Cunt Addiction: A Black Euphoria


Of course, that isn't what happened.

She stopped right in front of me and asked, "Are you Big Rosie's new pet?"

I imagine my face went the darkest red in the history of colour as I stammered, still not making eye contact, even as I learned my Mistress's name, "Y-y-yes."

"Is this your first time?" she asked casually, as if we were talking about the weather.

I answered in a whispered stammer, "Y-y-yes."

"Oh you are in for a treat. She has the sweetest cunt in the world," she revealed, which only enhanced the humiliation and excitement... but also the sisterhood, since she obviously had reason to know exactly how sweet... as my mouth instinctively watered at the promise of pussy heaven.

When I didn't respond, she continued, "Well, I better not keep you; Big Rosie is very particular about promptness. That said, I'm going for a run. If you're still hungry for some sweet, sweaty nigger cunt afterwards, come knock on my door at 122 and I'll let you munch away."

Before I could respond, although I'm still not sure what I would have said, she stepped around me and started jogging away.

Hearing the word 'nigger' sent another gush of wetness out of me... the word so taboo... a word my lips had never uttered. Yet, hearing the young black woman say it somehow was cunt leaking hot.

I quickly regained my senses and resumed walking as I glanced back at the young woman, seeing her tight ass running away... as she then turned back and saw me staring and gave me a grin, which made me quickly look away.


I was already getting drawn into something much more complex than I had imagined. My inner submissive lust was already consuming me.

I walked to the house, not looking back again, knocked three times and walked through the door.

I closed it, trembling slightly at where I was and why I was here.

Yet, my cunt leaked and my mouth watered.

I didn't hesitate... I didn't pause... I didn't dare, lest I might turn around and run away... I walked quickly past the small living room, down a narrow hallway and to a final door.

I turned right, paused, took a deep breath, turned into the open door and dropped to my knees.

As I began crawling, the first words I heard were, "You're two minutes late."

"I'm sorry, ma'am," I apologized, as I crawled towards the bed, head and eyes submissively directed downwards at Big Rosie's threadbare bedroom carpet, flashbacks of the hundreds of times I'd crawled between Amber's legs back in college filling my head. I had crawled to her in her bed, on the couch, under her desk, under the kitchen table, even to the toilet on the rare occasion (I never had a golden shower, but I had licked her pussy clean a couple of dozen times after she'd urinated and brought her off right there and then). "A young woman stopped me on the sidewalk."

"I'll forgive you this time," she said, as I reached the bed, still unable to see her. "But come earlier next time as I expect total obedience and that includes strict punctuality. Is that clear?"

"Yes, ma'am," I replied, submissively, addressing her in such a way even though I was almost twice her age... or was I twice her age? She was no college girl.

"Crawl onto the bed, my pet," she ordered.

"Yes, ma'am," I eagerly obeyed, dying to see this voluptuous woman up close and personal.

I crawled onto the bed and saw she was leaning up on her bed, reading on her iPad, completely naked, with her legs spread open... her pink pussy shining like the North Star between her dark-as-night legs.

My mouth salivated.

Recalling the instructions from her email, I wordlessly crawled between her legs and directly to her pussy. I paused as I stared at it... so pink, with just a slight sheen on her lips and as I moved my face closer the heavenly bouquet that had hooked me all those years ago enveloped me with its exotic hypnotic scent.

I was again eighteen, nineteen, twenty and twenty-one again.

I was again just a submissive pleasing her Mistress... dare I call her Mistress?

I was again an insatiable pussy cum addict.

I was again mesmerized and completely obedient to the whims of a cunt.

I opened my mouth, extended my tongue and licked.

Fireworks exploded on my tongue, in my head and throughout my body.

Two decades were erased in the quick flick of a lick.

I was no longer in denial of my true sexuality... my true hunger.

I was living in the moment, beginning a second life of submission.

And the taste... the taste... was unlike anything I could explain. I only had one pussy to compare it to... as I'd only licked one pussy for four years... but I wondered if every pussy tasted like heaven.

It was musky...

It was exotic...

It had just the hint of fruity... If I were a sommelier I would have said pomegranate.

One lick and I was hooked again.

One lick and I knew I would be back here any time she offered me her heavenly delicacy.

One lick and I no longer considered myself straight.

