tagIncest/TabooDad and Me

Dad and Me


When I was 18, I was living with my dad. Mom had passed away some years before. Dad was a slight man but handsome and in great shape. He attracted a lot of ladies. I am bigger than my dad I must take after my mom's side.

After my 18th birthday I noticed my dad would walk around the house in shorts or naked. I hated to admit to myself that his toned body and nicely shaped cock turned me on. I also would go nude sometimes and noticed him looking. Sometimes I thought I saw him getting an erection before he would suddenly leave the room. I would sometimes find myself at night thinking of his tight ass or flat stomach or nice cock and get a raging hard-on.

"I'm not gay" I would tell myself, while stroking off to the mental visuals I would have of him.

I was out a lot at work or with my friends. One night I decided to go home early. I slipped into the house and went to the living room. As I stepped in I saw my dad in his chair stroking his hard beautiful cock. On the television was a video he had made of me a couple days earlier out by the pool, naked. He was softly repeating my name as he slowly stroked himself.

Before I knew I was doing it I had taken my cock out and was stroking also. The sight of him masturbating to a video of me was more than I could take. I undressed quietly so he wouldn't know I was there. Then I walked over and stood in front of him. When he saw me he jumped and tried to cover himself and reach for the remote at the same time.

"What are you doing home so early?" he stammered.

I took the remote from him and said

"Just keep watching."

I kneeled in front of him.

"What are you doing?" he asked

"Just keep watching the vid." I replied

I started fondling his balls and then stroked his cock while he looked back and forth between me and the TV.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked

I just nodded. He laid his head back and moaned as I stroked him. Then I leaned forward and started licking the underside of his shaft.

"Oh son that feels good. I've fantasized so many times about this."

I then slid my mouth slowly and gently over the head of his now throbbing cock. He let out a long moan and started stroking my hair. I slowly slid down his shaft until his head was in my throat. Then I started moving up and down on it slowly at first then more quickly as he got more excited. Soon his moaning was loud and his hips were pulsating and grinding toward my eager mouth. "Pull off son or I'll cum in your mouth." he cried.

I answered by taking him all the way to his balls and sucking harder.

"Oh god, oh god." he cried out as he started to shoot shot after shot of hot cum into my throat. I had never suck a guy before and thought it might gag me but I wanted to please my dad so I let him cum in my mouth. Surprisingly I enjoyed it. His body went limp and slowly his cock did also as I finished cleaning it with my mouth and tongue.

I stood up and he could see my hard large cock standing straight up.

"My turn." he said as he leaned forward and started licking me.

I stroked his hair as his tongue slid up and down my cock. It was my turn to moan as sensations of pleasure shot through me that I had never experienced before. Then he sucked me into his mouth and started ravenously sucking me. God this was the best sex already that I had ever had and we weren't even close to being done yet. As he slid up and down my cock and sucked I could feel I was getting close. Suddenly he stopped and grabbed the lube out of his end table and applied it to my cock. He then applied some to his ass and turned around and kneeled backward on his easy chair and leaned toward the back. His hole was exposed and waiting.

"Fuck me please son. I've wanted to feel you in me for a long time."

I stepped forward and placed my engorged head against his button and slowly entered the tightest hole I've ever experienced. I got my head in as he grunted, I almost cummed then but managed to hold off. I slowly slid in to my balls as he moans and said

"Oh god son it feels as good as I imagined it would."

He then started pushing back against me and grinding his hips as I slid in and out. He started moving faster.

"Oh fuck me fuck me deep and hard." he screamed. I obliged and started slamming in and out. I saw him reach down and start stroking his again hard cock.

'I'm going to cum again." he grunted as he shot his load onto the back of his chair. "Fill me with your cum." he said when he was done.

I couldn't hold out any longer. The feeling of making love to my dad and watching him cum as I did it was too much. I shot the biggest most intense load I've ever shot. It seemed I wouldn't stop cumming.

After we caught our breath dad stood up and faced me he put his arms around me. His head came to my chest so he laid it on my chest and held me tightly. I bent my head down and kissed the top of his head. He looked up at me and smiled. I decided to take a chance and bent down and kissed him on the mouth. He didn't pull back so I slid my tongue between his lips and he readily parted them and soon our tongues were exploring hungrily. Soon we were both hard again. I picked him up and took him to his bedroom and laid him on the bed. He laid back and smiled at me as I lowered my body onto his and started kissing him again. Soon I lifted his legs and started making love to his ass again, slowly this time I wanted it to be tender. As I slid in and out my stomach rubbed up and down on his cock. Soon he was breathing heavy.

"Oh god I'm going to cum again." he cried out as he spilled his seed between us on both our stomachs.

As he was cumming so was I. I filled his wet ass with my cum.

Later as we lay cuddled together his head on my chest and his hand rubbing my cum soaked stomach he said

"I don't know how to say this but I've wanted you for a long time. I am in love with you."

"Same here." I replied "I guess I've been in love with you for a while now. I'm glad we finally did something about it."

"Me too son. Just don't ever leave me I couldn't take it. Let's live together for ever."

"Sounds good to me dad that's the best sex I've ever had. Both because you're a good lover and because it was with you, long wanted and taboo. I'll never want anyone else again."

He sat up and reached over to his night stand and removed two rings. One he placed on my finger the other he had me place on his. We made vows to be faithful to each other.

Then it hit me, dad was now my wife.

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