tagBDSMDaddy and Babygirl

Daddy and Babygirl


*Note to readers, all characters are over the age of 18. Babygirl and Daddy are only nicknames that these two lovers have given one another*


Daddy was away on another business trip. Seemed like he had just gotten back from his last one when he was suddenly off again. It was okay though, she knew he loved her and he knew she loved him too. It just made their time together that much more special to both of them. Daddy had been gone for about a week now and he was due back home at any time. Babygirl had been waiting for him all day, her heart pounding wildly, anticipating that moment when he would walk through the door and her purpose would be served once more. When she stopped to think about it, her heart was pounding almost as wildly as her pussy was. Babygirl knew when Daddy got back from his trips he was always ready for his girl to take care of him, the way only she could.

She was sitting on the couch waiting, her thoughts of him taking her mind into another world almost. She jumped back to reality when she finally heard the sound of the front door shutting. She got up and ran to Daddy wrapping her arms around his neck and breathing in his scent that she had missed so much. His arms wrapped around her waist and his hand, almost instinctively, went to her ass. Giving it a tight squeeze and one nice slap. mmm how they both missed that.

"I have missed you so much Daddy, I am so glad you are home!"

"And I have missed you as well baby. Daddy has been working very hard since he has been away. Why don't we move to the living room and you can show Daddy a proper greeting." Then he smiled that amazing smile that just made her melt.

After they had moved to the living room Daddy took off his clothes and motioned for his baby to come in front of him. She walks so slyly to where he is standing and she drops to her knees as he places his hands upon her shoulders.

"Yep, I have definitely missed you Daddy," she looks at his cock starting to harden and can't help but giggle. "Looks like you missed me too Daddy!"

She leans in closer to him, again smelling the scent of him that she has missed so much. And she places a kiss on his cock. Daddy turns around away from her, and she places a kiss on his ass as well. She knows how much Daddy loves that from her, and when he turns back around to face her again his cock has definitely gotten harder.

"Show Daddy how much you missed him baby."

"Yes Daddy, of course." She leans in and wraps her hot wet mouth around the head of his cock, her fingers wrapping gently around the rest of his cock. As she suckles him in her mouth, twirling her tongue around and twisting her head, she strokes him with her hand. Her other hand finds its way to his balls and she gently massages them with her fingertips, rolling them, squeezing them, whilst her mouth continues to wrap around his cock.

"Oh baby, Daddy loves it when you do that!"

She looks up at him and tries to smile. He pushes her hands away from him and puts his hand on the back of her head, giving her a little push. Babygirl opens her mouth wide and takes more of his hard cock into her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down up and down. Going a little further each time. She tries not to gag as his cock hits the back of her throat, but Daddy wants more this time.

"Relax baby, let Daddy use your mouth for his pleasure, be a good girl now."

She tries so hard to relax her mouth and breathe as Daddy wraps his hand in her hair and pulls it tightly. She lets out a slight whimper, knowing what is coming... but wanting to please her Daddy, she relaxes her mouth.

Daddy starts thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth faster and harder each time. Making her gag as it slides into the back of her throat. "ooo yeah baby, that's it, gag on Daddy's cock like the little slut you are. You know you want it. I bet your pussy is just throbbing right now" Daddy says.

If she could move she would definitely be shaking her head yes! Her Daddy always knows. Daddy continues his attack on her mouth as he uses it like he would her pussy. Fucking it harder as she gags and pleads with her eyes. She brings her hands up to Daddy's thighs and places them against him, trying to use it as leverage to slow him down. Daddy pushes her hands away roughly.

"Uh uh baby, who said you could do that? Did Daddy tell you to stop him? Did he??"

She instantly feels the sting of his hand connecting with her cheek as tears form in her eyes. Daddy pulls his cock from her mouth so quickly she falls forward and catches herself before hitting the floor.

"I'm sorry Daddy, I just..." she stops instantly as his hand connects with the other side of her face.

"Did Daddy ask for any of your pathetic excuses slut?" irritated at her attempt to control the situation.

"No Daddy." She lowers her eyes to the floor.

"Is this how you should behave when Daddy comes home, acting like a naughty little girl trying to control things? Trying to get your pleasure? Daddy has taught you better than that. Get up and get that ass of yours in that corner before I take it there myself!"

She quickly tries to stand and make it to the corner, but before she has even made one step she is yanked backwards by her hair.

"Did Daddy say to walk?"

"No Daddy, I'm sorry." She drops back to her knees and crawls across the room to the corner, kneeling up as she places her head to the wall. She hears Daddy moving around in the kitchen, pouring a drink. It seems like forever before he finally comes back.

Daddy stands in front of the couch. He snaps his finger and points to the area in front of him.

