tagBDSMDaddy and Babygirl Ch. 06

Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 06


*this story is intended for adults over 18. Daddy and Babygirl are pet names two lovers have given one another*

Babygirl was at home today, bored and wanting to go out for some fun. Too bad Daddy had to work today and it was raining outside so it wasn't exactly a good day for shopping or anything of that sort. She had tried to find a good movie on TV to watch, but of course there wasn't anything on that she was interested in. So Babygirl went into the bedroom where she knew Daddy's stash of porno movies were and decided to see if he had added anything new since she had last checked.

She looked through the stack but didn't really see any that seemed to hit the spot. As she was getting up to walk away she saw one laying off to the side of the DVD player.

"hmm, this looks like one I haven't seen before. Let's give it a try!"

So she pushed play and got all comfy on the bed, laying on her tummy, propped up on her elbows and watched the DVD. This one had 3 girls and 1 guy. It was quite interesting - and she definitely enjoyed it! So much so that all she could think about was how much Daddy would love that.

Babygirl called up a couple friends that her and Daddy had done some things with before and invited them over for the next night. She was very proud of herself for cooking up such a good plan to surprise Daddy. She was so lucky to have him and she appreciated him so much, this was a good way to show him that! She could hardly wait for it all to work out!

The next day Babygirl was so excited she was constantly checking the clock!

"Waiting on something?" Daddy asked her after seeing her check the clock twice in about 15 seconds!

"Well, kind of. But I can't tell you what it is and I promise you're going to love it so please don't make me tell you and ruin my whole plan Daddy please. Just trust me on this one."

"Okay. But is there anything I should know first?"

"Just that you need to be umm *ready* for a night of fun!" Babygirl giggled.

Daddy leaned over and kissed her neck as he slid his hand up her leg. "Maybe we should start now." Daddy whispered.

Babygirl leaned into his kiss and then pushed his hand away. "Not yet Daddy, please just wait! It'll be worth it, I promise!"

Daddy grabbed her arm in one hand and used the other to pull her face towards him. "You better remember just who is in charge or else I can give you a reminder of that!"

"No Daddy, that won't be necessary. I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to take control but I have a plan and I just want it to be perfect for you."

"That's fine. Just watch your behavior."

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. Babygirl went upstairs to take a shower and shave her legs. She picked out something really sexy to wear with a matching bra and panty set underneath. Put on a small amount of makeup and teased her hair up a little.

The doorbell rang right at 7:00 and Babygirl ran to answer it. Daddy turned and saw Bridget and Allie walking through the door. Daddy looked at Babygirl and just smiled.

Daddy made drinks for everyone at the bar and they took the party outside to the pool. Nobody was really dressed for swimming though and so Babygirl just stood up and took off all her clothes and threw them on a chair and jumped into the pool. When she came back up to the top she looked around at the 3 still standing there staring at her.

"Well, who's coming in with me?" She splashed some water up at them.

Bridget took her clothes off and threw them to the side with Babygirl's clothes and jumped into the pool almost landing on Babygirl! Right behind her came Allie. The 3 girls all stood in the pool and looked at Daddy. Bridget leaned over and started kissing Babygirl on the lips and Allie joined right in. Daddy stood by the side of the pool watching the 3 girls make-out.

Babygirl broke away from the other two and splashed over to the side where Daddy was standing. "Aren't you coming in Daddy?" She batted her eyes at him. Then took her hands and splashed water up at Daddy soaking the bottom of his pants. "Oops?" Babygirl giggled.

"Oh you think this is funny do you?" Daddy asked her teasingly.

"Well it kind of was Daddy." Babygirl started laughing. She didn't even see him taking off his clothes and jump in the pool. Suddenly there was a splash to the side of her and hands grabbing her around the waist pulling her under the water. When they both came back up to the top they found their way over to Bridget and Allie who were laughing hysterically at this point.

Daddy pushed his hands and splashed both girls in one shot. Before long everyone was trying to splash everyone else and dunking each other.

They decided to move the party back inside the house. Once everyone climbed out and made their way inside the real fun began. Daddy sat down on the couch and Bridget and Babygirl kneeled on either side of him and started sucking his cock. One mouth on each side as they slid their tongues around his hardening cock! Babygirl started sucking Daddy's balls while Bridget was taking him into her mouth. Allie was standing with her feet on either side of Daddy's legs so her pussy was right at his mouth. Daddy was licking at her pussy and using his fingers to tease her clit.

Bridget got up to straddle Daddy's cock and Babygirl helped guide him to her pussy. Allie knelt down by Daddy and teased Bridget's clit while Daddy started fucking her harder. Babygirl stood behind Bridget and reached her hands around to play with her tits and kiss the side of her neck while Daddy bounced her up and down.

"Okay cowgirl, move over and share Daddy! You're taking all the fun." Allie teased Bridget.

Bridget got up and laid on the couch and started playing with her pussy. Allie crawled on top of Daddy's cock and started riding him fast and hard. Her tits bouncing up and down with each thrust. Babygirl knelt by the couch and started licking Bridget's pussy. Bridget teased her tits while Babygirl ate her pussy.

After several minutes of this Allie lifted herself off of Daddy and grabbed Babygirl by the arm pulling her to Daddy. She kissed her passionately, getting a nice taste of Bridget's pussy on her mouth.

"Finish it up Babygirl!" Allie winked at her as she took Daddy's cock and placed it at the entrance of Babygirl's pussy. Daddy started fucking Babygirl harder and faster than he was going before. Allie climbed on top of Bridget and they started licking each other's pussies. Daddy was getting so turned on by watching the two girls eat each other and feeling Babygirl's tight pussy squeezing his cock as she rode him.

"Get down girls!" Daddy whispered hoarsely.

The three girls knelt on the floor in front of Daddy as he stood up and started stroking his cock. The three girls held their tits together while their mouths hung open waiting for Daddy to cum on them. Daddy let out a growl just as his cock started exploding. He came on their tits and on their faces. The 3 girls giggled and rubbed their tits together and shared a messy kiss. Daddy sat back on the couch exhausted as he watched the 3 girls clean each other up. Each of the girls crawled up to Daddy and used their mouths to clean him up as well.

After everyone got cleaned up and went back outside to get their clothes, Allie and Bridget went home. Before leaving they all hugged together and Allie and Bridget told Babygirl to call them again soon!

Daddy and Babygirl went upstairs to bed after they left and Daddy thanked Babygirl for the wonderful surprise.

"You know, it seems so familiar to me but I just can't place it!" Daddy said to her as they crawled in to bed.

"Maybe this will trigger your memory Daddy." Babygirl winked at him as she pushed play on the DVD player and the porno movie came on the screen. "Not bad for a recreation of the movie huh Daddy?" Babygirl giggled.

"Have I ever told you that I'm so lucky to have an amazing Babygirl like you?" Daddy pulled her close to him and stroked her hair and kissed her head while they sat back to watch the DVD together.

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