Daddy and 18-year-old Daughter Dhan


"We can't do more. We can't break all the rules.

"But Daddy I want ..."


"I want to be the best little girl ever."

"Daddy, I want to be your fuck doll, too."

He groans.

"Oh, God."

She gazes up at him, and cants her hips to one side, cants one leg to one side. Displaying her hot, wet, glistening slit. She raises up a few inches from the bed.

"Don't you want this, Daddy?"

With a murmur, he rolls her over and presses her down on the bed firmly.

She secretly loves having Daddy in charge and wanting her so.

He growls as he toys almost idly, expertly plumping up her clit.

"I'm gonna fuck you, Dhana."

Dhana's little nipples are hardening like buttons above.

She whimpers and he enjoys her whimpering.

Dhana does love, more and more now, what her Daddy is doing.

He told her.

Daddy is turning his daughter into his slut. A slut for her Daddy and she loves it.

Dhana's tight hot slit below, clit swelling and peeking out, rolling out even as she clutches Daddy's hand between her legs"Ahhh," she groans.

"Can I come, Daddy?"


Dhana's getting so wet down there, leaking...she feels so aroused...her clit is so hot...the sheet is growing wet beneath her.

But she just waits. Daddy needs to be satisfied, too. She has a pretty good idea what's next.

"I want to see your cock, Daddy."

"You do, sugar?" His voice is a husk.

"Please," she whimpers. She understands, suddenly, and it's just what she thought and she's so excited, she starts to pant and buck like a little slut.

She knows he wants it to. He'll break the rules.

"Please, Daddy. Train me to take your cock."

"Oh, god."


His hand rolls her clit. She groans. Arches.

"Daddy, please, I need it."

"You want Daddy to train you to take his cock, honey?"

"Oh, please. Please!"

" Tell Daddy what you want."

she knows what he wants to do and she's incredibly excited. She looks down at his underwear.

Oh, god Daddy. I...yes...I want my kitty."

"You want Daddy's hard cock in you, then, Dhana?"

"Oh, god, yes, please Daddy."

"Tell Daddy what you want, kitten."

"Oh,' she moans, anguished. "I ...I...I want your hard cock in me, Daddy."


" fuck me, Daddy."


"Fuck me! Please fuck me. Fuck me with that beautiful cock, Daddy! Fuck me till you give me permission to come like the little fuck slut daughter I am and want to be for you."

"Good girl."

Her breath is harsh. His fingers reach down, and flick teasingly against her marble of a clit, rolling it in its oil.

She moans and tries to buck up, raising her haunches onto his hand, but he won't let her get a grip. He frigs her lightly, then stops.

She shakes her head and he flicks her clit, and she groans.

"Oh, it's beautiful. Let me see " it, Daddy." she whispers hoarsely. "I want it."

He raises his head to speak and then returns to flicking her clit, the sound of the hand creaking the mattress softly. He's too lost in lust now, for her...

Everything is rigid in her now, humming, her's white hot between them, and his mouth is on her mercilessly sucking with hunger, the sound of his satisfaction in his soft growls of pleasure as he separates her lips.

"Tell me" he murmurs.

"I saw it..." she gasps..."when you were in the shower."

Her clit hums. Daddy knows just how to touch it to plump it up. She feels liquid running down her ass cheeks onto the sheets, and she's a little embarrassed but cant stop it. Daddy won't let her.

"Did you enjoy seeing it?" he breathes into her ear.

She groans.

"I did."

"Describe what you saw."

"It was beautiful. So clean and shiny. had such big balls. They swung down as you soaped them up."

Your equipment looked so beautiful, Daddy. And you soaped it up."

"Yes?" He flicks her clit, and she moans hungrily. She wants him in her so badly.

Suddenly she gasps, "I wanted soap it up."


"I wanted to hold it. Daddy's cock."

"You did?" His voice is hoarse.

"Yes. And I wanted me."

"You did?"

"Yes. I wanted to hold it and have it go in me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

"Yes>" His hand is furiously fluttering against her clit, expertly moving it back and forth, shaking it perfectly.

Dhana whimpers. "Oh, please. Fuck me, Daddy."

Daddy pulls his hand away from Dhana's pussy and tenderly lies down beside her, stroking her breasts.

She is panting. she puts her own hands down towards her pussy, but Daddy stops her, holding each wrist in his powerful hands lightly.

daddy's voice grows a little lower, a little more commanding. "Look down at my underwear. What do you see?"

She turns slightly and looks down at his white BVD's and sees what looks like a half-bowed sausage against the cloth.

"A big bulge, Daddy."

