tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCynthia's Submission Ch. 12

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 12


The that it took for Sage's class to finally arrive felt like an eternity, and because I had so much time to myself last night, there wasn't anything for me to do to distract me. Occasionally, I would get up from my desk and stroll around the room to check on the student's work, as well as attempt to distract myself from the agonizing wait. As I made my rounds, I caught a few students trying to steal glances of my legs and chest now that they were a bit more exposed, but played it off as harmless curiosity considering not much of me was exposed.

Eventually, the bell did ring signaling that Sage would soon be arriving, and I was sure that she would indeed have something devilish in store for me. Just as I had with all the previous classes, I greeted the students at the door, especially Sage, and then got them started on the assignment for the day before taking position behind my desk to await a message from Sage. Within a minute of waiting, the message I had long been awaiting had arrived and I eagerly grabbed my phone to view it.

"I must say slut, you do look very pretty in you dress today, but I am sure we can turn pretty into slutty by day's end. Let's start by cutting off another button... how about the new top one, and put with the others once you do."

I was somewhat expecting that, but none the less it was still a bit of a difficult task. I had to remove another button from the top of my dress, which meant I had to get up and walk to the back to do so. Also, that meant that any sudden movement could possibly leave a breast exposed if I was not careful. Just the thought of it however had me creaming in my seat, and reflexively my hand reached out for the scissors and I stood. Walking to the back of the room, I could feel my legs quiver with nerves and arousal. I scanned the room to be cautious before snipping the button off. Though it opened up the top some, not much more of my chest was exposed than it had been before. I just had to make sure not to lean to far over, or shift to rapidly to either side.

Returning to my desk, I dropped the button into the bottle with the other two, and saw my phone's notification light blinking to signal I had a message awaiting me. I sat down carefully; taking the time to make sure my chest was adequately covered before reaching out for my phone to read over the new message from my Mistress.

"Cautious choice to remove the button in the back of the room; not what I had in mind, but I will allow it. Now, I am going to ask again, how daring are you willing to get today? Your answer will determine not only today's outcome, but future days as well."

Quickly, I read over the message and took a moment to think over what she was asking me. How daring was I willing to get. I answered this the day before, and now have an idea of what exactly it could entail. So with that in mind, I replied back the same as I had previously, and knew truly it was the only way to answer.

"Mistress, I am willing to get as daring as you will push me to get. Anything you ask of me shall be done. Again, I want no limits. I am your slut to use and to enjoy."

Sending the message off, sent a wave of excitement and arousal throughout my entire body. I couldn't stop imagining the ways in which Sage would push me to be daring; how far she would be willing to make me go. Nothing else in my mind mattered more than doing as Sage wished. I was drunk on here control, addicted to her power over me. It never occurred to me that it shouldn't be like that, that I was the elder and person to be thought of in the superior role. For whatever reason, Sage from day one had this hold on me, and I wasn't able to break even if I wanted to. I sat at my desk nervously bouncing in my chair as I awaited another message from Sage in response to my answer. It finally came, and I almost fumbled my phone in my attempt to pull open the text.

"Just what I thought, cut another button from the bottom, and put it with the rest."

I expected this message and was prepared to go through with it already. Even though in doing so meant I would only have 4 remaining buttons holding my dress closed, and that the slit in the front of my dress would stop just a few inches away from my uncovered sex, I still was in no way going to back out. My hand shakily reached out for the scissors, and I again snipped off a button from my dress, this time from the relative safety of my desk. With the button detached, I set the sheers down and went about the same routine for dropping it into the water bottle. I watched it sink to the bottom of the container to join its fellow fallen brothers, and to quite possibly await the arrival of those still standing. My phone buzzing drew me back to real life, and I was pleased to see another message from Sage.

"Only 4 remain, but I'm sure we can change that by the end of the day. However for now, let us change directions a bit; in the duffle there is a zipper pocket on the inside. Within the pocket you will find a tube of icy hot. You are to smear a dollop of the icy hot onto your wet cunt, and do so right at your desk. Enjoy Slut."