"Turn around slut and lean over that couch, NOW."

Babygirl quickly crawls to Daddy and places the upper half of her body onto the couch, leaving her ass exposed to Daddy. She can't help but squirm slightly. She knows what is coming, and yet she wants it so badly. She needs it. Daddy wastes no time before his hand is connecting with her ass. The sound ringing in her ears as she feels the heat on her ass. Tears forming in her eyes as he spanks her harder with each word he says.

"Don't you ever try something like that again. You are mine! I will use your body any way I please, you got that?"

"Yes Daddy" she manages to choke out between sobs.

Daddy finally stops and sits on the couch beside her head. He grabs her hair and pulls her face to his cock.

"Let's try this again, should we?"

She barely has time to get out her 'yes Daddy' before he has thrust his cock into her mouth. She takes it willingly, trying extra hard to do everything she knows he likes. She sucks his balls, strokes his cock, licks at his ass, and takes his cock deep into her throat like a good girl.

Daddy stands up and walks behind her, grabbing her hips and pulling her up to her feet. He slides his finger along her pussy and it is instantly soaked with her juices.

"What's this baby? Are we a little excited?" he laughs.

"Yes Daddyyyyyyy!" as he plunges his cock all the way into her pussy. He grabs a fistful of her hair and pulls her head back hard as he continues to pound into her pussy.

He pulls her head to the side "open your mouth" she quickly opens her mouth and Daddy spits in it.

"Now swallow like a good girl!"

She moans loudly and he swears her pussy just got wetter, and she slowly licks her lips and then swallows Daddy's spit.

"Good girl!" Daddy says as he kisses her shoulder. Daddy continues to fuck her pussy harder, his balls slapping against her clit, making her moan wildly and begging him to fuck her harder, faster.

"Please Daddy please use your slut for your pleasure Daddy. Fuck my pussy with your cock Daddy mmm."

Daddy continues with his assault on her pussy and just when she thinks she can't take any more he pulls out from her.

She lets a moan of disappointment escape from her lips. But it's only for a moment, and then she feels his cock pressing against her ass. She squirms against him and he quickly smacks her ass hard.

"Be still!" says Daddy.

She is nervous, she hasn't done this with Daddy yet, she doesn't know what to expect. She wants it so badly, but she is so afraid.

Daddy feels her tense and he strokes her hair, kissing her shoulder softly and whispering in her ear...

"You know you want it baby, you want Daddy to have this. You want to be a good girl for Daddy, don't you?"

"Yes Daddy I do, but..."

"No buts baby, just relax and let Daddy have this."

She tries so hard to relax her body as Daddy pushes harder against her ass. She can't help but squirm, her body says yes but her mind says no. She is so confused. She wants to be a good girl for Daddy, but how does she just let go? She takes a deep breath and as she is letting it out Daddy gives one hard push and his cock is buried in her ass.

"OOWWWW Daddy, no, no, no, please Daddy no, stop."

She grabs the cushions of the couch in her hand as she shakes her head, having no way to get away from him, she is stuck. He grabs a fistful of her hair and pulls her head back, kissing her shoulders, her neck, her cheek, her lips.

"Good girl baby, good girl. Daddy is so happy with you, you are being so good. Daddy loves it when you listen, Daddy loves it when you please him. good girl."

She slowly starts to relax as she hears her Daddy's voice calming her. He slowly starts to pull back out and she sucks in her breath. Daddy leans in and covers her mouth with his as he thrusts his cock back into her tight ass. She whimpers into his mouth.

"Daddy loves to hear you baby, Daddy loves hearing his baby whimper and moan. You love it don't you baby, you love feeling Daddy's cock stretching your ass. The pain feels so good, you're such a good girl..." as he continues to slide back and forth in her ass.

After a few moments Daddy is done waiting and he starts fucking her ass harder and faster. Before long babygirl is screaming and moaning only this time she is begging for more.

"Oh yes Daddy, yes, oh I love it when you hurt me and make it feel so good. I love feeling your cock deep in my ass Daddy. Oh please fuck me Daddy. Ohhh Daddy!"

He starts to pound her ass harder and faster. She is tight and warm and the sounds of her cries are driving him to the edge. Daddy pulls his cock out of her ass and grabs her arms and spins her around just in time to cum all over her face and mouth.

As she sits there with cum dripping from her chin on to her tits she leans forward and licks the last drops of cum from Daddy's cock.

"mmm thank you Daddy for using my body."

"You are welcome babygirl, you're such a good girl." Daddy leans in and kisses her forehead as he strokes her hair.

"So, how about a shower to clean up baby?" Daddy winks at her.

She stands and as they walk towards the bathroom Daddy gives her a quick swat on her ass. This is going to be a long, fun-filled night they both think to themselves!

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