"That's a present for you, sweetheart. Do you want to see your present?"

Dhana nods hungrily, and whimpers as she looks down" Please," she whispers.

"Yeah? Are you going to treat him right?"

Dhana whimpers hungrily, wanting Daddy in her so bad", Daddy. You'll see. I love him. I'll treat him...right, I will." She puts her arms around him.

Daddy puts his lips against her little ear.

"Then give him a little kiss, Dhana."

"yes, please!"

Boldly, little Dhana moves her head slowly down his chest with its muscles and sprinkles of hair and scent of Daddy...She moves down, closer to his bellybutton and now down to the edge of his underwear itself.

She reaches out and palms the bulge, which feels like a growing snake.

Daddy groans.

She boldly kisses Daddy through the cloth of his underwear. His cock responds instantly, moving slightly. Still growing.

Daddy groans, eyes closing, laying back

His daughter's first time with Daddy's cock.

She's touched other cocks before but they never really turned her on. She knows she's probably sick, but she doesn't care. She wants her Daddy's cock.

Dhana kneels beside Daddy. Her beautiful apple-cheeked ass in the air. Daddy can see it in the mirror of her closet.

As she kisses through the cloth, she looks up at her mirrored dresser, closet, and sees herself going up and down as she kneels over her Daddy.

Daddy watches her, watches her reflection in the mirror.

The reflection of his daughter tending to his big cock.

Dhana sucks at it's growing length hungrily through the cloth. It smells so good, like soap and like Daddy's own clean scent.

It's getting bigger...proof Daddy loves her.."

Soon it's hard and coiled in the underwear like a big snake. Dhana reaches out to put her little hand between the waistband of his underwear and his skin...

And suddenly Daddy groans and grabs her tenderly and turns her over, putting her on her hands and knees on the bed...

"I'm going to train you now, Dhana."

Dhana groans.

"Oh, please Daddy, god yeah."

"Don't take the Lord's name in vain. I'll have to punish you if you do."

"Punish me, daddy."

"Will you be quiet? No screaming?"

"No, Daddy. I'll be a good girl.."

Daddy kneels over her, pulling down his briefs..

Dhana watches, head turned, happy... just waiting, almost drooling, here on her pink bedspread, lovely apple-shaped ass in the air, legs parted like a puppy in heat --

she is on her hands and knees...her pussy aching...just like a big girl...she sighs and whimpers because she so wants to be Daddy's little rag doll..

She's going to be a big girl now. Daddy's girl.

Now Dhana looks back and sees Daddy's cock. She's never seen one stiffening up before.

It looks like a velvet wand that will fit in her just right and just so tight and overflowing, testimony to how much he adores her his big clean white balls hang down, impossibly huge and all for Dhana. ..

Kneeling behind his own kneeling daughter, Daddy puts his hands on her thighs and gently spreads her legs. Dhana instinctively arches her back a little, posing for Daddy.

"Take it, Daddy," she whispers. "Take my virgin pussy."

Wanting to be good for Daddy.

She is.

He plunges in.

Dhana groans

She's so tight! He fills her like a perfect velvety hot tube, juicing her up so expertly.

And now?

Daddy uses little Dhana.

Just uses her as his own personal fuck doll. Just uses her as if she were a toy for his pleasure.

He holds lightly onto her hair, using it like a bridle.

A low animal groan escapes from Daddy before he quickly cuts it off.

A sucking, soft sound of wet cock stroking now in the hot bedroom, that's all there is.

His hands on her hips, guiding her to stay on her hands and knees, and now he crouches over her. She is on her hands and knees under her Daddy now, letting him move her as he wishes

A column of fire, bucking in her, sending ripples of pleasure through her clit and up her spine.

She was made for this. Tight and hot and wet. Made to be fucked by her Daddy.

she feels Daddy pull out, teasing her, tormenting her.

After pulls out and she whimpers.

"No, Daddy, don't stop."

Dhana wants Daddy to fuck her like a slut, on her knees, grinding into her.

"What do you want, Dhana?"

"I want you, Daddy."

"what part of Daddy do you want, Dhana?"

She almost cries.

"Now you've opened me, Daddy, and...I want your cock, Daddy. Back in!"


"Yeah, oh, please, daddy!"

He runs his hands under her belly and up to her nipples, taking them in his hands. They feel like hot hard buttons.

She groans.

"Daddy, touch me and fuck me. Like a little slut, Daddy. Make me your slut, Daddy."

that's what Daddy wanted to hear.

Daddy's hard cock nuzzles gently back against her tight bottom, her long, unfolded, spread open trembling thighs...