The idea of rubbing a medicated ointment into my pussy while sitting in my classroom as it is filled with students was electrifying and insane. Then again it didn't stop me from immediately bending down to grab the duffle out from under my desk and begin searching for the stowed away item. When I found the pocket, I slowly zipped it open to retrieve the contents within. The tube was a normal travel size bottle of icy hotand not much else.

With my dress now missing some buttons, it was going to make my task just a bit easier. I could shift over on my chair to allow my ass to hang off, while still supporting my weight with half of it on the chair. Slipping the dress open on my legs and tucking it behind me opened up accesses for the task. In position, and making sure no one was looking, I flipped open the cap of the tube to squirt some onto my finger and apply it to my hole. Then I rubbed the some onto fingertips before slowly pressing themagainst my warm sex. I had to really focus on not being obvious or move abnormally as I continued to rub the ointment into my folds. Eventually, I felt as though I had thoroughly rubbed the icy hot in and was able to pull my fingers away.

I readjusted my dress to cover me, and repositioned myself on the chair normally. Feeling the ointment begin to heat up my aroused pussy a shiver ran through my body, and a jolt of excitement shot to my pussy. Then my phone signaled yet another new message from Sage, and another jolt hit my pussy.

"Pretty slick slut; I applaud your quick completion of the task. Now, take a walk around the room with your new wardrobe adjustments and heat source, as if you are checking up on the students. When you get back to your desk, I will have sent you a message indicating what you will do during your lunch period."

Taking the proper precautions to make sure I was adequately covered by my dress, I stood up and began to take a slow stroll around the room. I noticed that any quick movements caused the lower flaps of my dress to fly open, so I did my best to maintain a consistent speed as to not flash of my goods to the students. The path I chose was around one side of the room like I had earlier when cutting off the button, then cutting down the middle row back to the front before circling around the other side of the room to cut back down the middle to my desk. Overall, the walk took about a minute with no one I could see realizing the adjustments to my dress, but as promised, there was indeed a new message on my phone when I returned.

"I'm sure you are absolutely leaking right now from all of the excitement, and that is why at lunch you will go use the restroom in the teacher's lounge to wipe yourself down. Inside the restroom, you are to completely unbutton the dress and hang it from the hook on the back of the stall door. You will then insert two fingers into the slutty cunt of yours and wipe them across both of your cheeks on your face. If you have to use the restroom, do so and then get redressed. However, upon buttoning up your dress do not button one of the middle buttons; leave it undone. You will then exit the restroom and the lounge to return to your classroom where you will find further instructions on a piece of paper taped to the bottom of my desk. You should leave yourself at least twenty minutes to complete the second set of instructions, so don't dilly dally in the bathroom slut."

Looking up to the clock, I saw that the class was almost over and that my lunch time adventure would soon begin. In my state of dress I was somewhat nervous about walking around the crowded halls, and even more so about having other faculty members see me like I am. I was able to convince myself that the dress covered me appropriately, and that if I was careful no one would be able to tell I was without underwear and with a butt plug lodged inside me. No sudden moves as I made my journey to the restroom and I would be just fine.

Moments later, the bell rang and I was startled some back to real time. I waited for my students to file out, and watched Sage as she did the same before standing up from my desk to make my exit. I strolled out of my classroom with my class keys, and closed the door behind me. Taking one last look down to make sure I was covered still, I move on towards my task, careful not to move to fast and cause my dress to flare open. There were students walking all around me as I journeyed the hall towards the lounge, and I had to really focus to keep at a normal pace.

Eventually, I reached my destination without any incident and once inside the teacher's lounge I was thankful to see I was the first teacher to have arrived. I quickly darted towards the ladies room to complete my task. Inside there were only two stalls; a normal sized one, and a handicap stall; I chose the normal sized one, and began unbuttoning my dress once I entered. With only four buttons to unfasten, I made quick work and quickly had the garment hanging on the coat hook attached to the back of the stall door.