One lick and I wanted more... I wanted to drown in her wetness.

That said, I was in no hurry.

I had no idea if she was ever going to invite me back between her legs... so I was going to savour every lick and every breath of this life altering moment.

My tongue slowly parted her lips and slithered up and down so I could taste her... and so I could stimulate her... summoning more homemade juices.

She let out the lightest moan, and it sent a chill up my spine. I had loved hearing Amber moan because of my tongue, I had loved hearing her breathing get heavier, I had loved hearing her call me names when I had gotten her close to rapture, I had loved when she grabbed my head and pulled me deep inside her ocean of cream, and I had loved when she came and bathed my face with her gift of lust.

Now I traced the entire perimeter of her puffy pussy lips... they were way thicker than Amber's... from the bottom to the top, ever so softly touching her swollen huge clit, before continuing my journey back down.

"Oh, you're a teaser," she moaned softly.

"I'm whatever you want me to be, ma'am," I responded, my tongue never completely leaving her lips.

"This is very good, my pet," she approved, making me feel good about what I was doing. I had known exactly how to please Amber, had known exactly when to go slow, when to go fast. But the passage of over two decades, and a different woman, and I really was a virgin of sorts. They say no time is ever like the first time, but that was what I felt like at the moment.

For a few minutes, give or take, time was irrelevant and stood still whenever I'd been between Amber's legs... and now Big Rosie's legs. I used my tongue to tease her pussy lips and then parted them to stimulate more wetness, pausing frequently to lick up as much of her juices as I could.

But I was doing all this on automatic pilot: my mind was a complete blank as the scent and taste were the only two things I could focus on.

I drew in as much of her scent as I could with each breath.

I savoured as much of her taste as I could with each lick.

I had hoped for more encouragement from her, but I had gotten used to Amber giving me very limited verbal feedback, so it wasn't a problem and I was very content with scent and taste. Amber had normally said hardly a word until she was ready to come and then she got very animated... getting rough and calling me names.

I then moved to Big Rosie's clit and in one quick movement took it in my mouth and simultaneously tugged on it while flicking it with my tongue... my expert move to try and push Amber from calm to animated, and it bore fruit in less than a second. She began flooding my face, and the more concentrated taste was definitely like pomegranate with a trace of sandalwood.

"Oooooooooh," she moaned loudly, her body trembling, as I just as quickly let go of her clit and slithered my tongue down between her lips. "You're such a tease. I may have to teach you a lesson pretty soon."

Her tone was playful, not threatening, and I responded, "I just want to please you, ma'am."

"You're doing a very good job, my white slut," she complimented.

"Thank you, ma'am," I responded, flattered by her kind words... her approval being what I was most craving... and, of course, her full flood of pomegranate cum washing over my face. She wasn't climaxing yet, but she was getting close.

"Now get that tongue deep in my cunt and fuck me like the hungry white bimbo you are," she ordered.

A gush of wetness filled my panties at the aggressive order and the name calling. When I was licking Amber's pussy she had often called me her bimbo and it always turned me on as I was a scholar in real life, but when I was between her legs I was nothing but a servant, a slave, a pet, a bimbo... and I relished the contrasting role.

Add the racial undertones and it only enhanced my excitement. I wanted to be her white bimbo, her white slut, her white servant. In truth, the racial role reversal where I was her servant was extra stimulating, especially since I'd grown up in the South in a wealthy family and had been given a black maid when I was a little girl. I'd felt guilty about that in later years, and right now I felt kind of exultant as I worshipped this Black Goddess.

I obeyed, using my tongue as a tiny cock as I found her wet, very wet hole and tried to fuck it. I licked, I probed, I swirled my head around trying to create an internal tornado... something that had always really excited Amber.

"Oooooh, yes, you fucking white bitch, eat my cunt with that wild and wicked tongue," she moaned, her hand pressing against the back of my head.

I could feel and taste the wetness coming out of her, wondering just how much she would come when she finally erupted. I also loved knowing that I was exciting her, that I was the one making her wet.

I continued my swirl technique.

I shifted to a slight head shake as I went right to left and then up and down... like a plus sign over and over again... with a punctuation right in the middle as I poked my tongue in her hole over and over between my movements.

