tagBDSMDaddy and Babygirl Ch. 07

Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 07


*This story is intended for readers over the age of 18. Daddy and Babygirl are not related, they are petnames that two lovers have given one another*

Daddy and Babygirl had been getting along quite well recently. There hadn't been any major problems, which was good for babygirl because that meant no punishments as well! Yes, things were certainly looking up for her. Daddy's *attitude adjustments* as he liked to call them, were finally starting to pay off!


Daddy had come up to babygirl one afternoon and asked her "Baby, what would you say if Daddy told you he wanted to start a business?"

"Well I think that is a great idea Daddy, you certainly are very creative in many things. What kind of business would you want to start? You're so computer savvy, that would be a great business for you!" Babygirl said.

"Thank you babygirl, I'm glad you think so, but Daddy was thinking of a different type of business. Maybe one that you would be able to help Daddy do. What would you think about that?" Daddy questioned her.

"Oh, okay. I think it sounds like lots of fun Daddy, but what kind of business could I possibly help you with? We're both good at such different things Daddy" Babygirl pointed out.

"Yes, I realize that baby, just listen to me for a moment and give me a chance to explain. Then you can ask me any questions you have," Daddy


Babygirl started to state her agreement but Daddy placed his hand over her mouth and placed his finger up to his saying *shhh*. So babygirl just sat with her hands in her lap and listened to what Daddy had to say.

"Now, you don't have to give any kind of verbal response unless I ask you specifically for a comment, otherwise just shake your head yes or no if I ask you something. Understood?" Daddy tested her.

"Ye..." Babygirl shook her head yes.

Daddy started laughing, "very good babygirl. Now, about this business I've been trying to tell you about! You and I both know how much Daddy enjoys fucking beautiful girls." Babygirl nods her head yes as she cracks into a giggle. Daddy laughs along with her then clears his throat trying to get his serious face on. "Well, Daddy has been giving this some thought and there is something that I have always wanted to do and I think that you just might be the right girl to do this job with me. Daddy is very impressed with the way you have been handling yourself lately and it seems to me that you have really matured in your behavior and have finally come to see your true place with me. Now, this business would be something that could be very profitable for us, but it is also something I think we would both enjoy very much. What do you think about creating an internet site?" Daddy paused to watch her expression.

Babygirl was trying to soak in all that Daddy was telling her and her eyes got big when she heard his last comment. She was pretty sure she knew exactly what he was talking about and if she was right, this was going to be great!

"Now it wouldn't be just any internet site," Daddy continued, "but it would be an adult internet site! Daddy thinks that you would be a very good 'recruiting girl' for him. We could find ways to bring in girls and have them do some modeling for us. Take lots of pictures and post them on our site. We would also have movies with some of the girls. I have got lots of ideas of things to try, and it would be something to play around with and see what works. Now you have to understand babygirl, that this would be for Daddy's pleasure. In other words, Daddy will be the one fucking these girls while you film it for us. Then we will take the pictures and footage that we get and we will put it onto our site and charge members to join our site. Now you are free to speak babygirl, tell me what you're thinking." Daddy sat back to listen to his babygirl, he could see the excitement on her face and he was very glad for that. She really had grown these last few months with him.

"Wow Daddy, I don't even know where to begin!" She exclaimed. "I think it sounds like such a good idea. I think it would be a lot of fun. I've got all these images going through my head of all the things that you could do to these girls! I think this is going to be great Daddy. I would love to help you do this, and I would definitely love to film it all! I really like watching you take your pleasure from other girls, it is so different being able to see it from another angle and watch you, I love it Daddy! How perfect to take what we do and turn it into a business. When can we start?" Babygirl giggled.

"That's great that you feel that way babygirl, I'm glad that you are on board with Daddy. I think it will be a wonderful experience for us!" Daddy kissed her forehead.


Daddy and babygirl had just gone into town to pick up a few groceries from the store. As they pulled in to the parking lot Daddy noticed a young girl standing just down the sidewalk from the store they were headed to. He pointed her out to babygirl and said to her "she is a very attractive girl, why don't you be a good girl and go over there and talk to her for a bit while I go inside and pick up our stuff." Daddy said.

"Sure Daddy, I know what to do!" Babygirl winked at him. Daddy gave her ass a light slap as they parted ways at the door and winked back at her. She watched Daddy go inside and then made her way down the sidewalk to where the girl was standing. Babygirl walked over to the girl and looked her over a little closer. She was certainly a very beautiful girl. She looked to be just 18 with long brown hair and big brown eyes. Her skin had a golden tan and she stood maybe 5'4" with a nice curvy figure. Wow, she thought to herself, Daddy sure does have a good eye! She caught herself giggling out loud as the girl turned her attention towards her.

"Hi, how are you today?" Babygirl asked, trying to be friendly.

"Good, thanks!" the girl answered back.

"That's good. I couldn't help but noticing you stand over here. You are a very attractive young girl! You ever do any modeling?" Babygirl questioned.

"No, not really. Though I've always thought it would be something fun to try," the girl said.

