tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCynthia's Submission Ch. 10

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 10


Though the last periods of the my day kept me on edge at all times, being naked from the waist down and having a crude, but true message written on my back, I fortunately did not have any unfortunate circumstances arise. My students were content to work and read quietly at their desks, and I was happy to allow it. Every once in awhile I would feel my arousal build on my naked thighs, and had to touch myself just to confirm how wet I was. I felt as though I could smell my lust waft up from under my desk, and feel the radiant heat warm the air around me. Also, the use of my rear entry was a constant feeling; it felt sore and aching, but also longed to have something once again shoved into it.

Two minutes prior to the final dismissing bell, my phoned lit up with another text instruction from Sage. I knew it was going to be a task to push me a bit before she arrived back in my class after school, and I nervously read it to find out just how big of a push it was to be.

"Hope as is well my SLUT, school is almost over and I have plenty for you to do once it is. However, before it is I want you to send me a picture of your naked cunt as it looks from under your desk. If I don't receive it prior to the bell ringing, you will not like the result. See you soon little ANAL SLUT."

Instinctively, I brought the phone under my desk and began to snap a picture of my exposed sex. The first attempt was blurry thanks to my trembling hands, and I had to really steady myself when I took the second. Happy with the result, I quickly sent off the erotic picture with about thirty seconds to spare, I could only hope my mistress would receive it before the bell's chime. Once the bell rang, I nervously sat and waited for Sage to arrive. It was an agonizing wait, not knowing if she received the message in time, wondering what was in store for me next. However, before she arrived I received another text from her, and I knew I would have to wait a bit longer to see her.

"Very good job of getting the picture to me on time; what a bad teacher you are for not wearing pants in school. Let's see just how bad you are. No limits right? If so, take your shirt completely off and send me another picture of you standing completely naked in your room. After taking it, wait for me to arrive by hiding under your desk."

All I could think was how daring this was going to be. To be completely naked in my classroom, taking a picture o myself to send to my mistress, all while the door is wide open, and people are still roaming the halls. I couldn't let myself think about for too long, I had to prove to Sage I wanted this trip; I needed this trip. Quickly, I peeled off my blouse, tossing it in the bottom desk drawer with everything else, and took one deep breath before standing up. I reached my arm out in front of me to capture the picture, and tried my best to pose sexily. Thankfully my first attempt was perfect, and I instantly sent it off to my mistress before taking cover under my desk.

It felt like an eternity the amount of time I spent waiting, hiding, under my desk. Every sound emanating from the hall caused me to hold my breath, and every instance of silence caused my heart to race. I was slick with arousal, but made a concerted effort to not touch myself as I knew if I did I would likely not be able to stop myself. The touch of the cold metal of the desk on my skin was a constant reminder of just how naked I was, and how vulnerable. My body started to tremble with nerves and anticipation, I just wanted to see Sage appear in front of me and use me how she saw fit.

Finally, after an agonizing and extremely arousing wait, Sage entered my room. I could hear her shut and lock my door before moving towards my desk and dropping something atop of it. I first saw her shoes, and only heard her voice from my hiding spot.

"Where is your shirt slut?"

"It's in my bottom desk drawer mistress."

I watched as the she pulled open the drawer, and retrieved my discarded shirt. She then walked away from my desk for a moment, and I heard her reopen the door. I could tell that she had left and then returned when the door opened and closed again. Seconds later she was back standing in front of my desk, and I stared at her lower legs as I waited for more instructions.

"Well my little anal slut, in case you are wondering, I just threw your shirt away. That of course means you no longer have access to any clothing except of course your heels. Does that turn you on my little slave slut?"

In fact the idea of being naked without the chance of getting dressed did get me excited, and it was all thanks to the journey Sage had guided me on. I responded immediately and honestly like a good little sub-slut.

"Yes Mistress, it truly does."

"I bet; all sluts get wet from being forced to be naked. Now slut, how about we have some fun? Stay under there for now, but I will be putting the strap back on with the 12 inch dildo. Then you will suck it down your throat like a proper whore as I sit at your desk and film the whole thing."

I was eager to serve her in any way I could, and so I patiently waited as she strapped on the dildo and got herself positioned on the chair in front of me. The purple member was soon sticking out at my face, taunting me to take it into my mouth. I dutiful did as ordered and open my lips to receive the cock. As I let the first few inches into my mouth I looked up to get my first glimpse of my mistress. She looked back at me with a smile and the video camera. I so desperately wanted to impress her, and I knew deep down that to do so, I needed to try my best to get her fake cock into my throat.

Refocusing on the task at hand, I begin to really work the strap-on over. Bobbing my head up and down to try and lube it up with my saliva. I was attacking it with all my volition, desperately more into my throat. After a few short seconds I had the first six in, but I was in no way satisfied with that. I wanted to push myself to take as much as I could; to see just what I could accomplish and prove myself to Sage. It was like I was a wild animal attacking its prey. My mouth was sliding up and done the shaft with intensity, and I could feel my throat expanding to accept more of the purple intruder.