"Oh yes, you're a natural cunt muncher," she moaned, moving her ass around to grind her kitty roughly against my face.

Knowing she was close and wanting to taste her full flood and her tantalizing nectar, I went for my final orgasmic kill... at least it was what had worked best on Amber... I rapidly flicked my tongue back and forth on her clit and pussy lips.

"Oh shit, fuck, don't stop," she demanded, pulling my head even deeper into her wet, addicting box.

I obeyed of course, both because I wanted to and also because I was being held deep between her legs by both her hands, which now felt like warm soft vises.

And like Amber, Big Rosie didn't last thirty seconds before the intensity of the quick flick attack had her erupting as she screamed, "Bathe in my cum, my new white pet!"

And God did I... her cum coated my face with the full force of a thunderstorm. I hungrily lapped as much of her pomegranate cum as I could in the torrents of her violent storm.

As I lapped... I knew without a doubt I had made the right decision.

God, I missed licking pussy.

God, I missed pleasing a woman.

God, I missed the scent of a cunt.

God, I missed the sweet nectar of a pussy.

And I knew I had opened Pandora's Box and was going to be spending a lot of time in Big Rosie's box.

When she let go of my head she looked down at me and said, "That was very impressive, my white pet."

"So was your cum, ma'am," I replied, seeing a few more drops leaking out of her and instinctively leaning down and licking it up.

"Want to get fucked?" Big Rosie asked, as she reached to a night stand that had a strap-on cock resting on it.

"I'm yours to use as you please," I answered, indeed wanting to get fucked... my pussy definitely burning with desire.

"Tell me what you want," she asked, as she knelt and put the strap-on on.

"I want you to fuck the hell out of your white slut," I answered.

"Good answer, my pet," she nodded, as she looked me over. "You really dressed up for me."

"I wanted to make a good impression," I answered, as I checked out the huge tits I hadn't yet been able to suck on.

She chuckled, "You made a great impression, my white pet slut, both with your attire and that eager tongue. Now come show me what else that tongue is good for and suck on Mommy's huge tits."

I didn't hesitate, even though I was twice her age and could have been her mother (ignoring the whole race thing). I moved to her and cupped both huge, heavy tits and buried my face between them.

She chucked, "You look like you've just found heaven."

"I have," I replied, cupping both tits while I began kissing and licking the great valley between them.

I moved slowly to her right nipple, my tongue never breaking contact with her skin as I also kept squeezing her tits. They were so completely mesmerizing!

"That's it, you eager slut, show Momma how much you love her tits," Big Rosie moaned, as my tongue swirled around her huge hard nipple.

And I tried.

Sucking her nipple.

Biting playfully on her nipple.

Licking the entire areola.

Before slithering my way back down the vast valley and back up the other side to replicate the dedicated attention to her other tit.

After a couple minutes of sucking, licking and biting, Big Rosie ordered, "Now get on all fours, my pet."

"Yes, ma'am," I obeyed, dying to get that dick in me. It had been poking my sides as I worshipped her tits as if it were my impatient lover.

She moved behind me, lifted up my skirt and she approved, "I like the thigh highs, my pet."

"I wore them for you," I admitted, trembling at her touch as her fingers lightly moved over my pussy lips... my thin thong all that interfered with skin on skin contact.

"I expect you to always dress up for me, is that clear?" she asked, as her fingers moved under my thong and in one quick movement slid inside me.

"Yes, ma'aaaaaaaam," I moaned as the first finger in over two decades, other than my husband's, slid inside me.

"You want to be my regular Thursday at 11?" she asked.

"I want to be whatever you want me to be," I answered, a huge rush coursing through me at both the finger fucking me slowly and the reality that she wanted me to come back again.

"I want you to be my Thursday at 11," she affirmed, as she pulled her finger out, tugged my thong aside and slid the strap-on inside me in one quick stroke.

"Yesssssss," I screamed, as the entire cock, bigger than my husband's, filled me.

"I'll take that as a yes," she laughed, as she put her hands on my hips and began fucking me.

"Yes, yes, yes," I repeated, as she used slow but firm strokes sliding in and out of me.

I would like to say I lasted a long time... but I learned what it felt like to be my husband.

The excitement of licking her delicious cunt... sucking on her huge tits... and learning I was now her regular Thursday at 11 white slut... and my orgasm had already been on the rise even before she'd touched my cunt with her finger or cock.

