tagLoving WivesCum Goblin

Cum Goblin

byparts guy©

I like surprising my wife, and I do so as often as possible. This Halloween would be no exception. I have a big bash planned, and I only tell her what she needs to know.

Just like every year, it would be held at our house. We have a huge place, and could accommodate dozens of guests.

"So, what are you planning on being this year?" I asked.

"Everyone always teases me for being so white, I thought I would go as Casper the friendly ghost" she said with a grin.

"A sheet is not very sexy." I reminded her.

"Oh...I didn't know I was suppose to be sexy." she responded with that evil grin. "What do you want me to be?"

"You can be a goblin, or whatever, just make it sexy." I told her. "I want you to be the hottest looking lady there." At five foot two, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a rack even Bullwinkle would be envious of, I had no doubt she would be the sexiest one there no matter what she wore.

We spent Halloween day getting the place ready. I knew she wouldn't last long.

"OK, every year you surprise me, what is it this year?" she finally had to ask.

"Simple. This year it's a game of trick or treat. All you have to do is guess the theme of the party."

"Uh...that sounds too easy, what's the catch?" she asked suspiciously.

"No catch. If you guess wrong, then you down a shot of whiskey, that's the trick. If you guess right, then you get the surprise I have waiting for you. That's the treat." She looked at me with that "I think I'm in trouble" look.

"It sounds like I win either way." she said.

"Actually, we both win." I told her. She knew better than to question me on it.

"I guess I better get ready!" she said as she disappeared upstairs.

I stepped into the guest room and donned my "Master of Ceremonies" outfit, complete with top hat and tails. I was prancing about in the living room, when she descended the staircase. I was speechless. She liked my costume, but I loved hers. She was wearing a sheet over her head. A very short sheet that came to mid thigh. It was shredded all the way around, in some places, up to her hips. There were two small holes for her eyes, and one big round one for her mouth. It was supposed to look scary, but it just turned me on. She had white lace nylons held up with garters, and a matching white thong. A tube top was supposed to keep her nipples from poking through the thin sheet, but it wasn't doing a very good job.

She raised her arms up, and floated around the room. I wonder if she knew her tight little buns peeked out from underneath whenever she flapped her arms. You could be sure I wasn't about to tell her.

The first guests arrived at six o'clock, Bob and John, both dressed as pirates.

"Oh, oh! A nautical theme, right?" she asked excitedly.

"Wrong." I said as I handed her the first of many shot glasses that night.

A few minutes later "Freddy Kruger, and Al Capone" knocked on the door.


"Wrong." I handed her another drink, which she dutifully downed.

By nine o'clock, all of the guests had arrived, and my wife was thoroughly smashed. She would flutter around much to the delight of all who watched. At one point she headed down the hall, and I followed her into the bathroom. I reached up under her sheet and slid her panties down to her ankles and helped her sit on the toilet. As she peed, I casually slipped her thong off from around her feet and stuffed the flimsy garment into my pocket. She was none the wiser, as she drifted back out into the party. Most of the standing guests couldn't tell, but those that were sitting down had a great shot whenever she came flitting by.

By ten o'clock she had no problem floating around, and after complaining to me that it was too hot, I reached up under her sheet and pulled the tube top down, right there in the kitchen. She nonchalantly stepped out of it, and bent over to pick it up. I could tell by Alan's bulging eyes, that he got a really good shot.

She disappeared into the crowd, her firm melons bouncing with each step, stopping to talk to many of the guests. Suddenly it dawned on her, and she came bounding back over to me, with every eye in the room trained on her.

"I figured it out!" she said, jumping up and down, to everybody's delight. "Everybody here is a guy!" The guys were all in on it, and they were dropping hints all night to her.

"Well, it's about time you figured it out!" I said with a grin.

"So what's my surprise?" she asked, clapping her hands together.

"Well, it's out in the shop." She never went into the shop, it was my getaway. It was also big enough to park eight cars in, it was huge. "But, before I take you out there, you have the opportunity to share it with some of the guests. You can pick as many, or as few as you wish." I was banking on her generous side to kick in.

"Can I share with everyone?" she asked innocently.

"Of course you can! But first I want to blindfold you." I pulled the silk hankie from my pocket and tied it around her head. The guys, who were in on this from the start, had already rushed into the shop to take their places.

When all were ready, I tried to steer her towards the shop. I quickly found it was easier to just pick her up and carry her in. After carefully setting her down on her butt, I backed up a few feet.

Her legs were spread just enough to give some of the guys a clear shot of her clean shaven pussy.

"OK, you can take your blindfold off and enjoy your treats." I said as she slowly reached up and pulled the silk from her eyes. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust, as she looked at her surroundings. She lay in the middle of four king sized beds pushed together, and our guests - all twenty four of them, circled the mattresses. They all still wore their masks, but otherwise were all naked.

Now she was the one who was speechless as she gazed at two dozen cocks of different size, color, and firmness. Two of the men moved across the sheets, and gently removed her sheet, causing the others to "Ooh and aah" at her fantastic body. One by one, the guys systematically climbed onto the huge bed, licking and sucking whatever flesh they could find. I pulled up a chair and watched as my honey melted under the touch of so many tongues. I watched the guys go from prone positions, to their knees, and knew all too well what pleasures they were receiving.

As each guy spent his load, he would be replaced by another. My wife, now somewhat sober from all the orgasms, was on all fours, taking care of several guests at a time.

All of the men I invited were young and healthy. They could each cum several times over the course of tonight. It was over an hour before I made eye contact with her. Her smile was ear to ear, and covered in cum.

When we are in bed, we sometimes talk about what our fantasies are. She wondered what a gang bang would be like, and I wondered what it would be like to watch. I waited until we were mid fuck and asked her if she would like to be fucked by a half a dozen horny guys. She went into multiple orgasms, and when I mentioned black guys, she soaked the sheets with her cum. It was at this point, over a year ago, that I started plotting. I came up with, not a half a dozen, but two dozen men, almost half of which were black. And from where I sat, I could see they were hung like horses.

Eventually, I got up and started cleaning the house. I had a feeling she would be out there awhile. I gave it an hour and wandered back out to the shop. She was straddling Henry, his massive cock pistoning in and out of her once tight pussy. Shane was moving his meat in and out of her butt, and she was sucking on a very big black cock. The scent of sex and sweat filled the room, as she fucked like a woman possessed.

For over six hours she labored to release every orgasm she could. Over fifty cum shots filled her mouth, pussy and ass. We couldn't even begin to count the number of times she came. When it was over, she was covered inside and out with cum. The sun was coming up as I helped her into the shower. As she stood there under the hot water, I would dab at her sticky skin, sometimes with a washcloth, sometimes with my tongue. The closer I got to her pussy, the more I used my tongue. Soon I was on my knees, gently cleaning out her abused holes using only my tongue.

I dried her off and carried her to bed, where I snuggled up beside her. Even in her sleep, she slowly worked her way down the bed, and suckled on my cock as if it were a pacifier. She easily swallowed the gusher that filled her sweet mouth, as we both drifted off to dreamland.

That evening, at dinner, we reflected on what happened.

"So...did you enjoy your treats?"

"You know I did! Did you enjoy the way I gobbled cum?"

"Hmm...cum goblin." It was just two words, but we laughed 'til we cried.

"But how are you going to top this next year?"

"Don't worry, I have plans."

Happy Halloween!!

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