She is completely naked, on her hands and knees under her big, strong Daddy -- her little button breasts hard, her virgin pussy heated and slotted open for the first time, and leaking in a way she's never felt before...aching for Daddy... his cock brushing her thighs behind...shaking with lust...Dhana fervently waits for Daddy's cock, her legs spread, for the shadowy figure over her...groaning and waiting for him..

And now...Daddy's cock? It nuzzles her slickened, parted cunt lips, gently and firmly pushing in...Oh. He fills her up so well. So strong and stroking and full. Dhana groans. On her hands and knees for her Daddy.

"Daddy, oh, please."

"Stay quiet, slut."

Daddy gasps, she is so tight, and she feels filled with his warm rod, plunged and skewered and so heated inside.

"Oh, he's fucking me" she whispers, agonizingly keeping her voice soft, "you're fucking me, Daddy. you're breaking me in."

She feels his mouth on her neck...kissing hard...another hand at her hip...feeling like she's in a soft vise...Just a fuck slut under Daddy's hand, a fuck slut for his cock to fuck. And now Daddy's hard cock begins to smack into her virginal, impossibly tight little pussy. Velvet hard slick, smooth full...

He pumps his daughter.

A testimony to how much Daddy wants Dhana.

Oh, it feels so good to little Dhana. So full up. and it's so fills her right up...connecting the two of them completely...she feels the head of his cock expanding in a velvety soft but hard tube...She cries out, but he shushes her...they can't wake anyone......and she nods and moans. She thought it would hurt but it didn't. It just feels so right.

Daddy shushes her to keep her quiet, and she accepts it, head bowed, she knows they can't wake Mommy, oh no...she can breathe fine, and she can smell makes her more excited..

He used to hold her like this when he had to 'pretend' to spank her when she was bad. She liked that, too, secretly.

She remembers it, hungrily, as she listens and feels Daddy's cock in her, bucking against her. Using her long hair like his bridle.

Dhana fantasizes as Daddy's cock fucks her...

Dhana loses herself remembering the first time she wanted Daddy to fuck her.

She remembers two months ago, how when she broke a glass in the kitchen, and shouted out the word 'fellatio' with a dirty laugh, and Mommy told Daddy to punish her.

He hadn't really wanted to, "she's 18, for God's sake, I'm not paddling her anymore!" he'd told Dhana's Mom.

But her mother was so mad. "She's taken the car without permission -- as long as she lives in this house -- even if it's for two more months, I want her to know she still has to follow the rules!"

Daddy had sighed, and nodded.

Afterwards, however, when Daddy marched her into her bedroom for 'her punishment' he whispered with a smile that they would "just pretend."

Dhana had said humbly "you don't need to pretned, Daddy. I'll take your punishment. I don't want to get you into trouble. You can punish me, Daddy. I trust you. I'm still your little girl."

As Dhana remembers this, as she bucks under her Daddy...

And she remembers right here on the bed when he had to 'paddle her. He told her to pretend it hurt.

She had had on white, thin cotton pajama bottoms that hot night that she was to be punished, a top she'd gotten for her 18th birthday, and a pink tee shirt top.

She had stood nervously before Daddy, as he sat down in the straight-backed chair by her desk.

She had been sucking her thumb for comfort.

And Daddy had reached out and picked her up.

With a gasp, she had just been folded down over his lap, her breasts pushing against his crotch.

She had lain there. His hands pushing her down.

She hadn't moved. But her tee shirt had come up. Her muscled, narrow waist was naked.

And she could feel his middle. His hardening penis was against her breasts. It wasn't all the way hard, but she could feel it like a roll of meat, thickening up.

"You need to be spanked," he had said hoarsely that night, with his daughter bent over his leg, her warm sex against his thigh.

Her head was down over his left leg, nearly to his shoe.

She didn't move. His penis was now resting between her breasts.

Her pussy had begun to juice right there.

Her bottom was up in the air, right by his hand.

He had adjusted himself and she could hear him pick up the hairbrush.

Anticipating the blows, she had inadvertently ground against his lap a little, nervously, fidgeitng, until Daddy had said" stop that, " and slapped her bottom with the hairbrush.

It hadn't hurt, but just stung.

It made her slit squirt.

Again it came down. Whap.

Ten more times, each one a little harder.

She had bucked and groaned. Her middle had gotten hotter. She grew embarrassed that her juice would leak out onto his legs.

Her feet still in her thongs.

His voice had been thick now.

"I can't see if this is hurting like it should.

She hadn't dared speak, as his hand had softly palmed her buttocks through her pajama bottoms.