I closed my eyes to truly keep focused, and redoubled my efforts. Each moment my mouth was on Sage's cock, the more my excitement built, and the more I wanted in my mouth. It felt as I had it in my throat deeper than anything ever before, but I did not open my eyes to look; I didn't want to lose momentum. Spit began to bubble up around it, and I was making guttural gagging sounds the more I attacked it. I slid back until it was almost completely out of my mouth before pushing myself back onto it, and really pushing as much of it into my throat as I could.

The angle at which I had to blow Sage's fake dick was ideal for deep throating because it was a straight shot from mouth to throat. Knowing this, I wanted it deeper than I thought possible. I didn't allow myself to think of it as impossible, but rather a challenge to be conquered. I felt up to the challenge, was in no way going to back down without fighting for it. Then all of a sudden it happened, I felt my stretched mouth press against the base of the cock and the leather of the harness.

My eyes shot open to look, and indeed I had done it. I had gotten all twelve inches into my throat just like I had with my ass. Looking up to Sage and the camera I could tell she was impressed with my success. It felt amazing to have conquered the dildo, and it felt amazing to know I had it so deep in my throat. I held it there for a moment to dwell in the moment, and as I did Sage spoke after turning of the camera.

"Impressive slut, you really like taking this cock deep. First your ass, and now your throat, someone is really making strides towards earning that trip. You can stop for now, but remain under the desk."

I was a bit disappointed at the idea of having to stop, but at the same time excited to see what my mistress had in mind for me next. Inch by inch, I backed off the dildo until only a string of saliva was left dangling from mouth to the tip. It broke away and landed on my chin as Sage stood up to take off the harness. I could hear her lay it on my desktop, and then spoke once again.

"I have some good and bad news my slut. The bad news is that I to go for today because of something I need to get done, but don't you worry I have plenty planned for you to do. See the good news eager slut is that I want you stay the night here at school completely naked. I will leave you a list of tasks to complete on your desk as well as supplies needed to complete them. You are to remain under your desk until I leave, and then come out and look over the list. Is this understood slut?"

I couldn't believe what she wanted, but at the same time was excited at the prospect at having to spend the entire night naked at school. I wondered what tasks she had lined up for me, so I answered the one way I knew I wanted.

"Yes Mistress."

"Good, I will be back in the morning and the list indicates what I expect from you when I do. See you later slut."

All I heard were her footsteps fading away as she left the room. I took an extra moment to let the levity of the situation sink in before come up from under the desk. I was a ball of nerves and excitement, and my hands trembled as I read over the list.

"You are to complete everything on this list:

1.You are to take 10 photos of yourself at different locations in school using the self timer option on the camera.

2.You are to post the five photos of you I have provided, on the door of each administrator (principal, assistant principal, and the three deans). They are to remain up until I come back in the morning.

3.You are to find five random objects to insert into your ass. Take one picture of each before and then one picture of each with them in your ass.

4.You are to go for a midnight run around the track. Do four laps, and then finish with a shower in the boys locker room.

5.You will sleep under your white board with the following message written on it, 'Naked Teacher Slut Sleeping'.

6.You will wake up at four in the morning, take another shower in the boys' locker room, and then wait for me to arrive outside your class at 4:30. You will be naked (not even shoes), wearing a blindfold, ball gag, and hands cuffed behind you.

Everything must be done, or I will figure you don't want our trip. See you in the morning SLUT."

Overall, the list did not seem to daunting. I have done plenty worse during my servitude to Sage, but usually with her around to push me. Now I would be expected to perform all tasks on my own, and all while naked at my school. The one thing I did have going for me was the fact that my school did not any big extracurricular activities like sports to keep students after school for too long. The track was built not only for the school, but for the community and it hardly got used. The only thing going on for the night was a national honor society meeting which ended at 3pm, and most all teachers leave will before then. Also, there isn't a janitorial crew for the night, meaning that after about 4pm the school is empty. I would have the entire school to myself for the night.

So with all of that filling my head and bolstering my confidence, I set the list down and looked to the bag containing all of the supplies I would need for the night. Inside I found the camera for task one, an envelope I figured contained the five pictures of me for task two, a towel and other toiletries, and finally the blindfold, ball gag, and handcuffs. All in all, my night to me seemed pretty cut and dry, and I felt as though all was doable.

Considering I had all night to get the tasks done, and I still had a few hours until the school would empty out, I decided to get caught up on my regular school related work. I was far behind on grading and planning, so I put all the items back into the bag, cleared my desk, and for the next three hours went to work getting not only caught up, but also planned out for a month. Of course, I did all of this while sitting completely naked behind my desk. Occasionally I would have to get up and move around my classroom to gather materials or resources, and each time I did I would get a wicked little thrill knowing I was doing it without a stitch on.

Quickly, time went by as I wrapped myself up in school work, and when I was finally done it was after six, which of course put a devilish grin on my face knowing the school was more than likely all mine. Having this in mind, and my pussy practically flowing with arousal, I decided that there was no time like the present to get started on first three tasks. The others would have to wait as they are for specific times. I had finally realized that I hadn't even looked at the pictures Sage had left for me to post on my administrator's doors, so I pulled out the envelope and took a look.