"My name is Callie, it's nice to meet you," Babygirl stated.

"Nice to meet you Callie, my name is Ashley," the girl replied.

"Very good Ashley. So how would you feel about trying out that modeling today? I've got a great offer for you if you're interested!" Babygirl said.

"I'm listening," Ashley replied.

"Well, my boyfriend and I have an internet site that we run together. Now I have to mention, it is an adult site. So we are talking about some sexy modeling, not just everyday modeling. There are a couple of options now, you can come over to our studio and do some posing and we'll just take some pictures of you, look them over, pick out the best ones and post them on our site for our members to view. We'll pay you a nice chunk of money for your time and you can be off, or there is option number two if you're interested." Babygirl paused to watch her reaction.

"Sounds interesting so far, what is option two?" Ashley questioned.

"Option two is a lot more money but requires a lot more too. We would definitely still want some nice photos of you but we would also want to shoot a video with you," Babygirl explained.

"A video? You mean like making a porno?" Ashley replied.

"Yes. I would take footage of you being fucked by my partner and then we would put that on with your pictures as well. There are some rules that go along with that, but if it is something you would be interested in then we can discuss all that later. So Ashley, what do you think about earning some extra cash today?" Babygirl smiled at her.

"I think it sounds like an adventure. This is a little crazy, but I'm game! I've always wanted to try something like this," Ashley laughed.

Daddy came out of the store with the bags and babygirl was waiting there with the girl he had seen. "Daddy this is Ashley," Babygirl said.

"Hi Ashley, nice to meet you. What's my girl been telling you?" Daddy laughed.

They walked back to the car together and discussed some of the plans for the afternoon. Once they got back to the house babygirl put the groceries away while Daddy and Ashley talked through some of the business issues. Once everything was settled they moved in to the studio and got started with the pics.

Babygirl told Ashley where to stand while she took the pics and had her do lots of different poses while Daddy watched. Daddy was standing off to the side stroking his cock while he watched the little show Ashley seemed to be putting on. She was quite a natural at what she was doing and he was enjoying every minute of it.

"Okay Daddy, you're up." Babygirl started giggling, "in more ways than one it seems!"

Daddy moved over by Ashley and they got all positioned while babygirl got the video camera set up and put in place. Daddy wasted no time in getting the video started, he had his cock shoved into Ashley's mouth in just seconds. She was gagging at first but then got the hang of it and started sucking Daddy like a pro. She made sure his balls and ass got plenty of attention from her hot mouth as well.

Daddy let her continue on for a few minutes and then he pushed her off so she was on her hands and knees and thrust his cock all the way into her from behind in one shot. She let out a moan and pulled away from him a little but Daddy grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto him. In just a matter of seconds Daddy was pounding into her like wild and Ashley was begging him to fuck her harder. Babygirl grabbed the camera and got shots from all angles of the two of them fucking.

Daddy grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her back to him, each time his legs slapped into hers it made her slide forward. Babygirl made sure she got close ups of Ashley's pussy sucking Daddy's cock back into her, and the sound of her wet pussy around him.

After several minutes Daddy pulled his cock out and slid it up and down her slit, getting it nice and wet from all her juices leaking out. He grabbed ahold of her hair and slid his cock from her clit all the way to her ass several times. He thrust into her pussy one more time and when he pulled out he lined his cock up at her asshole and pushed in about half way. Daddy pulled out and flipped Ashley over onto her back. He placed one of her legs on his shoulder and slid back into her ass from this position.

Ashley was pulling at her tits while she stared into Daddy's face. Using one hand to play with her clit, making all her muscles nice and relaxed for Daddy to get through. Daddy continued using her ass for several minutes, occasionally slapping her pussy or tits with his hand. Just before Daddy was ready to cum he pulled out and placed one leg on each side of her stomach. Ashley stroked Daddy's cock with her hand a couple times and when he came it went all over her mouth and nose and chin and eyes.

Babygirl made sure to get a good shot of her cum covered face before turning off the camera. While Ashley used the bathroom to get all cleaned up Daddy and babygirl got the pictures and video onto the computer. The three of them went through the pictures and picked out the best ones. They watched the video they had just created and Ashley was quite impressed with the way everything looked. She couldn't wait to log on to the site and see her video and pictures there!

"Thanks for having me over, it was a lot of fun. Call me if you ever want to make another movie! I'd love to help out again," Ashley said.

"Thanks for your help Ashley, it all turned out great. We'll definitely be calling you again." Babygirl showed her the way out. When she came back into the studio Daddy was messing with the video and pictures.

"That was great Daddy, I'm glad you saw her standing there. I think she will make a good star in our videos. Once again you've outdone yourself Daddy. You are the best a girl could ever hope for!" Babygirl kissed his cheek, but just as her lips were ready to touch him he turned his head and caught her lips with his mouth.

"You're such a good girl for Daddy," he said between kisses. "How about you show Daddy just how good of a girl you can be," Daddy said as he pulled her down to the floor.

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