She was so worried. She was so wet. What if he felt it?

Then she'd felt his hand go to the back waistband of her PJs'.

"I can't tell if you're even feeling it. Are you red?"

She hadn't spoken.

"I need to see,' He spoke as if convincing himself. "Your mother won't want me to just let you off without a spanking."

His hand had toyed at the edge of her pajamas, and then slowly pulled them down.

Now only her skimpy, bunched up sky blue cotton underwear had lain between Daddy and her naked ass.

Dhana still didn't speak. She was a doll for Daddy to manipulate.

Dhana had been more excited than scared, especially when Daddy paused after he had pulled the PJ's down, to reveal her blue panties. The lightly furred ridge of her virgin pussy showed through the clinging wrinkled cotton, arcing bck into her ass cheeks.

Dhana had then discovered that if she turned her head, she could watched Daddy in the mirror, with her draped over his lap, her cloth covered ass in the air.

. He seemed transfixed by looking at her bottom. He held the hairbrush but didn't move it.

He had then taken her hairbrush and patted her bottom, too. Each pat left a wonderful sting in her middle.

Each slap she had moaned a little. The moans turned into sighs.

Finally, for a moment, he had put the brush aside, and Dhana had thought they were done.

Then, for a moment, his hand had gone under her blue underwear, and softly lain on the crack of her ass, palming it.

She had just lain there, excitedly, against his knee. Juicing up. His hand felt so good. So hot against her crack. She willed it to go inside.

And despite knowing she shouldn't, she couldn't help but push back a little. She could feel her wet mound parting against his thigh.

Slowly he had palmed her cheeks. Palmed them slowly apart.

"You little slut, I've got to punish you," he had whsipered.

She had blushed, but remained not speaking. The warm air on her newly uncovered little pink rosebud of an asshole felt so good.

"Tell me you need punishment."

"I do, Daddy," she groaned, unable to help herself. "I need punishment every day. Please tell me you'll discipline me like this, please.

"Hush." Daddy had gasped softly. "Shut up."

"Yes sir."

Taking his other hand now, he had roughly pulled apart her pussy lips and, using lubriction from a bottle of mineral oil on her dressing table, he'd coated his left index finger with oil and then returned to her pussy, tracing her lips with his hands.

One hand went to her hair, the other to her bottom. He pressed her down against him. She felt his cock unwrinkle and grow between her burgeoning, cupcake sized breasts. Her nipples hardened up more.

"You need to be broken in for your first time," he had said roughly. "We need to get you ready, you little slut."

"Oh, please, Daddy, get me ready."

He had plunged his finger into her virgin pussy, and she had felt a slight, almost painless pop, and she was so happy even as she gasped -- for she knew that it was her hymen, she'd read about it in school. It didn't hurt, in fact, after a moment, his finger went deeper and her little pussy clutched at it hungrily.

Soon he'd begun to finger fuck both her ass and pussy. She had groaned in pleasure. A mixture of her pussy juice and a little trace of blood from the hymen were against his leg, and he used her panties to soak it up and set it aside, keeping his finger in her, and whispering "you're broken in and ready now, little slut."

She had whimpered. "I'm brokenin and ready, Daddy. Punish me more."

"I can't believe you,' he had whispered. "My daughter is just a little fuck slut. Who clearly needs punishment and a finger in her pussy and ass."

"Yes, Daddy, I do," she had groaned. "Oh, God, yes."

He had then begun to paddle her in earnest, removing the finger from her pussy, leaving the other in her ass.

For two minutes the paddle came down on her ass, and she bucked, on his knee, her pussy growing hotter and hotter. He watched her perfect white apple ass winking and turning in sweet agony as the brush left bright red, rectangular marks on either ass cheek. He also slapped at the curve of her bottom where it tucked into her ass crack and up into her tight white thighs. Yanking down the panties to see it better.

She had writhed and whimpered, but her face was pressed down against his leg and ankle, almost to his shoe. She reached out and licked his strong muscular calf as he beat her, sucking and droolilng all over it, trying to reach down to his foot. She unlaced his shoe and npped at his sock with her mouth, sucking on it, and finally pulled off his sock. Her mouth went to his toes, licking them.

All the while Dhana lay, a little slut slave daughter doll for him to play with. She reveled in the soft, slight pain, for it was Daddy's punishment that made it good. Made her wet. Made her lick harder.

"My God, you little pervert," Daddy had hissed. "You're made for this."

She hadn't replied, her mouth had been too busy against his foot, slavishly likcing the only thing she could lick. She wanted more of Daddy that night while he beat her. Wanted his roughness and his punishment and his cock, too.

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