tagNovels and NovellasCum-filled Surprise Ch. 06

Cum-filled Surprise Ch. 06


OK, one more set up chapter but I PROMISE, sex for Chapter 7.


After getting dressed, Mom helped me sneak out of the house. I could not believe what she was doing. As I grabbed the front door knob she whispered, "Don't worry about coming home. I'll tell you Dad you left early. I will make sure he stays in bed late tomorrow."

My head was swimming.

I took a deep breath and started my short trek to Stacey's home. It was late so I was not worried about seeing anyone on my way. I kept thinking about Mom and what she had done, I mean, practically telling me stay out all night and she had to know I was going to do more then kiss...

The night was cool and I felt wonderful. I started recalling Stacey's telephone call from earlier and started getting an itch between my legs. I quickened my pace getting excited about what might happen when I arrived. I figured Stacey and her current beau were waiting for me to arrive and we could all go out drinking or something.

I looked up at the stars and the brightest Moon I ever saw. Tonight was special in so many ways and I just wanted to be with Stacey and her boyfriend. Not alone in my house. I kept walking, rounding the last corner and seeing Stacey's porch light shining in the night.

Wait, why was her light on? Her parents never left the light on this late unless they were waiting for her to get home. My perfect night suddenly had a cloud forming. If Stacey's parents were awake we would not do anything tonight. Just then a cool breeze came up my skirt reminding me of my thong.

OK, decision time, would I go to Stacey's and hunker down for the night watching movies or go out and have some real fun? I stood perfectly still looking at the Moon once more. Shining perfectly in the night sky. I hugged myself and actually felt my nipples through the blouse Mom and lent me earlier. I knew Stacey and Doug, well at least Doug, would not be up for much after having sex (with ME on the phone!) just a little while ago so if I wanted anything else to happen tonight Stacey's was not the place. But, I had promised her I would come over for a visit.

Alright, I was horny but loved Stacey too much to simply ditch her for a stranger. I continued on, walked up the three stairs of her porch, reached for the doorbell when the front door swung inward revealing Stacey in a skirt that I can only describe as a wide belt. Her T-shirt did not even cover her chest. I could see the bottom of her tits (from my view) and there was no bra at all!

"Hey sexy! Come on in for sit a spin!"

Stacey was always saying stupid things like that.

"Hi Stace! Uh, where's Doug"

Walking in and looking around I saw the huge corner wrapping couch empty. The large screen TV was off but the DVD player was playing.

"He is upstairs... getting dressed." Stacey's smile could not be bigger.

"Well, well, well. He is just now getting dressed. Have you two been keeping busy?" I returned her grin and sauntered over to the couch. Planting myself down so I could the stairwell, just waiting for Doug to walk down.

"We were enjoying one another's company. Thank you very much!"

"I am sure you were. I was 'there' after all!"

Stacey actually blushed a little. The little cum kitten was embarrassed that I mentioned it after she actually did it. I sat on the couch and smiled back to her. She looked hot and I found myself thinking of her in terms of sex. No bra, short T-shirt and no evidence of panties. I was thinking of her pussy holding back all the cum Doug had given her earlier. I looked up at Nessie and imagined her pussy stretching to accommodate Doug's cock...

"Stace, what are you thinking about?"

Have I mentioned how much I hate being interrupted?

"Nessie, I was just thinking about what happened on the phone. I mean, did it really happen?"

Vanessa stood there with a small smile, tilting her head she spoke softly," Yes, it really did happen. I hope you still like me."

By now she was looking at her own feet. OK, her own tits which were much big (I was always small there). Nessie turned her head and waited or me to say something.

I knew this was a big moment. My best friend had shared with me something most people never share with anyone else. I stood up (spreading my legs vainly trying to show off my thong) and walked over to her. I inched into her, stretched on my toes and whispered in her ear," I love you."

Her smile grew as she looked up and we kissed. No you pervert, not that kind of kiss. We hugged and the tears I had been holding back all night finally let loose. We cried, laughed and hugged. This was the best thing ever!


I heard Doug, the bastard, breaking the moment. We broke our hug but stayed close, our arms draped over one another. As we turned so I could see Doug I was ready with my smart-ass reply, "Listen, you already had her once, can I get..."

It was not Doug standing at the foot of the stairs.

"Stace, this is Doug's friend, George. George, this is Stacey. The one I was on the phone with tonight."

I did not know it then, but my life was about to change... forever.


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