tagErotic CouplingsD Minus Six Days

D Minus Six Days


After yesterday’s activities, I knew that my cock would get more demanding.

I woke up early with a real hard on. I dreamt that Tara was having her orgasms, while I was simply helping her.

My dick was swollen and needed e release very eagerly.

I remembered that I had promised Tara that since her birthday was seven days away, she would enjoy her pussy each of those seven days.

I asked myself, had I promised too much? Were their so many novel ways to satisfy a woman? When all I knew was to fuck!! Take out the dick, take her clothes off, insert the dick and fuck, fuck, fuck.

But no. I knew how to keep her guessing what would happen next. So where was my brain?

I got up, went into the toilet and pissed noisily into the bowl. The dick, reluctantly became less aggressive.

I got ready and left for office, all the time thinking about what I should do get her going and mad with desire and pleasure.

Also, I wanted very dearly to fuck her, many times.

At about 4 PM, I could not wait any longer. I rang Tara up and asked “What are you doing?"

Tara said, “Working in office. Same old boring stuff."

I asked “How does your special thing feel?"

Tara said, “Shhhhhhhhh."

I said, “I am coming over and picking you up. Get ready for day six."

Tara said, “Not before 6 PM. My boss will mind if I left before six."

I said, “I don’t care. I want you NOW."

Tara said, “Don’t say that. I am yours. You know that. I will loose my job. As such I feel very sleepy in the office after you come over the evening before."

I said, “You don’t like me coming over?"

Tara said, “No. Please. I love your coming over. You know that."


“Even my friends are asking me “You appear to be blossoming with red cheeks and languorous eyes. Too much . . . . of you know what??? The girls laugh and say “Is he insatiable?"

Tara added “I naturally blush and try to be blasé and tell them that nothing is the matter."

I asked “Are they jealous of your luck? They don’t get to have so much of fun?"

Tara said, “No."

I said, “Happy birthday minus six days!!!"

Tara said, “Shut up darling. Pick me up at about six." and put the phone down.

I was about to start planning for the evening. Then I realized, that no planning works. In the worst case, we will have simple straight forward fuck. In the best we will have some games. So what was there to plan so much?

At 5.30 sharp, I closed my work and called my Secretary and told her that I was leaving for the day and she should take all my messages. She knew that I had a girl friend. But perhaps did not know how close I was to her.

I asked my driver to go home and took over the wheel and drove faster than usual. I reached just ahead of 6 PM and called her on my mobile phone.

Tara informed me that she was getting ready to leave and that it may take her about five minutes.

I knew what that meant. I drove off and took a large circle around the square and returned at about 6.15 PM. She was standing there, looking suitably cross.

The moment I stopped, she bundled in and started to complain that she was tiered already of waiting.

I told her “Don’t become a wife. Just let us remain lovers. No complaining to each other. The moment you become a wife, the fun is all gone. I start to own you. I don’t like that. ."

Tara looked at me and said, “You are right."

I asked her on the way “So what is the plan for tonight?"

Tara said, “You said, you would keep me guessing and that we would do our favorite activity till we feel like. So I am expecting the fun gift wrapped."

Soon we reached my home. She quickly got out of the car and ran up while I parked the car. Tara had a set of keys, so there was no problem.

I reached up soon enough and got in.

We made some tea and sipped it and had some quick snacks.

I suddenly said, “Tara. Go have your bath. I need to get ready."

Tara said, “I have no change of clothes."

I said, “You can wear my pajama set. You do that all the time."

Tara nodded her head and walked off.

She normally bathed with the door open, so that I could peak in or walk in. While she was bathing, I walked in and started to shave. After shaving I walked to the toilet bowl and pissed. Tara perhaps heard the noise and peeked out and said, “What a hose."

I blushed and looked at her and said, “You want to hold it while it waters the bowl?"

Tara said, “Yes”.

She stepped out and held the dick and felt the vibration while I pissed.

She pulled the foreskin back and helped me jerk off the last few drops.

I said, “I will assist you one day to do this."

Tara said, “No. That is not acceptable. I don’t want any one to see me pee."

When she finished, she peeked out from behind the shower curtain and announced “You next."

She stepped out and dried herself. I continued doing what I was doing, not even glancing at her naked body.

She stepped out. I quickly had a bath and dried myself. I applied Tara’s special splash on “Hermes." and walked out, stark naked.

Tara had seated herself on the sofa and was reading a magazine. She was wearing my pajama suit. It was truly large for her. Yet she looked very becoming in that.

I went to the next room and brought out my two video recorders and fixed them. I ensured that we had various positions with us so that we could be caught in every part of the room and with close-ups in special places.

Tara said, “You plan to make a porno film is it?"

I said, “Yes. Why not? Starring - Tara and Ravi – the porno stars . . . . ."

