and going to bed."

The silence returned, louder then ever. I was not going to waver, after all Mom always gave in eventually. I just had to stay calm. Standing there I did not hear what she said next. Irritated with her I said, "What?"

"I said, 'I have a pink blouse that would be perfect with that skirt.' Do you want me to get it for you?"

I was shocked. I knew dad made Mom dress for him and his sick desires. Many times I snuck into her closet to feel the silky clothes wondering why she subjected herself to his whims.

"Really? A pink blouse for me?"

"Yes. Let me see if I can get it without waking your Father."

I just stood there. This was unbelievable. My Mom was going to get me a top to wear so I could sneak out and meet Stacey and Doug.

A few minutes passed before I heard Mom's soft steps coming down the hallway. I moved to the bed sitting down and pulled the cover up over my chest. Mom walked in with a muted pink silk shirt. It had a high collar and endless buttons down the front.

"Try this. I know you are kinda of... uh... small... up top... I mean, well your are just like I was at your age."

I couldn't help but look at her chest. She wasn't large but she defiantly had the curves.

"Getting pregnant helped fill me out. I'm sure you will to." her eyes looked at the floor but I never felt closer... ever.

"Mom, why are you letting m wear this?"

She looked at me for a moment and simply said, "I love you."

I walked over took the shirt and hugged her. We both had tears in our eyes.

"Here now, you are ruining your makeup. Come over here and let me fix it."

She sat me down in front of the mirror and quickly cleaned me up. Just as quickly applied foundation. "You do not need much. Such a natural beauty."

I smiled and looked up at her. She was smiling back. I cannot remember ever having a moment like this with Mom. She gently move me face back to the mirror and finished with a few strokes of blush.

"Now, lets get this on you."

She held the silk shirt for me as I first slid my right arm then my left in.

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