So in a couple dozen strokes, I was moaning like a slut in heat, because I was a slut in heat, and I declared, "I'm going to come soon."

She ordered, "Come, my white slut. Come and declare yourself mine."

"Oh yes, I'm your white, cunt eating, tit sucking, bimbo slave," I declared, the words flowing out of me naturally... just as I came.

Big Rosie kept fucking me throughout my orgasm, before finally pulling out...which allowed my juices to flood out of me.

She then slammed back into me and resumed fucking me... this time hard... her body slamming into me with each forward thrust.

"Oh God!" I screamed, the pleasure swarming me as my first orgasm faded and a second orgasm quickly built.

"My sluts always get multiple orgasms," she declared, as she fucked me deeper and harder than my husband could possibly ever do. It was like she was taking my virginity... showing me how good being fucked could be.

I moaned, admitting, "Oh yes, you're so much better than my husband."

"I always am," she replied, matter-of-factly as she didn't slow down at all... just kept fucking the living hell out of me.

I moaned, "Oh God, please don't stop."

I whimpered, "Yes, I want to be your white pet."

I begged for more. "Oh yes, yes, fuck me like the white slave I am." The idea of racial role reversal somehow enhancing the euphoria I was already feeling. The hierarchy of black and white turned on its head.

I was so completely consumed by the pleasure that I was just flesh and lust as my second orgasm ripped through me and I declared, not even realizing I was changing my subservient term to her from 'ma'am', "Yes, I'm yours, Mistress!"

She didn't say anything, just kept fucking me for another minute before pulling out, grabbing my hair, turning me around and shoving the cum coated cock into my mouth.

I, of course, sucked my own juices, bobbing on the cock with an enthusiasm I had long foregone with my husband. I was reborn... and I was completely at the whim of this black woman.

"You're a very good white slut," she said softly, which made a chill go up my spine at the compliment. When she pulled the cock out of my mouth, she got off the bed and said, "Next time I plan to fuck you a lot longer."

"I'm yours until you're done with me," I answered.

She smiled, "No time you must be home?"

"When I'm here, being between your legs is home," I answered, completely intoxicated by her.

"Next week plan to stay overnight," she said, as she removed her strap-on.

"Overnight?" I asked, surprised.

"Is that a problem?"

"No, ma'am," I shook my head. "I'm your slave. I will always obey."

"Good girl," she nodded. "Next Thursday I'm having a sex toy party and you will be one of the maids."

"Maid?" I repeated like a parrot.

"Yes, all my maids are white married sluts who crave submission and black twat," Big Rosie explained.

"Oh," I said, realizing that agreeing to such a task with so many people increased the possibility of getting caught. Yet after a millisecond of doubt, I decided I didn't care about being caught, but only about serving. I added, this time knowing full well the implications of what I was saying, "I can't wait, Mistress."

"You will dress classy like today, she continued, "and since you've just voluntarily crossed that line yourself, you will always call me Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress," I nodded. "That feels so right."

"Always," she clarified. "And that's a very good term to call me. Well done."

"Of course, Mistress," I agreed. "Thank you."

"Now please let yourself out and I expect you here next Thursday at eleven o'clock precisely," she instructed, dismissing me now that she was done with me.

"Yes, ma'am... Mistress," I agreed, before reluctantly walking out of the room, down the hallway and out of the house... knowing I was a forever changed woman.

Once outside, I looked at my watch. It was 12:03... had that been only an hour?

I looked at the house the girl had come out of an hour ago. Number 122.

I pondered if I should go over and get a second helping of black cunt.

I walked down the sidewalk towards both my car and the house and paused as I reached my car.

Like the classic Robert Frost poem I was at a fork on the sidewalk. Sure, I had willingly agreed to be a white slut at an assumedly black sex toy party, but now I had another choice.

Turn left, return to my vehicle, and drive home.

Turn right, walk a couple houses over and knock on another complete stranger's door and offer myself as a white slut for another black pussy.

If I turned right I was succumbing to my lust for cunt... surrendering to my addiction. If I turned left I was still in some sort of control of my lust. Sure, I had already succumbed rather extremely today, but having one Mistress is one thing, submitting to every pussy offered was another thing.

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