Tara said, “Good God."

I fixed all the electronics up and started recording.

I went to the almirah and took out my special bag. It had all my tools. Tara knew it. It had the hand cuffs, ropes, whip, special restraints etc.

I took out all the wares and placed them on the bed carefully.

I then told Tara “We are now making a very nice porno film. I am providing the direction and the story line. Only we alone will see it in leisure”. I switched on the camera and the recorder and walked up.

Tara looked at me with some questions and a naughty smile. Tara said, “Okay."

I changed my position to be next to her and watched the TV with her.

While seated, I put my arm across her shoulder and rubbed her back and massaged her shoulders.

I leant across and kissed her on her face and told her “Warm up – we will have fun."

Tara said, “You have to warm me up."

I made agreeable noises.

I continued to kiss her on her face and caress the cheeks. I slowly and tenderly put her hairs back on her forehead when it came in front of her face.

Tara offered her face to me and responded to my attention very nicely.

I slowly directed my attention to her neck and stroked it and felt it. As I was doing that, Tara let her hand stray to my crotch and inserted her hand inside my pajamas.

She held my half erect dick in her hand and started to pull back the foreskin of the dick.

I liked it and said, “Take off my pajamas."

Tara got up and stood in front of me and asked me softly to get up.

She pulled down my pajamas and slowly pushed me back to the sofa.

Tara cupped my balls and said, “More than six fucks in these balls right now are there."

I asked her “How do you know?"

Tara said, “I can feel your balls and tell how much juice they have in them."

She pushed me back and made me half lie down on the sofa and pulled one of my legs over the headrest of the sofa. She then pushed the other leg off the sofa and let it dangle down.

She then positioned herself in between and looked at the sight.

She roughly pulled the buttons of my pajama top off one by one and separated the two ends.

That exposed my crotch to her even more.

Tara said, “I will now read the magazine while I play with my very own dick."

Tara proceeded to read and play with my dick as if she had done that for ever.

Suddenly she got up. I getting up, when she said, “Just stay there."

I followed.

Tara got up and got herself a large bottle of Nivea cream. She put a large glob of cream on her palm and rubbed her palms together.

She then started to apply the cream on my thighs in a circular motion.

Soon she was applying cream all around the crotch. She leant over and had a good look at a small pimple near the lower junction of the two legs and applied a little more cream to that place.

When she had done a good bit of massaging, my cock was erect. Tara caught the dick firmly, gave it a couple of quick shags and closed my legs and said, “Turn over."

I turned over.

She placed a pillow below my stomach and raised my buttocks up.

Tara took some more cream and applied it all over the two bums.

After a while I could feel that Tara was trying to access my balls from the back.

Tara said, “Get up and get to the edge of the bed. I want you splayed and open."

I walked across to the bed and lay down facing up, with my cock in full regalia.

Tara ordered me “Upside down, you bastard – upside down. I have not finished treating the back."

While I turned over my cock hurt. Tara asked me to lift my back and placed two large bolsters under my stomach in a way that my back was truly lifted up and I was practically on all fours while my cock was free and dangling down.

Tara started to apply the cream all over my buttocks. Then suddenly she parted my bum cheeks and started to slowly probe my ass.

I protested saying “What are you doing?"

Tara said, “Just shut up and obey."

She parted my legs and started to apply the cream to my ass liberally.

When she was doing that she would once in a while catch my cock and give it a few quick shags.

Tara got up and took out the remote controlled vibrator I had bought as a gift for Tara from Frankfurt. She applied a lot of cream on it and then placed it on the mouth of my ass and said, “Darling – it will hurt a little to start with, but relax, you will enjoy it."

Tara twisted the vibrator a little and started to make it enter my ass.

I said, “Owwwww. That hurts."

Tara caught my cock from below and started to shag it slowly, while with her other hand she was moving the vibrator in and out a little.

I was enjoying the shag, but the vibrator was hurting.

Tara said, “I will reduce the pain and increase the fun."

With that statement she plunged the vibrator completely into my ass. The whole seven inches.

It hurt like hell.

Then she poured some cream all around my ass and started to pump it in and out.

With one hand she held my bum cheeks apart and with the other she was increasing the rate of the strokes. It was quite fast. The pain was going and I was starting to enjoy it.

Tara switched on the electrical system and it started to vibrate and she was plunging it in and out.

In about ten minutes I was almost screaming with pleasure. I never knew that getting buggered by a woman could be so much fun.

Quite suddenly Tara pulled out the vibrator and said, “Get off that perch and turn over."

I wobbled off the bolsters. I got up and tried to get a firm hold on the ground.

Tara got off the bed and walked near me and caught me by my balls and said, “You have to behave yourself. Or else I will fuck you till your cock falls off."

I felt she was trying take on the dominating character.