To my shock, not only were they all extremely naughty pictures of me with my face clearly recognizable, but they each had my Name and the naughty message "I'm a dirty slut for you" printed on them. I looked to the backs of them, and noticed Sage had indicated which picture was for which administer. Each had me in a different humiliating pose and of course naked. The picture intended for the door of my principal showed me on my hands and knees, ass facing the camera with a plug inside, and my head turned back to capture a beaming smile. My assistant principal's door would receive one of me on my back with my arms pulling open my legs wide to show the banana that was poking out of my cunt, and me making a kissing face. The first dean was to get me sitting naked atop my school desk, with my legs spread apart and my chest pushed out showing off the SLUT written across my stomach. Dean number two was going to get me with a ball gag in my mouth, knelling out in front of my house with my hands cuffed behind me taped to his door. Finally the third dean's door would see me with my tongue out stretched to lick the tip of a dildo, while another was inserted into my pussy as a squatted onto it.

I was a bit nervous about having to post all of these photos of myself, but knowing Sage would be arriving so early the next morning eased my worries. Certainly she would allow me plenty of time to remove them before anyone could possibly see them. With my mind at ease some, I put the photos back into the envelope and grabbed the camera. I figured I could knock out the first three tasks on my list in one outing. The only thing I would have to think about would be exactly where to take the ten pictures of me that would most please my mistress, and what five items to choose to insert into my own ass.

With the camera and envelope in hand I proceeded to exit my room. Now, I took it slow, peaking out to make sure the hall was clear and listening for any sounds that would indicate anyone still around. When I felt the coast was clear, I took my first tentative steps into the hallway, but almost retreated when I heard the loud clicking echo of my heels on the hard tiled floor. Once I realized there wasn't much to be afraid from the sound of my steps, being that there was no one there to hear them, I continued on more confidently. After a few more steps, the sound of my heels on the tiles only encouraged me to keep going; as if they were shouting out that I was a confident naked woman walking freely through the halls.

Eventually, I reached the end of the hallway, and arrived at the entrance to the library. I looked around again, now that I was in a more open and exposed area, but again it seemed like I was indeed alone. The library spanned, with a run of tall windows, the length of an open quad area filled with lockers. It was at that moment that I the idea to get a photo taken of me standing in front of the library's windows struck me. I took the camera and envelope to a set of lockers across from the library to set up the shot. Getting the timer set for ten seconds, I rushed back to pose in a classic stance; slightly bent with a hand on a hip and a finger in my mouth. When the flash went off, I returned to the camera to view the picture, and was satisfied with the outcome of me looking both sexy and suggestive. It was the perfect first picture of the evening.

With a first successful picture, I grabbed everything and continued on. I made my past the lockers towards the front entrance of the office, and I couldn't help but think of what a wonderful picture opportunity it would be in front of it. So of course I jumped at the opportunity and quickly set the camera up again, and just as with the library picture, captured another wonderfully perfect image of myself. I entered the office with a beaming smile on my face, and full of self confidence and pride. My arousal was also overflowing, and only increased further each time I posted the provided pictures to my administrators' doors. Five damningly inappropriate photos with suggestive captions, that if seen by any of their intended viewers would result in the end of my career, but rather than be nervous and scared I was a ball of sexual fire looking for more.

Eagerly, I scampered around campus to snap off the last eight required pictures. I took them everywhere; outside the gym, inside the girls' locker room, inside the teacher's lounge, standing next to a urinal in the men's restroom, on the counter of the cafeteria, swinging around the flag pool, in front of a vending machine, and leaning over a mop bucket in the custodian closet. Once I got going, I couldn't stop. I was having a blast running around the school naked, and trying to come up with creative pictures to take. Not even once did I think about getting caught, I was simply enjoying the experience and reveling in my willingness to complete my mistress' objectives for me.

While I was cruising around school posing, I too was keeping an eye out for interesting objects for my third task. I wanted to impress Sage with my creativity, so I tried to think outside the box when it came to what I was to insert into my butt. While in the office I had noticed on the desk of one of the secretaries a smooth marble obelisk about five inches tall and I knew it was my first item. The squared edges certainly posed some difficulties, but I was able to conquer them with the picture to prove it. I also inserted a small towel I found in the custodian closet, the wired end of a whisk I found in the cafeteria, the salt shaker from the teacher's lounge, and the nylon leash to my school ID lanyard. The last item of course brought me back to my classroom, and once done I looked to the clock and saw it took me about two hours to complete the first three tasks of Sage's list.

I still had about four hours until I was to complete my fourth and fifth tasks, and then after try my best to get some sleep before having to wake up so early to be ready for Sage's return. So knowing I would be lacking sleep, I decided to try and get a nap before going out for my run. I set my phone's alarm to go off at 11:30 and did my best to make up a comfortable place to sleep. It was the only thing I could think to do to pass the time while being left naked at school and not being allowed to pleasure myself without my mistress's approval. I wondered just how long I would have to wait before being allowed to climax again; though I truly knew the answer would be once I earned my trip. This then lead me to think about what else Sage had in mind for the coming days to make me earn my trip. Eventually, all of these thoughts slipped away as I drifted to sleep.

To be continued of course...

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