Reaching down with my hand, I slipped two fingers into my warm, juicy box as instructed, and had to really use some self-control to keep from pleasuring myself on the spot. Instead, I did as detailed in Sage's message and pulled them out to wipe the slimy arousal onto my face. I could smell the aromatic arousal of myself as I slid my coated fingers across both of my cheeks. The scent would be a constant reminder of just how slutty I am, and just how far I am willing to go to serve Sage.

Satisfied that I had completed my task, I used the restroom quickly and then retrieved my dress and began to redress; making sure to intentionally miss buttoning the second button from the top. Doing so allowed the dress to somewhat push open and exposed more skin if I wasn't careful. I smoothed out the dress, and exited the stall and restroom. In the lounge a few teachers had arrived, but all seemed either to be engaged in conversation with each other, or waiting in line to get there food from the counter. I did say hello to a few of the ones I was friendly with, but did not stop to talk with them as I knew that more awaited me inside my classroom.

Back inside my classroom, I hurried to Sage's desk and reached under the table top for the next set of instructions. I was able to find them rather easily, but did wonder how she managed to tape this note under here without being noticed. However, I did not want to ponder that curiosity for long, but rather find out what the instructions contained. Unfolding the sheet of paper, and making sure not to tear it, I read the note to myself.

"1. Go stuff the blindfold and ball gag into your snatch, letting the straps of each hang out.

2. You are not to sit for the remainder of the school day.

3. Tape five of the naughty photos of yourself, that don't entirely show your face, to the bottoms of the desks in the middle row.

4. I will be in to give you further instructions after school."

So naughty and dangerous, were Sage's instructions, but looking at the clock I knew it was best not to think and instead just do. I hurried to grab the blindfold and ball gag from my, and then easily slip both into my overly saturated slit. I then retrieved the file containing all of the photos of me, and leafed through them to find five that met the criteria. All five photos where of me on all fours with a different item inserted into me, but with my face not captured in the shot. Grabbing my tape dispenser from my desk I obediently began the task of taping each photo securely to the bottom of each desk in the middle row. I made sure to tape them down well so as to not have any of them fall off, or be accidently felt by one of my students.

With my initial tasks complete, I straightened out my dress to cover as best and most I could, and then waited for the next class bell to ring. The standing task for the remaining periods would not be too much of an issue; it just meant I could not use my desk as added cover. Considering I only had three buttons fastened of the four I had left after starting with eight, I would have to take extra precautions with my movements. Also, I had the dangling straps of the blindfold and ball gag that if I wasn't careful could become visible. The only way to get through it would be to stay headstrong and push through. I would just act as if everything was fine and normal, and no one would be the wiser; or at least I hoped that would be the case.

The next bell rang and the following periods went by with me filled with anxiety and nerves. I kept wondering if my students were looking at me any different, if they could tell just how undressed I truly was. Every moment of a student's head I was sure entailed they were trying to get a look at me, or noticed something off about me. I slowly paced around the room during the period to look more natural, but had to really focus on how my dressed moved with me and it caused me not to really be able to focus on anything else. Of course my worries and paranoia was most likely all in my head, as it seemed that my students didn't really care if I was in the room or not. Eventually, my fears were able to drift away when the final bell dismissing school rang.

With my students now gone, I stood and waited for my mistress to arrive. As I waited, I looked down at my dress which started out with eight buttons, but now only had four remaining with only three fastened. It was just covering enough of me to keep me from being too suspicious of my goings on, but barely. My heart begun to flutter with the excitement of how I was dressed, and the journey it took for me to get there. However, before I could think about the feeling further, Sage came into my room.

"Looking good my little teacher slut, I hope your last periods went smoothly."

I nodded my head in response, as she proceeded to close and lock my door before heading over to me with her book bag on her shoulder.

"Well, might as well take the dress off now considering it's barely on you to begin with."