Something came upon me. I caught her by her hands and twisted one arm behind her and dragged her to the bed. I pushed her down and pinned her down.

I started to wildly kiss her all over her body.

She was wearing my pajama suit.

I tore the top off her body and kissed her on her breasts.

Tara tried to fight back and was nearly screaming.

I slapped her hard on her face and started to bite her on her shoulders and then bit her right nipple hard.

She cried out with pain. And said, “Stop it."

I picked up my plastic handcuffs and clipped them one at a time over each of her wrists.

Then I attached the cuffs to one end each of the head post.

She was naked on the top and she had no control at all.

I descended over her and started to kiss an lick her all over her body.

Soon it had raised her buttocks over my hands and she was bent like a bow. I was eating her pussy from above the pajama.

She cried out “Take off the pajama."

I dropped her and pulled the elastic band down till her ankles.

I could not wait to pull it down completely.

Once again I leapt onto her body and lifted her from her back. Tara was truly helpless. Her hands were tied and her legs were held together by the pajama suit.

I started to kiss and then lick her pussy.

My ultimate target was her clit.

Each time I reached her clit, Tara would start to cry out loudly “Take it. Take it."

Soon I realized that there was lot more stuff in her than the humdrum licking and eating her cunt.

I put her down on the bed and caught the pajama suit bottom which was attached to her legs and raised the pajama up like a rope.

Her legs went up and her pussy was raised and open.

I lowered my mouth near her pussy and started to lick the clit.

I has a brain wave.

I picked out a small rope and tied the pajama on the headboard. Tara’s legs were now raised, wide open and inviting.

I lay down below her and started to lick her pussy.

My hands were free. I started to play with her breasts.

Whenever she came near an orgasm, I would bite her clit. She would yelp and beg me ot let her have the climax.

I got up and brought the vibrator she had used on me. I spat liberally on it and slowly stratedto insert it into her ass.

Tara begged me and said, “Not this."

I asked her almost with sadist pleasure ”Then what?"

Tara said, “The electric dildo."

I understood that Tara was truly a woman of substance.

I drew the electric dildo near her back and touched it to her ass.

Tara said, “Put some cream on it."

I did. I had no intention of damaging her goods.

I slowly inserted the dildo in and switched on the device.

It started to pump her ass. First slowly and gently.

Tara said, “Eat my cunt up."

I started to lick her clit and playing with her breasts at the same time.

I increased the drive of the dildo and ensured that the whole nine inches went in and out and it became faster and faster.

She had her first climax quickly.

Her juices were pouring down.

Tara pleaded with me “Stop it. Please stop it. I am having my orgasm."

I did not stop it and went on let the pumping go on and my pussy eating was sheer pleasure.

That made her have, may be, six or seven orgasms.

I stopped the dildo and pulled it out with a plop.

I released her legs and peeled the pajama off.

I released her hand cuffs and let her relax.

Then I turned her over and again cuffed her wrists. I placed the bolsters below her and raised her bottom.

I parted her legs and in one swift motion inserted the electric vibrator in.

Tara gasped and said, “Oooooooh."

I handed the remote controller of the vibrator to Tara.

I took some more cream applied it on my cock and took a position behind her. With one swift attack I entered her ass and started to pump her.

She was playing with the remote controller and she was truly enjoying the attention to her.

In less that three minutes Tara had two orgasms. I fucked her from behind till I flooded her ass with my spunk.

Tara yelled “Stop it."

I stopped. I felt sorry for her. She deserved better. I pulled out my cock. The while semen dripped out of her ass.

I released her wrists and pulled the vibrator out slowly.

I let her rest for about a minute.

My cock was half down. I wanted it up.

I rolled her over on to the bed.

Tara saw my cock and realized that my cock had to be up. She caught my cock and caressed it and coaxed it up again.

Then Tara said, “Apply the cock ring and keep it up."

I applied the ring and held the base of the cock firmly.

The cock was erect and strong.

Then I slowly parted her legs and said, “Just a few simple fucks now."

Tara said, “Mount me. I am hot."

I took the missionary position and started to fuck her fast and furiously. I kissed her mouth and squeezed her breasts.

In about five minutes we were coming together. She and I were screaming to each other with pleasure.

But my cock was Tara’s prisoner. Tara asked me to continue.

Soon I fucked her twice more. Each time my pleasure was more. Tara was mad already.

When the third fuck was over, Tara took off the cock ring and kissed my cock.

We were truly tired after the good work

Tara whispered “If this is D Day minus six, what will be the D day?"

I said, “I have to work on the plan."

Tara said, “Do you plan the fuck?"

I said, “No darling. You are almost divine with your fuck."

Tara said, “Really? We must see the video film and see what I did when you were doing all that to me."

I said, “Tomorrow."

We went to sleep in each other’s arms.

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