I complied quickly, and soon found myself standing naked in my classroom once again.

"I have a few exciting afterschool activities planned for you today, but first remove the blindfold and gag from your cunt and then help me undress."

Again, I quickly followed Sage's orders, and pulled out the items from my dripping sex before focusing my attention on getting her clothes off. Once I had both her t-shirt and jeans off, she reached past me for the ball gag and blindfold and then put them both onto me before having me knell. The aroma of my arousal on the items was thick and intoxicating; I could also feel the dampness on my skin which only further triggered my arousal.

"There, now you look like a good sub-slut ready to be used by her mistress."

Just as she had that morning, Sage begun to rub her exposed crotch into my face, seeking pleasure from me. I love the way her slick lips felt gliding across my nose and stretched open lips. She used one hand to hold my head in place as she continued her grinding into me. I only wished I had my mouth available to taste her, but knew that this was how Sage wanted it, and I had to respect that.

Occasionally, her grinding was more forceful, and she would pull my head into her extra tight to build further friction. I just knelt there and took it like a good sub, and enjoying every moment. Her juices were coating my face, and I was becoming drunk on her aromatic arousal. She eventually came, jerking her hips and pelvis into my face as she did. Seconds later she came down from her orgasmic high, and undid the gag from my mouth and removed the blindfold.

"Once again slut, that was amazing, and to treat you on your good work, I will allow you to lick out my ass for a bit."

Sage then turned around, bent over slightly, and presented me with her rear end. I wasted no time falling into position, and soon had my hands on her ass cheeks and my mouth puckered up to her asshole. Letting my tongue flatten out over her delicate rosebud, I coated it with my saliva. I began to really get into the task, and soon had my tongue lodged just inside her entrance. She tasted divine, and I could feel my pussy become even more saturated then before. I felt as though I could lick out Sage's ass forever, but unfortunately that was not to be. After only a few short minutes, Sage pulled away leaving begging for more.

"That's enough slut, I can't let you become spoiled now. Plus, your first planned activity starts soon, and I don't want you to be late. I have been thinking you could possibly work on your flexibility some, so I signed you up for a yoga class this afternoon. It starts at three at your gym, and I got your yoga attire here with me."

Sage then grabbed her book bag, opened it, and pulled out a pair of black yoga pants, and a pink sports bra. She also pulled out a pair of simple pink flip flops.

"Here, put these on so I can see how you will look."

I took the garments from Sage, and pulled on the pants first. She had said nothing about removing the plug, so I assumed she wanted me to leave it in. As I pulled on the pants, I realized that they were not as thick as usual yoga pants and actually seemed to be a couple sizes too small for me. The thin fabric really stretched as I pulled them up my legs and over my ass to my hips. The stretching helped to thin out the already thin material, and create a somewhat sheer effect. I could only imagine what it would look like when I would bend over and stretch into different yoga poses.

The sports bra was also a bit more flirty than normal, with thin straps over my shoulders and across my back. While it did cover everything up, and provided adequate support, it also made sure to accentuate my breast rather than push them down as other sports bra tend to do. I could see myself, but I was sure I looked a bit stripperish and quite possibly a little underdressed for the gym.

From the look of me, I can get a sense of what Sage is hoping to happen to me. She wants me to be embarrassed to be dressed as I am at the gym. She wants me to be humiliated when I bend over and stretch in yoga; showing off all my goods, and the plug. I know this, and I know that I will certainly be a bit embarrassed dressed as I am at the gym and a bit humiliated knowing what can be seen when I bend over in these pants. However, I also know I will do it for Sage, to prove my obedience and to earn my trip away with her. I was ready for anything Sage could throw at me, and I was sure she still had plenty in store for me in the coming days.

"Will don't you look like the perfect little gym slut? I wish I could be there to look at the reactions on the other gym goers faces. Oh well, I'm sure you will remember. You better get going, don't want to be late and end up in the back where no one can see you. Here, you can wear this until you get to your car."

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